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Did you ever buy a Skateboard from a sporting goods store like, Walmart, K-Mart or even Toy R Us? Let me guess you found yourself discouraged from the get go because you had a very hard time riding down the street on the board. This is because boards sold at stores like that have terrible, un-lubed, non-precision, often times even plastic bearings in them. The bearings are what make the wheels spin! Here at Daddies we carry a variety of high quality skateboard bearings from companies like Bones, most famous for Bones Reds, or Bones Swiss. Black Panther bearings are famous for being one of the only things to survive after the downfall of Shorty’s and Element bearings. The abec rating on a bearing goes from 3 to 9 and essentially determines how fast out of the gate the bearing will spin and how long it should potentially last. Abec 3 bearings will be super-fast right out of the box but will break down faster over time. Never fear that’s why they are some of the cheapest bearings out there and more appropriate if you are on a budget or find yourself occasionally riding in the rain or dirty / sandy areas. Abec 5 bearings are going to be one step up from abec 3’s in price and quality. You will find they spin a little bit slower than abec 3 out of the box but will break in overtime and last you a decent amount of skating. Abec 7’s in the skateboard world are some prime real estate. A little slower out of the box than the younger brothers and sisters, but they will open up over time and potentially last you the longest out of all three. But they come with a price and always must remember you typically pay for what you get and will find yourself replacing them less often assuming you don’t leave your board outside for months on end or ride in the rain. What actually makes up a skateboard bearing? You will find that most people ride a steel ball bearing in street skating. These bearings have small perfectly round balls sitting inside of a cage that is held in place by an outer ring. When it comes to choosing bearings, just ask yourself how often you want to replacing them, whether you want to take the time to clean them every month or so, or (one of the most important aspects) how much do you really want to spend? All of the bearings we provide here at Daddies are going to be of high quality and will spin great encouraging you from the get go. If all you are going to be doing is cruising down the street with some soft wheels you may want to invest in some serious bearings so that you are taking less pushes and get to where you are going. If you are going to be constantly doing flip tricks, grinding, and jumping down stairs, you may want to purchase some cheaper bearings in the event you land with so much force you blow them out. If you can’t decide, put all the names of the bearings on separate scraps of paper, put them in a hat, have the transient that lives at the train station down the street pull a piece out of a hat and go with that one. You won’t be upset with any of the finer skateboard accessories we sell here at Daddies.

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