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Loaded Tesseract Longboard Skateboard Deck
Loaded Tesseract Longboard Skateboard Deck

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  • Length:39.00"
  • Width:9.50"
  • Wheelbase:24.50" - 26.00"
  • Construction:Bamboo/Fiberglass
  • Concave:Medium
  • Flex:Stiff
  • Cruising
  • Freeride
  • Downhill
  • Push
  • Sliding

Loaded Tesseract Longboard Skateboard Deck



Quick Overview

A lot of people are calling the Tesseract the Chubby Unicorn's little brother. It is your ideal downhill and freeride board. Loaded has given you a ton of rocker and a nice W concave, giving you a very locked in feel you need will bombing a hill.
Used to keep the bolts on your board nice and tight and/or to assemble the board.
Lubricant and cleaning kits are used to keep the bearings in the wheels turning quickly and smoothly; if this is your first board, these upgrades are not necessary. Make sure you love to ride first!

A lot of people are calling the Tesseract the Chubby Unicorn's little brother. It is your ideal downhill and freeride board. Loaded has given you a ton of rocker and a nice W concave. The Tesseract is made out of fiberglass with epoxy skins sandwiched between two vertically-laminated bamboo cores. Then Loaded went ahead and covered the bottom of the board with a nice layer of cork, to help absorb the shock and moisture. It was built with a lightweight design, but still maintains all that you expect within a board. One additional thing that this board gives you is multiple wheelbase options of 24.50" and 26.00" so you can adjust it to however you like. They have also added big wheel well flares and given its kicktails more up turn. Make no mistake, we are super stoked for the release of this board, as we're am sure you are too!

We recommend an 1/8th" riser when using a 43-44 degree truck and with a 3 degree angled riser when using a 50 degree truck.

Monster Deck
The Loaded Tesseract was molded for a single purpose: absolute shredding. This thing is a freak of nature, the super-mega-master of street skating. It weighs almost nothing - it preforms close to the ground or high above - its tail is as gracious as it is forgiving. This beast is not for the absolute beginner, obviously.

Buyer beware - the deck can take a beating, but it doesn't last too long. It's still worth the cash, but if you're really into it expect to buy another in a year or so.
Genius design
I have had the deck for about two months now and its almost impossible to say anything bad about it. The only bad things I can think of is that the concave will take a few sessions before you feel super comfortable (but once you do its fantastic) the price and the cork. The cork is great and and looks awesome but each time I hear a rock chip it or i scrape I curb I feel like a murderer. Though it is quite expensive its 100% worth the price as you will love the way it rides. The concave gives you so much confidence and the kick tails make tricks like popshuvits easy.
My setup:
Caliber 44's in acid melon
1/4 risers
Bones swiss super six bearings
Otang Kegels
standard hardware
Hands down best board for any place
I have had this board for quite some time. A few years, give or take. I've ta Ken this board everywhere and if you live where I live (east Tennessee) then you know there aren't a lot of hills there. So my board doesn't wear down so fast. But I still think that this board is the best board you will ever buy even if it breaks, chips off, or even snaps in half (which will never happen because its made of bamboo). I believe that this board will find a way into you heart. ; ) Just kidding. Not trying to be emotional.

This rad board is good for serious down hill, freeride, and even freestyle/carving if you get the right trucks. Speaking of trucks the trucks I use are caliber white/gold 180 or 188, if I can remember. Now stop researching and get this deck!
Best board ive ever owned.
This board does it all. I learned shuvits, toeslides, pendys, ollies, kickflips, and even threw some downhill in on this and it handles it all beautifully. The flares on this board keep you more locked in than you can imagine. the price of the board is definitely worth it as it will last you years and not to mention the graphic is super hot too.
cork performance over 2 months..
Disappointed, If the nose of this deck hits anything more then 2 or 3 times the cork breaks right off and i have had to repair both kicktails with hl3premium based adhesive to fill the gaps and sand off the rest.. seems like alot of work for an expensive unnecessary material used.. and it weighs more then most for something with more cons then benefit.. idunno.. you decide..
sex on wheels
This isn't just a longboard, this is a lifestyle. This board does literally anything and everything that you can possibly put it thru. Ive had mine for about 3 months and i have not once ever regretted buying her. My recommended setup is atlas trucks, venom eliminators 86a and blood orange liam morgan pros 70mm.
Great board
I have had this board for about a month. I am riding it with Paris V2s (stock bushings), 1/8 inch shock pads, and Abec 11 Flashbacks 81a. The w concave took some getting used to, but now I love it. It keeps you really locked in when going fast and is great for sliding. It's not too aggressive though so it's not super uncomfortable when pushing and commuting. I'm not sure if the grip is Viscous but it's just as coarse. The grip wore off where it wraps over the wheel flare so its a bit off a pointless feature if you do any freestyle because the board lands on them if it lands upside down. The wheel flares are awesome to have. They provide a great reference point, give a ton of wheel clearance, and they really help lock your feet in for sliding. The construction prevents the nose and tail from chipping and separating, and makes the board overall really durable. Up until a couple days ago I was riding it on the shorter wheelbase and it was super responsive and had a really tight turning radius. The kicks were super functional and great for freestyle. Recently I switched to the wider wheelbase and flipped the hangers and kept the stock bushings. I took it out to Mt. Tabor and it was super stable and still responsive The kicks aren't quite as functional but they're still sufficient. Overall, amazing board; great for DH, freeride, and freestyle; super durable; and I would definitely recommend it.
Legendary board!
I recently got this board and it's my favorite board that I've ever touched. This board is perfect for sliding, going fast, and just cruising around. The dual kicks make it perfect for doing tricks and spins n shit. I freakin love it
Freaking Awesome
its perfect, the kicktail is amazing I can ollie or even kickflip easily, I can use it for many styles, freestyle, dancing, DH, and freeride.
set up:
caliber 44's
amhyo wheels
venom bushings
This board is an all-around favorite
I've had this board for two weeks and I love it, of all my boards its my been my favorite, this board is perfect for everything, its symmetrical for any type of freeride and sliding. The tails are big enough to pop fat ollies and any tail trick you desire.
HUGE Tails
Beautiful Design
No need to re-drill
Only one really, the bottom is made of Cork Veneer its beautiful but i'm scared that it wont takes as much of a beating as the bamboo.
I think this board is amazing. It's amazing for freeride because of the huge kicktails. i thaught i needed riserpads but it did work without them i weigh about 84 pounds

Loaded tessract
bear 852
abec 11 flashbacks 81a
red bones
loades tesseract
Absolutely loving the features on this board, beautiful concave and W for toesides, at first it was uncomfortable cos the stance was small but I love it alot. Good work on this one loaded! You have really impressed me and alot of my mates
freaking perfect! (for me)
Its the hybrid perfect board, it works for every style, freestyle, freeride, DH
its pretty much like the 2013 tomohawk
yewww best board ever !!!!
the best board for free ride
the tesseract is my favourite board in my quiver, this board alows for a shorter stance without giving up any of its special features. i love it. best board of the year, thanks loaded for the new deck.
sick ass deck
Coming from a LY switchblade, I found this board a little different at first. It felt kinda high off the ground when I first used it. after a session or two I was perfectly comfortable with it. I'm no Liam Morgan but i felt as though I had more control with my slides on this board. I currently have it set up with the smallest wheelbase and I would describe its slide as "snappy quick" compared to what it felt like to slide on my switchblade. As for the concave, its nice but not as aggressive as my friends tomohawk. (we both agreed my tesseract deck was better than his tomohawk)
My current setup has 50* surfrods rkp 176mm truck, surfrodz bearings, orangatang kilmers, and 89a blood orange bushings. I weigh 175lb and got the medium bushings from the surfrodz website and got wheel bite very easily on this deck.
Love this deck!!!!
Most perfect
Double positive my man sick deck though!
this board is the best
just the best board EVER. get one youll never want anything else
awome alround board good for down hil but i fund it was ganster at freride
epic ride
This board rocks. 3rd board I gave owned 8th 8 have ridden. It has nice geometry with the w and wheel flares. You always know where you are on the board. Easy to slide and do ollies on. Fun to go fast on.... the cork bottom is not super durable. It is grindable but I would not push it too much. Bottom line this board rocks if you have a varied skate style and wanta board to do a little of every thing.
I do get rub if i run my trucks loose on a 70mm wheel. A 1/4 riser would fix this easily

Set up:
Loaded tesssssssseract
Cloud ride ozone 83a 70mm
Caliber 50's
1/8 shock pad
Worth every penny
Honestly, very sturdy (I've been putting it through hell), the kicks are awesome, perfect foot lock-in, the more you ride it the more you feel the w concave, does everything...Riding it with redz bearing, paris v2 trucks and 70mm butterballs for those slidessss
Had this board for about a month now and am really loving it, I've been riding an LBL DK Penguin (which I also love) so this board took a little getting used to but not much. I love the topography of this board that really lets me know exactly where my feet are. I've been doing mostly freeride, a little dancing and some freestyle. It's strong suit is definitely freeride...
Yeah! this board is so amazing, its durability is really good since i bought this 5 months ago. Now, it still looks rand new and its awesome. Sooo amazing! Buy this and get crazy! wohhhh, this is truly the best! Loaded boards rule!
good board
this board is the poo poo
Oh lawd..
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