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Venom SHR Downhill Bushings
Venom SHR Downhill Bushings

Venom SHR Downhill Bushings


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  • Choose Your Bushing Durometer
  • Order Qty 2 To Replace Bushing For A Set of Trucks
    For people wondering what durometer

    90- 110 lbs - 80a + 83a

    110- 130lbs - 83a+ 86a

    130-150 lbs - 86a + 88a or 90a

    150- 165lbs - 88a + 92a

    165- 190 lbs - 90a + 92a

    190lbs+ - 92a+ 94a
    Get these
    These are amazing super carvy and super stable. Im about 135 pounds and im using 86a roadside 90 a boardside and thats perfect for me
    I need to replace my standard Randal R-11 bushings. Are these bushings a good choice and if it is, wat duro meter ?
    True to the name rebound.
    I am a bigger dude, around 220 lbs. I ride a long cruiser that I also take down light grade streets. I don't slide this board, at least not on purpose. I didn't like the mild speed wobble I got from the stock bushings in the Bear trucks that I'm running. So I got these and I'm running the 94a boardside coupled with the 88a streetside. They're great and are doing what they're supposed to do, but I went too heavy, they're overkill for turning but wobbles are all but eliminated. I just guessed on them because of my weight, but I'll be ordering some 91a/86a soon, and then I'll have the full spectrum to play around with to find out exactly what I want out of the trucks for my weight. I like to be able to have deep leaning S-carves with no DH wobbles and good rebound. I will say this, bushings make one helluva difference, and if you are having questions about your riding abilities or speed wobbles, bushings will probably solve the issue. I guarantee once I get it dialed it's going to make a world of difference. Also if you crank down on them they get even less forgiving, not what I want but some folks like that stiffness. They definitely solve wobble and rebound is super responsive.
    It's what you'd expect from venom
    Great bushings, nice rebound and solid stability in higher duros. I run 91a board side and the stock blood oranges road side on my 44cals and it feels GREAT. Adds noticeable stability but still gives you really nice lean. For speeds pushing 50mph-60mph snag some 94a board side and 91a road side on 44cals and you won't have to worry about wobbles unless your passing cars on the highway haha. Bottom line if you run caliber trucks and need more stability snag some of these bushings today! Great price, great product. Seriously buy these!!
    I'm 190lbs and have gotten speed wobbles all my life (and bad) I had the Switch drop deck and 10" 50 degree trucks and the board was supposed to be one of the best downhill setups... yet I still got speed wobbles a little bit. I threw 88a roadside and 91a boardside double barrles on my board (in hopes to have maximum stability with great turning) and DANG! They work great! I have hit good sized road repair bumps at 30mph and the board will take a little wobble (my fault) for a sec but it immediately re-centers and without even adjusting the trucks I can take to cruising around sidewalks and have excellent turning capability.
    Awesome feel!
    I've got these in 86a boardside and standard 83a venom barrels roadside in my 50 cals. FEELS AMAZING. I use it for freeride and the rebound is ridiculously noticeable compared to other "SHR" bushings. Super smooth lean, no squeaking, just a really smooth turn. Venom barrels come slightly rounded on one side and flat on the other; make sure you have the rounded side against the hanger. Get these now!
    Buy these Bushings!
    I ride with 90a venom barrels boardside and 86a venom barrels SHR roadside. Before, my complete came stock with the 90a venom barrels board and roadside. The 90a's were a bit to hard of a duro for my weight so i took a step down and changed out my roadside 90a's with the SHR 86a's, and truthfully all I can say is WOW. The carve and rebound potential of these bushings is amazing. It's like there's a trampoline in your trucks. If you are wanting to change your roadside bushing, or just experimenting with different types of bushings, this is the way to go.

    I got these 88a roadside and 91a eliminators on my white sabres and it is the most stable setup I've ever ridden. no speed wobbles ever. if you are looking to do free riding then i would be getting some other bushings. these are still amazing for fast speed sliding.
    Great bushings.
    i picked up the pastel yellow 83a bushings. i put them on my bear trucks with a landyachtz drop hammer deck. The rebound is amazing. You can carve so hard yet high speeds are easily attainable without getting speed wobbles. But as a lot of people say, its all about the rider.
    Awesomly amazing
    I ride a landyachtz evo with 91a boardside and 88a roadside I never get speed wobbles even when im going 45mph
    insane rebound
    ignore the "downhill" part of the title, the 80a bushings i picked up were used for my tracker rtx up front for pumping and they feel much softer than my khiro 74a's but the rebound is much, much better and transitions between carves are much smoother. i can pump like no other with these.
    very fun bushings
    I'm running 88a road-side and 86a board-side in a set of indy style trucks on a junky little board I use to shred up neighborhoods. These bushings add so much snap and life to a simple used-to-be-useless board, it's amazing. They are highly recommendable, especially for hard carving/ pumping.
    Theese are great bushings! I have 87a boardside and 86a roadside in Paris 180 on Randal 42* baseplate, perfect combo for me for freeride and DH, just loosen them up nicely and you can freeride the shit out of everything. Tighten a bit and it'll be nice and stable! :D Love the rebound in Venoms!
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