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Paris 180mm Longboard Trucks - Silver V2
Paris 180mm Longboard Trucks - Silver V2
  • Size:180mm
  • Style:Reverse Kingpin
  • Cruising
  • Freeride
  • Downhill
  • Push
  • Sliding
  • Mini-Cruiser
  • Park Pool

Paris 180mm Longboard Trucks - Silver V2 - SET OF TWO



Quick Overview

Carve it up with Paris trucks! They are smooth, reliable, and crazy fun!
New mounting hardware will ensure that your board has a safe and secure ride.
Paris risers are the same shape as Paris Trucks’ baseplates and will create the most optimal fit for your longboard.
Whether you need different durometers or just want backups, aftermarket bushings are a great way to give your trucks longer life and a fully customized feel.
Used to keep the bolts on your board nice and tight and/or to assemble the board.
Lubricant and cleaning kits are used to keep the bearings in the wheels turning quickly and smoothly; if this is your first board, these upgrades are not necessary. Make sure you love to ride first!

How They Shred:

The Paris V2 Trucks are super solid and are an easy option for a rider looking for a “go anywhere – do anything,” truck. They have a couple upgrades from the original Paris Trucks that everyone loves. They have a stronger hanger that is less prone to bending. More kingpin clearance in the bushing seat, allowing riders to carve more with much more ease and fluidity. They also have a new branded grade 8 kingpin to up the strength and steez factor. And to top it off they are now using a higher quality pivot cup for longer life and a smoother turn.

If you have ridden Paris Trucks then you already know how awesome they are, but just imagine they got 10 times better. We set them up on a Loaded Tan Tien and cruised on over to some mild hills nearby the shop. They were awesome. They have a perfect lean to turn ratio, and with the stock 90a Divine bushings they are easy to control but still have plenty of response. Trust us, they are appealing like a banana! (See what we did there?). You just can’t go wrong with the glory that is PARIS TRUCKS!

You should pick Paris 180 Trucks if…

  • You want stability
  • You want a perfect in-between size
  • You’re not sure which size to go for
  • You’re riding a board around 9-10" wide


  • 356.2 virgin aluminum gravity molded baseplate and hanger
  • Secondary heat treatment process for added strength and durability
  • Grade 8 steel axles and kingpins
  • 6-hole baseplate drilled both new school and old school
  • Special Divine Urethane bushing formula for ultimate rebound and vibration dampening
  • Guaranteed for Life!!!



Great Trucks
These trucks are very good trucks. I picked some up about a week ago and have only good things to say about them. Definitely buy a pair if you need a good, solid, stable, carvy pair of trucks.
They work good
These trucks get a bad rep.They are pretty good, I've tried calibers and bears and say they are a little less then calibers, and the equalivalent of bears, minus the bushings; bears have better bushings. If you are getting a board, get calibers, but if you want paris it will work out all fine. Just they are a little squeaky.
Don't Buy!!!
So I got these on my Loaded Tesseract and they were sketchy downhill so I switched them to my Dervish Sama. They didn't really work at all on my Sama and every bushing I put in (all venoms) it destroyed. Venom Barrels don't fit, they squeak instantly, they destroy bushings, they can't handle downhill, and they aren't Calibers. Just go with Calibers and don't be a fool like me....
Good but 43 degree is better
These are good but i recommend the 43 degree onesthey are the same thing but they carve better
These truck are amazing all around you gotta keep em loose if you want them to carve good though, the only thing is they make a clicking noise when i turn anyone know why?
Great warranty but Slight bending problem
Grabbed a set for my Landyachtz Switchblade 40, and the only problem ive really had was bent hangars. I've had them for like 2 months and they bent on me. But paris replaces them for free with lifetime warranty so there definitely some of the best on market.
i really love this trucks, just awesome!!!
They were very edgy
I love these trucks very great design i have them on my switchblade 20 and they work amazing great trucks
Awesome best trucks
Best trucks ever rode!!
Silky Smooooooth
I love my Paris 180's. Smooth, Stable, Great-Carving. Great for sidewalk surfing and and carving the skatepark. Very fluid, deep carving trucks that pump well enough to get your groove on.
Great all around truck.
First off I've bee using these truck 2 years and they are starting to show allot of wear. These trucks are great for just about everything the stock bushing work well for carving but to bomb your gonna need to get some harder double barrel bushing, I use a combo khiro 90/92 bushings set and work great on my Evo. The other great thing about these truck is they weigh almost nothing compared to most other trucks especially compared to gullwings. A great truck i would recommend for anyone. I give it 4/5 because of the bad squeaky bushings.
I learned to ride on these trucks and have had them for a long time, but they still work great. The baseplate is nice and I'm pretty sure it can last forever. Same with the kingpin. The 180mm hangar and 50 degree set up is the perfect hybrid between carve and stability. Don't worry about axles breaking unless you just straight up abuse these. The bushings aren't super amazing but they are good and are still working fine for me. For a beginner I recommend keeping the 90a divines, but for an experienced boarder, mix and match some venoms to find your favorite combo. These trucks dont just last a long time, but they perform very well for a long time.
good trucks
i love how these trucks just turn like crazy. good for dh and awesome for freeride, i have these on my rayne nemesis and they work good together. The only down fall is when i was trying to to slide on a bank that wasnt even high my board came out from under my and hit a curb at a very slow speed and took a chunk of metal almost to the divot cup out. I have been regular sk8ing for 12 years and just a couple of months ago i switched to longboards maybe i will try the randal-11 next i know if that chunk didnt come off i want be staying with the paris truck anyone else have this prob?
Favorite trucks so far
I love the Paris 180's. I've taken them up to 35mph with no wobbles or any other problems. They are great all around trucks, but I have had multiple issues with the 150's. Over all Paris 180's are the best trucks I've ridden.
Good Starter Truck
If you're just getting into the sport, this is a great truck. Quality casting is a plus, and the stock divine bushings are pretty good. This truck is very, very reactive, which to some people can mean twitchy and/wobbly at higher speeds. If you wanna throw these on a cruiser or carver, or on a board with a longer wheelbase to make it turn a little quicker, these are a good choice. Also they are cheap and have a lifetime warranty.
Well Made
More precisely made than some of the other longboard truck brands, nothing exceptionally different, though. Many forums talk about changing the bushings, but I got no problem with the ones that with them. Anyway, they have a nicely progressive turning with the ability to turn real sharp and abrupt if called to do that, this would probably facilitate good stand up speed check slides (I am still working on those).
Best cast truck!
Theese are in my opinion the best cast truck I have used. I am not the only one with that opinion, my friends all agree. They feel more precise than other trucks I have used (randal R-II 180 and Bear Grizzly). Good stock bushings too! I love theese on standard baseplate, randal 50* and 42*. Right now I have them on my Rayne Isis 39" with 42* and some venom DH 90a boardside and 85a roadside. This is excellent for freeride and mild DH with the wheel of your choice (I have the blue cults). Don't think, skate!
amazing trucks
these trucks are great fr slidin and speed, i would not recommend bombing hills with them but they can still sharp turns.thanx daddies!!!
sick trucks
these trucks are like sex when mounted on your longboard i have two boards a drop threw evo and a little mummy i got randals and paris 180s and i think that paris are a little better all around than randals but when u are bombing huge hills i think the randals are just a tad bit better
Awesome trucks
these trucks are sick. put some standard venoms in without a bottom cup washer on my arbor axis. turns insanely precise with the sickest rebound. amazing for carving, tighten them and they're perfect for dh too. iv taken these babies up to 40 with them super loose with no speed wobbles. great turning and stability. awesome sliding trucks. best all around truck.
Great trucks!!
Yes, these trucks are one of the best, but I've always wondered--is Paris better or is Randal better?
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