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Abec11 Classic FreeRides Longboard Wheels 72mm

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Abec11 Classic FreeRides Longboard Wheels 72mm - SET OF FOUR




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Just speechless......
These wheels are just so good! They just shit thane,but don't wear to fast! I have these wheels on my landyachtz switchblade 36 with my bear grizzly 852's, not gonna lie, I am a free riding machine on these things! I would recommend these to anyone who wants to shit thane and have lots of fun!
Great wheels
These wheels are soooo smooth. I've learned 4 slides on them and learned how to old out 20 ft slides. The only down side is they flatspot so easily, if you know what youre doing though youre fine. Definitely recomend these.
Ohh These babies get the job done!
Just received my 81a freerides and they are amazing! They slide so smooth. After a few slides they are broken in! I rode lots of other wheels and these are my favorite. I would buy them again!
I really like this wheel. It is very consistent in their slides. Some roads they'll chatter (very little almost not noticeable) but even if they chatter the slide will feel the same no matter the road. They will also leave very nice thane lines. I use the 78a version. I mainly like these wheels because I like doing long toeside stand up slides and these are very controllable. They slide far and don't slow you down as much (I was shocked at this because the durometer is so soft). Another great thing is that these wheels will grip when needed and slide very well when pushed. Another thing I love about these wheels is that they take a very short amount of time to break in. They took me about 15-20 minutes. The only downside is they ware down fast if you do long stand up slides. But smooth sliding wheels usually wear fast so this is to be expected. The only other thing is that if you are just learning stand up slides DO NOT BUY THIS WHEEL. This is because if you can't slide well and hold slide out at a 90* angle and hold it there it WILL flatspot. but if you don't hold it at a 90* angle they will never flat spot. If you are not a beginner and know how to hold out slides at a good angle then BUY THIS WHEEL it is the best wheel out there. They also cone fast so I would recommend the centerset but they will slide differently then the offset version.
Great wheels
I have the 78a version and these things are amazing. These gave me confidence to do slides that I used to be scared of doing on my old wheels (toeside standy/heelside standy). The only downside to these is that the ware really fast. If you did get these I would recommend the 78a because it grips extreamly well and slides nice. 81a would probably be a good choice to. 84a would probably be a bit to icy.
These bitches throw down some thane like no other. I have them on my loaded tesseract and I probably had to break in about 10 slides before the started to thane... Get these mahfuqas there the shit!
I love the wheels. i rode the 72mm 81a and the were awesome. i weight about 135lbs and they left thick thane after about 5-10ft of sliding defiantly worth the money
Good wheels
These were my first wheels, and after about 2 months of riding, I love them. I learned to slide on the 84a's. Really smooth! At first I had a few high slides on Toeside Pendy's but you wear a few mm's off they're nice and buttery. My only complaint is that they slow down pretty quickly.. Like going 15-20 mph you're pretty lucky to get a 20 footer out of them, but that is probably just my duro and my skill level. All around I love them and definitely recommend them.
Pure Steezzzz
i don't know how to explain this( that awesome feeling you can't explain. just beautiful). i got the 78a, which in my opinion is probably best, even for those who don't slide like a pro. first off, you can never ever go wrong with the abec 11 classic thane. and well i broke mine wheels in less than 1 HOUR! just a few slides, and then rotated them and they were golden. i''ve seen lots of thane, but never like this, from riding Volante Morgans, with less than a lip and not to bad of grip, these added my slides an extra 20 ft, easy going around 25 mph which i used to ride around 20, these wheels gave me confidence to ride in 30 mph and break out into slide like in going 15 mph. over all these are just so amazing. if you like thane, buy. if you want to go faster, buy. if you to increase your length of slides. buy. if your a beginner, buy. Only thing is to be sure your not sliding at 90 of they sorta flat spot. the core helps the wheel from not flat spotting but practice on not sliding at 90.
Insane wheels
Lemme get this straight these wheels are one of the top 5 out there for freeriding. They are definitely worth the money but if your short on cash you can always get the flashbacks. not as good as these though but they will do
Keep Shredding!
Best wheel for pretty much everything
This wheel slides AMAZING. My friend let me borrow his 78a freerides and they are SICK. I learned to slide on this wheel. It took a while to break in, about 5 days, but then, they slid like butter. and, the thane looks AWESOME. THEY THANE SO MUCH. but, the problem with that is that they will not last too long. I would recommend getting the 81a, they sill slide about the same but last longer.
These wheels are tit
Thane on thane on thane on thane with a little thane on the side. nice buttery slide. When combined with the magical power of the Chubby
Unicorn these wheels are sex
the first slide was chattery and then every slide after that had thane and got smoother as I went on. These are nice but I would suggest the pink power balls in 78a because they leave more thane and they are basically the same wheels as the offset freerides. Although I have only ridden these for a couple of days so we will see how much they thane when they are really broken in.
Will the 84a duro thane?
These wheels are insane for freeride and sliding. My left back wheel is lopsided. You can hear it when you ride so should i get new ones?
Are these worth the munny and I need new sliding wheels and I don't know if thes are worth it
Name says it all... Freerides = Sic Freeride Wheels!
Been shreddin' these wheels all summer on my top-mount Eastside Rocky Bomber, which fit great with no riser and no wheelbite, keeping you low and surfy. Sliding is so so smooth when you kick it out, but still solid enough to grip when you put weight back on your board. I like the off-set version compared to the center-set version better because they stick out farther giving a wider more stable foot-print when going fast into slides. The center-set version seemed more unstable and not any more noticeable smoother at sliding. Rotating your wheels is key as most riders tend slide more one way than the other, thus making them even out and lasting longer. Great choice out of many freeride-style wheels out today.
got them in 81a and their perfect for freeride, slide like chalky butter balls but still feel really controllable, enough grip to shed speed but easy to push out. Super fun for standies and drifting. Leave really nice thane lines. Their only weakness is something I can't complain about and that’s that the thane comes off rather fast but that’s why they slide so nice. Price is good to nice that their not over $50 like zombies/otangs. riding them on a LY switch and 852s
Got these wheels this afternoon, slid right out of the box, super fast and smooth, get the 84a duro!!
HO-LY COW! this is THE butteriest freeride wheel EVER. I set these up on my dervish and after literally 3 hours total of riding (school was the delay) they break into slides like nooo other. But do not be alarmed I have yet to slide out when pumping/hardcarving, and trust me, I put the pump in pumping like hardcore. these wheels are CHATTERLESS. I swear on my life even the thane lines show the wheel sliding across the street 110% of the time, and theres not the blood curdling goose honk (hate that) when you slide. In short the most predictably slidy wheel, and are very durable/very cone resisent. Oh yeah and I have the 81a version....GET THESE WHEELS!
Sweet like peaches
I can't imagine anything sweeter and more juicy making love to the hard and hot pavement underneath me. Once sideways smiles cannot be avoided. Yet on turns grip when you want em to. Quiet n sexy these wheels are the Megan Foxx of urethane. No limits on just how freaky these suckers can get.
Favorite free ride wheel
i got these wheels about a month ago and put em on my 40" supermodel, i weigh 130 lb and got the 78a duro ones, well they broke in in just 5 min of carving and small speed checks and then the fun began. these wheels are soooooooooo buttery like they make no chatter at all and leave sick thane lines, when looking at the lines you can clearly see one thick long line with no chops in between glorifying how smooth the slide is, its also cool because you get to see exactly how far and the way you slid. mine are about 60mm and coned a decent amount, planning to ride them to the core in the next week or two. GO OUT AND GET THESE WHEELS
i got these wheels in 78a and i just have to say that theye are amazing. they broke in in about four minutes and slide sooooooo buttery. i would recommend to anyone who wants to do some crazy shredding.
slide like ice
i have the 84a version of these wheels and they are so great. When doing quick 180 standups they make no noise at all and have no chatter. they wip around very quickly and are quite responsive. one flaw if they arent very good for holding out long slides. and thwey do wear kinda fast. but other than that they are great
New Favorite freeride wheel.
I picked these up from Daddies the other day along with a 40" Earthwing supermodel and I honestly have not ever ridden a better freeride wheel. They break loose very smoothly and give you more freedom to get back to rolling normal after getting sideways.I have ridden many different wheels and these are less snappy and catchy than the O-tangs which I like much better.
Totally Flawless
In one day these wheels have seen salt, sand, ice, snow, slush, and plenty of pavement. They slide so nicely though I still can't quite pull off stand-ups. Thats only due to my inability. These wheels are amazing in 84a duro. I strongly recommend these wheels. They look narrow in the picture but are actually the perfect width. These wheels have a solid place in my longboarding future.
Sooo butter!
Never have riddin' a better wheel! I have to 81a duro ones and they slide sooo nice and controlled! There is no reason to get the 84a ones, they might be to slidey! These wheels are by farmy favorite wheel and you should get them... especially with the DK Penguin from Longboard Larry!
lovin em
these are absolutely amazing wheels. do no hesitate in buying them seriously, don't read anymore reviews, buy them now and you WILL NOT regret it
These are probably the smoothest wheels for sliding I've ever had. I got the 78a ones and at 95lbs they don't make thane lines. They never suddenly ice out when im sliding and they still grip really nice if you want them to. They are also really quiet while sideways unlike the my old zombies. Best wheels ever.
These wheels are AWESOME! I have the 84a's and just after maybe ten slides, they seem pretty broken in. Once in the slide, the wheels are extremely silent. If you don't enjoy the lound grinding sound when you slide on O'tangs, then I would recommend these. Plus they are like $10 cheaper; so you might as well just go with these if you are on a budget. GET THEM! THEY ARE AMAZING!!! Thanks Daddies!
These wheels are freeride beasts. Don't get O'tangs, Get these. I prefer these to their centerset counterparts because they don't eat up as much of your truck and a smaller contact patch makes initiating slides a little easier. With the offest version you get a combination of the durability of a centerset wheel with the ease of slide of a sideset wheel. If you are split between the durometers I would go right in the middle with the 81a. the 84 is more likely to ice out in the middle of a slide, and the 78a wears down crazy fast (although the slide on the 78a is incredible so if you can afford to keep buying new wheels you may want to go with them.) In the end these are fantastic wheels to get your slide on.
Slide like a smooth man greased in canola oil(;
These wheels are sweet for all types of riding. Sliding on them is a dream. the first slide ever and they broke out smoothly and kept a silent slide! couldnt be more pleased! even leaves some thane once in awhile!! GET THEM WHILE THEY ARE IN STOCK!!:D
Buy these! DO IT!
These wheels are the best wheels i have ever slid! The slides are buttery! no chatter! they aren't load, very controllable! I suggest to get the 81a, because it is the perfect amount of slidyness. they take forever to wear down, they will last you a long time! And they leave nice thane strains, so you can make your neighbors extremely angry! BUY THESE! BUY THESE! BUY THEM!! WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR! DO IT! Seriously...... just buy them bro......
there alrite
They slide pretty well and quite and leave nice thane lines but dont have consistent control and sometimes slip out very quick. Also these in 81a didnt last nearly as long as my 83a stims. Stims are better but these arent bad.

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The Abec 11 Classic Freerides are loved by freeriders who want a more predictable wheel for standing slides, drifts and pre-drifts. The Classic thane is perfect for riders who love to slide, thrash, and shred the gnar on all types of terrain. Classic Freerides feature a plastic core that helps fight coning and allows them to take the abuse of shredding everything.

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