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We're no longer carrying Original skateboards.

Daddies is no longer carrying Original. As always, we want to make sure to hook you up with the raddest boards out there, so we have hand-picked some sweet alternatives that are similar to whichever Original board you may be evaluating. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call us 503.281.5123 or shoot an email to

Original Apex 40 DiamondDrop Longboard Skateboard Complete - Middleweight

  • Length:40.75"
  • Width:9.75"
  • Wheelbase:28"
  • Construction:Maple/Fiberglass
  • Concave:Extreme
  • Flex:Stiff
Original Apex 40 DiamondDrop Longboard Skateboard Complete - Middleweight

The Original Apex 40 Diamond Drop is the big brother to the 37. This board has a freestyle freeride in mind. The drop platform locks your feet in for sliding and pushing around town, with mellow noise and tail. This gives you a freestyle oriented ride with your setup combined with a mild flex. Slower style freeriding and big turning carves are much easier on the Original Apex Diamond Drop 40.

Please note, the price shown reflects the price on the Original website as of 11/29/14.

Loaded Tesseract Longboard Skateboard Complete

Loaded Tesseract Longboard Skateboard Complete

A lot of people are calling the Tesseract the Chubby Unicorn's little brother. It is your ideal downhill and freeride board. Loaded has given you a ton of rocker and a nice W concave. The Tesseract is made out of fiberglass with epoxy skins sandwiched between two vertically-laminated bamboo cores. Then Loaded went ahead and covered the bottom of the board with a nice layer of cork, to help absorb the shock and moisture. It was built with a lightweight design, but still maintains all that you expect within a board. One additional thing that this board gives you is multiple wheelbase options of 24.50" and 26.00" so you can adjust it to however you like. They have also added big wheel well flares and given its kicktails more up turn. Make no mistake, we are super stoked for the release of this board, as we're am sure you are too!

We recommend an 1/8th" riser when using a 43-44 degree truck and with a 3 degree angled riser when using a 50 degree truck.

Located in southern California, Loaded is regarded as among the most innovative designers of longboard decks. Their use of various materials – from bamboo to fiberglass and cork – highlights their determination to create the absolute best riding experience possible. Because of their durability and overall radness, Loaded boards stand the test of time.

  • Length:39.00"
  • Width:9.50"
  • Wheelbase:24.50" - 26.00"
  • Construction:Bamboo/Fiberglass
  • Concave:Medium
  • Flex:Stiff
  • Cruising
  • Freeride
  • Downhill
  • Push
  • Sliding

Rayne Supreme Longboard Skateboard Complete - 2014

Rayne Supreme Longboard Skateboard Complete - 2014

Rayne Supreme

The Rayne Supreme is the big boy in the Flow Series with some serious speed in mind. The Rayne Supreme has an adjustable wheelbase of 30 to 31 inches letting you find the right setting that will suit your needs. The Rayne Supreme comes equipped with two 5/8th inch radial drops meeting the Supreme's 3 stage rocker. This ensures not only a really tight speed tuck, but a comfortable pocket for freeriding and throwing stand up slides at extremely high speeds. If you're looking to do gigantic stand up slides, the Rayne Supreme is perfect for holding out the longest speed checks possible. One of the best boards out there. And of course with Rayne's amazing construction of vertically laminated bamboo and sublimated fiberglass, you're insured to have an awesome graphic that will last the entire life of this extremely durable setup. Overall the Rayne Supreme is an extremely versatile setup that is just begging for speed.

Rayne has always been an industry leader in board design, while never giving up on quality control. Made from the lightest and strongest materials, Rayne shows that the best boards come from North America. Premium price for a premium product.

  • Length:42.50"
  • Width:10.00"
  • Wheelbase:30.00" - 31.00"
  • Construction:Maple
  • Concave:Mild
  • Flex:Stiff
  • Cruising
  • Freeride
  • Downhill
  • Push
  • Sliding


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