Emily Pross Ripping Through Brazil 2018 Edit

By: Robin McGuirk

Emily is primed and ready for another hi level year of racing. Coming off a spectacular season last year as the reigning 3 time IDF women’s champion, she also finished in the top ten of the IDF open class. The biggest moment of her skating career was becoming the first woman to ever win theRead More

The 13TH P-Town Throwdown Push Race May 28, 2017

By: Robin McGuirk

The longest running skateboard race in the Pacific Northwest is going down again for the 13th year in a row on May 28th. Otherwise known as the Mt.Tabor to Sellwood Park Race it celebrates the tradition of skating at Tabor and Portland’s unique City Ordinance 20.12.205. This states that skateboarding is a legal form ofRead More

Eastside Longboarding 101 Spring Term 2017 Sign Up!

By: Robin McGuirk

I look forward to my 8th year teaching this course through Portland Community College! It’s been a pleasure helping hundreds of new and intermediate riders gain skills and confidence in longboard skateboarding over the years! And I really look forward to continuing my tradition of helping others on board at Mt.Tabor with the focus ofRead More

Push In The Woods 2016

By: Robin McGuirk

This 4th annual event went down on Sunday October 2nd on the first rainy day this event has seen, but not too uncommon in Oregon. That didn’t stop 50 plus riders from coming out to experience NW distance racing at Push In The Woods for 5K and 10K. Located in Banks, Oregon which is 40Read More

Push In The Woods 2016

A photo by Carmine De Fazio. unsplash.com/photos/3ytjETpQMNY
By: Robin McGuirk

This 4th annual event is going down the first weekend of October this year. The past 3 years it’s been a one day event on Sunday located in Banks, OR, but this year we’ve added extra events on Saturday. The 5K and 10K race on the Banks/Vernonia Trail will be held on Sunday October 2nd.Read More

P-Town Throwdown 2016: Pushing 8.5 Miles & Donating Over 7,000 Pounds of Food

Riders meet in the park to register and bring their food for donation to Oregon Food Bank.  Every 4 cans of food they bring, they receive one raffle ticket with no limit of 
how much food they donate.
By: Robin McGuirk

This 12th annual skateboard push race is going down again May 29th. The route leading from Mt.Tabor Park to Sellwood Park has been a tradition in Portland and definitely the longest running skateboard race in the Northwest. Riders meet in the park to register and bring their food for donation to Oregon Food Bank. EveryRead More

Longboarding 101. Class In Session.

Robin's class celebrating the end of another class.  He his about to begin his 7th year in a row teaching classes that run from April through September in Portland, OR.  You can also take private lessons from him throughout the year.  Photo by Eastside Longboards
By: Robin McGuirk

I started my seventh year of teaching classes at Mt.Tabor through Portland Community College this Spring. That means I’ve helped hundreds of students of all ages, genders, and skill levels on how to become a better longboarder. How to manage your speed is the name of game, and doing it safely is the way IRead More

P-Town Throwdown 2015

PTown Throwdown Poster 2015
By: Robin McGuirk

The 11th annual P-Town Throwdown is the NW longest running running skateboard race going down every year on Memorial Day weekend on Sunday. As tradition goes this event celebrates the 15 year old city ordinance 20.12.205 stating that skateboarding is a legal form of transportation in the city of Portland, OR. It’s also a beenRead More

Ditch Slap 2015

By: Robin McGuirk

This has been the most anticipated event for me so far this year. I’ve been thinking about it ever since the last time I was there in 2012. Also known as the SLAP (Safe Longboard Awareness Program), it is freeride event on some of best downhill ditches in the world located in Albuquerque, NM. TheRead More

Longboarding 101 Spring Term at PCC.edu

By: Robin McGuirk

I am happy to announce the first Longboarding class of 2015 starting April 1st. This is my sixth year teaching at Portland Community College and I am super excited to continue the program! The class is once a week on Wednesdays at Mt.Tabor from 6-8pm. The location provides perfect conditions with smooth hills on closedRead More