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Abec11 Biltin Abec 7 Precision Skateboard Bearings

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Abec11 Biltin Abec 7 Precision Skateboard Bearings

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Built in
Smooth ride, kinda loud but for the price they do very well at maintaining speed. My favourite part of these bearings is the built in spacer in between the bearings, Idk how many times I've put my bearings in then realize I forgot the spacers so built ins is good for bad memory
Would these fit on bear 852's with o'tang in heat 75mm 80a?
Good but not perfect.
I live in pretty flat city with very short hills. I need for increasing speed fast as possible. These bearings give the impression of not very fast. Good part is these bearings very easy to serve. But be ready for oil all around your wheels.
I've been riding Sector 9's Abec 9 Platinum Performance bearings, and they are the most expensive/ most impressive bearings I've ridden. I'm currently borrowing a set of Abec 11 Biltins that are probably about 2 or 3 years in use and also covered over in rust from being left in the rain, and they are easily as fast as Sec. 9 Platinum Series, the only difference in the Platinum series ride quieter and roll longer once started.
great bearings
i have bones super reds and these are cleary better bearings than those. been riding these for a little and still fast. dont ride through water or grass and obviously ride better than the guy that says these bearing are crap.
Great product
I've had these bearings for 5 years now, living in Alaska might be why they have lasted so long. I just realized I had to clean them, they still spin better then my newer bearings for my other boards. Id recommend these to anyone, really haven't had any problems.
These are amazing.
I've used about 3 sets of these because they are so good. And on the last set I also got a set of DBS ceramics. The ceramics are faster and smoother (I prefer them) but the Abec11's have a more precise bearing spacer and less noise. I made the mistake of completely removing every piece of both sets of bearings (down to the ball bearings) and had to put them back together by hand. I decided to put the ceramic balls into the Abec11's and it turned out to be AMAZING. If you have a few hours, do it. Otherwise these are awesome for their price.
Not really worth it
They are pretty good for the first two weeks, but after that, they'll just get real shitty. They get super dirty super fast. Not really worth it.
Would these work with bear' 852, orangatang stims 70mm 80a, and "these wheels" 69.5mm 80a?
My favorite bearings
I've used a lot of different bearings, but these are hands down my favorites. Incredibly easy to clean and lube, and not having to deal with bearing spacers or speed rings is awesome. Very highly recommend. Don't know where these reviews about them breaking and being loud are coming from, I've never had either problem.
although wheel changes are fast and easy these bearings are not durable at all, 2 seals fell off in 1 month time, get dirty really easily, and get loud within the first week
Bearings For a Longboard?
Are these for longboards? I am not sure because its says skateboard but it is in the longboard section. Well anyone who sees this please respond to me on the same page. How do you know which bearings fit in which wheels? With these bearings would it fit abec 11 wheels? - - - ----Dan Loveland Writes---- These bearings fit all Abec11 wheels and most other longboard wheels. They also fit some skateboard wheels for street skating. Hope this helps you out.
Cleaning Biltins (Ben)
ben. don't use WD-40 to clean bearings. it might be cleaner at first but WD leaves a thin film that will suck dirt into the bearing when riding. bones bearings have a good cleaning instructions included, you can look into that. also check out the bones bearing cleaner. its a cool cleaning bottle for multiple bearings, Daddies carries it under longboard accessories. i've got my own way to clean em' efficiently but look into some environmentally safe cleaning fluids for bearings. peace
Stealthy, fast and functional... all at a fair price!
By far my favorite bearings, I now own 4 sets of them. They roll great, and seem to require less maintenance than my conventional bearings. It seems like the longer I leave them alone, the faster they roll. But when it is time to clean them they are super easy to do so. Removal is a snap with the built in spacers. No worries about bending them up. They always roll true after a cleaning. Swapping wheels is quick and painless with less time spent getting your hands dirty handling spacers... Whether cruising or bombing, you will hear the wind more and your bearings less. It makes for a more enjoyable ride. The best feature by far is the fact that you can tighten your nuts down all the way, SNUG... no worries and no wiggle required. For sure this has helped my sliding. Precision is the name of the game. Which builds confidence in your setup, you know it will respond the same way to your inputs time and time again. No other bearing can promise you that. Biltins deliver, and they're less than thirty bucks!
Amazing bearings!
Eliminate all slop, run good once you get that stock gunk out of there (i suggest the oust met-ol oil, works best out of everything I've tried). I do recommend sticking a speed ring between the bearings though, in most abec11 wheels the hub is a little oversized.
had three sets all didnt last more than 6 months they rusted out seals broke off in first week. good bearings easy to clean just dont expect to last.
greatest bearings ever
hands down the best bearings ever buy them only from daddies they are the best cause u can crank them down all the way with zero bend or stopage and they make ur board sound so clean on a big bomb
I just bought these a minute ago and I'm clearing my schedule four days from now when they come in. Should I still install axle washers? How tight should I screw on the locknuts? Dan says: Do not use washers or anything with these bearings. There will probably not be any room for them on the axle anyway. You can tighten them pretty tight since the spacer and extra ring (instead of a washer) will hold it all together and protect the bearing from over-tightening. Always be gentle, even with these bearings.
I like the bearings but when i got them they were in crooked. How do i get them out to fix it? Dan Loveland Writes - I believe what you are saying is that the bearings are not seated into the wheel hub correctly. You may need to apply more pressure when setting your bearings into your wheels. Otherwise you can assemble your wheels and bearings like normal and then ride them a little and the bearings should align themselves into the hubs with your weigth. Hope this is what you were asking. Have a great day.
Pretty nice
I personally wouldn't recomend any other bearing, these are smooth, easy to use,quick wheel change. The onlyprobelm for me at least was that the seal on one of my bearings broke off but other than that,these are great bearings
I use only biltins since discovering them a year or two ago. They're the all-in-one bearing that is easy to install and is compatible with almost any skateboard/longboard that uses standard bearings. The only reason I won't give these a 5 star rating is because they rust and rust is a major problem when boaring around snowy and icy weather. They certainly are worth the 29$ but if only they were made of stainless steel or some metal that's rust resistant, I'd pay 100$ for a set, as these simply don't die under normal use in dry weather. One other improvement that won't hurt, is offering them in ceramic balls in a non-rustable housing, that would be the ultimate bearing in my opinion. But abec11 certainly got the right idea on the construction and durability. For what they offer $29 is a fair deal.
I,ve heard some good things about these bearings but do they fit in orangatangs? --- Dan Loveland Writes -- Yes, the Abec11 Biltins will fit O'tang wheels. The O'tangs use a 10mm width spacer. So if you have Randal or Paris trucks you need 8mm Axle Diameter X 10mm Width Spacers. With the Biltin bearings you don't need spacers due to the fact that they are built into the inner race of the bearing = 10mm width spacer when installed in a wheel. Thank you and happy skating.
I've ridden these bearings alongside some bones, and shop bearings and they straight away destroy all others. The whole design lends itself to excellent speed, alongside an extremely stable and smooth ride.
My Favorite
I've used Bones Reds, Swiss and Swiss Ceramics. These are my favorite hands down. When raw speed is compared, they feel almost the same as Bones Swiss and noticeably slower than Swiss Ceramics. But it's the ease of use and peace of mind that set it apart. No spacers, no speed rings and no vibration or chatter that I get from every other bearing. You can tighten these all the way down virtually eliminating all play in the wheels. The last thing you need to worry about when hill bombing is a misaligned bearing.
My whole board rides smoother, straighter, faster, and amazingly - quieter! These bearings are a genius concept and they work just as well as they sound.
Buy Nothing Else
nothing else. ever. they are better in every way. the seal on these is tight like a virgin and you dont deal with those little rubber seals on normal bearings that break and then get dirty crazy fast. these run faster, smoother, and quieter for longer than anything ive ever ridden. my board sounds like a jet when these run fast, and other guys are real jealous. the only complaint i have seen is they will rust when boarding in icy conditions; and personally i would avoid these firstly to avoid dying and secondly because one time i was boarding in below freezing weather and while doing a trick, the torque snapped my brittle bolts! these bearings wont fail in any conditions other bearings wouldnt fail first in. and they also dont deform any more (and perhaps they do so less) than regular bearings when you subject them to a lot of jumping and big tricks. afterward, theyre still silky on big hills.
Now I really like thease bearings but what is the shaft size on them 8mm or 10mm? Dan Loveland Writes - The inner diameter of the race is 8mm. Thank you.
these are great bearings, but how do you clean them?
These are the worst bearings I have ever owned. Within a week they started to squeak when I rode and i had to clean them all the time. Stick with BONES Bearings. These are down right terrible.
these bearings are complete crap man i rode them once in the rain and they all rusted down to the point of no return do not get these bearings, i would go for some super reds or rush all weather ceramic bearings or siesmic tektons!!!! they all are very rust resistant and water resistant
these bearings are simply amazing, smooth, fast, and i love the whole concept of the incorperated sapcer and speed ring. :). one question though, i cant manage to get the sheild on the inside out to clean them better,or is that not supose to come out? thanks
simply the best
These bearings are the best thing on the market hands down. Easy to install cause there's no other parts, smoothest ride ever, they dont make annoying noise, they just sound like a rolling thunderstorm, or an airplane, when you go fast. it's awesome. plus you can titghten the wheels more than with other bearings so there is no wobbly wheels. and the seal is amazing, ive opened them a few times expecting to have to clean em, they were spotless! get them, they cost the same as any shitty-ass bearings, but they're awesome! if you don't love em give them to me.
These bearings have fought through salt, ice, sand and snow and continue to roll beautifully. Faster than Super Reds by a lot.
Smooth, fast, easy to use bearings
These bearings make wheel-swapping easy; built-in spacers & speed-rings cut wheel-changing time in half. Right out of the box, these bearings are SILENT & smooth. Once the lube wears off, these puppies fly! I've hit at least 35mph on these and when you slide, they are unbelievably smooth. They get a bit dirty, but you can just clean 'em out with acetone and they're good as new. I definitely recommend these if you hate the hassle of spacers and speed-rings. Appearance: 5/5 Feel: 5/5 Speed: 5/5 Durability: 4/5 Overall: 5/5
Cleaning Biltins (ben)
To clean them, simply wash out the open side, which faces inward with a mild cleaner, like wd-40, then re-lubricate them with a drop or two of bearing lube, ninja or powell, after thoroughly drying them. Most lubes come with decent instructions on how to super clean any bearing. BTW Daddies has it the cheapest.
Will these fit?
Will these fit in my Sector Nine nine ball 76mm wheels on my Vanguard with the different design of built in spacer? Dan Loveland Writes - Yes, these bearings will fit the Sector 9 wheels.
Will these fit Seismic 3DM Speedvent Wheels in 73mm 79a? --- Dan Loveland Writes - Yes, Seismic uses 10mm width spacers so the Bilt-In bearings will work.
Will these work on Kahalani 184 trucks? --- Dan Loveland Writes - Yes, Kaha trucks have 8mm axles.

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Biltin Bearings are the first precision bearing designed for skateboarding that incorporates an integrated spacer and washer. The perfectly faced inner races provides precise spacing and perfect alignment so that the locknuts can be snuggly tightened without pinching or binding the bearings. The bearings work together to more evenly share the sideloads and keep your wheels flat on the ground for better wear. This patented system is guaranteed to give you the fastest and strongest bearings on the planet. They fit all skateboard wheels that use the industry standard .400" spacing (10.16mm). Tested by the world's fastest skateboarders in the most demanding conditions, Biltins provide unparalleled performance in all types of skating. They are also the easiest bearings to use, making those nasty little washers and annoying spacers a thing of the past. Designed to be easier to maintain than other bearings, Biltins are simply the best and fastest skateboard bearings on the market today.

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