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Sector 9 Butterball Longboard Wheels 65mm 80a
Sector 9 Butterball Longboard Wheels 65mm 80a

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  • Sector 9 Butterball Longboard Wheels 65mm 80a
    Sector 9 Butterball Longboard Wheels 65mm 80a
  • Sector 9 Butterball Longboard Wheels 65mm 80a
    Sector 9 Butterball Longboard Wheels 65mm 80a
  • Size 65mm
  • Edge Rounded
  • Hub Center Set
  • Cruising
  • Freeride
  • Downhill
  • Push
  • Sliding

Sector 9 Butterball Longboard Wheels 65mm 80a - SET OF FOUR



Quick Overview

Buttery center-set wheels made with Sector 9's Slide Urethane. Slide prepped and ready for shredding!
If the board is to be used for all-around riding or getting around town, spacers are NOT needed. Spacers sit between the bearings in the wheel and provide additional stability for more advanced riding.
Used to keep the bolts on your board nice and tight and/or to assemble the board.
Lubricant and cleaning kits are used to keep the bearings in the wheels turning quickly and smoothly; if this is your first board, these upgrades are not necessary. Make sure you love to ride first!
Nothing's goes with a new set of wheels better than a fresh set of bearings. If you're not sure what bearings do, they're what makes the wheels (and the entire board) move. They fit tightly and stay inside the wheel hubs using pressure. All skateboard bearings are sold in sets of 8 (2 per wheel).

How They Shred:


The 65mm Sector 9 Butterballs are an awesome smaller wheel for cruiser setups or easier sliding. They have a smaller contact patch than the larger 70mm versions but still have all the ooey, gooey, buttery goodness! They have a pre-ground surface and rounded edges that let you bust into slides on the drop of a dime. The butter based urethane (it’s not really butter based) leaves fatty thane lines behind as well so when you are doing bigger slides than your friends it will be clear who the real boss is! We really like to shred these wheels a bit and then throw them on our street boards and cruiser boards. Once they are really broken in and worn down a bit they slide amazing on smaller decks! 

These wheels slide smooth and consistently, like butter. But they flat spotted when ridden at higher speeds. Also the core is white, not yellow like in the picture. But great for the price
Beware the Wear
Love these wheels. Glide like butta. If you lookin for a week of fun buy these otherwise these things will core so fast. Still a pretty fun wheel while it lasted though.
not good
these wheels suck for cruising, and they aren't even that buttery, i have many other wheels that slide better and leave better thane, go with pink polka dots instead
Should I...
Should I put these on a street deck?
Great wheels
I got these wheels around April and they have barely even worn down. And I do a good bit of sliding and downhill. I got the 65mm because 1 they were cheaper and 2 more wheel clearance. But honestly either sizes are pretty cheap it's just that the 65mm are cheaper. These wheels are really buttery and slide very well. They make learning new slides or speed checks really easy. I would recommend these wheels to any rider wanting to learn to slide or practice free riding.
Not too shabby
For the price, I really dig em. I was looking for a 65mm wheel and these were affordable so I got em. As long as you flip them and don't hold 90, they're really solid for sliding! They wear pretty quick BUT cheap enough to replace. TRY EM!
The best
Great wheel if your looking to hold out long slides! the only problem is they were down quick. But over all buttery slide and not chattery at all
The best
Great wheel if your looking to hold out long slides! the only problem is they were down quick. But over all buttery slide and not chattery at all
Best wheel ever
I went from freerides to these and these thane a ton have an amazing consistent slide however once they get to about 55mm they flatspot REALLY REALLY easy so be careful how ever they wear incredibly fast wear and do cone quickly but you just flip them your fine these have a great consistent slide all the way to the core worth money get them
the best glide ever
Butterballs are the bomb the are the best wheels for sliding and holding out long slides. you pretty much break them in on the first slide. the are so buttery, they are a work of art
Freerides or should i get butterballs
hmmmmmm not sure what one to get tell me what i should get
Pure butter
Priced under 40 bucks they are an amazing deal. the do slide like butter can go fast.
total swag
butterballs are the swggyest wheel ever i have done many steezy slides with them they are great wheels!!!
These wheels are amazing they constantly have predictable slides and slide with no effort and leve thick thane
My favorite wheel for sliding.
I've ordered these wheels a few times both the 65 and 70 mm. As you can imagine, or read other reviews... they shred. For those people whining about flatspots and conning... Get a skate tool and rotate/flip your wheels. Also, don't be an idiot and hold your slides out at 90 degrees. Don't be swayed by the haters... try this wheel!
Slides like a dream right out of the box, I use to think orangatang was the best wheel out there until i rode these. And don't worry if it isn't leaving thane right away for you don't worry, it took me a two session to start getting them to leave thick thane. It is worth the money I promise, even if you core it in a week, you'll want another pair I promise
Anyone who gives these wheels below a 4 isn't using them right. They aren't for bombing hills, they're for sliding and they're Fantastic at it. They slide smoothly and breaking into a slide is much easier than on other wheels I've owned. They do wear down pretty quickly, but they aren't expensive wheels.
I love these wheels they rock
I LOVE these wheels. they slide like a dream. I have 10 mm left and they still rock.
MY experience wasnt that great
butterballs seemed to hard to cruise and tho the sliding was good it was hard to get around and bomb hills. it seemed like a rough ride
these wheels are amzing leave huge thane but i have ordered three sets and the cores are never yellow its always white

worth the money, worth buying, worth everything.
check em out.
AWSOME!!! great wheels!
i really wanted to get into sliding, did a lot of research... then found the butterballs! they are already slighty broken in, and right out of the box i was able to slide with them. after maybe the first 4 or 5 mm's were gone they literally slide like butter! bad thing is they cone easily. haven't got any flat spots though.
These wheels are truly the formula for sliding. After only a few slides i was leaving thick thane and it was really easy to slide! Really nice wheels!
soooo great!
these are the smoothest wheel ever! they have not chattered once and each slide leaves lots of thane! at high speeds they wear fast but freeriding at 30mph and lower they last a good amount of time. be sure to give them a shot and they are so cheap!
Good slide, but not worth your money
These wheels slide really smooth and leave fat thane lines! But they lasted me only 4 sessions. And the roll speed is not very good either. If you have the money to buy wheels each week, get em'. But if you don't, please, don't get these wheels.
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