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When you’re out riding the slopes, you never know what type of situation you might get yourself into. Halfway down the mountain your binding hardware might wiggle loose and you’ll have to figure out how to ride down another mile with a wobbly foot. Maybe you hiked out into the backcountry and realized that one of your binding straps is holding on by a thread and now you gotta hike miles back to civilization to fix it. On your way back, you encounter a bear and have nothing to fight it with. These minor mishaps can be easily fixed by carrying a tool in your pocket.

There are variety of clever tools available that are designed by brands like Burton, Dakine, Leatherman, and Bakoda. Most of these tools are multi-functioning utility tools and will likely include the most important feature, the Philips head screwdriver. Since most bindings are attached with screws, this little tool can make or break your day on the mountain. In addition to the Philips head, a snow tool may include other useful tools like a knife for fighting off bears or cutting some salami while taking a snack break, a bottle opener for celebrating a sick day, and even a whistle in case of an emergency. It’s recommended that you always carry a tool on the mountain so you can perform on the fly repairs. Plus, you may save the day for someone else in your crew that forgot to bring their own.

Locks are another useful tool for people that spend a lot of time at the resort. It only takes seconds for somebody to nonchalantly pick up your $700 dollar set up and walk away. How ruthless right, you were just taking a quick pee break in the lodge and BAM… the day is ruined. Most resorts will have racks set up for you to rest your board on. These racks are similar to bike racks and if you purchase a snowboard lock, you can secure your board to the racks so that some fool doesn’t walk away with it.

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