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Sector 9 BHNC Slide Gloves - Stealth
Sector 9 BHNC Slide Gloves - Stealth

Sector 9 BHNC Slide Gloves - Stealth

Out of Stock

BHNC Slide Gloves feature:

Delrin Pucks for smooth slide and speed control.
Neoprene comfort knuckle panel and cuff.
Reflective print on top panels.
3mm Anti-vibration foam under palm puck velcro.
Sonic weld patch and strap detailing.
Extra strength twin needle at stress areas and palm velcro.
Extra durable Kevlar fabric at finger tips.
Terry thumb panel to wipe of perspiration.

they are the best slide gloves ever the only reason you guys ripped your finger tips is by being a idiot and dragging them on the ground the only thing I don't like this glove is the puck glue dries and it starts to dry and it peels off if that starts when you get it just peel it off and put gorilla glue on it and it will last along time
Fine With Proper Form
I have had these gloves for 7 months and worked through two pucks. I have one hole on my thumb that I did purposely so I can use the touch screen on my phone. Really, if you guys learned proper form and don't demon claw the concrete they will last. Kevlar is plenty durable and will last you a long time. Remember; palms down, fingers up. That's the way we like to puck.
Horrible Gloves
Do not buy these they rip on the fingers & wrist, me and two of my friends have all had this problem, they're a waste of money.
they rip
would like to say these gloves are good. they are not. the ripped near my writs and i dont even know how. the material is cheap. dont buy
Good for beginners
I just started longboarding 2 weeks ago and I got these gloves. They slide nice but the fingers do rip but so far my haven't ripped all the way. I would advise oh you to get some finger pucks
Pretty Good But.....
These gloves are good they slide like butter but they rip easy if you buy these just buy a set of loaded finger pucks and there sweet
They be the illest mayn
these gluvs be lik so good idk why all yall saying they ratchet but they not these gloves are so good i slid on em thru the hood all day they so real the ladies cant help but look at me. these gluvs will get u far in lyfe homie
El Duderino
dudes.... dont waste your money on these they rip so easy... the dude under me says that all gloves on the market will rip but thats BULL SHIT... buy loaded gloves to make your hands slide like hot butter on a stove
No pros but a con..
I have had these gloves for a while and along with it ripping so badly, your hands smell really bad after you take them off, they fit fine but they rip and smell. If you decide you buy gloves, don't get these..
I would think twice before getting these without the fingerpucks. I ended up making my own fingerpucks out of cutting board and velcro from walmart, now they work great! But the wrists do rip easily..
They're Pretty Good
I'd say these gloves are great for the first couple of weeks. After a while though, the puck's velcro doesn't stick to the glove all that well. Also, the fingers have several holes in them. I understand that that goes along with any glove that does not use finger and thumb pucks, but I'm disappointed by just how little dragging was required for the holes to start. One more downside is that the pucks get worn down incredibly fast and the difference in the thickness is noticable after only half a dozen slides or so. On the plus side though, you can but replacement pucks, unlike some brands, and they aren't all that expensive. Also, the gloves are very comfortable, and the tightening wrist strap is very helpful. That's something that your not going to get from your cheap pair of homemade gloves. That strap really help the glove stay on your hand during a slide. Unfortunately, the velcro on that also wears down pretty guickly too. My next pair of slide gloves isn't going to be these. If I'm looking for a pair of slide gloves, I wouldn't go for this pair. I reccomend springing for some leather gloves, such as the Lush slide gloves or Sector 9 Niner Surgeon gloves.
great w a modification
If u duct tape some sort of metal to the fingers, than you can drag your fingers. I tried it and there sick. sometimes the metal makes sparks SWEEEEEEEEEEET
great gloves!
Ive had these gloves for about half a year and they work fantastic!!!! plus its obvious that you don't put your fingers on the ground when your sliding with these gloves, seeing as they do not have finger pucks.
Sick Rad
Okay......These gloves are amazing!!! the pucks are super thick!!!!!! ive had then for about 2 months and the pucks have not wore down that much. I use them every day and there light, comfortable, and easy to carry your board. I cut off the thumb and fingers because you dont need them and it makes ur hand feel cooler and when you ride, the breeze crosses your fingers and it feels great. You have to get use to having nothing there to protect your fingers. Overall this a gr8 glove at a low price.BUY IT!!!!!!.......shread the gnar!!!!!
Terrible gloves, me and a friend have put no more than 10 minutes on them and the finger tips have ripped through. Says right on the packaging the fingertips are "Double stitched for strength and made of a durable Kevlar fabric." I'm sorry but this isn't Kevlar, if it can stop a bullet i'm sure it can take concrete. Don't waste your money
They're actually great
These are actually great-fitting, durable, comfortable, and well thought-out. DONT drag your fingers, people. But if you do, then get a glove that has finger pucks. The best thing about these gloves is the cushioning under the palm puck. Great.
All you h8ers shut up
These are some great gloves you idiots just drag your fingers...there is not glove out there where you can just slide your fingers across the ground and they won't stop hatin these are really good gloves you just have to actually be good :)
good gloves
These are the first slide gloves I have bought (I have used many others and made my own) and I was very pleased with their performance. All people need to do is learn to not drag their fingers and they are fine, but people don't learn, then they hate. They work well and you can keep them on for drinks, opening doors and what not. They are breathable, which is nice. I only gave these a 4/5 is because they do rip somewhat fast if you do happen to drag your fingers a bit, but it's not too bad and not anything duct-tape can't fix.
These gloves are comfy, very comfy and light weight. Sector 9 put "Kevlar Fingertips" to help prevent wear, they don't help. Just barely dragging your fingers on a new or harder slide to pull off. I've got holes in 3 fingers on both gloves and no kevlar on any of the finger tips. Pros: Light weight not sweaty rotatable pucks pucks wear nicely Can pick objects Cons: Finger tips rip and wear easily velcro strap is coming undone
Great and simple
These gloves are simple and nice i've had them for a year and now they are trashed but I can still use them. When you buy these gloves you have to remember they are raceing slide gloves which means there are no finger pucks soo don't drag your fingers or you will get holes. These have saved my hands about 5 times from some serious falls. They don't have to many parts they are one solid part so they are very durable. They are comfertable. I do recomend if you are new to sliding you put some tape around the fingers to extend the life of them. Will be buying another pair after my broken ankel heels. Also loaded race gloves arent actualy racing gloves its just a lable so they can slap another 20 dollars onto the price. Race gloves mean they don't have finger pucks so you can grab your board better when you do predifts
these gloves get the job done.they do get your hands pretty sweaty in the summer months.i put some duct tape over the fingers because they were getting holes.overall good gloves.
They suck..
These gloves ripped the first time I used them and they get caught on the ground a lot. But Landyachtz gloves instead, they're the same but better..
Slides great!
Today is my 14th birthday and I just got these gloves this morning! They're just awesome! They slide great and they're very comfortable! Awesome beginners gloves
Ripped Extreemly Fast
Use these for about 20 minutes and one of them ripped by the wrist. Buy LY slide gloves they are much better.
When I First got these they looked good, and slide very but after the first hour or so of sliding two fingers had all but fallen off ended up duct tapping them and the rest of the fingers to prevent any more damage. The pucks slide very smoothly but wear away very fast. The stitching is terrible I've stitched these back together in multiple places on both gloves. The gloves are very hot which is good as the weather gets colder but in the middle of a hot summer day your gonna wish you weren't wearing these. I would recommend these to someone who is thinking about starting sliding but not for sure if you want to invest into it, but if you've been sliding for a while check out loaded freeride gloves much better quality.
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