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Abec11 70's Flashbacks Longboard Wheels 70mm

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Abec11 70's Flashbacks Longboard Wheels 70mm - SET OF FOUR



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78a. Take 2 hours to break fully in. They thane from the first slide and never stop. Smooth as butter. When doing big checks that don't wrap into 180s the hook up is sharp, but feels good to know you are back in control of your wheels. When they do 180s they dump thane and feel like you are sliding on nothing. in the road slide. Just pushed out a 30 foot slide with out trying. Negative side. they wear fast. But with amount of thane being dropped I expected them to die quicker. I recommend to someone that knows how to glove down. They have a factory finish you have to get off first.
Best wheels for any level
I ordered these wheels because they seemed to be very consistent, and they are honestly the most consistent wheels I have ever ridden. I purchased a set of 81a's and they slide literally effortlessly and control Chen you need them to do so. They are definitely not racing wheels but whether you are learning standup or you have already mastered them these are the wheels for you. I would say If you are under 90 pounds get the highest duo for long slides, between 90 pounds and 130 get 81a's, and above 130 pounds get the lowest duro. This recommendation is if you are looking for big wet slides and you are seeking a ton of fun. Tense wheels are not too expensive either, literally the best deal you will ever find. BTW my name isn't James brown but I got flashed back to the 70's lol, but really pick these up and keep shredding.
Insane freeride goodness
I just turned 13 years old, and I got the 78a's for Christmas. Don't stop reading this review because I do have experience with other wheels. I've rode 78a boss hawgs, 77a five-os, and 80a butterballs. All three of those wheels slide really smooth, thane well and are sure to get you to crack a smile after a big slide. However, three's just something special about the flashbacks. They do wear pretty fast, as I'm almost at the core after about a month of solid shredding. These wheels leave great thane, and when you're sliding, you can't even tell. They sound great too, which doesn't really matter, but I like it. I've also rode thee wheels up to around 30-35mph on rough pavement and they can handle it. I wouldn't recommend cutting corners at high speeds with these, but they're not as bad at DH then they are said to be.

Overall, these wheels are great for beginners (like myself) and experts alike. The slide they generate is indescribable, so go buy a set of these for ONLY 38 BUCKS!!!
Great wheels
My friend and I both learned to slide on these wheels. I got the 81a and they are super smooth and really fun. My friend got the 84a I think and they weren't quite as smooth but were a little easier to hold out slides on. Overall, I highly recommend them.
These wheels chunk really easily and they are kinda choppy at the end of slides. They're really easy to break in though. If you're looking for a better fast freeride wheel just get NoSkoolz, Grippins, or Pink Polka Dots. These wheels are pretty overrated.
I love theSe wheels
These wheels are the first wheels I have ever tried And they ARe Amazing. I learned to slide on these bad boys. They slide effortlessly Once you break them in.Wear consistently and leave thane. One Problem was the core is sorta loose which makes noise when i turn.
I got these wheels, took about 5 pushup slides to completely break them in. They leave FAT thane lines and a super buttery slide. They wear nice and they cone due to being sideset. I am close to core and I must say i love these wheels. Get them.
I got these wheels and love them they are very smooth and slidy (I have the 81a) ovr all I love them would highly recommend
Awesome wheel!
I got the 78a durometer, and I wanna start off by saying that these are the smoothest wheels I've rode ( I've had butterballs, yellow otang 4 prez, and purple durians ). I'm just a beginner at standup slides, been mostly doing Colemans, but once I ordered these I learned to standup within 3 attempts. After about 3-4 sessions of perfecting my 180, I learned to hold it for a little longer, going at faster speeds. And it is a super controllable, buttery, and fun slide. After a couple slides, they start to leave nice thick thane lines. (Green lines on some pavement and white on others.) I've been sliding them for about 2-3 weeks now and there starting to cone. But it's totally worth it. I practiced my standup slides on all my previous wheels and it was way too uncomfortable so I just did Colemans and pushups. But when I bought these, I instantly had confidence to try. If your a beginner and want a good wheel to learn how to slide on, look no further. Buy them. 81a recommended, just because the 78a is a bit grippy and takes a little more speed and effort to initiate. If you have been sliding for a long time and want a wheel that will hold long standies and leave sick lines behind. Buy them right now. They're awesome, they wear kinda fast, but dude, whatever.
Great for 1 day
Skated steep greepy road during 1 weekend.
By end of first day, they were already cone and one had a major flat spot...

Despite it is pleasure to slide, I would not recommend due to short lifespan.
Wobbling Pops and Flying Biscuits
These wheels taste terrible out of the box. They also made me quite gassy.
The best around
I bought these after brutally flatspotting a pair of freerides and was just getting into big hills and big standies. I learned so much on these wheels and the consistent slide made me never highside once. The classic thane is very slidy yet controllable, which made it possible for me to break 50ft on a heelside standy.
Nick I feel the same bro
Learned how to do perfect heel slides LOVE ME SOME THICK THANE idk I feel like doing toes are a bit harder cuz of the side set but work fine I use em for my DH love em they are personally some of my faves love the drift well peace stay high mofos 4/20 foeva
Pretty dang-diddly-doo-dong-daddle great
I got these wheels off a friend and they slide great. I mean on lower speed i've been chattering a bit but that's because they take a little bit to break em in. They also tend to cone a bit due to being side-set. Other than that, they slide great and very smooth.
I like these
My friend who can't slide got these so I kinda took his board and pulled a slide and Thaned on my first slide with these non broken in flashbacks and sometimes my way broken in butterballs don't thane
verry chatter and very hard to kick out. cant stand them. also verry chattery
awesome wheels
these wheels are perfect. they break in after about 30 minutes of good sliding then after that, they break into gnarly slides. also after you break them in, they slide like butter and if you're going over 15 mph then they shit thane.
these wheels are perfect for leaving never ending thane, they break in easier than ever and it feels like your sliding on butter
Easy to break in, easy to slide on. Lots of thane, but fast wear. Impossible to flatspot for me, just minor coning. Awesome wheel.
Freaking Amazing
Great wheels, they don't take long to break in at all really and slide great and ride great
These wheels are amazing within 30 minutes of riding on them I could break into gnarly toe and heelside slides the are in my Opinion these wheels are way better than otang's and I would recommend them to everyone
Defiantly amazing
These are the wheels i learned to slide on. They are very smooth no chatter and leave thick lines! only complaint is they chipped out on the back pretty fast. But they are defiantly worth it!
Sweet Wheels
Grip when you want, slip when you want. And for only $38. 81a or 84a recommend, won't wear as fast. Leaves gnarly thane lines too
I love these wheels sooooo much. I learned to slide on these, they didn't thane as much when I was learning because I went at a slower speed. But I just bought them again and since I slide at a higher speed now, they thane shit crazy. Get these wheels ok because they're amazing.
All around wheel
After riding this wheel for 4 months I am very impressed. When I first got this wheel I was learning how to carve. This wheel is grippy enough to do hard carves. At first they didn't slide that we'll. they were a little choppy. Then once u burned a few millimeters of of these baby's they slide great. It's very easy to break traction and start your slide with these wheels because they are side set. This makes it easy to do stand up slides and to just do slides in general. Mine are at 62 millimeters and they are a little coned. So if your looking for a wheel that can carve great and slide great flashbacks are good for you.
Great thane and great speed
I just bought these wheels off a friend along with his Churchill raven and I am getting 40 foot thanes, probably because I'm going 50 Mph.
When I went sliding the other day I was working on doing a long colemen pendy, I flew off my board sailing through the air right at a fence, the plastic shield part of my knee pad was just laying there on the pavement, what remained on my knee was shredded foam. I'm going to need to put that on my Christmas list, pathetic.
Really Great Wheels
These wheels are really great. I have 78a and they really hold out.
It doesn't take very long to break them in. They hold out for awhile and it also takes awhile to leave thane marks but other than that great product.
Side set
Don't get them there side set and cone too much get no skoolz center set version
Great wheel!
About 10 heelside standies broke these guys in! Im 120 pounds and found them to wear not too fast, have buttery slides (reached first 40ft standie with these) and a nice wheel for downhill. these are grippy when you need them,and slidey when you need them. These are sideset which is pretty unique. They are chattery at first but about 7 standies these start to get quiter and at 10 they are pretty silent.
Just Okay
I got these from the recommendation of a friend, but I am not too fond of them. I have the 78a and the slide is kind of weird. The release is really hard to push out, and they grip back up way too early after the slide. The middle of the slide is actually really smooth though. If you do have your heart set on Flashbacks, I would get the 81a. They probably aren't as grippy, and slide just as smooth.
Flashies or freerides
Umm flashies r okay u relly have to break them in once u get them small they shit thane they slide good but the best wheels on the planet is Abec 11 freerides they thane and slide much better
Feels awesome!
These wheels are easy to break in so you can get a nice smooth slide!
Highly recommended
Learned to slide on these wheels. Once there broken in they are super icy. Leave lots of thane!!! Only problem is they chunked out on the back of the wheel as soon as I got them. Defiantly worth the price.
81 or 78?
Great wheels for just about everything and anything. They're my first set of wheels and ive done cruising, carving, freestyle, and downhill on these wheels. The only problem im having with them is breaking them in. Trying to get into sliding but having a bit of trouble
These wheels are great. I love them. I had Zombie hawgs before these and these slide so much better. But for whatever reason mine arent leaving lines. not a huge deal but that was something i was looking forward to with these. other then that, these wheels are awesome.
Incredible wheels!!
These are very great wheels! Very predictable slide when you want and grip when you want! I would highly recommend these wheels to anyone! Also a very good price!
Great for everything
I'm one of the lost souls who got 75s and they are great for learning to slide. Grips like duct tape, but when you slide it goes like a dream.
My favorite wheels! sooooooo much fun to core, and great slides and great thane marks! buy them now and experience the sensation!
So cheap! So fast! So awesome!
Im not sure but i have the 81a's but im having trouble breaking them in, any advice?
buttery wheels
i have them in 78A and they relay don't leave any thane under my 200lbs. they are at 50mm. i think i got a bad batch or something. but they are still super smooth and buttery. you should get a set.
I got this at a local skateshop and they slide great once there broken in! I learned to slide on them.
They are rad wheels, they DO flatspot and cone the if you shred hard. So be ready for that, besides that get em!
pretty sweet
pretty awesome wheels. super buttery, they dont ice out too much. only downside is that they're sideset so they cone really easilly. once you break them in they tend to flatspot too. overall great wheels.
really nice wheels and good for sliding but flat spot in about a week or less depending on how good you are.
i don't slide or anything that much, but i like to cruise/carve and freeride, would these be good. i just got into boarding and do that many tricks, so i was wondering what causes flat spots and coneing. would it happen if i just used these to cruise/carve
Posted by Preston
These wheels are amazing! Buy them like no joke they are great for everything especially sliding. It doesn't take long to break them in and they thane almost instantly. Love these wheels and they are well worth buying!
I got 78a. Super smoove, look sick, and poop thane. Price is great and I would say that you should get yourself a set.
Really good for the all around rider! the 78a is the one that i got and really like! brilliant for downhill but also give you a fantastic controlled slide. strongly recommend them.
Damn nice wheels
for this price this quality,thanks much abec 11 for making stuff like this )
awesome for sliding
These wheels are perfect if you're looking to do colemans hardsides heelsides stealfish or any other slide. the slide smooth once broken in and only takes a day or two to break in. All in all perfect wheels for any type of riding.
the best aroundd
these wheels are bomb great for erthang. i had nvr even heard of abec 11 until i bought them best lb wheels ive ever had so much better than the nineballs and powells i had always gotten before.
Beautiful Buttery Wheels
I got these wheels with my Landyachtz Time Machine they are 84a once i got the motion and form of sliding it was easy from there on. these wheels are amazing and i love them!!! Abec is the best
the best wheels ever
I bought 78a flashbacks at a really small local skate shop about 2 years ago, now out of business :/, and i had never heard of abec11 but they looked cool and the guy working there was really helpful recommending these because i was just getting into longboarding. They were all he hyped them up to be and more. They had the best traction like they literally gripped the ground i could turn so hard w/o my board slipping out from under me and they rolled over everything it blew my mind. I could actually carve down hills easily with these and my new trucks, so much easier than my old mini board. Now they are completely coned and more slippery and dont ride as well but thats expected. My friend recommended buying stuff on this site to me over retail and I will probably try it cause prices here are a lil better than at the local shops. He also recommended orangatangs over these but ima stick with abec11. Bottom line is they are great for cruising, carving, sliding or whatever else you do they are bomb af.
great slide
i got the 76a and i'm barely starting to get into slides with these wheels, been riding them for almost 3 months and are coning already, the do leave thane lines at the right speed, and also at the right speed they are real buttery, i would definetly recommend them
78a Flashies!!
Got the 78s a while back and they are so buttery, soooo buttery! These things are just a fun wheel! my go to wheel for anything! Nice thane once broken in, but dont last too long if you do loong slides or go out everyday for a long time! Altogether if you are looking for a good all round wheel, you will get the most bang for your buck with this one!
Pretty Sweet Wheels
I got these wheels because I wanted to get into sliding and my friend said that they were really good for beginners. right after i got them i put them on my board and went to it. the first day i got the slide 6 hours into it. after i had gotten better at the slide and then they got REALLY ICY so i gave them to my friend who was really good to break them in even more and now they slide EVEN better!! you shoul get them!!
supa cool wheels
supa cool fire, supa hot heel
I bought the 81a's, and they are fantastic! Once broken in they slide wonderfully, and they also provide enough grip to hold in a corner. My only complaint is that they are a bit easy to flat-spot, but a few slides can even the wheels right out. These wheels are great, and for the price it's an amazing buy.
78a slide like nothing else, wear a little bit fast but the slide is worth it
Fantastic wheel
This is a truly great wheel, especially for the price. They're super smooth for cruising and the slide is almost exactly the same as the freerides from Abec 11. Definitely worth your money.
When i go these wheels they were amazing they slide well and are very buttery and smooth they leave awsome thane and are great for beginners to hardcore guys
Great wheels for everything
These wheels are a great wheel for everything. You can get up to speed well, and they're great for sliding. I got the 78as so I could do some skids that took more effort to do, but they cone quickly, so get a harder duro, like the 84s. The best part about the wheels is that they are the best wheels you can get for the price, and they're better than more expensive wheels as well. As I stated earlier, they come quite quickly, but that is my only complaint.
Pretty Awesome
I have had these wheels for at least a year. I am mostly freestyle but i'm no stranger to freeride. I bust 30 foot standies every once in a while and these are the perfect wheels for em. i have 84a so they are super slippery and icy which is fun. However if you ever plan on trying to rail turns, look elsewhere, or at least a lower duro. After a long while of freeride and riding they are only down to around 50mm boardside and 54mm roadside so they are only coned about 4-5mm . My only complaints with the 84a is they are a bit icy (which i like because it makes it more fun to try to rail turns :D )and they almost never thane (i weigh around 130 pounds). Ilike my thane lines, so i got some 81a freerides and flat spotted them in a month (still rideable but no fun) so overall i highly reccomend these wheels to everyone who doesn't rail turns above 35mph.! Hope this was helpful.
Great wheels for learning on. Now that I'm getting better I find them to icy tho. Good wheels
Great for everything
These wheels can do it all. Great for cruising, carving, sliding, and downhill. These wheels can do it all. Great beginner wheel
Great for everything
These wheels can do it all. Great for cruising, carving, sliding, and downhill. These wheels can do it all. Great beginner wheel
really great wheels. Have 84a and they break traction amazingly. Only downside is that they last forever so you cant try new wheels. definitely recommend
Best Wheels Ever!
Once you break these wheels in they slide so smooth. They core really nice without getting major flat spots, as long as you don't hold long stand ups straight out!!
great all around wheel
These wheels are great for sliding and make almost no noise for me and leave thane on the ground. They are also good at holding speed and WAY BETTER then my friends baluts.
Great Wheels!
these wheels are great for holding slides out, a very smooth slide. I have only hit around 40 mph on these wheels which is pretty good considering I have the 81a duro
Good carving/ downhill wheel
I got the 75a for dh and these wheels are great for it. Also I started carving and they are good for that too. I would definetly recommend them for those things but definetly not sliding or free ride; they are carve and dh
I got these wheels in 81a and i could do standies before they were even broken in .they are pretty slidy and great for all round freeriding .buy these fucking wheels! (81a or 78a) i compaired them to butterballs,cs race forms ,zombie hawgs and some otang wheels and these wheels are sooooooooo much amazingly better than all of them ,if your looking for a freeride wheel that you cant beat definately buy a set of flashbacks
Awesome Cheap Wheels!
I got these wheels about 2 months ago or so and they are awesome! I've got these wheels in 81a and i used to use them on my bc eel but switched them to my comet grease shark and its awesome. They slide smooth and quiet, may loose a bit of speed but not too bad, and I have no trouble bombing a hill straight into a high speed coleman or anything like that due to the predictability and butteryness of the slides. I wouldn't really recommend them entirely for dh because I like a bit grippier wheels, but at speed they perform fairly well. And they're only 38 bucks! What's there to not like about these wheels?!
best wheels ever for sliding
well i got these as my first slide wheel in 84 a which i dont suggest if you are holding out big standies. I would go with 81 a because you cant ice out as easily. Overall best wheels ever they dump thane and are a not so bad downhill
Sick Wheels
I got the 75a's and they slide like a man that just took a butter bath and rolled down a hill. These wheels are really nice for freeride. They grip well and leave thick thane marks. You can hold out very predictable and long slides when going at the right speed. defiantly would recommend these wheels to anyone
Fun Wheel - Flashbacks 81a
This wheel is utterly amazing. It takes only a few slides to break in but it doesn't become really buttery (or start to leave thane) until around 65mm. I have cored this wheel now and have ridden it ~7 hours a week for about 4 months. It stays consistent all the way to the core, you can only flatspot it if you slide exactly 90º, you literally can slide these wheels 85º and they won't flatspot. Intense buttery and always consistent slides no matter what pavement. The only downside is that they don't have as much resistance in the slide as other wheels and they are a square lipped wheel so they don't break as free as easily as other wheels do. Regardless, I 100% recommend the classic thane!
grippy at first
bought these in 81a, they were grippy as hell at first, but after about an hour of riding in my favorite parking lot, they began to slide a little. took em up to my favorite hill in the area, and after some hard carving they really started to slide. getting above 30 mph on these got a little scary as the wheels just wanted to drift out in every carve. i was looking for some grippy wheels, but i managed to stumble upon some great sliders. can't really beat the price, either.
We Now Sell Sets of 2 Flashbacks
Customers requested Flashbacks in sets of 2 so they can break up the durometers for the front and back trucks. I added an additional item called Flashback 70mm in Sets of 2 wheels. Order 1 Set in your first duro and then add then second set in the durometer of your choice to make a complete set of 4 wheels with mixed durometers. Here is the url to the set of 2 Flashbacks.
Best wheels!
First off my only complaint is that ive riden them for almost an hour and the decals are falling off, but i really dont care about that... Other that that they are the best for the money and really let you surf the pavement and slide perfectly. must buy!
For the price there is not a better wheel. They slide incredibly smoothly. You have no idea until you try them.My friend has them on his dervish and its ridiculous.
For their price these wheels are good but they do have some flaws. I have the 84a and on rough road theyre unpredictable and have 0 traction so if theres no good raods in your area go 81 or 78a. On smooth pavement these things rip. You hit the perpandicular point and they ice out providing smooth predictable slides.
great wheels for sliding. i got 81a they are good for sliding but are a little to soft. i would get 84a or harder. theses are great wheels i have had them over 2 months and they don't wear fast at all. all around great wheels. recommend them 100%
hey daddies (nice wheels too)
hey daddies, can you guys make it like the grippins that they are sold in pairs? cuz, i want the back ones hard and the front ones soft. We can try I have to ask Melanie.
I am looking for a good not pricy set up would this sound good randall 180's with the flashbacks if not what would i am a downhill rider with a little carving what would be a good duro? THANKS DADDIES Dan Loveland Writes- Randal's and Flashbacks are a great combo. Go for the 78a and the 81a
I broke these wheels in, in like a day or two and started sliding. These wheels are completely predictable and slide like ice when you are going like 10 mph. You can pull any slide on this wheel from big stand up slides, to quick colmen slides. The best wheels I have ever had.
These wheels are awesome
I got 78a and they feel like your surfing, but more grippy. There definetly the best price for wheels comprable to them. Plus Abec11 makes bearing to so they fit perfectly in the wheels.
Dope wheels
I got these on my Kracked Skulls Scimitar. Been riding these bad boys for 6 months and they slide like a naked man rubbed with conola oil. MMMMMMMMMMMM these are some nice wheels. 81a's grip when you need it and slide like a mother. Great wheels and great price. I feel 10 feet tall an strong as a OX! That's what I gotta say about these wheels.
78A slide perfect!
i got these wheels on my new kracked skulls M1 that's 40 inched long... i got the flashbacks with its and didn't know what to expect but the in 78A when broken in they slide so smoothly. These are the wheels i learn to power slide and heel and toe side slides on. great beginner wheels for everything. :)
super awesome freeride wheel!
i have these wheels in 81a on my 925 and they are AMAZING!!!! they almost have no chatter (a high pitched whine once in a while) and when you slide them they simply glide along the pavement. it only takes a few slide glove slides to get rid of the sticky shiny part of the wheel. when they are coned a bit, they start to leave awesome slide marks. these are the greatest freeride wheels ive ever tried!
I ordered 81a and put them on my dervish. Very stable and smooth. Kinda hard to slide but I am also a beginner.
Good wheels
I used these wheels for my speedboard, they are predictable, and they are very fast. They are really unique wheel, i have definately got big speeds with this wheel. Good for sliding corners too
I was wondering... When you look at complete boards these wheels go up to 92a, how come they only go up to 88a when you buy just to wheels? Dan Loveland Writes - They used to make the Flashback in 92a. We have not removed this from all the completes. We are in the process of doing this. Thanks
My brother got these on his sector 9 pintail. They look sweet and ride nice. they are pretty wide to.
Great wheels
So i just got my longboard and i ordered these wheels in 81 a and so far they have been great wheels... this is my first longboard so im hoping htese wheels will be ok to learn how to longboard but overall great board
good "middle of the road" wheel
These are a great starter wheel, especialy for the price. The softer duros cone a lot if slid frequently. That aside, they ride nice, are fairly gripy, and give you a good place to start from to decide what you might want to go with next.
shred the gnarrrr
These are the best wheels you will ever buy in your lifetime. they have grip when u take tight corners and they have a smooth predictable slide when you kick them out. I have been holding 30 to 50ft slides with these and they leave a humongous thane line that is super thick.I fully recomend these wheels but the only downside to them are that they wear a little fast and they cone but if u keep riding them they eventually flatten back out like mine did.
got some 88a's for my freeboard
these wheels are nasty sliders and work great for sliding on a freeboard. The 88 duro is hard enough to get some sweet speed and is much faster than the stock 80a's that came with the freeboard; those are too grippy. Im looking into either getting some 84's for the front so i can have some extra grip or getting a set of the abec 11 strikers which i haerd are perfect for sliding on the freeboard but they dont come in the 70mm size like these do. the DBS abec 7 bearings that come with the wheels are excellent and speedy. Thanks!!
Pretty Good
These wheels lasted me about 4 months then i discovered huge chunks of wheel taken out of the edges. I rode/ ride these wheels pretty hard though (dont have money to buy new ones). Theyre a pretty decent wheel other than that though
Yikes! 78a!
They break in very fast and slide very very well. Their slide is quiet and smooth. But after two days of riding they are coning and have suddenly gotten very loud and chattery.Go with a centerset wheel.
awesome wheels !!! :)
this wheels is awesome !! At first a little grippy (not much) but then the slide are awesome and very silent !!!
good except for chips
to start i only have one complaint, after two days of standup 180's the wheels are starting to ship. but other than that the 88a slide beautifully but still grip the road like glue. i would definately recommend this wheel to anyone though.
BUY THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
When I bought my pinner and road it for the first time with my hawgs, it was pretty crappy because the roads suck were I live. But after I got my FlashBacks it totally road over the small pebbels and stuff! Thumbs Up! Buy Them!!! Or GumBalls They are also sweet to ride on!
BUY THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
When I bought my pinner and road it for the first time with my hawgs, it was pretty crappy because the roads suck were I live. But after I got my FlashBacks it totally road over the small pebbels and stuff! Thumbs Up! Buy Them!!! Or GumBalls They are also sweet to ride on!
While making up my mind about my first complete board purchase I admit I wasn't really that convinced that the over-green and toy-like 70's flashbacks were the right wheels for me. Sure, the facts about the shape supporting a more stable and faster ride made sense, but in the end the amount of great reviews was what made me go for it, and I stand by my choice. I live in Norway, yes, polar bears and oil, my point is that our average asphalt is not a whop-ass as one would want it. Holes, cracks, rocks, sand and uneven pavement is what you get, and I swear that these wheels have rolled over just about all of it. I'm not saying you don't notice the obstacles, but unlike my less amazing past on a skateboard I can actually cruise over those cracks and tiny rocks that made me eat pavement with ease. If you're up for a hybrid wheel this is it up until the point where slides which exceeds the purpose of just turning or/and braking. The shape of these buggers equals friction, or traction, which works really great to keeps you from going airborne as you hit those hills in 'GOSHDARN'-like speeds. In conclusion; these wheels are just another proof that green is good for you, and if the $32tag is still up then you shouldn't hesitate to pick up a set.

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The Abec 11 70's Flashbacks wheels are timeless wheels that are great for all types of riders! For general cruising and carving they are solid, especially if you choose something in a lower durometer like 75a or 78a. For people wanting to learn how to slide you will really benefit from Abec 11 70's Flashbacks being a full side-set core wheel. Regardless of the durometer these wheels are very easy to slide because not much pressure is placed in the majority of the wheel’s contact patch. The majority of the pressure sits on the inner most side of each wheel which provides little resistance when you want to kick your board out to slide. People all over the world love these wheels and you will too!

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UPS Next Day or 2nd Day Air Price Calculated at Checkout Next business day or 2 business days UPS Next Day or 2nd Day Air

Shipping rates are displayed in checkout, before you place your order.

Tracking information will be automatically emailed to you after your order ships. If you don't receive tracking information but believe your order should have already shipped, please check your Junk Mail email folder to see if our email to you is there.

You can expect your order to ship out the same day it’s placed if ordered by 3pm ET on a Business Day. Orders placed on a Friday after 3pm ET or over the weekend will ship out the following Monday.*

We ship with UPS and USPS. If you enter a PO Box as your shipping address, we will automatically ship with USPS.

Military Addresses: APO/FPO addresses ship with USPS. Costs are calculated at checkout.

*Orders placed after 3 PM ET on a Business Day or not on a Business Day will ship out the following Business Day. The 10% off applies to the order value, excluding shipping.

**Daddies will select the carrier and service most appropriate for your service area and to meet delivery requirements.

Business days exclude Saturdays, Sundays, official US holidays (e.g. Christmas, Labor Day, Memorial Day) and the day before and after official US Holidays (these are often observed by our shipping carriers as holidays).

The 10% discount does not apply under the following circumstances: (i) if there is an issue with your order, such as a need for additional payment verification which causes a processing delay and (ii) circumstances beyond the control of Daddies including, but not limited to, extreme weather events, facility damages, carrier mistakes, and any other third party problems that would affect our ability to process orders and are outside of our control.

99.9% of all orders ship out within one business day! In fact, over 90% of orders placed Monday-Friday before 3pm EST ship out the same day. These are not just pretty words. We stand behind this commitment with our Fast Shipping Guarantee.

Here's the guarantee: if we don't ship out within one business day, we will give you 10% off your order. See here for details.

The readers of Concrete Wave, the leading longboard publication, generously named Daddies the best online longboard shop of 2012. And we didn’t even have to bribe them!

Daddies has a few other feathers in its cap. We have been an Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Company in the United States for the last three years and a Portland Business Journal Top 100 Fastest Growing Private Company for the past five years (our home is in Portland, Oregon). Our goal with all of this fast growth is clear: world domination! Well, that and being in the Guinness Book of World Records for the longest fingernails.

We price match. And we'll give you 5% off for doing it.

We want to give you the best prices and best customer service. We know that nobody ever, ever, ever beats our customer service. But, we’re also going to take care of you if someone dares to try and beat us on price! See here for details.


This month, all orders over $19.95 get the newest sticker of the month. When robots take over the world, it will surely be more or less like when humans did: Some will be jerks, some will gather all the power, and some will just want to shred. Ted Cocuzza envisions a world where robots still have the freedom to throw a steezy layback grind on a DIY spot when they feel the need.

As always, every order will come with two free classic Daddies stickers at no cost. We know... we're sweet.


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