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Landyachtz Switchblade 40 Longboard Skateboard Complete - 2014
Landyachtz Switchblade 40 Longboard Skateboard Complete - 2014

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  • Length:40.00"
  • Width:10.00"
  • Wheelbase:31.00"
  • Construction:Maple/Fiberglass
  • Concave:Medium
  • Flex:Stiff
  • Cruising
  • Freeride
  • Downhill
  • Push
  • Sliding

Landyachtz Switchblade 40

The Switchblade 40 is one of the most popular boards in the world and for good reason as well. This board is a double drop design that has amazing concave to lock you in. The board starts with an aggressive radial concave that's completely race-ready and then tops it off with a high W concave to make sure you're locked in during all of your predrifts. This board is built with Landyachtz's maple core to ensure that you get maximum stiffness and durability. We all know that the Canadian Maple is the best. Landyachtz then slaps on a layer of sublimated fiberglass that not only protects the graphic of the board but it also prevents torsional flex, one of the major causes of speed wobbles. The Switchblade 40 is the leader in the industry for maximum stability. The Switchblade 40 has been killin' it in Landyachtz's lineup since 2011 and is sure to stay in the lineup for centuries to come. But of course if the Switchblade 40 seems too big for your style, check out the smaller versions of this amazing board, the Switchblade 38 and Switchblade 36.

Landyachtz Switchblade 40 Longboard Skateboard Complete - 2014



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Quick Overview

The Switchblade 40 is one of the most popular boards in the world and for good reason as well. This board is a double drop design that has amazing concave to lock you in. The board starts with an aggressive radial concave that's completely race-ready and then tops it off with a high W concave to make sure you're locked in during all of your predrifts. This board is built with Landyachtz's maple core to ensure that you get maximum stiffness and durability. We all know that the Canadian Maple is the best. Landyachtz then slaps on a layer of sublimated fiberglass that not only protects the graphic of the board but it also prevents torsional flex, one of the major causes of speed wobbles. The Switchblade 40 is the leader in the industry for maximum stability. The Switchblade 40 has been killin' it in Landyachtz's lineup since 2011 and is sure to stay in the lineup for centuries to come. But of course if the Switchblade 40 seems too big for your style, check out the smaller versions of this amazing board, the Switchblade 38 and Switchblade 36.
6 months after getting it
ive made a review on this already as my first impressions but now that ive been riding this board i can say a lot more. easily one of my favorites. its not amazing for cruzing on flat land since it weighs a ton and a half especially up hill. but i still commute with this board anyways. downhill is amazing. i dont slide or freestyle but dancing is pretty easy on this board. since its a stiff board it sucks on rough surfaces thats why i got some pink big zigs which soaks up a lot of bumps. if you want to cruze you should get a bamboo or flexible board. this board is amazing either way. must buy
tied with the 925
The switchblade was better the year before. the drops don't lock u in and if u try to do big standies then you definatly should get vicious grip and topmount to prevent high siding. Once you've done that the board is stacked with slides you can do. I can 180 heelside, toeside, and switch, colman, pushup, 360, 360 hand down. so I know what im talking about
first board
should this be my first board
first board
never gotten a longboard but want tthis to be my first one should I get it
Response to Colin
I think you should get the switchblade 40. I'm 5.1, and this board is good for me
Holy Crap
Go with the 50 Calibers you won't regret it, best board i'll probably ever have. Standies are so controlled and this board just lets me reach my full potential, thank you landyachtz. I'm coming for the peacemaker next ;)
I have ridden the 2012 switchblade for about a year or so and ive loved it. Great board though there are a couple downsides. EVERYONE has this board. Any time i went riding with anyone but my usual friends there was 1 other person that had it, but thats not really effecting the riding is it? What I really have a problem with this board is that it is TOO low. Im 5'5'' and have size 11 feet. when i toeside check, stand up, or power slide, there is a 75% chance i am going to scrape my toes against the ground. Stopping the board mid slide and send me flying. Love this board, it is great. but it has its downsides
i ride this drop through with saber 190mm trucks, 4th president orangutang wheels and bones swiss. love it to pieces its great for a stable board and will bomb hills no problem!
I'm new to longboards, I want to use it for cruising campus, but would this board be good for freeriding or should i get the 38"?
get the 40 at that height. My friend has this and he is like 5'5 and he is pretty comfortable on this board
I have been riding the 2011 edition for a few years now with Randall VII 180s in 50 degree with abec 11 freerides 84a, Otang Durians 86a, and I am on some homemade wheels right now in 78a. I just got calibers in 44 degree and i haven't ridden it yet. Over all this is a great board I use it for light downhill and freeride. The randalls require .25 inch khiro risers in order to fit because they have this weird spine thing on the sides. If you get this board, pay attention to the trucks you get because you need some that will fit perfectly. I have the calibers with .125 inch risers now and they fit great. It gets buttery so wear a helmet and gloves because it can make you ice out. This is my favorite board SO GET ONE!!!!
Daddies sent me this deck by accident. I haven't ridden it, but standing on it feels amazing! One little note, i wouldn't exactly say it's a stiff deck. More of a medium flex. It's dead sexy in person, so that's pretty cool ;)
Question about my length
I am 5.7ft and about 120, should I get this, or the switchblade 36?
The switchblade is one of the best boards from landyachtz,but the resitance isn't soo good,my front tail is destroyed after I crush it at a normal speed
tips for sambo and review
Sambo its about the rider not the board when you get speed wobbles.

the switchblade 40 suits me perfect, im 6,1feet or 186cm.
the redone pockets are fantastic and locks you in super.
cant really say anything about the w-concave because of the long tuck i choose for this board(i have different tucks for different boards)

awesome board for freeride and downhill, also good for push because of how low it is!
Before I order this
Does this board work good with 50 calibers and 70mm wheels? Or will i need the drop through shock pads or what? Other than that super stoked to get it :3
I'm trying to decide between this board and the Rayne Fortune P Switz model and I also want to know if this board works with 50 calibers drop through and 70mm wheels, and if the risers would help. Please help
Sick Board
Best board I've ridden. Fits my feet and riding style very well. Stiff and durable, great for downhill and slides,super close to the ground and feels good to ride.
This board is amazing at high speeds, rocking out with the grizzly 852's. The nice footpockets and concave keeps your feet locked in nicely. With the 852's I got little to no wobbles at all at high speed. This was my first longboard I purchased and it's a must have. Although the griptape that Daddies puts on it is bad. I recommend spending some extra bucks to buy and apply griptape. Only wish Daddies put an option for which griptape you want, (i.e) Jessup or Vicious. Overall great board for freeriding and downhill. Oh and I neveer got any wheel bite with 70mm wheels with very loose trucks. So 76mm you might if you have loose trucks.. so tighten those up and your'e good.
Tips for this
This is a great board I have the 2012 edition with bear 852s and 70s flashbacks at 81a they say this is a great Downhill board but not really. If you ride downhill on this keep ur trucks really really tight if not you might, no you will get super sketchy speed wobble unless ur on a super smooth road or are just cruising at like 20-30 mhp. This is a good cruiser/freeride board I would just slap some otang Stimson or some abec11 freeride zigzag bigzig or 70's on that or any landyatchz wheels that are around 70 to 75 mm.
Perfect for any and all boarders,
This board is literally perfect, BUT you HAVE to buy bear grizzly trucks or you will have wheel bite
Dope as Fuck
I have had this board for about 6 months right now, and it was my first high end board. It is amazing for anything you want to do, especially sliding and downhill. The concave and foot pockets really lock your feet in (especially with my new vicious grip tape). I have learned and progressed with sliding on this board, and it is still in great condition. It is also great for freeride tricks and such. I would recommend this board to both beginner and experienced riders. Have a nice day, and keep it real. Also, but a switchblade.
one of landyachtz's best
I currently own a 2012 switchblade and i must say it is one the best boards i have ever ridden. The W concave is perfect for locking your feet in, what ever you may be doing on it. It slides like a dream and is extremely stable at speed ( i have hit at least 40 with no problems at all). I would not put bears on it though, i would go for Randal RII with the 50 degree base plate but that's just me. If the 2013 is anything like the 2012 you should have a blast riding it.
wheel bight
this thing is a wheel bight machine and not durable. trading for 9two5
Amazing board great for everything!! Beginners and experienced riders will love it!!
I first got this board back in june of 2012 as my first real high quality longboard. Since then I have ridden quite a few boards and this is my favorite by far. I have extensively ridden the landyachtz tomahawk, landyachtz 925, original diamond drop, loaded dervish and dervish sama and the landyachtz switch. This board delivers in all types of riding and is nearly perfect. It has my favorite concave ever and has let me progress my riding incredibly. It is a little heavy at first but after a while you learn to appreciate it because it is great for freeriding and downhill. I can do tons of 180's and slides and then immediately go 30 mph down a hill on this board no problem. Its got a great foot platform and feels stable no matter what. If you top mount it you also get no wheelbite whatsoever. I was riding 76 mm zombie hawgs no bite. I would recomend caliber 50's and volante checkers or seismic bootlegs for anyone looking to progress their riding. Amazing board!!!!
Perfect for downhill-Not so good for carving
This board is the most stable board at high speeds like you will not believe, BUT for wheels that are bigger than 70mm, you will get wheel bite, ESPECIALLY with 50 or more degree trucks. I had to pull my 40 degree calibers out of the drop-thru and mount from the bottom to keep it from giving me wheel bite with my 70mm Abec 11 Retro ZigZags. But after that, the thing rides like a dream! So Quiet!
So Smooth! Overall 3/5 because of the wheel bite problem, Please fix it Landyachtz!
I'm thinking about buying this board as my 1st longboard. I weigh 220 lbs and I've been looking for a drop thru board that is stiff and concave. This board looks great for me. I will be using the board for cruising but I also would like to have kick tails... I've been looking at this board and the sector 9 dropper. I am torn between the two because of the tails and flex, any ideas?
What should im going to get
I was wondering what inches should i get for landyachtz switchblade either the 36,38 or 40 help me?
I weight 125-130lbs, and my height is 5'5"
Worth every cent spent!
I've been riding this board for about six months now and its been sweet. i currently have it set up with the raw bears and some Abec 11 grippins and this thing slides like a dream! the lowered platform and drop through is a little tricky at first to get used to especially if you ride top mounts. The board keeps you locked in during fast freeride and down hill. i would recommend this board to anyone who wants to get into some freeriding or even a starter board. One word of caution, the noses are a bit fragile so id invest in some nose guards! but all together a solid freeride/DH board!
dope as hell
this board is the sickest thing on wheels. You can't do better than this. honestly amazing
very sick board
I bought this board not long ago with 75mm these wheels and i immediately got nasty wheel bite lucky i stole some retro free rides off my mate and this board slides like dream however when you drop though your trucks and you wheels are a bit worn the foot pockets of your board wiIl scape along the ground in other words buy raisers straight up its worth an extra five bucks
The durability sucks (probably because its made of maple) and the griptape isnt the strongest nor the stickiest ( but you can always just apply vicious grip tape). Other than that the board is awesome for sliding and downhill riding.
Awesome board!! I am a beginner and so far this board is amazing! its is great for sliding and downhill! Have hardly gotten any speed wobble on at all. It is great and I would strongly recommend it.
Best board I've ever ridden!!!
Got this board with gullwing stalkers and abec 11 gum ball and the setup is phenomenal! Also bones super reds
Cruising quality!
Now, I'm no hill bomber. I love to cruise and I love to push around the city (DC BABY!). I picked up the SwitchBlade 40 to get low. Mission accomplished. I'm running bears with stock bushing (I bought some Riptides in case) and it turns out that I can carve just fine with them. Now, I'm a 210 lb. guy, so I'm always weary of stocks, but they're perfect. Plenty of clearance, no worries in the world. Barely have to bend my knee to push off and the drops give you a bit of guidance when you flip your foot to push.
W concave also helps relax my extremely flat foot when I'm cruising.
I think that this board is good.
When I recieved this board I thought that it was a bit wide but eventually I got used to it and I have been able to bust out so way long slides. I wouldn't want to buy this board for a beginner or repurchase this board. It is very good and I like it but it is just to bulky for my taste. Its not a board that I could walk into a store and be able to carry it the whole time. I'm a rather small guy about 5'1 and 86 lbs. and I can still get some super long slides on it I would suggest it to someone who already has a little experience with longboarding.
This board is the shiz. Seriously.
Although it's a little harder to initiate slides, this thing shreds like a dream. It's great for pushing longer distances as well, due to the double dropped platform. Get this board, it's a great addition to the quiver.
best frickin board in da world the w concave really locks ur feat in great for people about 5-51/2 ft. like me its my first board i got it so i could kinda keep snowboarding skills up. 3 of my friends have landyatchz boards. one has a tomahawk with otang wheels and bear trucks. the other has a 925 with the same setup.
the 3rd one has a time machine with Danos wheels (worst wheels in the world) with bear trucks. great for sliding and carving.

Also just tips when buying a longboard:
decks: anything dropthrough from landyatchz, arbor or origonal (arbiter from origonal is great too)
wheels: sliding: 86a otangs Cruzing: abec11 70's flashbacks or any lanyatchz wheels
trucks: doesnt matter i would get bear 852 from landyatchz peace
Any help?
I have ridden this board and it's amazing ! But I need to know if I can use caliber 50s on this board? And will I get wheel bite w/ a 76mm wheel?
hey guys, just bought the board and keen as for it to arrive!! Iv'e ridden it at my mates place and the ride was amazing!!! the board gives a lot of stability and has real smooth ride, which is great for cruising, and sliding, furthermore the trunks provide the ultimate control for the rider. over all this is a beast board which provides the rider with the best experience, and im stoked to have goten it!
Amazing board!
Every time i look at this board, it makes me want to go out and skate it!
Its my first board I've bought and first day riding it I could do stand up 180s. Stuck with the bear 852's and chose the 80a Mini White Zombie Hawgs. Really good for slides and a nice side set wheel is always a winner. Good solid board makes it good for bombing hills and having nice foot pockets and massive concave makes it easy to hang on! I can do manuals on it and pop shuvits even with small tail and nose because its so versatile! Buy this board!

Daddies was really good to deal with, I live in Australia and got it in 6 days!
Landyachtz and Daddies....Im impressed
Buy it!
no complaints at all, I can get going about 45 kmph before any wobbles and will carve like gullwing sidewinders. It really is the best freeride board on the market.
Freaking AWESOME
I got this board last year after riding a gold coast and the difference was like going from a camry to a ferarri. It's not really easy to slide on at all so I'm getting another board for that but it cant be beat on downhill. I threw some yellow In Heat's on it and this thing and it's absolutely amazing. No speed wobbles at all and there's no way your feet are falling off this thing. Best board ever best decision I ever made. GET IT!
im in love
ok so right when i got this board i took it for a ride and it was such a fun and smooth ride about a week later a bought some gloves and started doing other slides. this board is the best ride ive ever riden. it is nice and smooth really locks youre feet it and slides like a dream!!! 100% worth it
Cruising, freeride, bombing - All of the above!
I bought the deck only from this site and added on Gullwing charger trucks and some O-tang wheels and reds and had my local shop assemble it for me and geez, this is a smooth ride. This is the first drop through board I have ever purchased and i'm really satisfied. It rides beautifully and smoothly. I love it for freeride and cruising. Just to let you know, this board has close to no flex, because it is built to be a sturdy strong board. But that's not at all a downside, I find it easier to ride actually it feels like I have more control. Thanks so much Landyatchz for a hot ride, and daddies for great shipping. GET THIS LONGBOARD
Best board ever!
This was my first Long board that i have owned, and it is the best that i have ever ridden. I learned heel side standup 180 slides and switches in one day of riding this board. The w concave locks you in and the foot pockets are spectacular when going in for standup slides. Paired with bear 852 trucks and THESE wheels this board is unbelievably good and slides like a dream. I love the graphic and this board is as tough as nails. I curbed it quit a few times when learning standies and it only got minor scratches and dents on the tips with no major damage, just make sure to add shock pad strips to your setup to promote longevity to your drop through mounts and deck. Landyachtz did a great job with this board and you will not be dissapointed if you select it because it simply doesn't disappoint. Buy it now before their all gone. :)
Gnarly Ride!
I got this ride for sliding and a little bit of downhill and I have loved every bit of it! it is a damn solid board and sturdy as hell. I ordered Zombie Hawgs 88a's on it they are so sick!the slide is so quiet and smooth! It is one bad ass gnarly ride!!!! No complaints here!!!
This is definatly the best desicion i have ever made good for absolutely everything and is great to use on the weekend with friend
this is probably best money i have ever spent i go out every weekend with my friends to cruise and do downhill and this board is just amazing for it
its awsome
this is good for sliding and it is awsome
its awsome
this is good for sliding and it is awsome
its good
i love it it is good for sliding and it is fast
its good
i love it it is good for sliding and it is fast
Best decision of my life!
This is the best board I've ever got in my life! It rides so smooth and has a nice carve to avoid pedestrians. Plus the lowness of the board definitely spoils you when pushing around town. Buy this board now!
This board is sick! I've had it for a few months now and it is amazing. It is so stable, you will have no troubles going downhill. And the foot pockets keep your feet locked in. You will never slip off this board. Completely worth the money...BUY THIS BOARD!!!
better off as a downhill board
had the zombie's on it, the hardest ones (blues)
wasn't all the great and not impressed was hard to slide with,

Then I put my big race wheels on it and its my favorite board much better downhilling board than sliding around on
God couldn't have made something better
I was new into longboarding when I bought this, but I was a snowboarder, so I knew I'd probably like it. Now, I wasn't quite the same at first, but with this board, it didn't have to be. One ride and I was hooked. Even though I was new, I could bomb hills no problem. This thing is good for any riding. Topmount it for traction, or drop it for some nice stability and slides. BUY IT!!!!!
Freaking Awesome!!!
This board is a very slick and fun board to ride. With the right tools and skill, you can ride this for anything. Its very stable, nice small drop through, and probly the best free ride ive ever had.
prime as
this is the sickest board going around bruvz
This board is sick!
I've had this board for over a year now and I absolutely love it. It is the most stable board I've ever been on and it feels impossible to get speed wobbles. The concave is perfect for locking your feet in on slides or hard carves and it's so low to the ground so that when you push it feels like you're pushing off the ground. This board is sick!
Sickest board ever.
The micro drop keeps your feel locked in perfectly on all of your 180s nd switches. Nice and stable when you bomb hill. Best board I've ever had! Get it now if your looking for the ultimate free ride board.
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