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Rayne Avenger  Longboard Skateboard Complete
Rayne Avenger  Longboard Skateboard Complete

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  • Rayne Avenger  Longboard Skateboard Complete
    Rayne Avenger  Longboard Skateboard Complete
  • Rayne Avenger  Longboard Skateboard Complete
    Rayne Avenger  Longboard Skateboard Complete
  • Length:37.00"
  • Width:10.00
  • Wheelbase:28.25-30.00
  • Construction:Bamboo/Fiberglass
  • Concave:Medium
  • Flex:Stiff
  • Cruising
  • Freeride
  • Downhill
  • Sliding

How It Shreds:


The Rayne Avenger Longboard is a downhiller’s dream board. It is a super strong, lightweight, and responsive top mount that has Rayne’s patented “Pleasure-Dome” W-Concave running through the middle of the deck. Along with the 3D integrated wheel wells it has Rayne’s Fat Bottom tapered core which reduces weight but retains the stiffness of Rayne's "Speed Stiff" boards. The Rayne Avenger is ideal for people who love speed and having the confidence and ability to grip corners with ease. It also doubles as a sweet freeride deck as well. You will even love it if you don’t like using W-Concave for freeriding because the “Pleasure-Dome” mellows out towards the back of the effective foot platform. We can't decide if we like it better for downhill or for freeriding, it is amazing across the board! All in all if speed is what you are after you will love the Rayne Avenger!


Recommended Components:

-Caliber 44 Degree Trucks

-Abec 11 78a Classic Formula 70mm Zig Zag Wheels

-Bones Reds Bearings

Lets face it, we don’t win every race. Our friends beat us down the hill here and there, sometimes more often than not. So the geniuses at Rayne Longboards created a board so powerful that it avenges your previous board’s defeat; of course we are talking about the Rayne Avenger. The Avenger does not like to see older boards sulking in corners due to their lack of performance. Rayne trained this creation well. The Avenger actually goes up to your old boards, cheers them up, and then avenges them in a Captain America-like fashion. When you are riding the Rayne Avenger you will no longer need to check out your friends rear ends as you mash down hills... with the Avenger your friends will be eating your dust!

When it comes to freeriding and downhill the Avenger can be setup to accommodate anyone’s riding style. The Avenger is created with Rayne’s Speed-Stiff construction because at high speeds you want a sturdy and reliable board. Toward the back of the standing platform is a wee bit of Rayne’s “Pleasure Dome” W-Concave. The Pleasure Dome is placed perfectly in our opinion. It is far enough back to be 100% effective while you are in a tuck, but stops early enough not to distract your back foot if you like to sprawl out over your deck when you slide. Beautiful CNC-cut wheel wells that accommodate 76mm wheels on loose-as-hell trucks and as a special bonus, you can pull your board back up the hill with the tail cutout!

We highly recommend this board for those of you who want to get a bit more serious about your riding. Speed is scary but it will ultimately be your best friend when you are trying to progress. The Rayne Avenger will allow you to take your riding to the next level with ease and comfort. Riders of all skill levels and disciplines can easily appreciate what the Avenger has to offer. Rayne is dedicated to bringing you the highest quality of boards out there and their efforts shine with the Rayne Avenger!

Rayne Avenger Longboard Skateboard Complete



Quick Overview

The W-concave in this downhill deck will keep you locked in at the highest speeds!
Current Set-Up
Caliber II Longboard Trucks - Raw 50 Degree 10" 184mm

Caliber II 50 Degree Trucks - Raw 184mm

Dano's Downhills Longboard Wheels 70mm 78a

Dano's Downhills 70mm 78a - Green

Daddies Board Shop ABEC 7 Skateboard Bearings


The board comes fully assembled and ready to ride at no extra charge. If you want to assemble the board yourself, we send you all the hardware you need.
Grip tape is applied to the top of the deck to provide the rider traction.
If the board is to be used for all-around riding or getting around town, spacers are NOT needed. Spacers sit between the bearings in the wheel and provide additional stability for more advanced riding.
Risers and shock pads, while not required to enjoy your ride, are a great way to give your board more wheel clearance and remove unwanted vibrations from the road.
Used to keep the bolts on your board nice and tight and/or to assemble the board.
Lubricant and cleaning kits are used to keep the bearings in the wheels turning quickly and smoothly; if this is your first board, these upgrades are not necessary. Make sure you love to ride first!
Is it possible to do ollies using the shorter wheelbase?
best part of the bomb
i got this about 4 weeks ago and i don't think i will ever get a better DH board. Not to mention this is a beast at freestyle too. Maneuvering slides with the help of the W-concave with the 3-D wheel wells right behind it to lock you in. Overall a great board for DH and sliding in mind just to make longboarding that much more fun. :D
Most awesome board i own
This board is one of the best boards i have ridden and the model they show here is the 2012 version and the W concave is in my opinion very good when holding your foot in for a high speed slide it also is a great for downhill (i ride 2012 rayne avenger on surf rodz RKP trucks and green bustin premiere whee;s
Great board, goes faster than a kid's weekends!!! :D
Great board, goes faster than a kid's weekends!!! :D
To: clayton
No, over and over it sais in the details it talks abot the w concave and pleasure dome. Never does it say anything about deep tub concave... Bruh
To: clayton
No, over and over it sais in the details it talks abot the w concave and pleasure dome. Never does it say anything about deep tub concave... Bruh
It is my mate!!!
I like Avenger most in the Topmount that I had tried:) Tried topmount Voodoodoll, Elise, THE FLAV prototype, Lacey,
Is this really the 09 avenger with w concave and shorter wheelbase and everything?? In the description it says it has deep tub concave, but shows W concave in the picture. It is also cheaper then other sites which makes it seem like it is an older version.--- Dan Loveland Writes - This is the latest version of the Avenger.
Great DH Board, Amazing Stability
Rayne and Daddies did a fantastic job with supplying the board for everyone. This board has a very beautiful graphic that stands out like no other. The 'W' concave in the middle of the board helps a lot. It will take a couple runs to get used to, especially on your first push. It locks your feets in when doing stand up slides and helps with your foot placement while in a tuck. The overall size of the board isn't bad. I am 5"8 and this board is perfect. The width really gives you control over the board; moreover, the length is perfect for any size riders. The cut-out on the bottom of the deck is useful. Some may think it looks useless, but trust me hauling it up hill will be an ease. The setup I've purchase was... Deck: Rayne Avenger Trucks: Randal R-II 42* baseplate (Black) Wheels: Orangatang Stimulas 86a (Yellow) Bearings: Bones Swiss Bushings: Venom SHR Eliminators 90a (Red) This board is amazing with this set up. It flys downhill and really give you the lock in feeling with the concave. The only problem I've experienced so far was minor wheel bite. A 42* baseplate is not recommended for this board. The wheel cut outs arent simply enough to keep the board from getting wheel bite. The 86a Stimulas's on this board are narrower than most wheels and still have gotten wheel bite. If you are thinking about this board, don't question it. It is an amazing board, it can commute easily. Can bomb easily. It can do anything. My recommended set up for downhill would be... Deck: Rayne Avenger Trucks: Randal R-II 50* baseplate or Munkaes Wheels: Orangatang 4Prez 80a (Orange) Bearings: Bones Swiss Bushings: Venom SHR Eliminators 90a (Red) This is quite an amazing board and surely anyone who has it enjoys it. Daddies is a great company, I give them all my respect and you should too. Order the Rayne Avenger if your in need of a top mount downhill board and with no doubt order from daddies today!
Rayne Avenger
The Avenger is a sick board, it is awesome for long standies and downhill racing. i have had this for about 3 months and dont think ill be getting a new board soon!!! overalll this board is sick and is perfect for the average skater!!!!! i recomend this board with Volante Checkers 82a 68mm and Caliner Trucks 50' 180mm Raw!
rayne avenger
the avenger is amazing, the w concave lock you in the predrifts and stand ups i recommend this board to the people who like agressive freeride and cornering.
Great Board
this board is an all around amazing board. i got it after my landyachtz switch broke. suuuuuch a great move. its way more nimble, and even with 57 degree trucks (bear grizzlies) its pretty stable at speed. important note though, i use 2 barrels on both trucks, 90a an 87a, so that plays a large part in the topmounts stability. I used to run 2 conical bushings on both trucks with the switch because of the drop and huge wheel wells, so the change was a little wierd, but you quickly get used to it. I wouldnt suggest using a double cone set up unless you have small wheels and a high baseplate angle (unless you WANT wheelbite XP).It is a lot harder to do stand-up slides compared to the switch, but after about a day of practice they come easily. you can't use huge wheels though without riser pads, so id suggest a 70mm wheel (im using the 83 otang stimulus, amazingggggg). as more technical slides go, such as colemans, this board is amazing. i can do stuff on it that i never dreamed of when using my switch. Im getting some 49 degree 190mm munkaes for christmas and some ceramic bearings, so ill leave another comment then about how this board handles some speed for riders not as talented as Kyle Chin lol. see ya then
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