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Abec11 Classic FreeRides Longboard Wheels 72mm - CENTER SET

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Abec11 Classic FreeRides Longboard Wheels 72mm - CENTER SET - SET OF FOUR



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The hands down greatest wheels ever sent down to us peasants directly from Jesus Christ himself.

These wheels shit thane, dont cone, and dont flatspot.

Greatest wheels money can buy. I would give my firstborn son and third wife for a set of these wheels.

I rode these wheels all the way down until they were the size of my nipples (Very small)

time for another set! Dope Wheels.
i tested out my friends free rides the other day and jesus i barely even went in for my slide and before i kicked out i was sliding these wheels are amazing i felt a little sketched out because i wasnt expecting it but they got better the more i used them get them !
insane thane...inthane
abec 11 classic thane is that sugary goodness
you want these wheels
they will leave thane lines everwhere
these wheels feel like a mixture of chalk, butter, and bubble gum
you will have a hoot
Abec11 Ice Outs
These Abec11 Freerides are the iciest wheels I have ever seen. They last literally 1 and a half years and you ice out every slide you do. So if you want some really Icey wheels then get these wheels.
this very good but..
These wheels are good (I have 81a) but it takes a lot of time to break them in (for me this take 1 month!). When u break them in, these wheels are amazing!!!!
good wheels
Shits thane
great wheels for almost alything
the abec11 freerides are by far the best wheels I've had
Amazing, best wheel I've ever road. Then thane really good. I've road ozones, polka dots, danos downhills, and by far the best wheel. Get them
Love at first sight
I have an Arbiter with Bear trucks Ninja 5 barrings. I love the wheels so much. But very loud I have 3 pairs of These wheels and I have cored 2 of them and flat-spotted 1. I am currently riding nordik doughnuts and and the regular nordik. I love the abec11 and I will keep buying them for a while. Also a little overpriced
Muito Boa
Essa rodinha e show! Silenciosa suave, deixa linhas, e o melhor e center set! pode comprar sem medo, RECOMEND IT
Gifts from the gods
THESE WHEELS ARE AMAZING. they are the wheels i learnt to slide on the leave lots of thane and because they are center-set you can just flip them over when they start to cone, if they start to cone. I got mine second hand and they have been worn down a lot partly from me but they haven't even started to cone yet. Amazing wheel . Definitely reccommend
great overall wheel
took a bit to break in but one they were broken in they were butter! they leave green than lines! and since theyre center set they wear evenly, i would definetly reccomend this wheel to anyone who wants to do freeride
great wheel for sliding
I got the 81a version and I just love them their super smooth and predictable and the don't cone to quickly either! great for nice long standies
These wheel s are amazing i got them with 2013 Sector 9 Dropper
and 50 degree Calibers Blackouts. 84a Freerides are effortless on slide and are still very predictable on my setup. GET THESE WHEELS THEY RIDE LIKE JESUS
Classic Urathane
These wheels are my favorite wheels they bust out into super smooth slides and are grippy when out of box just need to break em in which takes a while and then they steez all over the place my setup

Landyatch Tomahawk 2013 blue bear Version

50 Calibers Raw

Classic Freerides

daddies bearings

and steez
Awesome wheel
The abec 11 freeride lives up to its name. At first they have a great roll speed and grip like any other abec 11 wheel. After some breaking in the slide is a little icy and a bit chattery but after the first 4or 5 milimeters its all butter. I couldnt believe how smooth the slide was. They leave a ton of thane and have ease going in and out of the slide. Theyre super predictable. I cant emphasize enough how smooth they are. They also ware very consistantly, if you consistantly flip them. I wouldnt recommend learning how to slide on this wheels but if you know how its a MUST HAVE. Get these wheels and expect easy smooth thaney long slides!
Unlike Any Abec 11 Classic Thane Wheels , These are beautiful! They are super smooth and predictable through to the core. They have a Sugary smooth slide as Abec 11 is renowned for. They leave incredible lines . Me owning the 81a Durometer. They will shed quickly on you even for me being a 40kg boy. I would Recommend the 72mm Size and In center set for a longer wear for a few extra pennys.
Awesome but sometimes
These wheels are awesome. But at speed standups they iced out.
Great sliding wheels
Ive been sliding on these wheels for 3 weeks and they are very easy to slide with and are great begging wheels. But after 3 weeks the wheels should be broken in and mine still make a huge amount of noise.
i loved em untill i flat spotted the shit out of them. although i was coming to a complete stop on my slide so thats why
I was terrible, until i met these.
OK, lets start off with a little bit about myself. Ive been longboarding for almost 3 years now, i mainly did it for cruising/bombing/transportation. i tried to slide, tried to 180, tried to be able to do any kind of standie, couldnt do anything! i could barely 180. Bought these wheels, guess what, 2 months later with 3-4 times a week practice, i can now heelside 180, switch 180, toeside 180, and bust out huuuuge checks. Get these wheels. The 81's.
Spectacular wheels
these ABEC 11 free rides are amazing they slide like a dream and where very evenly. I have had them for about three months and they have held up so well their very durable. they have a moderate downhill ability but I wouldn't recommend them if you do more downhill than free ride. basically what I'm saying is BUY THEM NOW
Great Wheels
Theese wheels are great for freeriding and learning new slides. They're easy to break traction but they arent that stable. They last a long time so you dont have to spend extra money on wheels every 2 months. The only downsides are they arent very stable and they shed a lot of speed. I would reccomend them though.
ok (81a)
i bought these when i got my switchblade and i really never did like them hard for me to slide on them feels like ice don't make they much of sound but other then that the roll smooth and fast
best wheels ever
abec 11 went all out and they have made the best wheels ever
buy them RIGHT NOW
AND CHECK OUT THE 76mm fly wheels they good also
Great wheels!
I went from the sector 9 butterball wheels to these and te Abec 11 had such a smoother ride and is easier to slide with
I can't believe it's not butter!
Love them.
These are the very good wheels for sliding and riding at speed.
They leave generous amounts of thane, after about a solid hour of sliding most of the road was covered in thane.
Very good wheels and would recommend them to anyone.
I just got a set of 78a and at first they were pretty grippy but after a few slides they were butter smooth and quiet. Love the feel of them at higher speeds and I'm pulling the best standies I've ever done with them.
Abec 11 81a Freerides!
These aren't very good first slide, BUT after about ten stand up/ Coleman slides they are very quiet. The only downside is that they cone almost every sliding session I have. I have to flip them every session, but the bright side is that they are center set so it doesn't affect the performance. After the first week of sliding they get very buttery. I weigh 115 lbs and I can get them to thane every stand up slide (any length). You have to get pretty long hands down slides to get it to thane. But when they do thane they get very bright thick lines. They do have a lot of speed shed on them so I can only get 15 footers unless I'm going very fast. They are very easy to break traction and they are 4/5 on predictability.
81a 72mm center set freerides
I have been using these wheels for about a year now and I got them down to 55mm. These are good wheels which will last you a long time if you are light like me. They are great for doing any kind of slide because they have a nice icy thane.
really loud at first, when you break em in they are so buttery. but they are not good for long standies. they arent stable.
Abec 11 Freeride 72mm center set 84a
Hey guys, I'm currently riding for daddies board shop team and I really like this freeride. They are very controllable and you make some buttery and super good slides. I really love this ones because they are center set and that helps you a lot. Also I think this wheels since the first day your making slids are good but when you brake them in are just the best wheels you are going to ride. Juan Mercado
84a Centersets
I first put 84a's on my Rayne Avenger with 44 calibers and I gotta say it was a great decision in my opinion. I don't regret buying these wheels! They last forever, slide consistently and don't wear oddly at all! They have consistent slides every time once you shed off that first layer and it gets better from there. They don't necessarily leave the most thane lines due to the 84a duro, but they are still a very silent, endurance-filled juicy wheel built with pure butter in the recipe if I might say so myself. The only downside I saw in these wheels was the fact that they lasted for so long that they didn't let me ride another set of wheels for a while! (I was just very curious to ride another set of wheels) I definitely recommend this wheel to any shredder out there!
like the dude before me said, best freeride wheel out there
i was going to get these in 84a but they were out of stock. im very glad because the 81a slide like a dream. i cant ask for anything more. these wheels are more expensive than the offset freerides because one they are centerset so if you start to cone them, you can flip it around and wear the wheel evenly. 2nd is because the contact patch is 39mm instead of 32mm. more thane=more money. spending the extra $9-$10 is very worth it. please get these wheels
best free ride wheel out.
the center set free rides are by far the better wheel out right now. the 78a are perfect for those cruising a little bit faster but still wanna get their slide on, I strongly recommend that you get a pair! plus the are all around better than O-Tangs, and don't cone on you nearly as fast!
Awesome butterness (78a)
These are really awesome wheels, so far my favorite wheel out there. They always give clean, buttery slides and because of the wider contact patch they are very controllable. And as the person below me said since they are center set you can flip them if they start to cone.
These wheels are amazing!!! They are really buttery and you get a sweet slide from them. I had the Retro Big Zigs and learned freedride on them but now I got the 84a ones and freeriding is insane!!! GET THESE WHEELS!!!
Abec 11 84a Centerset Freerides
To start off with, this wheel is SILENT. It does not make a sound. It is also classic thane which is something each and everyone can trust. Classic thane has a very smooth and consistent slide to it. And the 84a does it too. Right out of the package, the wheel is a very sexy looking wheel ;) but when worn down it is a great freeride wheel. The greatest thing about this wheel is that it is very slick. It has no problems breaking free at all while still being able to maintain most control. I like this wheel for learning new slides on. It makes it great because you'll break free no matter what so you'll be able to get used to the feeling of breaking free in a new slide. The cons to this wheel is that it is not completely controllable. It is a little bit icy. If you're looking for a more buttery and controllable slide, I recommend either the 81a or even the 78a. Because of the thane, the softer duros will still be able to break free nicely but will be A LOT more controllable. The greatest feature of this wheel though has to be it's fantastic wheel life and durability. It is a center set wheel so with occasional flipping of the wheel to prevent coning will greatly increase it's wheel life. It's lasted me months of some extremely harsh freeriding but the higher duro has not been wanting to wear away. If you're looking for a wheel that will last you a very long time and that will just whip out and do 360 slides all day, I suggest the 84a. But if you're looking for a more controllable wheel for faster stand up slides, I suggest a 78a or 81a but they just won't last as long. But then again, since it is centerset, that easily double a wheel's life so any duro in this wheel is of course an amazing option! :)
84A freerides.
When I got these on Xmas i was excited to brake them in. I rode them for about a week straight then flat spotted them doing a long coleman. These wheels are great for people who slide all day. It think 81 or 78a are better for me. They slide icy. There nice till you flat spot them.

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The Abec 11 Classic Freerides are loved by freeriders who want a more predictable wheel for standing slides, drifts and pre-drifts. The Classic thane is perfect for riders who love to slide, thrash, and shred the gnar on all types of terrain. Classic Freerides feature a plastic core that helps fight coning and allows them to take the abuse of shredding everything. The centerset core gives the wheel a longer life because you can flip them when coning occurs.

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