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Orangatang Stimulus Freeride Longboard Wheels 70mm
Orangatang Stimulus Freeride Longboard Wheels 70mm
  • Size 70mm
  • Edge Rounded
  • Hub Off Set
  • Cruising
  • Freeride
  • Downhill
  • Push
  • Sliding

Orangatang Stimulus Freeride Longboard Wheels 70mm - SET OF FOUR



Quick Overview

Stimulate your mind and get sideways on these stone-ground slide wheels!
Nothing's goes with a new set of wheels better than a fresh set of bearings. If you're not sure what bearings do, they're what makes the wheels (and the entire board) move. They fit tightly and stay inside the wheel hubs using pressure. All skateboard bearings are sold in sets of 8 (2 per wheel).
If the board is to be used for all-around riding or getting around town, spacers are NOT needed. Spacers sit between the bearings in the wheel and provide additional stability for more advanced riding.
Used to keep the bolts on your board nice and tight and/or to assemble the board.
Lubricant and cleaning kits are used to keep the bearings in the wheels turning quickly and smoothly; if this is your first board, these upgrades are not necessary. Make sure you love to ride first!

How They Shred:


Orangatang Stimulus Wheels slide like a dream. They come pre-ground and are ready for some serious shredding action. The rounded lip ensures that your wheels don’t hook up coming out of a slide when you don’t want them to. They have a great wear pattern as well and tend to last quite a long time even if you slide day in and day out! They come in three different durometers; 80a, 83a, and 86a. The harder the durometer, the easier it will be to slide at lower speeds. The lower the durometer, the more controllable your slides will be at higher speeds. The Orangatang Stimulus has been a powerhouse in the freeriding world since it’s debut and it’s popularity has not slowed down one bit. We really like the 80a stimulus for fast high-speed freeriding but generally throw the harder durometers on our “around town” cruiser setups because they slide so easy at low speeds. These are a great wheel that you are bound to enjoy!

ok wheels
the wheels are good for sliding but there loud and choppy when you slide
Good for beginners learning how to slide but once you start doing long stand ups they are very choppy and are just horrible
stims slide ok
There a great wheel and slide really great they come nice and broken in but they are exstremely chattery very noisey plus a tiny bit choppy
Won't go wrong with these.
I absolutely love these wheels, great for freeriding and holding out slides. Extremely good wearing on these wheels, they take a long time to wear down. I've had them for 3 months and they have been wearing down very nicely. When worn down enough, they start to make a really nice hiss when they slide and can very leave nice thane lines that look sexy as hell. I have the 83a formula and you should absolutely check these wheels out if you haven't already. Overall, great wheel for freeridng and I would definitely suggest them to someone who is looking for a great time.
i like
they slide out with no effort what so ever 60+ slides with cutting minimum speed if you go balls deep and fast enough
great wheel! get the 86a. they are a little icy at first but the furthur you get through the wheel the better they get. unfortunitly they flatspot pretty easily so try not to go 90'
bad terrible wheels
worst wheels ive ever slid on, leaves no thane and is very chattery. slide in unpredictable as well as hookup.

biggest thing to remember is that otangs are often bought because they look cool and are basically the bandwagon of the longboard world. the only bandwagon that is actually good is abec 11. if u want a 70mm wheel i would suggest the powerballs or volante morgans or rayne wheels
they are OK. not more.
I have the Stimulus 80a 70mm for 6-7 weeks now and use them a lot.
they are OK. quite slow than what I have expected. and it is disappointing !!!
I also bought the 4 president 83a and they are better, but still, thay are also not as I expected.
I use the boards (I have two, one with Stimulus and one with the 4 president) only for cruising and the 4 president 83a are better than the stimulus 80a 70mm.
I use NSK (japan) bearings for all my wheels, so the comparison eliminates the bearings potential difference.
these wheels suck sooooo much. super loud, and really unpredictable. they have iced out on me countless times. roll speed is just awful, and super hard to go into a slide.
I got the 86a's and they were good to learn my first slides, but once I got the hang of it, they got so icy! Super chattery also. Would not reccommend the 86a's
orange otang thane is best
Onto my second set of 80a stims and just love them. Once I got past the lip they stopped making loud honking noises and became alot of fun. Fully recommend these
not bad on rough pavement
Traded my friend for the purple ones. They slide really nice on more roughed up pavement and leave nice white/purple thane. On smoother pavement I've found they screech a lot and aren't much fun.
good wheels
these wheels dont let you hold out extremely long slides they were my first wheels i got 83a and even though theyr off set i still flipped them and they slid just as good if not better they actually slid very quite on smooth cement after they coned
Faire enough
Very good wheals, great for sliding.
(Orange 80a) Decent
I've had these wheels for about a month now and after learning to slide on them and seeing my friends wheels i wish i had got different wheels... they slide okay but they tend to slide out in downhill and are extremely loud during the slides, also some of the slides feel choppy compared to my friends cloud ride wheels.
86a Stims
Great Wheels, yesterday was my first time sliding and I got Stand Up 180s and Stinkbugs. Great Wheels! Haven't rode DH on them yet but I wanna try! These Wheels fit perfect on any board and are great wheels to break into sick slides!
Slips out a bit during downhill, other than that great wheel
(YELLOW 86a)Awesome wheel. Awesome that it's pre broken-in, this saves a bunch of time. Since it's broken in you can pop these on your setup and start sliding right away. I highly recommend these wheels to anyone who needs a new pair of wheels.
86a Stims
these are a great wheel for beginners, easy to slide with and very longlasting had mine for about a year and they hold up (never thane) great even on the hot streets of Australia, the slides at first feel very stable and fast but after a while they become very unpredictable and it starts to become very slippery. great wheel for beginners learning to freeride
these wheels are really good sliding the purple 83a wheels are good ground slides and stand ups who ever thinks they're bad isnt sliding right
which wheels do you recommend
ive bee riding the 86a stims and i wanted expert advice on the STIMS 80a VS SECTOR 9 BUTTERBALLS
purple stims
They aren't the best wheel but they are good all around. They lasted me a long time but as soon as I started to hold out big stand ups they coned easily. Flashbacks are much better and cheaper.
Nice Wheels
I've been riding these for a while i first had orangatang in heats but they puked because i never heard of bearing spacers before. But the Stimulus are nice sliding wheels and downhill pretty much everything except pushing but thats mostly because i ride the 86 a's so if you want an all around great wheel id recommend these but the 80 a's just might take a while to break them in for slides. The stimulus got me through my first stand up 180's and now im learning to drift with them they slide like butter
They are ok. I would recommend more buttery wheels for longer holdouts
They are ok. At first i hated them but then after i broke them in they got more slidier. They were my first wheels. They good for simple slides, but for holding it out they arent the best but they arent bad. I would recommend different more buttery wheels for holding it out but they are good for beginning wheels
thay're great but the downfall to them is they don't thane and i recommend them to anyone
Pretty good
These wheels are great to start sliding but I seem to get a lot of little flat spots I cored these after around 2 months they are alright for big standies not the best though
these should be sold with ear plugs.
great wheels
awsome wheels have them on my pintail 43 from original skateboards and are still in great condition after 2 years
Very Good
I don't know why the reviews say they are a 1 star downhill. These are terrific for bombing pretty big hills. They are decent sliding wheels. I would definitely reccomend these to anybody.
Slides so easily but I found one u got to the butter spot they flat spot very easily and leave the thickes thane lines ever
I currently have the 80a (orange) version of these. They are great for beginners. But once you start holding out long slides they cone and flat spot easily. But again they are great for learning how to slide.
purple stims
if you are looking to buy these wheels, i would recommend getting the 83a purple ones! i weigh around 150 and the yellow 86a wheels were too hard and gave me a tough ride, and the orange 80a ones were a little too difficult for me to put sideways, the purple 83a's were the wheels i learned to slide on and were buttery smooth while still having a relatively smooth ride. Great wheels!
learned how to slide on em
well no one else will review this so i guess i will. they are very expensive for what you get. They don't cone fast and are pretty durable. everything other than that they are just good not great or awesome. slides aren't that smooth. if i were you i would look at a pair of abec 11 flashbacks or freerides. otangs have more hype than what they really are.
i think these wheels are good for no specific subject, they an be used for sliding can be used for downhill and can be used for freeride but do not exceed in any of those subjects
nicest sliding wheels you can buy!!
Good at low speeds
I love these wheels for quick 180 slides and and 360 slides and stuff in that nature. But for bigger higher speed slides they are choppy and so icy. Get these for technical freeride. Don't get these for higher speeds.
riding with these wheels makes me jizz
riding with these wheels makes me jizz
They just keep getting better!
ive had these wheels for about a month now and i absolutely love them, at the moment there are only two things i dont like about them. 1: (in my case) it took them ages to properly brake in, even after massive stand ups and hand slides.
2: once they do brake in they cone (in my case) so so quickly,maybe its because i like powerslides :D but they never flat spot which is great!
But all that being said there are alot more things that out way the bad, they leave the best thane lines ever on australian roads!! also so predictable and stable when holding out big slides!! also surprisingly good at downhill!
these wheels are amazing when it comes to freeride and abit of downhill, i highly recommend these wheels to all skill levels although they mite not last as long depending on what you do :D

I am not a fan of orangatang wheels they are grippy chattery and have a slow urethane I would not recommend orangatang to anyone
how good are the stims
stims 86a are so easy breaking out into a slide. And if you push alot you want these they have the best roll speed ever.
Decent Wheels but overpriced
Overall, these wheels are great for carving, cruising and freeriding. The urethane used to make the stims feel harder then their actual duro (a stim's 80a feels like 83a). The slide is great, just as long as you have built in bearings or spaces (precision spacers or buit in are even better). The only complaint is that the wheels are sometimes chattery and have an inconsistent slide (will feel smooth for most of the slide then start to chatter).
Great Wheel (83a's Review)
Great if your starting out they grip when you want them to and you still slide them fat. They awesome because you can trust the entirely up to med. high speeds to grip just how you want to. Some of the most controllable slides I've gotten are on these wheels. Only cons are after a bit of coning the break point becomes a little inconsistent (you wont notice it unless your looking for it) and they're kinda noisy some people dont like it I find it quite satisfying to squeal down the street with some big slides or to a stop right in front of your friend but thats just me.
Great wheel for all skill levels definitely recommend for a great and long-lasting wheel
Great Wheel (83a's Review)
Great if your starting out they grip when you want them to and you still slide them fat. They awesome because you can trust the entirely up to med. high speeds to grip just how you want to. Some of the most controllable slides I've gotten are on these wheels. Only cons are after a bit of coning the break point becomes a little inconsistent (you wont notice it unless your looking for it) and they're kinda noisy some people dont like it I find it quite satisfying to squeal down the street with some big slides or to a stop right in front of your friend but thats just me.
Great wheel for all skill levels definitely recommend for a great and long-lasting wheel
awesome wheels
I've been riding Stimulus yellows and purples for almost a year, and we have them on all my family's boards (4 boards). They hold up great and are made well. We particularly like the yellows for sliding.
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