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Alexey Romanov Team Rider

Team Riders
Alexey Romanov Daddies Board Shop Team Rider

Rider Bio
I was born in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. It still was Soviet Union in the 80's but we already had skateboarding and break dance so I've heard Herbie Hancock's "Rock It" and ride some flat when I was young boy. Now I am a trainer and co-founder of inline skating school and it takes half of my time. Second half is dedicated to snowboarding, skateboarding and other boardings. It's the greatest passion of my life. I also compose and play music taking part in Daologic trio - best way to express anything I feel. I can say I'm not extreme rider but I started longboarding only few years ago and I like to practice new things like slides and high speed. Freeride is absolutely my style. It's much more art for me than any sports discipline.
Biggest luck in my skate life was to meet the Daddies Board Shop team and Loveland family. Everybody knows that Daddies is the most famous board shop in the world and I know why - there's a soul of skateboarding in everything they do. They do skateboarding more than business. It's rare in modern world. That's why they are best. We started to communicate few years ago when I decided to show them that there's longboarding in Russia and they answered in great passion, so we became friends and I never felt any regret I wrote my very first letter to them.
I always loved to travel and longboarding gives great opportunity to do this, consolidating eastern Europe longboard scene - russian, byelorussian and ukrainian. I take part in local scene runnig my little longboardshop (yes, Melanie inspired me for it!), sponsoring local events and representing russian longboard manufacturing - SuperApe Longboards and Different Eye Longboards. I proudly represent Daddies Board Shop in Russia.

10 Questions

How did you get into wood-pushing?

I've ride snowboard for a few years to that moment I discovered longboard. I searched something that could rise my riding skill through summer season. I've heard about longboards and met my old pal didn't seen for a long time. "I know something you should check out" he said. It was longboard and it was destiny.

Where is your favorite place to skate?

I have not found it yet. Still searching for it. Saint-Petersburg is totally flat city, so any artificial downhills I can find are mine. Some hills in suburban. But my favorite place is still to find.

Between a bear, dragon, and a shark, which one would you fight and why?

A bear! Sharks are too dumb to retreat and dragons are too brave and proud creature. And big one. Bears are pretty coward and if you don't poke them just go away in most of cases. I know that because I've met couple of them :D Maybe when I'll meet shark and dragon I'll change my mind.

What is your current board setup?

SuperApe Exodus, Gunmetal Magnum Trucks / Paris Trucks 180 and 195, Venom SHR carve and downhill bushings, Abec11 Retro Freerides / Centrax / Venom Sidewinders, Daddies Board Shop Ceramics w/t built-in spacers, Madrid Fly Paper.

What is your favorite food?

love to eat tasty. Apple pies with ice cream, baked potatoe and pasta is on podium Summer 2012 I think. But I like to change my favorites.

Who are your current sponsors?

Daddies Board Shop! SuperApe Longboards and my own longboardshop :D

What is your favorite trick?

To teach someone who has never done any slide how to make speedcheck and heelside powerslide in half of an hour :D I focused on the slides this season becasue freeride is what I love, and it is based on slides very much.

Why do you like to ride for Daddies Board Shop?

Because they support me all the time from my first letter to my own shop. They support the movement all around the world. They think as riders first place. They never sell or advice crap - that's what I learned from them. To do the best you can for those who need it. To ride for Daddies team is the way to thanks them and the big honor.

What are your thoughts on zombies?

Sometimes I look around and see that zombies is not disease but state of mind and it already happened. It's easiest way to live - no thoughts, no desicions. Just eat and survive. Isn't that what most of people do? :) Don't try it at home!



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