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Unit Tool Skateboard Key
Unit Tool Skateboard Key

Unit Tool Skateboard Key

The Skateboard Unit Tool is a multi-functional skateboard tool that allows you to adjust axle nuts, mounting hardware, and the kingpin nut on the top of the truck. It includes 3 sizes of sockets and a slide-out Phillips and Allen head screwdriver.

Works with all trucks except Grind King

Plastic Handle For Easy Grip

Fits in your Pocket

Perfect gift for any skater or longboarder!
Plastic piece of a$$
I've broken three of these in half. It's hilarious how fragile UNIT tools are.
Plastic piece of a$$
I've broken three of these in half. It's hilarious how fragile UNIT tools are.
MMM. you can do better....
Don't get me wrong, this tool has everything you need to maintain your board. My main qualm with this tool is that the allen wrench will not stay in its nook. It's as if the person who designed it never tried to see if the allen wrench would even fit into the slot provided for it. The result is that you have to keep up with two tools: the socket wrenches and the allen wrench. I also think that the "Y" designed multi-tools are better because this one sometimes gets hung up on the trucks when you try to tighten them down to the board. Unfortunately, I don't have another one that I can say is better, but honestly, I would look elsewhere.
Skate Tool
I bought this tool at a different shop and it came with a small band around the hex key/Philips that made it stick inside the casing. This tool has done everything I needed it to do more effiecently than digging around in my dad's tool chest.
Great Tool
I got this tool as a gift and i was so happy when i got it. it is so handy to have around because it suits all my longboarding needs. small enough to put in my pocket, and has everything i need on it. love this tool.
pretty good
It's a handy tool to have around.
Great tool.
This is a great tool. Lightweight, small, strong, and very handy. I've heard a bit about some tools similar to this one (not this brand though) breaking at the part where all 3 parts of it connect. I dont know if this tool has metal running inside of it, or if its just sockets molded into the plastic. (do you know dan?) If its just plastic, i'd be careful with it because it might break due to the pressure cause on it by tightening kingpins. other than that, this is a great tool, it has good leverage for its size, and its very light. The pop out screwdriver and allen is cool too. Dan Loveland Writes - I believe these are plastic that is injected into the metal sockets. I have seen them break under extreme pressure such as when a nut is cross threaded and it will not come off. Other than that the tool holds up great for all around use. We use them every day to assemble longboards and street decks and I have used the same tool for years.
Almost useless
This tool is great except there's no hole in each of the sockets for whatever you're tightening to go into, for example when tightening the kingpin on my Paris 180s, the kingpin hits the back of the socket and allows about a half centimeter contact between the wrench and the nut I'm trying to tighten. Basically, at a certain point, you can no longer tighten things because you run out of room. I'm sure you could drill a hole in the middle to allow kingpins and the like some room but it just seems like a stupid design to me.
great standby tool
this tool is nothing special in design or features, but as far as something simple to have around, it does the job well--- I've used mine for 3+ years without incident, only that the phillips/hex key falls out if you let it tumble around in your bag. throw a rubber band around it and keep skating. for the price, it's worth it to always have one of these on you.
Good tool until it snapped
This tool treated me well until a few minutes ago. Something is stuck in my trucks and i'll be damned if the tool didnt just snap in my hand, taking some skin off my pinkie finger in the process. Time to get an all metal tool (or some new trucks)
Good (Ben)
Well, it works, but not with oversized board hardware, and getting good torque can be hard, but it is great for the money, and will not break easily. If you are looking for an end all be all get the reflex. Although the pop out screwdriver can help pop bearings if you use the rubber oring as a contact point and minimizes bearing damage in this sense.
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