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Bear Grizzly 852's Longboard Trucks  - Black 52 Degree

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Bear Grizzly 852's Longboard Trucks - Black 52 Degree - SET OF TWO



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Awesome Trucks!!!
Got these for my first longboard (Landyachtz switchblade 36) and I don't think I could have gotten anything better. The reversible kingpin comes in handy when fine tuning. After a week I was able to dial in my setup and confidently bomb some hills with out worrying about speed wobble, initiate a slide on command, and still make a tight turn when needed.
the last piece in the puzzle for any great set up
I am still on my first board, but have recently been changing out parts one by one. the last part, aside from my deck, was my trucks. my old ones were just a non brand, generic truck, that i got for discount. i decided to make the upgrade, and WOW. the whole flow of the board has changed, for the better. they look good, feel good, and work good.
These are some damn grizzly trucks (BUY THEM)
Man these trucks are like Swiss army knives. Great for carving as I'm able to get deep carves out of my board and super smooth. They are also super stable at speed when going downhill, and I didn't even flip the hanger, which apparently increases stability. (Imagine if I did!) I haven't done any freeride yet on these wheels but I imagine they'd do well with going sideways as well! Get these amazing teddy Bear trucks!
Do Anything
This truck is one of, if not the single most versatile cast truck on the market. I'm the type of guy who isn't happy with only one style, so these things are amazing for me.

Carve like a dream, best RKP truck for carving and pumping. Great for distance.
No problems sliding, definitely built to handle the bullets you shoot at it.
Downhill is a bit touchy with the stock set up, but flip the hanger and you're set.
Great Trucks!
These trucks are fantastic! They are excellent for carving, even with the standard bushings! In addition to this, by flipping the hanger, you have an amazing downhill set-up that gets no speed wobbles at speeds of up to 35mph+!
Great For Everything
These trucks are the shiz. They do all things! Great for bombing, fantastic for carving, sliding is no big deal. The bushings are very all around in these as well. Get the trucks, no disappointment here!
Good over all trucks
Great trucks. Good for freeride; flip the hanger good for downhill. You can't go wrong.
the perfect all around trucks!
i love these trucks they came in beautiful and the stock bushings were actually perfect for my weight. take note im only 125 lbs and 5 foot 6 so these bushings may be too soft for others. i got these for my landyachtz bamboo pinner and these trucks complimented the board so much and even bettter the hanger flips for downhill! these trucks definately helped me break into slides alot easier with way more control and predictability! landyachtz never dissapoints!
Great trucks.
These trucks came on my first board and I've got to say they're amazing. I've ridden some of my friend's longboards and they're trucks just cannot compare to these. I can carve way harder than any other trucks I've used. My only complaint is that there is some wobble at high speeds while going at very high speeds but for anything else they're awesome.
effin bomb
these trucks kick major bum! I switched from Paris to the 852's and the 852's are just great
Good Trucks
If your looking for a cheap overall good truck these are for you but the downside is they scratch very easily and when I took them downhill they got a little bit of speed wobbles but I didn't flip the hanger
Ive never flipped the hanger and bomb decent hills with no wobble. Just tighten em and use soft-ish bushings then carve away dewds.
This is a 50 degree truck. Why are people basing it for down hill? its ont made for dh, if you want to do that your looking at the wrong trucks get the 40s. For what these are made for aka free ride and cruising they are kick butt
These thing can go dh especially when you flip the hanger these things kill for freeride there very stable but there heavy and make it hard for freestyle so put these things on you dh, sliding board and they will murder
Good all around truck
These trucks are really good for doing whatever, but I highly recommend getting custom venom bushings or something first. With the right bushing setup though, these can be great for sliding, carving, or bombing hills.
awsome best trucks on the market
I have rode both paris and bear. bear is much better they are great for free ride and downhill
flip the hanger
these have to be the best truck I've had, you've got 2 styles of riding with the Bear Grizzly. flip the hanger one way > sweet carving & free ride/cruising < flip it back > soled downhill < perfect for anyone wanting to do downhill,sliding or free ride
people are idiots
I like how everyone on here is complaining about them being unstable for downhill read the description it even says there that you can flip the hangers for downhill just do that it works people
Very Strong, Bushings SUCK!!!
These trucks are very strong and good for everything besides downhill i get major speed wobles. The bushing the come on these trucks SUCK replace them as soon as you can!!!
Love these trucks only a 4 i like to downHill but sometimes the sharp turning radius is to much for me since im still new to the game of longboarding!
good enough for freeride but
these turcks are good stiff at first and then when you break them in a little they become nice and carvy but the only problem i have is that one truck was ten times heavier then the other wich makes it hard for me to freestyle.
These trucks are amazing for freeride and carving, flip the hangar and theyre amazing for downhill and fast freeride. BUY THESE TRUCKS!!! you cant go wrong with bears
Freeride. Period.
Iv'e had these B852's for almost three years on three different boards, (Holesome SS, Rayne Rival, Landyatchz Evo) and the best they rode were on the SS. They are very heavy in the first place, so freestyle was a pain in the ass. But they were also too lose, even with Khiro double barrels, to run on the Evo. So i slapped them on the Rival for a freeride setup with some broken in 83a In Heats and now its perfect. They are very durable so that's a big plus. Basically for carving and freestyle, I'd suggest a set of Paris 180's. And as for DH, just get the B840's and tighten them down, you'll be taking hills at 40+ easily. Again good for freeride, not much else.
Let's be real, these aren't precision trucks. Don't compare them to calibers, it's like comparing apples to oranges. Get some new bushings on these and they'll feel exactly the same as the caliber 50's. When all's said and done, cast trucks are cast trucks. These have stayed straight, avoided rust and helped me get more confident in going downhill/busting slides. I approve, buy em :D
Nice for all kind of styles
These trucks are really cool, especially for freeride/carve/downhill and the flipable hangar is also cool, these arent my favorite truck but they still work fine and are great for beginners to experts. Just a thing that some people dont know, These trucks can be drop through and topmount. Final verdict - get these trucks if you want to do a bit of everything but not to the max.
Preeettttttty good
These trucks are good for cruising and carving, but they suck at downhill, if I go more than 35mph I get HUGE speed wobbles
Whiff ysbsjchsb
Good for carving and freeride but alittle unstable for downhill I would not recommend these for downhill!!!
Is it a drop through truck?
There bad
This truck is good in many categories such as carving down hill etc. but the bushings cracked so when i wanted to put some Orangatang Nipples in they wouldn't fit but my pre 10 model of bear trucks they fit in but all im saying is try to get pre 10 bear trucks there better in design and quality
Good but not amazing
I have been riding these for a good 2 weeks of hard riding. They are pretty good for freeride but paris is better for dh theyr ok but overall i like my calibers
These trucks are absolutely amazing there great for carving and everything else if you are looking for good trucks buy these
Not bad
While the trucks are satisfactory at downhill performance, I don't really believe that flipping the hanger does anything.
They're excellent trucks for freeride, though!
Amazing wheels. these things ride like you're on a cloud, they are very quiet, and are amazing at carving and cruising. pretty goood for DH also.
Smooth cruser and fast hill bomber
These truck must be the best. They work so great. Marking hard turns when going down a hill very simple. Get these truck they are awesome.
do they come with bushings
just wondering if the trucks come with bushings
They are pretty good, except they don't tell you how to flip the hangar :(. First time I rode on them I ate a Vegas Buffet of Crap, had to go the doctor.
These trucks suck, dont get em. 50 cals are a whole lot better
Can't think of any negatives!
I've had these trucks for a few months now, and used them for all styles of riding.
I've taken them on a smooth path and carved my heart out with no problem. They are very responsive and can turn great.
Then I bombed some hills. I got going pretty fast, and a very small trace of speed wobbles showed up. I flipped the hanger, and tightened the back truck a bit, and went to some bigger hills.
I was spotted going 35mph and I had NO speed wobbles. This goes along with the type of board you have too though, (I'm using a landyachtz switch 37, 2012 model).
I think these are some of the best overall trucks you can get on DBS, especially for the price. and I'm not saying this to add to the hype- I really mean it!
best trucks for price
great trucks, great price. enough said!!!
Shud I
Shud I get these trucks with a switchblade 36
Best there is...period
The title says it all.
great truck
these trucks are great. My first truck and they are so amazing. Get these trucks. great price also.
realy good for carving , freeriding but i don't know why these trucks are the only ones who rust on the cups .
The bear 852's are great ! I love them and recomend them! But the only problem is the stock bushings aren't that great.

They are pure awesomeness. !!!!
Good all around trucks
A great truck for someone who wants one truck to do it all.
Best Cast trucks
I weigh 130 and I bent them in about six months Because I early grab off of BIG stair sets but they have the best feel off any truck I've ever ridden It's like gullwing randall paris and tracker had a four way. :)
I first got them when I bought a Landyachtz Switchblade, and loved them. I have since bought another pair for my other board, and prefer them over and Gullwing truck I've tried.
Sooo stable Sooo smooth Soooo resposive Sooo much swag. 5x better than Paris or Randal. Trust me these are the stuff
These trucks are awesome! They can take a beating and they last a long time. I have had 4 sets of these (3 black 1 Raw) and the black look a little worse when they get scratched but its alright. They are great for downhill and amazing for freeride. I now ride caliber 50s and bears are just as good. I would reccomend these to any one beginner or expert.
I've been riding them for about 1 year now and I can honestly say that these trucks are super stable for DH, AMAZING for carving, and pretty good for sliding. Definitely worth it.
Bear 852's
This Is For The 240 lb. Guy That Bent His Axle. i Weigh 311 lb. And I Have Had No Problems With These Trucks.
240# rider+bear 852= BENT AXELS!
Have them on a 9two5 with flashbacks and abec 7 independent bearings with speed rings and bearing spacers. Rode them less than a month. Never dropped off curbs or did any early grabs and they BENT!! Pretty disappointed.
After doing dh with randals I felt that these trucks were amazing because they are more versital than the randals. I set them up on my demonseed delight and they are great.
sure do take a beating
Bear Grizzly 852 Longboard skateboard trucks are super strong and stable down hill. They are complete with a 52 Degree Base plate and a 181mm axle. The stock bushings are 84A which feel nice for cruising and carving. The wider axle give you more stability and decreases your chance of wheel bite. They are really maneuverable well when you replace the stock bushings with Soft Venom Barrel bushings. The 52 degree baseplate generally favors carving and cruising riding styles but harder barrel bushings turn Bear Grizzly longboard trucks into exceptional downhill trucks. Unlike other longboard skateboard trucks for downhill, the recessed bushing seat really creates a feeling of stability at high speeds. You don't have to worry about your bushings moving around inside the seats. The Bear 852's Longboard skateboard trucks definitely are up there with great trucks like Randal and Paris longboard skateboard trucks. You should try the Bear 852 trucks with Venom Eliminators and Venom barrel bushings for Downhill and Freeriding.
New Trucks!
Bear Grizzly 852's are amazing! I was about to get Paris 180's but then a friend recommended me these and Im glad he did. These trucks are sick at downhill and I have my trucks lose so I can also carve a lot. I have a Landyachtz 9Two5 dropthrough so my board is extremely low when I flip. Great stability and nice carving either way. It squeaks a little when you turn but I don't really care it's all about the ride. Rocking Daddies Bowrd Shop for life!
bear trucks
best non precision trucks youll ever own make 60 feel like a joke
Can You Put Venom Cones On This Board ?
bear 852's
Day 1 I should have taken my Bears back. They were making more noise than a harley. Pulled the hangers to change bushings and noticed the pivot cup was pressed too deep into the baseplate and there was a lot of metal grinded off around the hanger where the nub enters the cup. Also, the baseplate around the pivot cup was ground up. To top things off, there was sharp metal ridges on both hangers on the actual nub that the whole truck rotates on. The bushing seats are some of the weakest I've seen, but the newest release with black pumpkins all around have nice bushing seats. Don't know why the pivot bushing was so deep, but I put a little piece of foam under the new cups and all is good for now. Shouldn't have to do this with a new truck. My friend got the new releases and they seem great in comparison. I will be writing Bear.
Really Nice Trucks
Extremely stable at high speeds. Ive done near 40mph with the 52 degree setup with no wobble. When flipped i have no fears at all. They are great for sliding (i ride a switch with purp durians) and carving isnt bad. My friends paris' on his dirvish carve a bit better but so does that board. but on my switch the grizzly trucks do the job i want and do it well. Go for it for just about anything. PS i am riding the original bushings and they are really nice. i usually ride with the bolt almost off just for the extra fun. Good luck shoppers
Got these to replace some ageing RII's and couldent be happier with them, my RII's had a hard life but even considering that these feel stonger and more solid, the casting is very nice and definatly a step up from randal, riding mine unflipped on a switch for freeride, suprisingly stable for how turny they are, I actualy like the stock bushing setup but stock bushings are no mesurment of a good truck, clearly alot of thought went into the design, I like how tight the pumkin bushing fits into the hanger and is fully suported by the basplate on the bottom
Love em
Have a pair of these on my Landyachtz switchblade. Makes that freaking thing carve so hard with the trucks set up pretty loose. Then when I crank em down or flip the hanger I am set for bombing. The other day was going about 20-30 mph and I was rock solid. I like these much better then the other trucks I have used. The paris don't feel as solid, and the Randall-II can't carve as hard. WORTH IT.
high quality trucks for a great price. got them for my drop speed and they work perfectly. they dont use a bottom washer due to the base plate shape which is nice. flipping the hanger puts your board a bit lower and still carves well. perfect width great quality aluminum with matte black doesn't scratch as bad as paris. bushings are fairly soft. for dh i recomend 2 venom barrels and maybe some 840s for more stability
turns on a dime.
i got these trucks and was a little hesitant about them. i got them and they are the smoothist riding trucks i tried so far. and they turn on a dime. great for free riding and switch them around for downhill and your good to go.
Wicked trucks
i have been longboarding for a little over 3 years now and ive used alot of the mainstream truck companies. gullwing, paris, randalls, revenge(horribly fragile trucks), indys, etc. right now i have my bears on my tan tien with stock bushings and i would just like to say that these are by far the best trucks ive used. the stock bushings let you carve and pump like a mofo, but when your ready to bomb that huge hill your staring down its great to know that you can just whip out your skate tool, flip the hangers for downhill, tighten them up and bomb! These in my experience are the only true all purpose trucks. did i forget to mention how badass these trucks look too? especially if you throw some black wheels on them for that ninja look. keep it real kiddies. know your limitations!
Depends on what you want
I have had these on my landy switch for a few months now. They are really awesome. Despite other reviews they dont squeak. Down Hill they are sweet. Never get wobble(the nice board helps too). The only thing is the bushings are pretty solid so if you wanna carve get a replacement set that are softer and keep these for your needs of speeds. But i bought them for downhill and im extremely happy.
I have ridden on these trucks for a couple of hours now, not that long, but long enough so that I can get a feel for the truck. I have ridden both at a 57 degree and a 47 degree settings and they are both great in their own regards. The 57 is nice and turn-y, with little to none speed wobble on small hills. Turn the hangers around and you have e decent downhill truck, with no jittery turns on medium hills. While on 57 degree setting, I came down around 20 on a light hill and I had to make 1 70 degree turn in order to not crash into a snowbank. I made it with inches to spare and I felt in control the whole time. Over all a great truck that is very versatile and dependable.
I have these trucks on my Sector 9 Mundaka and my Landyachtz Evo <3 I ride the trucks with a flipped hangar, and they are about as loose as I can get em without the bolt coming off. The bolt and nut are pretty much even. They carve like a dream, I can turn around on a narrow residential road easily. They slide, and they are still super stable. The only time I got any bit of wobble on the Evo is when I hit a rough surface going about 25mph. Get them for downhill!!!
i like these trucks alot they do everything i want in style. they turn hard and dont wobble on downhill runs. my only complaint is that it's very hard to tell which way your hangar is flipped, maybe i'm just missing something but i had swapped my trucks from one drop thru board to another and realized that my hangers were being put in at random. currently i ride them with who knows which are flipped and which arent, but still they ride great :)
Great Trucks
I think these trucks are even better than the old Bears. They have great stock bushings, the Pumpkins, and they are very responsive. They turn very easily and quickly, making for a great carve, but are at the same time incredibly stable, even when unflipped.
Good solid stuff here, probably get another set for my next board someday
I was sceptical at first being only a Randal rider, but I wanted to broaden my horizons a bit and check these guys out after reading good reviews. Spot on! these are surprisingly awesome for both cruising and downhill. I could feel them getting more stable the faster I went. Teamed up with a Landyachtz Switch deck, stock pumpkin bushings and my Durians they work great for freeriding and sliding, and teamed with my Abec11 BigZigs and dual Venom eliminator bushings they make a great downhill setup. Havn't ridden them flipped mainly because I don't need to yet. They're that good as is. The only con I can see here is that they are a bit tough to take the hangars off. The kingpin is mounted from the board side so without unscrewing the baseplates you can't take off the kingpin, thus removing the hangar you scrape it along the KP a bit. Nothing bad, just something to watch out for. Overall rating: HELL YES!!!
Versatility is key
I've been riding these trucks for a little over a year now, and I don't think I have ever ridden a more versatile truck. It's got enough stability for DH and just enough manueverability for freeride. I love em, and I bet you will too. Oh, and all that about flipping the truck around for DH or whatever, I wouldn't worry about that. It just makes them ride awkwardly.
all around
just got these trucks last week and they are great. there stable for downhill but you can still carve and everything with the flipped hanger.
Muy buenos trucks, aunque el hanger se suele doblar con el tiempo. Por lo tanto no son tan recomendables para freestyle. Pero para DH, freeride, y carving, son muy buenos!!! La base viene con 52º, pero como el ángulo del pivot cambia, entonces el ángulo se convierte en 57º, y si das vuelta el hanger, queda en 47º, dando mucha más estabilidad! Vienen con bujes de 83, que para carving o freeride van bien, pero para DH quedan blandos!
Pivot Cup
My experience with Bears deal with loose pivot cups- play btwn the cup and baseplate, not btwn the hanger and cup. The only fix is a strip of electrical tape around the cup. Any one else experience this?
good trucks
really nice trucks for carving and freeriding, but dont listen to em about flipping the hangar cause it makes the whole truck flop, just tighten them.
the bear trucks are sweet!!!!, very good for down hill, and great for carving!!!, they do take a wile to break in.
unsurpassed for price
these trucks are amazing i can have them as loose as i want dh and still never get the wobbles i would suggest these trucks for anything cause they are carving machines and nice and steady
great trucks, ok bushings
These trucks are amazing. The only downside is the pumpkin bushings. I have the green ones and they have very little rebound. I hope to upgrade to some elims soon. Overall, these trucks carve really well, while still remaining stable.
very good
these trucks are awesome they turn well and are very stable and i like how you can flip the hanger for downhill all around great trucks
Great DH and freeriding truck
These trucks are great! they carve very very well with the stock bushings but when you put a harder bushing (95a barrel) and i have it loose enough to carve but i can still hit low 30s without tightening them or flipping the hanger! so they are a very light (lighter than paris or randalls) that are also very stable and strong! I highly recomend these trucks to anyone!
Best trucks
These trucks are the best! I have these on my landyachtz switchblade and drop carve 36. Very good for carving and cruising, and you can flip the hanger so they are more stable for dh. The stock bushings are kinda soft, and I suggest getting harder bushings for dh. I have 85a barrels, and now they are the most stable trucks. I have gone around 40 mph on them with no wobbles. I suggest getting them for any types of riders, and they are worth your money. So get these trucks, and I hope you like them. Thanks!
These trucks feel amazing on any board you ride them with. They have amazing turning ability! But, the stock bushings are way to soft for going down hills. I weigh only around 100lb, and I had to crank down the bushings to go down big hills. But, it your more into carving and freestyle like i'm getting into now, the bushings should be alright. If you do find the bushings to soft like me, the best thing to do is to buy some venom eliminators, preferably ride them roadside and you should be ready to shred down the gnarliest hills.
These trucks took a little while to break in. But once they are broken in they are terriffic
very good looking. screwed a little tight out of the box but just loosen them about 3 or 4 half turns and theyre great. also, contrary to what ive heard, mine dont creak/squeak and they are completly quiet. these are good
Sam Abramsons perspective
very structurally sound truck. switched the bottom pumpkin with an eliminater 85a VERY stable with the flipped hanger on my demonseed
biggity bears!
Well, Im a stickler about bushings and i have to say im not a fan of the stock bushings but that wasnt going to stop me from enjoying these trucks! I set them up for higher speeds with a 91a shr barrel boardside and a 90a eliminator streetside. When I flip the hanger they are super good for downhill, for very fast downhill. But with them regular they are super poppy and responsive! I love them! Cant wait to try the precision grizzly's!
Not the best, not the worst
When I first started longboarding I bought these because of there superior style. They performed to my liking, but I didn't ride on enough trucks to compare. I would place these some where in the middle between randalls and parises with randalls being the best. The stock bushings are soft but don't supply enough response. These trucks are great for downhill, but they will not supply you with much play when it comes to carving.
hella good
When the hanger isn't flipped they can carve great with the black pumpkins. When you flip the hanger you can do some serous bombin.

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Bear Grizzly 852 trucks are one of the most versatile trucks on the market. Due to the shape of the truck’s hanger you can flip it over to adjust the performance of your truck. If you flip it the truck will have a lower turning radius and be much more stable for downhill and higher-speed shredding. If you keep it standard the truck remains very turny and responsive. Bear Grizzly 852 trucks are essentially a great option for almost any setup out there. We like to run these trucks on boards with big cutouts and wheel wells so that we can put large wheels on our boards and still get a lot of turning! 

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