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Landyachtz Wolf Shark Longboard Skateboard Deck - 2015
Landyachtz Wolf Shark Longboard Skateboard Deck - 2015

More Views

  • Landyachtz Wolf Shark Longboard Skateboard Deck - 2015
    Landyachtz Wolf Shark Longboard Skateboard Deck - 2015
  • Landyachtz Wolf Shark Longboard Skateboard Deck - 2015
    Landyachtz Wolf Shark Longboard Skateboard Deck - 2015
  • Landyachtz Wolf Shark Longboard Skateboard Deck - 2015
    Landyachtz Wolf Shark Longboard Skateboard Deck - 2015
  • Length:35.80"
  • Width:10.00"
  • Wheelbase:22.75" - 27.75"
  • Construction:Maple/Fiberglass
  • Concave:Medium
  • Flex:Stiff
  • Cruising
  • Freeride
  • Downhill
  • Push
  • Sliding

Landyachtz Wolf Shark Longboard Skateboard Deck - 2015



Quick Overview

The Landyachtz Wolf Shark is a board that's jam packed with more features than you know what to do with. It is a stiff downhill freeride board ready to charge your fastest runs against your competitors. The Wolf Shark does not take losing as an option. Being designed in the high mountains by Landyachtz-hired downhill monks, the Wolf Shark is used to runs that go on for miles and miles. That's why the Wolf Shark features accelerated rocker to make sure you're comfortable in your tuck at all time. But of course the Wolf Shark has recessed CNC truck mounts so that even with the intense amount of rocker, you still get the true geometry of your trucks when mounted. This also lowers the board, making your riding more stable than ever. Lastly the Wolf Shark features wheel flares as well as a mild W concave. This makes it so that you have tons of points of reference for your feet, while also keeping you locked in at all times. The Wolf Shark is not only a downhill destruction machine, it's a freeriding monster ready to slay your local hills.
Used to keep the bolts on your board nice and tight and/or to assemble the board.
Lubricant and cleaning kits are used to keep the bearings in the wheels turning quickly and smoothly; if this is your first board, these upgrades are not necessary. Make sure you love to ride first!

The Wolf Shark has been around for quite some time, but for the 2015 it has seen quite a few changes. The first big change is that the Wolf Shark is now a completely symmetrical setup. This takes the classic downhill board and gives it more of a freeriding influence. All new this season, the Wolf Shark now comes with Hollowcore Technology. This gives you an extremely light ride in an all-maple construction. With its hollowed-out core, Landyachtz removed a lot of the unnecessary wood, reducing its weight for an easy push. It has tons of W concave and radial drops to lock you in. No matter what speed you're looking to hit, rest easy knowing that you're riding one of the most stable boards out there. Designed by Wolfgang Coleman, you have an industry leading design.

quick af
So, got this yesterday after riding a V2 fortune for a while and its amazing. Runnin 45° bear precisions on FSU hawgs. I'd recommend 1/4 risers, kids this b**** wheelbites like a bastard.
Crazy concave
I rode the 2015 board at the demo day and the concave on this thing is insane! That combined with the new symmetrical shape make this probably the best freeride/downhill board I've seen. Definitely would not recommend for push though. The W-concave is really uncomfortable when pushing.
the freshest!
man this is a good board its whole lot lighter and better than the 2014 wolf shark
best board
This is amazing! Visit - you receive free Clash of Clans gems instantly! I just tried that! (qGP3Fw7jXJ)
I've been riding this board for a month now and i have improved my slides by like 30 feet. This is the best freeride board out there. One thing you should consider when you ride this board is to ride small wheels otherwise you will get wheel bite like a B!%(#.
my set up:
Wolfshark 2013
Caliber 50's
Vicious grip
Cloudride mini slides 80a
i ride on ws13', tried once 14', i was in narzan walley (russia, on freeride track and it was awful. 13' have deepest concave, like it more. feel youself like in boat :3 but not on ws 14'.
Best donwhill deck
This board is absolutely amazing for anything downhill related; freeride/fast freeride/straight downhill. All wheel bite issues can be resolved with some sort of riser. I personally ride with a 1/4" riser and I have never experienced wheelbite (using 70 mm wheels). This board is not geared towards flatland/cruising in my opinion; seeing as it is a "speedboard". The concave is amazing in terms of locking your feet in and giving you the leverage you need for those big slides. I highly recommend putting some vicious on it to really lock your feet in.

Seismic Tektons
Cloud Slides/Cult Classics (70MM)
so... i am thinking about getting a 2014 landyachtz wolfshark and i don't know if i will get wheel bite or not. i have bear grizzly trucks and they are not loose, but they aren't tight either

The One Board To Rule Them All!
It is so funny for me to read all the reviews on here; I just told my wife that this is probably the only board I'll ride from now on, and I see so many other reviews on here saying the exact same thing.
The rocker, W-concave, and micro-drops make this the most comfortable board ever, Add in the insane wheelbase options and you have just created the most locked in, controllable board ever made!
We are a skate team and our owner Etan Karp rides the wolfshark he says its the best board he's ever ridden. he can go 35 and pull into a sick 46 foot sit-down or bomb the largest of hills. his setup Wolfshark, blood orange grip white 50 calibers these 80a white 327
help me please !!
wolf shark or fullbag elise
Best board in the world
downhill : 10
freeride : 10
matterial : 10
shape : 10
wheelbase : 10
concave : 10
picture: 8
F****** amazing
Too perfect of a board, Perfect size to be brutally agile while freeriding, as well as perfect size for high speed downhill, dont listen to these kids no wheel bite on my Wolfshark and i skate it with Cali 50's and Biggie Hawgs
This Concave Is Unreal
The best parts about the Wolf Shark is the concave, and the wheelbase options. My current set up is the 2013 Wolfshark and some Buzzed v2s and its just fantastic. I used the Omen Sugar for awhile after this board for a while, then switched back and the Wolfshark just feels like Jesus. I love it for some really fast free ride, and it's extremely comfy for DH. Just use risers. Wheel bite isn't a myth
this board is good for big standies and a bit of downhill
so good!!!
Holy ballz praise base god for this deck! i cannot get enough after a couple months of heavy riding this board has treated me so well. i can"t even begin to describe the concave and w it has it keeps your feet locked in tight pick up some vicious and slap it on there and i swear you can go down a 90 degree shear cliff and not come off this bitch. my dick seriously gets a boner with each and every 180 and standup i pull, i learned all my slides on this deck and it never felt better i highly recommend this to any high class nigga willing to spend the cash.
current setup

50 degree caliber acid melons
86 a mini zombies
bones super reds

slides so good butter all day kids!
One of the best boards out there
out of all the landyachtz products Ive ridden this is by far the best. this board is sick for fast freeride, and perfect for holding out those long standies. My only two complaints are that the grip that comes on the board is not good, and because the board tends to flip more often then most, it gets torn up a lot. i would recomend getting vicious grip or blood orange on it. My other complaint is that the without risers when you have caliber fifty's you tend to get wheelbite A LOT. It took me a while for me to find that sweet spot with the calibers, but once you get dialed in, it will ride like a dream.

my settup: Caliber 50's
abec11 freeride's
vicious grip
This board is great. I love it. It is great all around. I can really lock my feet in when I slide. Get this board
Cruising-Not so great

Took it out for the first time with bear grizzlies and 70mm wheels (cloud ride slides). Its recommended that you ride with this truck and with this wheel size. Ate crap the first time I tried to come to a sliding stop... so much wheel bite. Tightened the trucks and got half inch risers, and that seemed to do the trick. Other then this it's a great board. But know the kind of riding you want to do. This board is not made to be a cruiser. Though it is true that you can do most things on most boards, this board is great for what it's made for. That is down hill and sliding.
great board to do heelsides and toesides and switch and grab slides just a awsome board
Great longboard for downhill and sliding.
When I first saw this board on DBS I thought it might be a bit small because I'm a pretty tall guy and really wanted a LONGboard not skateboard shaped like one. When I pulled it out of the box I immediately knew my hypothesis was incorrect, the board is a perfect size for me and my feet (size 10) lock perfectly into the concave. The board is awesome, I've mastered my standies on it (around 40 feet), gone over 30 mph, and just freaking love it. Oh and btw I've only owned it for like 2 months. Overall this board is perfect for someone who wants to do some DH, some sweet slides, or just cruise with a freaking Wolf-man riding a shark through lava .
Best board!
The wolf shark i personally think is at the very top when it comes to all boards, it provides a sick downhill experience and is very comfortable in all stances i have went about 65 km/ph on my 2013 and it so confortable and stable when going that fast. Just in general it has great specs and is super stable in slides and downhill, and has great pockets (micro drops) to wedge your feet on for those big toe slides...
Biggest slide on this board: 32 metres
fastest i have went : 65 kn/ph

Current set up: PNL'S, volante checkers and obviously 2013 Wolfshark
wolfshark or arbiter 36* ??? for dowhill/slide/freeride
Wolfshark 2013 Or Arbiter 36 I'm going crazy not sure what caught
help me which one is better for freeride / dowhill / slides. Thank you!
wheel bite for days
get wheel bite up the ass
Awesome Deck
My friend has this board, and i learned stand ups on it with mini zombie hawgs. Great all around board whether you like freeride, cruising, or downhill.
exelente para downhill y freeride
tiene un concavo agradable, es muy buena para downhill, tiene varios wheelbase que segun lo que necesitas se adaptaran a tu modalidad, la recomiendo con unos trucks de 50º por que con menos grados necesitaras elevadores
AMAZING BOARD - deep review
I've had the board for a few weeks and I use it for primarily downhill. I don't do freeride, but I know that since it has a symmetrical foot platform, freeride would be a breeze on it. So when I ordered this board, I got it with 42 randals which was a huge mistake. It barely turned. I exchanged them for Bear 852's which made the board amazing. With a flipped hanger ans fairly tight bushings, it is extremely stable (coming from a guy who started on an EVO). First day out on it with the new trucks I took it to 25 mph (the steepest hill I have nearby that I measured with a friend's car) and it felt like nothing. I felt like I could have gone even twice the speed and still have not one single wobble. The extra wheelbase options are a great thing to have if you're planning on doing different type of riding. I keep mine on the widest base options because I like having a stable ride, but it's still very responsive when you need it to be. If you plan on doing freeride, that's when the mounting options become super handy. I MUST STRESS that you get at least a half inch of riser for wheels over 70 mm. I currently have 72 mm venom cannibals and when I lean the farthest I can lean, there's only about a few centimeters between the wheel and the deck. ALSO, because the board is so wide, you should probably get pretty wide trucks. When I lean too much, the wheels on one side lift off the ground a little which is not good. If you can't get wider trucks, softer bushings would help with the lifting problem, but you might sacrifice some stability. Overall, it's a very great board.
My Favorite board
APPEARANCE: Its unique shape is incredibly sick and attracts plenty of compliments, and the graphic is decent, not my favorite, but that is just personal preference.

WHEELBASES: The wheelbase options offer lots of room for tweaking the feel of the board and the way it turns and the way it initiates slides which is awesome.

CONCAVE: The concave is the best part of the board. It is symmetrical so no matter which way you ride it, it feels the same under your feet. In the middle of the board, there is a very noticeable w concave, but where your feet go, it mellows out slighty making it very comfy. The wheel flares provide an intense amount of concave that is very good when you are going fast into a slide. And the micro drops are mellow, but more than enough to let you know where your feet are. (no foot stops needed!)

DURABILITY: This board isn't the most durable board I have rode, but it certainly can take a beating. The only problem is if it flips, the grip on the nose, wheel flares and the tail can get taken off.

WHEEL FLARES: This is the only part of the board that sort of disappointed me. The flares make for great concave, but I had constant wheel bite issues with 70mm wheels. However, these problems were resolved when I swapped in 62mm wheels.

OVERALL: I am so stoked about this board, it makes sliding much easier than many other boards I've rode. I learned a lot on this board and would reccomend it to anyone who wants a sick freeride/slide/downhill deck.

-2013 Landyachtz Wolfshark
-Fifty Cal Trucks with 83a Venom SHR barrel bushing road side, and 89a blood orange bushings board side. (no bottom washer)
-62mm 78a Abec11 Pink Polka Dots
-Bones Swiss Bearings

Great board but expensive
This board is great. Easy to fall in love with, but it is a little pricey. There are other boards out there that are very similar and way cheaper but they don't have the same concave features or gas pedals. The Original Arbiter is a cheaper alternative to the Wolfshark, but if you are willing to spend the extra money, the Wolfshark will be a great board for you.
RIP Switchblade
Well don't think I will be riding my switchblade for a long time. I love this board it is nice and wide comfortable for all disciplines and the new 2013 graphic is sick. Looks like Heman riding a shark outside of the castle of grayskull.
sick deck!
i recently purchased this board mainly to use for freeride and dh but it turns out that it sucks for those and is amazing in my opinion for freestyle/cruising/dancing
Amazing board
just got this board and it is great. i fell VERY locked in while doing slides. the micro drop in the front makes it so i don't need a foot stop and the concave keeps my foot locked in. in the back it is almost like a tub. with the concave and micro drop my foot just sits comfortably there for huge standees. also the wheel flares are great for using when doing toe side slides, they provide a lot of leverage over the board and make toe side slides a lot easier. overall this board is the shit, i am a board whore and have like 7 boards in my quiver, now i am cutting it down to 2 because this is my free ride and downhill board and i only need another for cruising. also graphic is amazing and since it is protected i am stoked it will last the life of the board
Ok to newer riders this board is good for learining to slide you can hold high speed slides 30< it's a great board to free ride with also but it shows its stripes downhill I won my last race right after picking up this board if you are looking for a new board get this

I am currently running precision bears, sizemic bearings, venoms and moranga otangs
Sweet Board
This board rocks in every way. The only downside is the gay graphics on the bottom.
Arbiter or Wolfshark
I have the chance of getting the arbiter or the wolfshark. I have heard that both are so good but I just can't decide. ANYONE PLEASE HELP ME!!!
Great DH and slide board!
I previously used Tan Tien, which really kept me from doing big standies and going fast and steady. The Wolfshark 2013 has really changed my world in longboard. The deck really keeps you locked in, which is a huge plus especially when going fast. You always feel safe on this board. A sick board that you should get!
i do not have this board but i have the 2012 version and alot of people say they cant run a good DH setup cuz wheelbite all you gotta do is get biggie hawgs and maybe a 1/8 risers keep in mind biggie hawgs are created by landyachts and they made it 70mm to fit topmounts mainly the wolfy
Great all around
If you are looking to progress your skills and go fast, pick up the 2013 Wolfshark. I have improved my slides by 20 ft with this board and have gone upwards of 30mph and have felt completely in control of my board. the concave is amazing it locks your feet in completely so you can hold out slides longer. the micro drops might not seem like much but they really help with sliding. its also really durable i curbed it around 15-20 mph and just a scratch on the nose. the only issue i have with this board is wheelbite i use cal 50's and some freerides under 70mm and I get bite so you have to keep them a bit tighter or get a riser. Overall this board is amazing for going fast and for shredding the gnar.
I got this dream whith beargrizzlys and cloud ride ozone and love it! I Will never buy a new board!
where do i start
i got this board about 2 weeks ago and i have rode it about 3 or 4 times and i have to say everything about this board is perfect just buy it dont waste your money on some old cheap board off of amazon or anywhere else buy a wolfshark please for your own happiness
Sick board
Overall, this board is good for everything, and I can fit 76mm wheels with 50* gunmetals with only quarter inch risers. This is my favorite board so far...Get this board!
I've ridden this board pretty hard for about two weeks now and I love it. its got a pretty good push ( regardless of what DBS says ) it handles good at higher speeds although I haven't done a whole lot of Dh with it yet. It slides like a dream really its amazing. the only two problems i had with it is it took me a while to get used to the concave of the deck and it gets wheel bite a little ( 70mm iron horse wheels, Randal 180 trucks ) but soon as I got used to the concave it was great and I put on 1/4" risers and problem solved. Get this Board!
dude dont waste your time on anything else
this board...oh my god this board is so beautiful it is the most sick and insane board ever. the concave on this beauty is so deep and gnarly
great deck, but get wheel bite
it is a great deck, it rides smooth and slides great, but if you make a really sharp turn there is a chance that you will get wheel bite
This board is actually the most amazing thing ever. it is really comfortable for freeride and bombing i don't think i will ever buy another board again!!!
Must Buy!
Okay, so I've had this board for a little over a month now and I have to say, it is a must buy! From shredding the freeride to tucking the downhill, this board does it all. And although other people complain about wheel bite issues, I have never experienced anything of the sort. I ride 50 cals with 70mm Cult Classics w/o a riser and I have never gotten wheel bite. This board has been curbed and beaten up, but has not shown any signs of delam or chipping. So, all in all, a super amazing board that can handle any type of skating (Ive also ollied and kick flipped it) and is also ridiculously durable. A must for your quiver!
Ride it backwards!!
i feel like i never want to change boards. there are so many concaves to this board that you just get super comfortable with it after a while. the rocker makes a HUGE difference and the micro drop is helpful too. it gives me the foot pockets of a drop deck but the slide of a steezy comet topmount.

one thing though, no matter how much you like riding it regular, try riding it backwards for a week. the back foot platform is like a quarter inch wider and it feels much better for tucking to have it up front. also having the narrow side in the back helps me switch between toeside and heelside much easier.

literally the only problem is that the wheel wells dont fit downhill wheels very well. dont worry about getting wheelbite w/ freeride wheels though.
In love
I love this board I have only had it for a few days but I absolutely love it it is amazing for free ridding and if you adjust the wheelbase it is amazing for down downhill to if I could ride one board for the rest of my life this would be it.
Super Awesome Board!!!
I love this board! The slides are so easy and so controlled slides. The Medium tub and mellow W concave is so comfortable and it really locks your feet in. The downhill is so great, i feel so confident when going at fast speeds. This board is perfect for freeriding, downhilling and freeride/downhill. I highly recommend you to buy this board.
P.S. i love this board of all the boards I've ridden on.
Good Board
My setup is Bear Grizzly's with Abec 11 81a freeredes and it is great
crazy good for downhill and sliding plz buy this board
A phenomenal downhill deck and is also a great freeride , although the wheel wells were not that helpfull it wasn't a big deal .it have great concave and gaspeddles .I would recommend it to more advanced rides. Although if u are a begginer it's still good.

Must buy!!!!
Very good deck!
Overall, this deck is a rock solid freeride machine and great for DH. I love the variable wheelbase options and micro drops. The rocker is also a major plus. The only downsides are the wheel wells and gas pedals. The wheels wells seem just a little too small and the gas pedals could be better. Also, if you want to use the tail, i would recommend the shortest wheelbase (and even then the tail isn't fully functional).
simply sic
The 2012 Wolf Shark is an awesome board. Easy for sliding, which is initially what I got it for. The rocker is the key, at least in my opinion, for opening up a board for ease of sliding. I got one for my son, for sliding, and he was sliding it in a flat parking lot with only his push speed! Seriously! He freaked out! Hahahaha. So my family is sold on it. Having different truck mounting holes is a plus. I am short and ride mine with the minimum distance between trucks. My son is tall, and he likes his at the max. I like mine so much that I want to try setting it up for strictly downhill racing, which I haven't tried yet.
Excellent Board!
This board is an excellent deck for all diciplines...Well the W can get slightly annoying while your push but this feeling goes away after getting used to it.This board has excellent gas petals and excellent concave that locks you in for anything you can throw at it.Another plus to this board is its wheelbase options and short length and wheelbases which result in a very quick turning and nimple ride.The only downside to this board is the wheelwells...They are not the worst, but they are not great...I sanded mine and have no trouble w/ wheelbite with aeras and a half inch of riser...I would reccomend sanding them but it is not a have-to.If you run smaller wheels you should not have a problem. All around this is an excellent board for most diciplines and it is highly recommended!
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