The Loaded Algernon Snowboard

By: Jeff Acciaioli
Loaded Snowboards

Loaded Snowboards are finally here! It’s fair to feel skeptical towards a brand that specializes in one thing, and steps out of their niche into a new endeavor. Loaded, a high-end longboard company has been creating superb skateboards for over 14 years and is now releasing their first snowboard, the Loaded Algernon.

When Loaded first started building skateboards, their goal was to capture the feeling of snowboarding and take that feeling to the streets. Year after year they achieved this by pushing the limits of longboard technology using a hybrid of materials like bamboo, fiberglass, cork, and UHMW polyurethane. It was time to use this knowledge to build a snowboard. Loaded is not only using top of the line technology in the Algernon, but they are also taking their own approach to selling their board which may set new standard in the snowboarding industry.

So you may be thinking, “$670.00 for a snowboard! What makes this board so much more special than other boards?” Well, if you have ever been in the market for a new snowboard, it’s no secret that the technology isn’t changing as often as the graphics. So consumers buy the old graphic for almost half the cost and get the same board. The consumer wins, the snowboard company and retailer lose which has a negative long term effect on the industry, and then everybody loses. Loaded decided to do something different – the Algernon will hold its value year after year until Loaded develops new technology. So when you purchase your board new, you don’t have to worry about some guy or girl, three months later, purchasing the same board for less. Not only will your board hold its worth, but there are a ton of other unique features packed into the Algernon making it one of the most versatile all mountain boards to date.

The Loaded Algernon is mainly all-mountain focused with a freeride influence making this board perfect for carving it out at the resort or blasting off booters in the backcountry. This board has a directional twin shape with an extended nose giving you the extra lift you need to stay above the deep powder. Its centered stance is great for freestyle riding but for those deeper days, Loaded added a couple extra inserts so you can set your stance back even further. This board features a “Mustache Camber” profile which combines the power and snappiness of camber, while lifting near the tip and tail to help prevent your edge from catching and ruining your day. Some more unique features of this board include the inlayed cork footbeds designed to absorb vibrations, the elimination of sidewalls which provide true flex and reduce weight, and a custom bamboo core which is what Loaded is known best for. Loaded is so confident in their snowboard that they are even offering a limited lifetime warranty.

The Algernon is available in four sizes: 150, 154, 157, and 160W. The cool thing about this board is that each size is created with a special formula that combines boot sizes, rider height, and weight making the Algernon one of the only unisex boards on the market. Make sure you reference Loaded’s special sizing chart to figure out which size board fits you best. The Loaded Algernon will be available at Daddies Board Shop in mid-November, just in time for the snow fall! Happy shredding!

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