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Abec11 Gumballs Longboard Wheels 76mm

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Abec11 Gumballs Longboard Wheels 76mm - SET OF FOUR



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These wheels are good for gripped. NEVER slid out on me there by all my favorite grip wheels. I have the 75a and they only slide once and that was when I was boning a hill on my butt and a car came and I panicked and I don't know what I did but it slip a good 10 yards. I would recommend them to anyone who just wants to Cruz around and not having to worry about the board coming out. I've had them for like 6 months and they haven't chunked like some people say.
Need some advice
I'm Thinking of getting these wheels but I'm not sure yet. Read through all of the reviews and I am overall impressed. My main concern is the chucking that every one is talking about. I don't want to slide at all so i would lean towards the 75a. The riding I do is simply pedestrian, from class to class, and some times into the city. Occasionally I'll go down a parking garage. Right now I'm running Orangatang In Heats 80a with zealous bearings on Randals on my Landyachtz switch 35. these wheels are chunking little bits at a time but pretty regularly and im thinking about replacing them soon. the comments have me thinking i should try the 78a because i don't want chunking but i still want all the grip I can get. Oh and ill probably run them on Gullwing sidewinders. So My question is. Should I go with these wheels in 75a, 78a, or 81a? Are there any other wheels i should check out before setting my sights on these?
I have a black cock so these wheels are okay
your mom
like my gummy balls in your mom
75a or 78a
I am defiantly getting this wheel but im not sure to go 75a or 78a
I want a wheel with tons of grip but speedy to
got these wheels on my comlpete board love them roll forever so soft! idk why this wheel doesnt have better reviews this is a carving/cruising wheel not a slide wheel yet u can slide on it thats not what its made for if ur wheel chunks off thats the users fault not the companys fault! u should not slide on these wheels but otherwise its a great wheel!!¡!
Best wheels i have ever rode
I have had these wheels for about 3 months and i ride them just about everyday for a few miles and i have yet to be disappointed. I am running them with caliber trucks on a bustin maestro and they make for a very good push/downhill/freeride setup
Fail me once shame on me, fail me twice shame design
So far I dig these wheels, have been sliding soft wheels since day 1 and this pair was my first hard set, really enjoying them, BUT, because of this wheels weak center core, I've lost now 4 bearings due to the core not sufficiently locking them in. This has happened on the same wheel TWICE, thankfully I wasn't bombing. I luckily found both lock nuts on both occasions but shit I'm afraid to to put another set of bearings on these things now cause I can't afford to keep losing em. If I can't get a single wheel replacement I will be forced to discourage friends on getting this wheel, I mean my case doesn't seem so common so it has to be a faulty wheel right? I had everything tightened and and screwed and pushed in to a T, this was no user error.
Best wheel i have ever owned
I got these wheels for christmas and they are beautiful on flat land. my only complaint is they don't pick up speed fast on the downhill but they do finish strong, i would recommend these wheels to any one who wanted to try them.
Love these wheels!!!
These are some sexy wheels peeps... They roll, and roll, and roll.... I have 75a's on my current setup... and they work pretty well. But I am reading all these reviews, and am wondering why all these other dudes wheels are chunking and splitting, and what I can do to mine, or not do to mine, so that that doesn't happen. So, Daddies? What would you recommend? also, should I get a set of 81a's? As I have heard that they maintain greater speed over flat lands, which is the majority of riding I do...
(almost) best cruising wheels ever
As the title says, almost the best cruising wheels ever, because the lack that "special rebound" orangatang in heat have.
Awesome wheels!! Got them on my Loaded board...totaly smooth and fun to ride
sweet wheel
awsome wheel. gumballs are really fast, awsome for downhill and carving. i have the 78a and it grips and slides when you want it to. also really good for cruising because its large and fast.
Lover of them
best wheels got some for my vanguard and they work so frek'n good love them
plz help
do the Gumballs 81a fit the 180mm randal trucks? Dan Loveland Writes - Yes, these wheels will fit the Randal 180mm trucks.
Love at first carve... BUT!!!!
Ever since I put these babies on my board about 2 years ago I've never looked back since. The amount of grip is amazing, but even at a 78a duro I can always seem to kick out the back end for a little drift/slide action (even on surfaces you wouldnt think possible). My only complaint is that the core (that holds the bearing) seems a little weak... I heard all about chunking and splitting with the softer wheels, but I didnt have any problem with that. What gave out was the crappy center core that kept the wheel on the bearings. Imagine sliding a turn at 20-25ish, cruisin along and all of the sudden sparks start flying from the back because the wheel CAME OFF THE BEARING!!! So not only did I lose a wheel, but the bearings took all the force of the slide. At first I thought it was a blown bearing, but once I stopped rolling on the ground and found my board I checked the truck and the bearings were still on intact! (Those builtin bearings are pretty amazing) I never expected a wheel to fail in such a way, but alas... shit happens when you never expect it to. I still love the wheel but i think they need to redesign the core a little.
badass set
got these on my flexdex 29" classic shortboard. best wheels i've had so far, haven't slipped once. great for my short board. rolls over cracks, rocks, sticks, gravel, sh***y pavement, you name it. nice smooth ride, GLIDES on smooth pavement. helps with making really tight turns in cramped circumstances like city skating. def would buy again. had these for over a year without any chunking. still smooth
Great Wheels
Great downhill wheels. I got these wheels in 75a and they're great just to cruise around. Soaks up road vibrations pretty well too.
great wheels nice grip and not impossible to slide overall a good all-around wheel.
great wheels, better than any i've ever used.
i agree with the other reviewer. they are soft. and mine are allready cracking/chunking. they seem great, but i know what will happen if they continue to split. because this isn't the first time its happened to me. will you guys (daddies) replace them? since i go them from you? Dan Loveland writes - You would need to contact Abec11 directly if you think this is a warranty issue. Do you slide with these wheels? What duro are your riding? If you slide and they are to soft say 78a then they might chunk like you say. Otherwise I ride these wheels on 4 other boards that I slide with and they hold up great for me. Thanks for the feedback
Just buy a harder duro
I bought the 75a duro's and after only 4 days of riding they are cracking down the middle. They are smooth and grip phenomenally, but i think if you are going to spend money on these you should buy at least 78a (if not harder) to save you some money in the long run. To give you an idea of what type of riding I do its simply some hills and going off sidewalks in the city (where i probably cracked them) Dan Loveland Of Daddies Writes - I agree with you. We usually ride the 81a for downhill and flatland transportation. The 75a is really gummy. 81a will be your best choice. Thanks for the product review. Dan
THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I got 81a and they are pretty RAHJ, it slide like butter and it's a good size for bombing fat hills. It also make sexy slid marks and your friends how cool you and your GUMBALLS are.
I got the 75a and they are AMAZING! but I Wish they made bigger ones.
i got these 81a for my landyachtz spud. great wheels buy em.
Sick wheels
I got these on a landyachtz spud. 81a. I did my first slides on these babies. These wheels rock!
I got these wheels probably 3 months ago and I don't see why so many people are complaining about wheel cracking because i've taken them on many runs down Mt. Tabor and they are good as new. Another great aspect is their speed, they just fly,(even in the squishiest duro) I put some nice ceramic black panther bearings to allow a smooth ride. Now i'll say it big zigs go a little faster but if you do a little around town riding I would recommend these over the zigs any day.
great wheels
I had a pair of 81a gumballs on my Vanguard for about 2 months, riding downhill on mainly terribly bumpy pavement. I do a lot of sliding and the 81a wheels treated me pretty well except they coned pretty badly (that's what I get for rough pavement). I'm now using some 84a Gumballs and they are perfect for my style. After breaking them in, they grip just enough for hard carving, and break free if you give 'em that little extra push. Their slide is very smooth and predictable as well, not at all choppy like BigZigs. Definitely some great wheels.
Great wheels
I have the 75a's and while there's things they're not so great at they will literally roll over anything. My current set up is a downhill carving machine and the gumballs are perfect for it. They just grip and keep on gripping and the just inspire confidence when carving at speed because they just won't let go. I teamed them with the bones super swiss 6 and the amount of acceleration you get from them is amazing, they even make pushing up hill a doddle, which makes commuting and cruising an absolute joy. Okay, downsides. The gumballs are not a slide or freeride wheel, especially in the durometer I have…they will slide (I'm learning heelside shutdowns at the moment) but on some surfaces the just will not break traction (probably down to bad technique as much as anything). While the gumballs won't do everything, what they do do they do brilliantly and when my current set wear out I will be buying more.
switching bearings
I have the dano's downhills wheels that came with the loaded vanguard board I have wrecked tons of bearings switchin them from wheel to wheel does anyone have any advice on how to get them out. Dan Loveland Writes - Remove your axle nut and then take your wheel almost off the axle and tilt it and the bearing will pop out. Repeat this for all of your wheels.
I have these on my EVO in 78a. Grips the road so well, totally builds your confidence when bombing hills. I kinda wish I got 81a though so they'd drift a little more, but overall these wheels rock! Amazing traction and they wear very well!
I have use many sets of these wheels, mostly in 78a, They are great for speed and cornering, I've never had any problem with them chunking out but I try not to slide them unnessisarily, As with most wheels they will keep there shape longer that way, I will use old coned gummies for sliding, as I have lots of old ones that I use for garages and slide practice. I find the 78a are the best combonation of grip and speed for my weight, about 170-175 most the time. The Big Zigs are also becoming very popular at races, but I have not tried them yet. The pink ones seem to do very well on the tight technical corses. but they do chunk out and wear out fast. but that is the price you pay for fast grippy wheels.
Best Wheels Ever!
I just got a set of this wheels with a 81a, they are the best I have used!
Great wheels
I LOVE THESE WHEELS! they are very durable, they grip great, they slide easily, and they are fast! I recomend these for all riding styles.
a very relyable wheel
i love these wheels. i abuse these things. i ride at least 7 miles a day, slide a little bit and these things have held up increadibally. i got em in 81a and once they are broken in, they slide fine but they are grippy when you need them to be. best wheel ive ever bought.
I like them!
I picked up these wheels in the 84a, theyre the only duro my local shop had and I dont regret it. Took 4 slides to break in, and now they're one of my favourite freeride wheel, I only wish they were centerset. Ive taken them fast when theyve been broken in, they still grip great. They leave sweet lines if you slide heavy and the wear pattern is great right now, theyre at 70mm
the fastest wheels ever
i took these wheels down the hill im Morro Bay, and someone clocked my at 48 mph, but with my S9 70s, i only went about 30. also, whe theels are 78a if ur wonderin
Best wheels ive had by far
I used to think the strikers where the best cruise/slide wheel, so i was a little anxious when i ordered my gumballs for my dervish (not very good with strikers). I was quickly surprised to find this wheels slide better than my strikers, way better! to the point ill order my next set 84a 88s slide a little to much. I have 88a strikers and the dont slide nearly as much. I highly recomend this wheels un 84a for a dervish (i like wheels that slide nicely) they give great confidence for high speed carving!
I want to get these wheels, but do they slide well? If they do slide well, what durometer, etc would be best for sliding? Dan Loveland Writes - These are not the best for sliding but if you ride them in an 88a duro you can get them to slide fairly easily.
Best wheels I have ever ridden!
I will keep this short and sweet, Best wheels I own. These wheels just glide over the asphalt, smooth and grippy. I have the 81a's and love them. They grip well during carves but also will slide smooth when asked to. ABEC 11 wheels are some of the best out there, and the Gumballs are my favorite by far.
good aceleration
if ur doing sum intense downhill and need to accelerate fast as possible, get these over flywheels.
Im a begginer who dosent know how to slide What wheels and what durometer should I get. Dan Loveland Writes - I would start with 78a durometer. If you are doing more flatland type skating you can go with a hard durometer like 81a.
I've got these in 78a on my Landyahtz, evo... love 'em! Good controlled drifts at all speeds; pick up speed quickly; really confidence inspiring.
ive got theses on my Sector 9 Nosewalker. They are sooooo fast, and (compared to hawgs) slide fairly easily. These are the wheels if you want to slide, and/or go fast
Nice wheels!
I've had 81a gumballs on my sector 9 pintail for at least 6 months and I think they're great. They grip when you want them to, yet, when properly broken in, they slide nicely. After many many slides, I still have about 95% of the wheel. A very tiny piece chucked off of one wheel when sliding, but it was about the diameter of half of a dime. Overall, these are great wheels.
Don't Live Up
I've had the 78a Gumballs on my Vanguard for about 4 months now. At first, they were incredible, but then again, the Vanguard was the first board I ever had bigger than 70mm wheels on, and the Gumballs had the biggest footprint by far. Now, don't get me wrong, these wheels grip well, and they are my smoothest wheels by far, but they don't live up to the hype some people are making them out to be. First off, with 78a, I notice a lot of unintended sliding in my back wheels if I try to carve down a hill, especially when I start picking up speed. I do enjoy the speed, so I am hesitant to go to a lower duro to see if it "sticks" better to the ground. Also, the sliding has a mean mean sound, and on really clean roads, I noticed my Gumballs tend to stick and then release, stick then release, until either I slow down enough to just stick, or I finish making my turn. Now, I know a lot of the sliding issue may arise out of my weight, as I am 215 pounds, and I am sure that the force applied sideways on the wheels during carving or sharp turning is much greater than someone who weighs say 180, and also that my slides may be bumpy because I have a sorta gummy duro but I'm getting undesired slides because the duro is not hard enough, but I feel that hype these wheels are receiving are not worth it. Probably the biggest reason why is that I've chunked 2 wheels and another one has a huge tear down the middle. One of my friends was actually sliding his 81's, and tore his wheel in half, so I don't know if getting a harder duro will make these wheels anymore durable to sliding. Though the bright green color is a plus. Dan Loveland Writes - Thanks for the highly detailed review.
the best
nuff said
Great wheels!
tell you what
so, i threw these on my caften, w/force c7s and i was a little worried about downsizing from my 83mm flys. but tell you what, im sold. ive got a spud for sliding and cruising, so my caften doesnt get much intentional sliding, but when i need to break traction, theyve got no problems. now, i am a small guy, 140lbs and i got the 81's. but when i race, i like the control around high speed corners that i didnt know i was having to tolerate from my flys. i live in portland, and there are some great hills and good community, but the road conditions and weather are less than ideal. but these little guys just dont care. my only nitpick, i would like to see some other sizes come out. i know solid wheels are a bit tough to manage that, but couldnt you make a larger internal hub to reduce the amount of urethane? but what do i know? im just a construction worker.
some of the best around
sick wheels
these are awesome wheels for grip. the only thing i dont like is that 75a cracked kinda easily on sidewalks. other than that, they are one of the best wheels i will ever own
These Wheels Are GNAR!
These are the most amazing wheels I've ever used. They are amazing i got them in 81a and there beautiful and i have only had them for a little while they stick hard when you need em to but slide well when they are asked to. if you are on the fence about what wheels you should get, worry no longer you have just found them!
these were my first wheels and if you get a pair go for the 76mm and 81a you cant go wrong once you break em in you have grip the the best wheels but your wheels slide like butter i have durians now there good but im getting another pair of 81a's cause i cant keep away
these wheel are frickin great. i have the 78a and they grip like a pyhton, but once broken in and on slick pavement they slide buttery. great wheel, but it does weigh more, so not the best freestyle wheel, but not too bad
Sexy good
These wheels are amazing once the are broken in. Grippy as all hell at first but once you break through the top layer. Glides and slides like butter. Get THEM!!!!!
These wheels are amazing. They the Best all around wheel ever. My friend got some for his first board and i learned on them and thought they were great and now i just got a set of my own. These wheels slide when you want them to and good. they don't stick half way through the slide and throw you off. great for carving and dh too. 78a is good but i would recommend 81a.
these wheels are both fast and smooth definately an awesome ride
Pretty solid wheels
These wheels are great for a cruiser board that gets more than a little downhill time, but not used for racing. They are pretty gummy when they get going, and can get be a challenge to get to slide. I use them on a Sector 9 Surf Camp as a campus cruiser and would highly recommend them
awesome wheels
These wheels are sooo cool. Except they cant grip for s**t in the rain, but then again, not many wheels can
these wheels have amazing grip! it takes a good day or two to break them in and when you do its easy to slide but they chunk really bad and start to cone quick.
the wheel that real men ride
These wheels have been awesome to me for more than a year now. They've gotten lots of use at high speeds, and have held together through many a slide. I have the 75a, and although they did take awhile to break in, the effort was worth it. So whether you want to look like a BA riding to school in the morning,leave some phat urathane lines after a stand up 90, or grip in on a hairpin turn, this is your wheel.
these wheels i got in 81a and there prety good wheels. they were nice and grippy at first once they were broken in they were a little slippery for my liking around the turns, maybe cuz im 110 lbs. my 3rd day riding them i got a decent size chunk in my back right wheel from heavy sliding i thnking of tryn the bigzigs
Theses wheels are Awesome!!!They are realllllly fast when going downhill. The deep urethane makes really smooth too. Get them!!!!
Over Rated
They are really good but not the best like everyone says
Downhill vs. Carving
What are better for a mix between downhill and carving - Flywheel 76mm or Gumballs? Dan Loveland Writes - Personally I would go with Gumballs or BigZigs.

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The Abec 11 Gumball wheels are a big solid urethane wheel with a perfect aspect ratio. They’re popular for bigger cruising setups and a favorite amongst a core group of downhillers. Due to its large urethane mass, Gumballs will ride very smooth and have lots of grip at slightly harder durometers. Many people prefer an 81a for a bigger cruising setup because of its better glide. Gumballs will last as well, the amount of urethane takes abuse from riders and mother nature very well.

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