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Frosty fingers will make a good day go bad really fast. It's a good thing gloves have come a long way in technology and comfort. Gloves and mittens come in a variety of styles, materials, and thicknesses (weight). When choosing a glove, it’s important to determine the conditions you will be riding in. Some gloves will be great for cold days but too hot for warm days, and you definitely don’t want it the other way around.

Similar to outerwear, gloves and mittens are made of waterproof and breathable synthetic materials. Inside you will find insulation for warmth and in some cases, they will include removable liners. Gloves and Mitts are often reinforced on the fingers, knuckles, and palms to increase the durability of the glove. On more luxurious gloves you will find accessories like, wipers for your goggles, touch-screen compatibility, and some may even contain built-in hand warmers.

There are 4 basic styles, mittens, gloves, lobster, and 3-in-1. When wearing a mitten, all of your fingers are in one compartment. Since your fingers are close together they stay warmer, but you lose dexterity when trying to hold things. Gloves have much more dexterity than mittens but the tradeoff is that your fingers are all alone in separate compartments making it harder to regulate heat. Lobster shaped gloves are a hybrid between a glove and a mitt. It has three compartments: one for your thumb, one for your index finger, and one for the rest of your fingers. By freeing up the index finger you get increased dexterity.

The insulation in your glove will determine how warm you stay. While most are synthetic, some are filled with down. For example, pipe gloves have lighter insulation and are great for protecting your hands during spring riding and warmer conditions. Heavier insulation is better for colder temps. Gloves and mitts that include liners will allow you to take your hand out of the glove without exposing your skin.

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