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Atlas Truck Co. Longboard Trucks - Black 180mm

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Atlas Truck Co. Longboard Trucks - Black 180mm - SET OF TWO



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Thank You so much for everything really can't thank you enough for sending free New Pivot Cups and the higher proformence upgraded urethane Pivot Cups means a lot love Atlas Truck Co so much there the only i mean ONLY!!! Trucks im going to buying going forward there so durable and High quality and have the best lean in a truck there in on the market they turn just as much as Paris Trucks that are said to be the most turnny truck on the market but i think they trun way more them PARIS Trucks but have the Durability in a Prositon $300 for the price $ of a Cast truck could not be more happy with my buy never getting any Trucks ever again for any pf my 4 Longboards i have and any of my Future Boards i buy thank you so much Atlas.CO for making a amazing turnny Truck for carving but when needed the trucks can be SUPER!!! stable for Crazy fast downhill thats what i love about them u can do everything on these trucks cuz there so durable they last 100 times longer then any Cast Trucks out there and these trucks are just like paris super leanny but i think now Atlas Trucks are the most turnny Cast Trucks on the Market Now and are 100 Times more durable and wont bend like Paris Trucks Thank you again Atlas.CO for my go to Trucks from this day Forward never again am i ganna be buying any other Cast Trucks ever again besides Atlas.CO Trucks 100% satisfaction guarantee
One of the best!
Got these trucks a couple of months ago and have to say that so far they are pretty great. Tonnes of lean and really stable when you flip the hangars. Theyre super solid and to be honest i think they will last a long time. Heard atlas is coming out with a lightweight version, super keen for that too. Definitely would recommend, theyre of the hghest quality!
So sick! Super beefy but didnt really notice the extra weight while riding. Crazy lean perfect for freeride and still stable with dh
Another great option for trucks
OK, i will be the FIRST to review Atlas trucks on Daddies
Not sure why ........but here goes.

I am impressed with the build quality and overall specs.
Some nice progress/ innovation includes the built in spacer on the faced hanger, the pivot cup and ball size on the hanger, etc

These are slightly beefier than Caliber trucks, and yet they don't feel heavier when riding.

I have them on my Switchblade 40 inch with Otang wheels (75mm) , topmounted, and they feel stable and good. No concerns.

not much else to say at this stage. haven't had them for long and haven't done much riding with them, but it seems that these are a good option (for an extra $10 bucks) and a welcome addition to the cast truck market.

I would definitely consider getting these again. (a 2nd set etc)
the baseplate is 48 degrees and the hanger is raked by 3 degrees.

is the default setting 48 degrees? or 48+3 degrees?

Obviously if the hanger is flipped, it becomes 45 degrees (as the description clearly states).

but what is the standard degree/ angle when the hanger is NOT flipped?? 48 degrees or 51 degrees?

I purchased the black pair of Atlas trucks and will post a review once I have had a chance to ride them (this week hopefully)
Worth the extra $
FOR THE EXTRA ~$10 YOU GET SO MUCH MORE THAN YOU WOULD NOT IN MOST CAST TRUCKS. If you are looking at getting an upgrade for your Trucks on your Freeride deck these are the ones. Before I got these I had been riding Caliber 50*s, I had had them for about 2 years and decided to get something to replace them. I found that these trucks have A LOT OF LEAN, so if thats not your style, maybe go for something else. Otherwise I love them (including the lean), tons of detail went into them that i did not get with my Calibers (such as the kingpin having NO SLOP and FLIPPABLE HANGERS). In the end I cannot describe how pleased I am that I got these trucks. I also feel that many trucks to come will likely be designed based on technology used in these.
Best Trucks
Picked these up a few weeks ago and am really stoked. Felt weird my first day (so much lean!!!!!) but I got used to them fast. I like them better if you flip the hangers and they feel amazing with venom elims boardside. These kill it for DH and freeride a bit heavy but way higher quality than paris or caliber for sure.
Amazing trucks!!
These trucks are amazing and have sooo much lean! With these trucks slop is almost non-existant. I have forgotten what it is like to ride calibers because freeriding on these trucks feels amazingly natural and easy. These trucks are quite a bit heavier than the normal truck but this is because they are above the class of cast truck. I highly recommend these trucks!

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Atlas Truck Co. Longboard Trucks

Atlas Truck Co. is a company with a design team full of super-geniuses. There are way too many features on these trucks so let’s get straight to it. These Atlas Trucks feature a 10mm to 8mm axle design. What this is, is a 10mm axle in the hanger that’s CNC'd down to an 8mm axle at the ends, giving you the strength of a 10mm axle while letting you ride the standard 8mm bearings. It also cuts down the need of an inner speed ring which means: fewer pieces to lose. And Atlas is also the first forged truck company to use ball pivots, giving you a smooth and consistent lean and turn. This is a much cleaner and more precise method of producing trucks. So these trucks are very precise and have no slop to them whatsoever. And lastly, they feature a tapered kingpin to ensure a tight fit and no side-to-side slop. Atlas Trucks feature a 3 degree rake hanger with a 48 degree baseplate. So if you're looking for some more stability, flip your hanger around and you'll get the feel of a low and stable 45 degree baseplate. How rad is that?! If you're looking to up your speeds, Atlas Trucks are the ones for you.

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