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If you have ever ridden a snowboard, you’ve probably noticed that they don’t function well outside of riding downhill. The only way to travel horizontally is by unstrapping your back foot and awkwardly pushing around as if you had an oversized skateboard glued to you. If you’re really cool, you might have a skier friend that will let you hold onto their pole and drag you over to the lift. But even then, most resorts require you to remove one foot from your binding in order to ride the chairlift. While getting on the chairlift might not be that challenging, getting off the lift may present some of the gnarliest terrain on the mountain. This is most often due to slacker lift attendants that would rather be snowboarding than working. Regardless, you gotta figure out how to get down it with only one foot strapped in. Adding to this challenge, most snowboard top sheets are incredibly slick - especially when wet or covered in snow. Great news, there is a simple solution: The Stomp Pad.

Stomp pads are adhesive pieces of plastic, metal, or EVA foam that are placed in front of your rear binding for traction while riding with your back foot unstrapped. When moving, placing your foot on the stomp pad will keep you from slipping off your board and getting tangled up in an embarrassing mess of gear. Most often, you will use your stomp pad when getting on and off the chairlift, but for those of you that think you have mastered all your moves in the park, there are a ton of one footed freestyle tricks that utilize the stomp pad.

Stomp Pads are not only a functional addition to your snowboard, but they can also be a lot of fun. Many brands like Volcom, Dakine, and Crab Grab, specialize in stomp pads, and offer a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. You can find anything from punk rock studs, artsy fartsy designs, swords, and even crab claws.

A stomp pad is not a requirement but it is definitely helpful. Outside of grip, stomp pads can be used to help kick snow off the bottom of your boots. Just make sure that you properly stick it or you'll kick the thing right off the side of the mountain.

Applying your stomp pad is easy. It’s basically a 3D sticker. Make sure your board is dry, clean of dirt and dust, then pull off the adhesive and place it wherever is most functional for you. Push down as hard as you can to ensure that it’s attached and then let it dry for a couple hours. Once it’s dry, you’ll be ready to ride and you’ll no longer have to worry about tumbling through the lift line.

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