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Zealous Bearings
Zealous Bearings

Zealous Bearings


Zealous Bearings - Set of 8

  • Precision 8mm axle holes
  • .4045″ built in spacers
  • .5mm built in speedrings
  • Green rubber seals to keep dirt and debris on the outside of the bearing
  • Lubed with Archoil Nanoceramic Grease
  • The unique feature of our lubricant is how the nanoceramic compound fills in deformations or asperities in the bearing. These deformations cause friction and heat around them which hardens the nano-ceramic compound to that specific area. This micro coating is 5 times the hardness of the host alloy and has a molecular bond with the host metal, filling in all the asperities and eliminating friction over time.
  • The coefficient of friction is the lowest in the field of Tribology at 0.003% creating a near frictionless surface. Mainly because the nanoceramic compound eliminates all asperities.
  • Extremely low water washout
  • Corrosion on the inside of the bearing is nearly eliminated

The unique feature of our lubricant is how the nanoceramic compound fills in deformations or asperities in the bearing. These deformations cause friction and heat around them which hardens the nano-ceramic compound to that specific area. This micro coating is 5 times the hardness of the host alloy and has a molecular bond with the host metal, filling in all the asperities and eliminating friction over time. The coefficient of friction is the lowest in the field of Tribology at 0.003% creating a near frictionless surface. Mainly because the nanoceramic compound eliminates all asperities. Extremely low water washout. Corrosion on the inside of the bearing is eliminated.

I love these bearings they're so smooth and last a very long time, The nano ceramic grease is awesome, I now have them on all of my boards, buy these : )
I got bones swiss ceramics and these, I much prefer these, no maintenance and easy to change and you never lose your speed rings. They are slightly slower and take longer to break in but for over $100 less these are where it's at.
Very good and fast. Mo Roll for the bucks.
These bad boys will make you a Pro.
do they work with orangutangs
Zealous is d best
No doubt the best, fastest bearings ive ever owned. All around greatness in every detail. BUY THESE! If you regret it then youre not a true boarder.
I have bones swiss, bones swiss super 6(multiple sets), bones swiss labrynth, and s9 ceramics, and a bunch of these. These are GREAT bearings. Don't pay mind to the price, or any of the negative comments. They take about an hour of riding to 'break in' (bearings don't break in- the lube fully spread though) and then they are just as fast as my ceramics. Idk about the smooth ride on them, have only used them in 83A inheats, but my ceramics in my 80A inheats feel smoother. Could be the lower duro, but the speed is pretty much the same.

Even it they did suck, they are cheap and work. Replacing would be easy. I havn't needed to clean yet but I feel like it'd be a bit weird with the design. only 4 stars because the spacers make them fit weird in certain wheels like my kegels.

Free-spin doesn't mean anything. A unlubricated bearings have a long free spin, but would not do well against dirt or the actual pressure of your weight against them. You want your bearings well lubed, I use 4 drops of speed cream in each one wether it's 7 ball 6 ball ceramic or steel, and they spin for like 1 second but bring me to the finish line with a smooth steezy ride

All other bearings have nothing on zealous. They make changing wheels 10x easier because you dont have to worry about losing speed rings and spacers and on top of that theyre super fast, stable for freeriding, and barely require maintenance. Bones are nothing compared to these. Zealous for life!
are these better than bone red the regular one
All my friends ride bone reds they say they are great bearings but i want to know if these are better than bone reds. Plz tell so i can buy the right bearings.
are they better then bone red
People say bone reds are the best is this better then the regular bone red or not?
great u should buy em
they are some great bearings and will last. they are very functional
they are great
Miracle bearings
Holy smokes, I swear I can go uphill with these bearings
best bearings out there by far
Best and cheapest bearing out there, i have 5 sets and they all perform just like new. They have a self lubricating system so you never need to clean them, actually despite what people say never clean them, the day you clean them or open their shields is the day they begin to die.
They're just great.
Not having to put on speed rings and spacers every time is such a plus and they roll so smoothly. My favorite bearing ever.
Very good bearings for the price. Built in spacers and speed rings! NOTHING COULD GET BETTER THAN THAT! GET THEM AND YOU WONT REGRET IT!
quality bang for little buck
Free spin doesn't mean anything. These are the best bearings I've ridden. I've ridden generics, reds, rockin rons, and Zealous. Zealous is the best by far. Of those they are the cheapest, fastest, and easiest to swap out. If your looking for bearings buy one pair of these and see if you don't stick to them after you ride them.
Have had these things for almost a year now and haven't had a single problem with them. AMAZING for speed and carry great momentum. get these things now!!
Roll for Days
These bearings are incredible. The break in time is a bit longer than most. Out of the package, you'll be disappointed. The bearings seem slow. After a nice long ride or two these things will be your go-to bearings. A lot of people think that free spin is how you judge a bearing. WRONG. Bearings, bushings, and everything about a longboard is designed to be ridden. Free spin, these things blow. Simple as that. But when you're on your board, these things don't stop. I went a third of a mile without pushing on a downhill gradient that I never knew existed with Reds. My friend was BEHIND me pushing constantly trying to stay with me. I actually sat on my board and just cruised while he was pushing to stay with me. I must restate that I did not know that strip was downhill until I got these bearings. I would have gone further if it didn't turn into a large hill. These things are the best. Stop your free spin crap, make your hardware changes easier, and be happier. If you want those things, then get these bearings.

Also, I've had these for 8 months and I've only cleaned them once. There is no rust and they roll just as well as the first time I broke them in. Buy Zealous.
To all the dumbasses who are talking about how the bearings only spin 20sec or 15sec and my bones reds spin 100sec it doest really matter. This bearings are great and once broken in spin very smoothly. Also the fact that they have the built in spacers and speed rings makes changing wheels a breeze and gives me the ability to wrench down this bearings as tight as I want with no loss of wheel spin. Get yours!
this bearings are sick just give them a month or so to get broken in and with time they will get better and better
My Favs
Zealous are by far my favorite bearing brand. Since they have built in speed rings and bearing spacers, changing or rotating wheels is a breeze. They don't spin very well when you have only the bearing in hand, but in a wheel, they can handle 30mph+ with ease. I really like the color too, but that doesn't matter. For $12, these are the best bearings for your money.
Order ahora
Get them get them get them
amazing easy to change wheels due to the built ins
great and definetly worth more tan what they r priced at!!!!

Owner of like, a dozen sets of these babies!
The Best
The previous reviewers don't understand that free spin isn't everything. It matters how they perform when somebody is ACTUALLY RIDING THEM. Sure, even after a month they only free spin for like ten seconds, but that isn't whats important. It is important that they transformed the slide of my flashbacks from choppy to drifty smooth. It is important that they come with built in speed rings and spacers for only fourteen bucks. It is important that when you are ACTUALLY RIDING THE BOARD that they spin just as nicely as any other regular bearing. The free spin means nothing; it doesn't affect you when you are actually going down a hill slideways. The fact that it improved my actual sliding ability does matter. Case closed.
These bearings are so much quieter than ABEC 5's. Smoother, faster, mostly everyhing. May need a little cleaning every now and then when you first get it, because of the dirt sticking to the new lubricant, but other than that, great!
SIck bearings maaan
cheap, fast, durable, and make changing wheels a breeze. buy them
BUT THESE NOW!!!!!!! NOW! they are great for there price and ride for days with the nanotech ceramic lubricant it fills any crack or imperfection the ball will have now dont let the downers say "They shouldn't have imperfection in the first place" they aren't cool guys like me. but go buy these they ride smoother than super reds and quieter BUY THEM NOOOOOWWWW! if i could i would rate these 6 STARS
Wonderful and inexpensive.
They roll forever and are so smooth, And having the spacers and speedrings built in is the best thing ever, makes switching out wheels on the hill super quick.
I run zealous in all of my setups and they are my favorite bearing. Also, the built in speed rings and spacers are very nice.
One beaRing to rule them all...
These are the best bearings ever. Nanoceramic grease is awesome. Rubber seals is smart. Bearing spacers and speed rings are out dated, and mandatory. Get yourself a set of these, and when you realize how awesome they are, compare them with Biltin, and then ABEC 11 all in one bearings.... They really are the future of bearings!!
JYun is stupid
These bearings are amazing. Every skater knows that freespin doesn't matter. The real results are shown when riding, and these bearings roll smoothly, for days!

Also, the repairing compound in the bearings is for the imperfections that get pounded into them from riding hard, not because they come with any defects. That's just ignorant.
Doesn't quite fit
They don't fit my Powerballs, a little too big. but they fit my cheap china wheels no problem and spin great.
You get what you pay for
These bearing are mediocre at best. I don't know why people said these bearings are good. So after a good month of break in time, they free spun for 20 secs MAX. After cleaning them with the Bones cleaning kit and lubricating the with speed cream, they spun for maybe 25 seconds. The descriptions say the nanoceramic compound fills the deformations in the bearings, but they shouldn't be selling bearings with deformations the begin with. Stick with Bones Reds Ceramic or Bones Swiss. Those are the best bearing for the price.
These bearings are amazing 5/5 starts automatic with built in spaces there's are the bomb these will spin for ever and wonce broken in they are the best bearings i have had in a few years. For the price and the quality these bearings are the way to go. Just as good as bones red maybe even better.
Best $13.99 you'll spend on bearings
Great bearings, love the built-in spacers and speed rings, really saves time switching up wheels. The lube is great and they are wicked fast once you break them in a bit. The guy who gave these 1 star and said they only freespin for 2 seconds is an idiot, and also freespin has very little to do with actual bearing performance.
My neighbr and I have about 100 of these bearings and we havent found anything better! If you see Andres' comment they arent made for a free spin they have heavy lube but, when you stand on them the weight of a person balance out the lube so therefor they dont stop spining! Dumbass Andres
The best all around bearings
this set of bearings are awesome,maintenance free,has a smooth ride and very quiet all you need is to break them in,ive been using mine for almost a year and theyre still ok used it for freeride and bombing some hills, haven't even cleaned them even once and i can say that they are much better than a lot of bearings out there,and theyre also fast once they get really used up,get these bearings they are the best.
best bearings for the price
Swagger bearings. Cheaper than reds, just as good (if not better,) and come with built in spacers and speed rings. Spin for days once broken in. Btw no need to lube because it already has a perfect formula that shouldn't be jacked with. Buy these now.
i got these and the spin lasts about two seconds then the wheel stops... very disapointed
I have been skating for almost 15 years, and these are the best bearings I have ever ridden, regardless of price. I dig them better than reds and even TEKTONS.

Beyond Best Bang for the Buck!!
I've been buying Bones bearings for quite some time and these out perform every single Reds and Super Reds I've ever owned. On top of that I didn't have to spend $20 plus another 3-5 bucks just to get spacers and washers to bolt these babies down for smooth slides. I have 2 sets and have broken them in yet but they're so smooth for ones that haven't broken in yet. Seriously, if you wanna get all around bearings and don't wanna deal with losing washers get these suckers. You won't regret spending a single penny on them.
Better than reds
So a buddy of mine got these on a complete about a week ago and right from the start i could tell these are better than reds. They felt way more precise way smoother and way quieter. However they do need to be broken in, when you just let it free spin it only goes like 45 secs, but that dont mean shit cuz when your riding them they feel just as fast as bones reds but smoother and quieter. So over all better than reds for less money. Buy these!! P.S. ill be wrinting another reveiw after they're nice and broken in but ive got high hopes.
Nothing compares
After my first run with these I had to go home to change my pants cuz I jizzed in them.
Good bearings, but not very compatible.
I like them very much, for the same reasons as everybody else who likes them, 'click-click' and put your wheels on. But only running them on These wheels, because of the spacer issue. Read somewhere that they (Zealous)are fixing it.
Here are the wheels I've tried them on, and for which they are too big; Grippins, Hawgs, O'tang, Butterballs, Volante Serrata and NoSkoolz.
My buddy has these and they go so fast. When I skate with him he goes so fast on a small hill. Get these
My buddy has these and they go so fast. When I skate with him he goes so fast on a small hill. Get these
real nice for the price
these bearing are very nice for like 13 bucks they fit perfectly on calibers and they do have built in speed rings so dont worry if u lose yours but i still keep mine on
Put these n a jati jiro with abec 11 freerides and paris 180s for freeride. Wish I knew about em when I did downhill... Super smooth and crazy fast as well as durable. I have skated buzzsaws redz and countless other bearings but these make em all look like crap. AND FOR HALF THE PRICE!
Never using anything else!
I absolutely love these bearings! Very smooth, quiet, and low maintenance! The built in spacers and speed rings along with the price, you can't go wrong. I'm never using other bearings again!
Extremely High Quality
These bearings are seriously a steal at $13.99. They are extremely high quality bearings that look sick when you open them and on your wheels. They need broken in but after that you are riding on $50 bearings for $14. Reds die these don't! Don't waste your money on more expensive Chinese trash!
best around
Going on 3 months. they are only going faster. dont buy anything else. these are cheaper, better, and longer lasting
Best bearings on the market. They are cheap, built-ins and super fast. worth every dollar
best bearing for the money
first of all these do take a bit of breaking in. however once they are good and broken in they are amazing. these are not the fastest bearings by any measure, but they definitely get the job done and are virtually indestructible.
Sssnnnnniiiiiiiiffffffffffffff. Ahhhhhhhh. Can you smell it? Why its the beautiful smell of precision bearings. Built in spacers and speed rings, double bearing seals, nanoceramic lube, and an amazing price point of $13.99. What more could you ask for?
get them
best bearings out there. ive always bought cheap bearings because bearings dont matter as long as they roll. however, i buy these for more than just the price tag. built in bearings for $14 is an absolute steal. not only that but they last just as long as any other bearing that is reasonably priced. dont waste your money on anything else. get this junk. now.
amazing bearings BUY THEM
I've used a ton of different bearings from biltin to bones super reds/reds, daddies regulars and ceramics w/ built in spacers, oust, and a bunch of other chinese crap, and these are hands down the best bearings I've ever had. Going on 2 months and these babbies haven't slowed down a bit, if not gotten faster. For the price, you simply cannot beat this kind of performance. DON'T LOOK ANY FURTHER there's no point. Bones are overhyped, and the hype on Zealous is actually backed up and justified. One thing I did notice with the built in spacers is that you don't need speed rings, but the portion of the inner race is very long, and with the axle nut and everything on the truck axle, the nut is almost flush with the end of my axle. Only other bummer is that to clean these you'd have to get rid of the "self-healing" nano-ceramic lubrication compound inside, but by the time these bearings crap out, you can just shell out another $13 hah.
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