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Rayne Amazon Longboard Skateboard Deck
Rayne Amazon Longboard Skateboard Deck

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  • Rayne Amazon Longboard Skateboard Deck
    Rayne Amazon Longboard Skateboard Deck
  • Rayne Amazon Longboard Skateboard Deck
    Rayne Amazon Longboard Skateboard Deck
  • Rayne Amazon Longboard Skateboard Deck
    Rayne Amazon Longboard Skateboard Deck
  • Length:38.50
  • Width:10.00
  • Wheelbase:30.00/31.00
  • Construction:Bamboo/Fiberglass
  • Concave:Medium
  • Flex:Stiff
  • Cruising
  • Freeride
  • Downhill
  • Push
  • Sliding

Rayne Amazon Longboard Skateboard Deck



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Quick Overview

For downhill riding this high-quality board, designed by Douglas Dalua, is one of the best!

How It Shreds:


The Rayne Amazon longboard is the pro-model board for Douglas Dalua! This board is designed for serious downhill but works well as a freeride board as well. The Rayne Amazon is a double drop-platform longboard with a bit of rocker and some mean concave! Since it sits so low to the ground this board is very stable and is very easy to kick out into slides. One of the coolest parts about the Rayne Amazon is that it is a drop-through with variable wheelbase options. We like this board a lot for downhill. It works really well for high speed runs with big sweepers and also for technical courses and runs where you have to slide and drift a lot to properly navigate through corners. When a rider like Douglas Dalua makes a pro-model board with Rayne you know that the quality and technology put into the board are going to be unmatched!


Recommended Components:


-Caliber 44 degree 180mm Trucks

-Abec 11 80a 70mm Reflex Formula Zig Zag Wheel

-Bones Reds Bearings

Best of both worlds
Screw getting a downhill AND freeride board, just get this thing! It's so awesome for both.
Just a great board!
I love the Amazon's microdrop, the very sharp rails and the "easy" concave (no W, no flare), just as I like my dropped speedboards. I'm mostly freeriding on this baby and if Rayne had offered the Piranha last year, I would have gone with the shorter version, but nonetheless, it's great, even for the quick push to the supermarket...

80a Motions
This board blew me away when I first rode on it. I have never felt more stable in my downhill stance before. Slides feel really in control. The concave on the board is amazing and fits your foot great
Inappropriate feelings
As much as i hate to admit it, i absolutely love this board. It is not normal to have feelings to a piece of wood, but goddamn, i agree with the other reviews. When you are not on it, your feet miss it. It rides amazingly, it hugs you in snugly and looks great. On top of that, it's way cheaper than a girlfriend.

Recommended by far.
Check out some film of this
Go check out some sick riding on this board. Searh goofular on youtube and its the one by dave. Should be first or second one down
Amazing, feels like a dream
This board has the best downhill and freeride board I've ever ridden. Sliding on this is beautiful, the concave and rocker tied up with vicious will make sure your feet wont be slipping out.
Fukn sweet
Fukn dope man, big steely slides for dayssssss.
super sexy steez machine
Riding this board is better than sex. My feet crave it when i'm not on it. Seriously get this board, it has taken my slides further and my downhills faster than ever before. If you don't buy this board you will regret it.
Overall A great Board
I got this board a couple months ago and once I stepped on it I fell in love with the concave the board it locks you in without that annoying w concave if your considering getting this get it now I recommend that you top mount it and get 44 degree calibers or 46 degree gunmetals with any bearings and some devine road ripers
Has a mind of its own
Once you step on this board, you will fall in love with it. there is no annoying W concave, but has a sick pocket created by their pleasure dome, or whatever its called to lock your feet in like no other. I've done 40ft slides with ease. Now, when it comes to downhill, this thing is a beast. It is almost like it has a mind of its own, I've gone past 30, on mediocre hills. If your a more experienced rider I would suggest topmounting it just cause you get a ton of control, you WILL NOT be disappointed. Is a but pricey, but its totally worth the price.
When I was considering boards to get as a beginner, I finally decided to go with this one and I am really glad I did. First off, the pictures above do not do the board's graphics justice at all. The colors look horrible in the picture compared to what they actually are in person. Second, I went with Big Zigs and where I live (Cape Cod) we don't have many great spots but my friends and I found an infamous hill with some pretty crazy turns and insane acceleration that everyone has crashed and burned including myself (on a different board), and with my setup I have not failed miserably once, so Im impressed. One thing, if you go for the Bear 852's, they are not compatible with the 30" wheelbase option, so I had to order some Calibers to fix the problem. Overall great board for high speed and freeride too.
Super sweet deck to do what you want!
I'm a top-mount guy, so when I dropped this board through for my first sesh with it, I didn't really like it. Luckily, I had already re-drilled the board to 26" (like Levi Green) before I left home. BAM. Perfect board for me. The concave feels really nice, whether in a tuck or setting up for big slides. The radial drops come in great for steezy toesides and they really lock you in for everything else too. The extra tails from redrilling make it possible to ollie, ride off curbs easily, and kick the board up to you and the drop-through holes make little handles to carry/tow the board up the hill. I'm sure this board is great dropped through, but that just wasn't my thing; topmounted/redrilled this thing is definitely the best board I've ever ridden.

(If you redrill it, the drops create a wedge of 3°. I used my Khiro wedge kit to dewedge that so my 50° trucks are now at 48°.)
Rayne hit the jackpot with this board. It is the perfect length to be nimble enough for tight corners and long enough for plenty of stability at high speed. The 5/8 inch drop with the mean cave let you always know where your feet are without looking down as well as making really nice foot pockets when your in your tuck. The natural gas pedals make predrifts way more comfortable. The graphic is definately scratch resistant. I have mine drop threw mounted, so it wasent tall enough to go over a speed bump. I thought I scraped off my birdy but I actually scratched the yellow paint off the speed bump and the board was totally fine lol. If you want a way better board than your friends, GET THIS BOARD!
This is an amazing board. The mean cave and the 5/8 inch drop makes it really nice for always knowing where your foot is. Super sharp rails, great for hanging your foot off. I love how stable this board feels on long standies and the natural gas petals make predrifts way more comfortalble. If you want a way better board than all your friends, GET THIS BOARD!
No but really this board is sex
Can you get wild with the Amazon?
Gnarliest Concave then any other deck I've ridden. Drop is just enough to feel great at high speeds yet not suffer speed. And the new Mean Cave feels great and adds extra confidence for those stand slides and really gives your feets places to lock it in. All in all this deck is the ideal choice for serious riders who want that performance DH board. Pricey but it is the great quality of Rayne and the graphic is so much more beautiful in person.
Amazon First Impressions - Recommended!
I just got my new Rayne Amazon, and the board looks sick sexy out of the box!!! Coming from the Demonseed and the Nemesis, the first impression is that the board is narrower than the two... maybe because of the mean concave. But it measures the same 10”.?The new concave with the gas pedals seems made to fit Dalua’s tuck with the front foot more aligned to the board, but the opened gas pedal in front seems to be able to hold a more transversal foot position as well. It’s just that assuming the owner’s position the foot is much more comfortable and less prone to cramps on long use. The construction is all new, from the crazy concave to the structure of the board, two 4mm bamboo plies sandwiched between two 2mm plies and the usual pre-tensioned fiberglass. I am not sure, but I don’t recall seeing the 4mm plies on Rayne’s DH boards recently. All vertical laminated bamboo of course, gives the board a light and stiff structure to support even heavy guys like me. The concave is not a challenging one to apply grip-tape on to and I must say the job was much easier than on my drop-through Nemesis.?With the Ronin trucks set in, the board sits in between a dropped and a top-mounted Nemesis, in a nice sweet-spot, that do not compromise the deck with the smaller wheels. The ride is nimble, but without compromising much of the safety and stability of the dropped Nemesis and with a more speedy feeling than the top-mount version. Even if not intended for the DH speed-freaks, this one is bound for the same greatness of the Nemesis when it comes to Freeride.?Coming from the two longer and lower boards I mentioned, I am anticipating the Amazon will take me to new levels (like when I moved from wedged decks to the non-wedged ones) That could require some dedication, but I feel the Amazon will make the effort a worthy one, he has a lot to bring to my ride.?Definitely recommended buy.?
that sh*t cray
I love this board, the concave is super intense but i love it. It was definitely worth the money and i would fo sho recommend it to anyone who likes breaking the sound barrier when they shred.
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