Arbor Longboards – 2015

By: Pete Benda

Let us welcome eight new 2015 Arbor skateboard decks. Arbor’s got everything from pintails, to drop through decks, to mini cruisers. Arbor really has you covered for 2015. But don’t you wait, because they’re here early! Just in time for the holidays. Arbor is really changing the game with their walnut construction, making sure that each and every board is made from a sustainable source, and letting you rest easy about where your longboard originates. On top of all of that, their wood by-products are reclaimed for use in other projects. Reduce, reuse, and recycle for all of those out there with a green thumb. So not only are they eco-friendly, but the boards themselves are awesome. The Walnut Series features four different longboard style cruiser setups, giving you a very stable ride, perfect for getting from point A to point B. Then they’ve also released four all new mini cruisers as well. Zip around town with these fun and functional shaped boards. The Arbor Pinebox GT features the old school coffin shape that’s perfect for skating parks and bowls on top of the mini cruiser it’s designed to be. The Arbor Pilsner, Arbor Sizzler Bamboo, and Arbor Oso are all perfect little rides for a grom just getting into the scene, or an old school skate enthusiast looking to rekindle his glory days. Slap on standard kingpin trucks, soft wheels, and the classic Bones Reds Bearings and you’ll have yourself a sweet new ride on these mini cruisers. Overall Arbor has you covered and locked and loaded for the 2015 season.

Pete has been living and breathing skate culture since he was a damn baby.…
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