Shredding Planet Globage


Planet Globage. Such an amazing place. #earthday


Post Created: April 20, 2014

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Lake Apopka

Lake Apopka

In the 40s Lake Apopka was extremely popular especially for recreational fishing. However hardships arose for the Lake as she aged. Her beautiful marsh that you can see me exploring here was used for farming because it is so rich in nutrients, and unfortunately this significantly lowered the recreational fishing rate because the lake was becoming so malnourished it impacted the Lake's whole food chain. Furthermore we have managed to spill many chemicals into the Lake that were initially from a pesticide manufacturer nearby. More recently we have created Friends Of Lake Apopka (FOLA) and North Shore Restoration Area (NSRA). Now our Lake Apopka is beautiful again and is living symbiotically with us. For example.. We did our best to restore her beauty, and in return the Lake let me use her beautiful dock to ask a girl to prom. She said yes :)

Throwin down an old school kick flip... Because I can't do a real one..

Ahh shredin the gnar brah hang ten, shyea man livin that shaka life. I'm semi-fluent in surf culture as I am sure you can tell.

I know this picture is immensely similar to Zach Simms picture, so all props go to him on this one, and daddies and loaded do not use this individual picture when judging my entry. I do not want to interfere with Zach's creativity and chances of winning any prizes. I respect his entry and think he did a great job. I just wanted to upload this one cuz I think its cool.

Poppin a quick mannie while avoiding riding straight into my friends face.

lakeside g-turn.

Ollie all the way.

A dainty little backside halfcab.

Hmmm..looks oddly familiar... oh well. This place is trashed, but I recycle it in the best way. Now it is one of my fav skate spots despite the mosquitoes.

A long day of shredding combined with the cloudy overcast weather makes for perfect nap time.



I really had a lot of fun with my friends while working on this contest and it's also opened my eyes to how cool photography is. I had a great week and I owe it all to Daddies and Loaded! Also thanks to Tristan and Meri for taking some sick pics even when I am not paying attention :)

I saw a turtle!

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Planet Globage. Such an amazing place. #earthday

Post Created: April 20, 2014


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