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Rayne Killswitch Longboard Skateboard Complete - Top Mount
Rayne Killswitch Longboard Skateboard Complete - Top Mount

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  • Length:38.00
  • Width:10.00
  • Wheelbase:31.50
  • Construction:Bamboo/Fiberglass
  • Concave:Medium
  • Flex:Stiff
  • Cruising
  • Freeride
  • Downhill
  • Sliding

How It Shreds:

If world's best chef made you a meal you would eat it right? Well Kevin Reimer, the world's best downhill rider, has made you a board so why aren't you riding it?!?! Kevin Reimer has proven time and time again that his riding cannot be matched. The Killswitch was built by Rayne to suit Kevin's needs perfectly. But Kevin is smart, he knew that his board needed to match his style, but also remain open so that other riders could have it adapt to their own personal style. Kevin is a very talented freerider as well as a racer, that's why the Killswitch doesn't look like a standard downhill racing deck. It really looks more like a freeriding deck with some added qualities and attributes of a downhill deck. The reason for this is that having freeriding skills and abilities will really help you in the long run when doing downhill. Rayne was one of the first companies to start making slightly smaller decks for downhill riders who had advanced control and didn't need a longer and more stable deck and wheelbase. The riders wanted a shorter deck that offered higher response in it's maneuverability. The killswitch is 38 inches long, 10 inches wide, and has a 31inch long wheelbase. For how short the deck is the wheelbase remains a nice length that isn't too long and isn't too short! 10 inches wide can sometimes feel a bit big but the Rayne Killswitch is paired up with Rayne's "Deep Tub" concave which takes that 10 inches and makes it feel more like 9.5 inches. This is great for having precise and controlled turning while keeping your feet nice and locked it as it cups your heels and toes. The Rayne Killswitch is built with Rayne's 3/8th inch radial drop platform. This type of drop platform style creates a unique style of pocket for your heels and toes that cradles your feet. That circular bump also completely eliminates the need for a foot stop. The Killswitch also offer's Rayne's "Pleasure Dome" concave, which is their version of W-Concave. It works in many ways as a means of giving you more control over your board. When you are in a tuck your back foot has a smaller area that it can wedge itself into which lets you know where your feet are without having to look at them. With this smaller groove for your back foot you also gain more control because less pressure is needed when transferring energy to either one of your board's edges. Essentially your turning becomes quicker and more responsive. Also, pleasure dome concave fits your feet more ergonomically than a board without it. The bump that runs down the board is designed to stay consistent with their arch of your foot which gives you more support and more contact with your board at all times. An ancient Chinese longboarding philosopher once said, "To become one with your board is to become way cooler than everyone else." We support these ancient teachings and are stoked that the Rayne Killswitch was built with these teachings in mind. Like any other Rayne Board, the Killswitch is made high quality as a top priority. That is why Rayne sublimates their graphics into the deck. That is basically a fancy term for tattooing the graphic into the board itself and what that does for you is make your graphic nice and scratch resistant! Rayne also uses their Bee Orange wax finish on all their boards which naturally enhances the tones and colors of the wood and bamboo that they use. It is an eco-friendly all sustainable product that also doubles as a sealant to help protect your board from dreaded water seeping in and attacking your deck when you are out in the rain or mashing through a couple puddles! Oh and did we mention that the Rayne Killswitch comes in a drop-through version as well as a topmount version? Yeah, Rayne pulls out all the stops when making their boards and that's why they have the reputation of creating some of the highest quality longboards you can get!

Recommended Components:

- Caliber 50 Degree trucks

- Abec 11 70mm 80a Reflex Zig Zag Wheels

- Oust Moc 5 bearings

Rayne Killswitch Longboard Skateboard Complete - Top Mount



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Kevin Reimer's pro-model board and downhill weapon of choice!
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