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Emily Pross Ripping Through Brazil 2018 Edit

By: Robin McGuirk

Emily is primed and ready for another hi level year of racing. Coming off a spectacular season last year as the reigning 3 time IDF women’s champion, she also finished in the top ten of the IDF open class. The biggest moment of her skating career was becoming the...

Landyachtz 2018 Longboards Lineup Sneak Peek

Magazine Skate 03 Catalogue Version-23
By: Jeff Hannig

The new Landyachtz 2018 Lineup is in the building! The boards won’t be on sale until March 15th, but they’re being photographed as I write this. Some photos are being edited, and I’m fairly certain one or two of the warehouse dudes have already stolen (borrowed, leased) and set...

New Caliber Truck Video: Will Clay

Will Clay Caliber Trucks
By: Jeff Hannig

Will Clay is a man of many talents. Mainly, he’s really good at skating. From downhill bombs to buttery boardslides in the bowl and the schoolyard, Will’s got a handle on his skate quiver. Here, in a “day in the life” style video featuring Clay, Caliber Truck Co. captures him...

The Tarab, Loaded’s New Dancer Drops November 15

Tarab and the Eiffel Tower
By: Jeff Hannig

Like a Reeses, there is no wrong way to enjoy Loaded’s all-new dancer, the Tarab. Ideally, you should focus your efforts on making technical dancing look effortlessly smooth while still folding in your own style, but you do you. If effortlessly smooth isn’t exactly how you’d describe your dancing...

Where Unicorns Go To Die: The Birth of Loaded’s Blood Slayer

Blood Slayer Deck Black Background Web Res (1)
By: Brian Mitchell

The Loaded Chubby Unicorn has long been a favorite among the die hard downhill riders of the world. Its composite/fiberglass/Bamboo construction was incredibly durable and lightweight, and its W-Concave allowed you to find a pocket, tuck, and find speed you never thought you had. And let’s not forget about...

The 13TH P-Town Throwdown Push Race May 28, 2017

By: Robin McGuirk

The longest running skateboard race in the Pacific Northwest is going down again for the 13th year in a row on May 28th. Otherwise known as the Mt.Tabor to Sellwood Park Race it celebrates the tradition of skating at Tabor and Portland’s unique City Ordinance 20.12.205. This states that...

Eastside Longboarding 101 Spring Term 2017 Sign Up!

By: Robin McGuirk

I look forward to my 8th year teaching this course through Portland Community College! It’s been a pleasure helping hundreds of new and intermediate riders gain skills and confidence in longboard skateboarding over the years! And I really look forward to continuing my tradition of helping others on board...

Mic’d Up For Mario Kart Laps At Maryhill

Marhill Ratz
By: Eric Hoang

Sometimes, downhill skateboarding is just like Mario Kart. You get a banana peel involved, and someone’s gonna be sliding off rainbow road guaranteed. In this instance, it couldn’t have been more perfectly disastrous. But thankfully, life’s full of second chances. Take that one to heart kids. So I had...

Landyachtz 2017 Are Finally Here!

By: Eric Hoang

The time is finally here. The wait is over, and all year long we’ve been good boys and girls. We’re making our list, and checking it twice. We’re gonna find out who’s naughty or… Wait a minute, that’s the wrong holiday. It’s easy to confuse because today is just...

All Them Landyachtz For 2017

By: Eric Hoang

I’ll be completely honest with ya, the Landyachtz Lineup is massive. MASSIVE. 48 boards? Whew. I’m here to give you a little breakdown of the Landyachtz lineup. A little Spark Notes if you will. These won’t be lengthy, but rather a sneak peak into each board, giving you juuuuuuust...