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Volante Liam Morgan Pro Longboard Wheels 70mm
Volante Liam Morgan Pro Longboard Wheels 70mm

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  • Size 70mm
  • Edge Square
  • Hub Off Set
  • Cruising
  • Freeride
  • Downhill
  • Push
  • Sliding

Volante Liam Morgan Pro Longboard Wheels 70mm - SET OF FOUR


$35.95 $47.95

Out of Stock

Quick Overview

Volante Liam Morgan Pro Longboard Wheels 70mm

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The Liam Morgan Pro Model Wheel from Volante!

How They Shred:

The Volante Morgan Wheels are a work of art. Urethane this good should be illegal! The Morgan Wheels are the pro-model wheel for master of all that is steezy and greasy, Liam Morgan. Liam designed a wheel that could last through all his 150ft + slides. With that in mind you should have peace of mind knowing that this wheel is going to treat you swell! The Volante Morgan Wheel features a 1mm offset, why you ask? Because Liam Morgan is a freeride genius and he knows what works well. Mainly it allows the wheels to perform like a center-set wheel, however, it retains certain properties of an off-set wheel.  Some would say they have the perfect amount of grip versus slip… and we might say they are right!

We set these up on a fresh set of Caliber Precision trucks and a Comet Grease Shark, just to get the Liam Steez flowing, plus we love that setup anyways. It is amazing and these wheels are literally mind-blowing. The big, dense core gives them a super fast roll speed and it also reduces a lot of vibrations from the road. The Volante Morgan wheels had a consistent slide throughout the duration of the slide and they gripped up very intuitively. The Volante Urethane is also very unique in the way that it performs. It slides like a harder wheel but remains very controllable and predictable. Needless to say, the Morgan wheels are fantastic and are sure to tear up hills worldwide!

  • Diameter: 70mm
  • Durometer: 80a and 82a
  • Offset: 1mm
  • Contact Patch: 46mm
good all round wheel
This wheel creates an awesome ride particularly if you're just cruising around but are also pretty good for down hill riding.
Get the 82a!
I weigh ~160 pounds and i started with the 80as and they slide well but it takes a little more effort to initiate the slide and also they slowed me down much more. However if youre more than 160 and in the 200+ range i would go with the 80as. I got the 82as a couple weeks ago and the switch is exactly what i expected and i love these even more. Thane wears kinda quick if youre throwing giant slides, but for the price, theyre hard to beat. Butterballs are nice too.
nasty wheels
absolutely insane buy a set before you finish reading this
does any one else have the absolute NO THANE problem
pretty sick
These were from my volante days but they are pretty sick because I designed them. but also check out my blood orange ones.
These wheels are buttery, once the break traction, they are super thaney but wear quick. Their square lip provides a little too much traction but is great at high speeds
These are not the best sliding wheels but there make massive thane don't get these If your a beginner
not a freeride wheel
No duran más de 3 sesiones pero son muy muy divertidas, una gran opción y dejan muchísimo uretano sobretodo si vas rápido / One of the best wheels out there. They don´t last more than 3 sessions, but you´ll enjoy them for sure! They dump huge thane lines! Sorry for my weird English
Just got these wheels The other Day And i just took them out for their first Ride with a set of my new zealous's in them and They Roll Great !! Grippy when you want them to be but damn can you hammer down into a slide with out a problem ! I Love the 80a Version of these get t them
amazing wheels
These wheels are awesome. Ive had them for about 2 months and I thought they would never thane but today they started leaving awesome thane. Ive been doing 10-20 ft standies and they've only worn about 7 mm but thats probably because i only weigh 100. they slide super smooth once you wear them in. for me they really started to get amazing only after i wore down like 4 mm. get these wheels.
havent tried liams new blood orange wheels but these are by far my favorite freeride wheels. im on my 4th set, and have one more to go. so controllable so smooth. really easy to push your limits and get faster slides. keep those slides tight tho, these will flatspot like a mother f**ka
Fo da win
Starting out in downhill? Get these.
Starting out in slides? Get these.
Doing a little of both? Definitely get these.
The 3 out of 4 slide rating on these is wrong, it's more like 6.
Not sure if you should race these but definitely give it a try.
Yeah, Liam Morgan? He sort of knows what he's doing.
the best
I have them in 82a in they are the absolute best wheels. ive had these and orangatangs and volante checkers and none of them have compared to the morgans. shred hard. fuck bitches. get money.
these wheels leave big long white thane lines the reason i only gave these a 4 not a 5 is because of how fast they where i found my self rotating my wheels every 10 runs because they would start to oval or cone if you can deal with the rotating and flipping these wheels beat any other wheel out there because of there price get them whale you can before they go off sale worth every penny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rad wheels!
thane so they don't last too long but have a longer life than some other wheels
oval and flatspot if you go 90* on them
High quality butterball and feel great when sliding
Recommend getting them especially for $36
Love em
I have Abec 11 Freeride Centerset 81a wheels.

These babies in 80a are way smoother when holding out long slides.

Forgot to add something. These wheels grip when you need and SHIT THANE. PS: 82a is the way to go
These are great wheels for sliding and are so BUTTERY. Easy to break out into a slide and never ice out. They wear fast so beware of that. I've worn mine down 10 mm in 2 weeks and i can only do 30 ft standups
Pretty cool
Dees weels r so dam cool dat I cnt evn spll ryt day slyd lyk so nyc bi dem
Broken in ready to slide
These Volante Morgans I find it more easy to slide with.Great wheels i think you should get this but didnt get stickers but its all great
These wheels are like high speed butterballs. Amazingly smooth slide and the faster you go the better the slide is. I have the 82a version and mine thane on every slide. No flatspots or ovaling yet. These are by far my favorite wheels I've riden
Best wheel ever
It's super stable,
Super big toesides too,
Massive standies these anable,
Switch toesides u can do.

That little poem is why,
These wheels make me happily cry.

i dont have a rating duro
what duro should i get
Amazing wheels
These wheels are perfect for everything, the slide is amazing, and they are also pretty grippy when you want them to be. Get these wheels, you won't be disappointed.
"Great Great Great Wheels"
Buy them now! You will fly down hills, slide longer than you ever have and leave your thane art work, behind you. I have some Cloud Ride Ozone's (great wheels) and they slide the same but the Liam Morgan's fly better down hills and are better cruiser wheel. Best all around wheel out there!
Good but there is better.........
After riding these for a week i can conclude that you gotta wear em down a few mm before they get good but when you do they do have a fairly sugary/ buttery slide that does ice out on occasion but not to often. They have a decent wear pattern so far no ovaling or anything like that but they are wearing faster than I expected. I would recommend these wheels but their not my favorite fast free ride wheels i personally like 66mm 727 these or 77a 70mm envys better.

P.S Im riding the 82a ones
Right in the middle . . .
Really love the control you get from these for fast freeride. Smeary and smooth, never icy. Not so sure about wear, but they don't seem any worse than other creamy thane for wear. Awesome wheel and I'll by again!
Muy Bueno
I have ridden these wheels for about 2 hours and I am extremely happy about the purchase. They are super quiet, no road vibration, and look super steezy. I would highly recommend these wheels.
I got these wheels this morning and they come pre- broken in and they slide uber long I learned standies a couple days ago and could only hold them out for like five feet and I just did a ten foot standie
uber butter
This wheel is so sexy smooth! It slides like butter right away. And I just started sliding with my new switchblade 38 so I wanted a wheel that could handle speed but also slide predictably and amotth and I definitely got that. It holds a line so tight and breaks out when u want it to. They kinda need to go a little faster to get that butter slide but that's what makes it so fun! Get these wheels. There perfect!!!
Sweet ass wheels
I love these wheels they have the smoothest slide and thane heaps! And who doesn't want that would recommend to any one
9.8/10 would bang.
aesthetics-10/10: graphics are pure sex and the color scheme is like damn
wear-8/10: These wheels wear kinda fast considering the price
slide:10/10: if you use this for going fast and big, the slides are incredibly buttery and controllable. they never ice out. they have a nice hookup and grip enough for some dh
overall 9.8/10 everything is fantastic about this wheel except for the wear which isn't that big of a problem and will be fixed in the 82a version if you're into that.
pretty good
similar to a butterball, but slightly more grippy. I've been riding them a couple of days and they hold up very well. they stoped leaving thane after the first day for some reason but other than that they are good.
The best wheels ever never had better get these wheels you won't regret it
Stezz Gnar Ice
Stezz = 8

Gnar = 11

Ice = 4.7456297359734901264389110386339249856294639
Practice not sliding 90 before getting
They leave thane for all the yippie kids to hype and choke at. Very consistent slide, great for fast freeride, and even a bit of downhill! Only downfall is the wheels will flatspot if you do a slide incorrect, but you'll most likely feel it right after it happens and just throw a few pendys and they'll be back to good! Hope this helps! Peace and stay stoked!!
Best Wheels Ever
i had been riding with these wheels for 2 years and they are still showing great performance, Awesome!
These have to be the best wheels i have rode so far. Sliding on them was so easy, I couldn't tell if it left any 'thane though. Perfect duro, perfect diameter, perfect contact. Great fro downhill and freeride, and heck even cruising for that matter. They're so smooth, recommend them to everyone
When are hey next in stock ???
mine kinda sucked going slower than like 15 but once you get past that they are good! they flatspot super fast though so slide at an angle!
The wheels are fine, what I find interesting is the fact you say Liam designed them blah blah blah when they're poured from a stock mold at Labeda with the exact same thane and specs as Cloud Rides and Phat Deanz
great wheels for medium to fast freeride. mine seem to not want to slide until i warm them up. i just throw a few pendys first then its smooth controllable standies fer dayzz
Get 'em while their hot
these are absolutely PERFECT!!!! they break into big stand ups super easy and they have a nice smooth slide, and a great hookup... oh yeah and they leave the thickest nicest thane lines ever
Holy jzz there amazing
best shit on earth
shit slid right out of the box. nice buttery goodness. i would preffer over butter balls. these are just like the butterballs but they dont get flat spots as much as the butterballs. get this shit
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