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Why are goggles so necessary on the mountain when you already have a sweet pair of sunglasses? There is couple of things that you might not be thinkin’ of. In addition to UV light being more intense at high altitudes (due to the thinner air and the sun’s reflection on the snow), you also have to deal with wind, snow, and ice blasting you in the face, which sunglasses just won’t protect you from. If you like taking tree runs, goggles are a must to save you from taking your eyes out with that unexpected branch. Plus goggles keep your face nice and warm, unlike those stylin’ sunglasses.

The biggest difference between goggles is found in the lens. Almost all goggles come with double lenses to align with vents and an anti-fog coating to help keep condensation from accumulating. Lens shapes affect how the world looks to the user. Spherical lenses have become widely popular because they offer a more accurate and wider field of vision compared to their flat counterparts. Frameless goggles, which further widen peripheral visibility, have also become more common.

Selecting your lens tint will be important for providing yourself with the best vision according to the light conditions. Nearly all goggles come with interchangeable lenses, so it’s not a bad idea to have more than one type of lens for your goggles. Goggle lenses come in various tints and each is given a VLT percentage (variable light transmission). The lower the VLT percentage, the less light the lens allows though. So if you ride in in grey, cloudy conditions a lot, you probably shouldn’t get the dark smoke lens with 6% VLT no matter how much you like the way it looks. Amber lenses are the most common because of their versatility and usually have a VLT of about 60%. Personal preference plays a big role in lens selection as well. Everyone’s eyes are different and may be more comfortable looking through different lens tints. You will also see some lenses that come with a mirrored coating. These help cut down glare by reflecting more light away and allowing less light through as a result. You can find mirrored lenses in a number of different tints. Polarized goggle lenses are much rarer than with sunglasses, but they do exist. Polarization helps cut glare on snow and water.

If you ride with a helmet, you want to make sure that your goggles fit well with it on. The goggle you like the looks of the best may not be the best fit with your helmet so make sure to try out a bunch of goggles before you buy. Checkout some of our top brands like Oakley Snowboard Goggles, Anon Snowboard Goggles and Electric Snowboard Goggles.

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