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Bones Reds Skateboard Bearings

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Bones Reds Skateboard Bearings


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love them
They work very good
Had for 2 years
I've have my bearings for about 26 months (1year and 2 months) and I clean my bearings about once a month I skate all the time and they have with stood the test of time they are one of the best bearings out their I would recommend them and I would buy them again.
Best for the Buck
I only use these now and they are the best bearing for the price they are. At only $15, they fool like a $40 bearing, and i trust them for long rides. Not a lot of maintenance at all either, lube them when you can but don't go out of your way to because they hold up well. I let a friend try my board and he asked me if i had just lubed them because they were so nice, when i have lubed them in like 5 months.
good for the price
My wheel spin was way better than the stock bearings that came with my board and definitely affordable.
Best value bearings
I've been longboarding and skating for 13 years and these are the only bearings I use. Long lasting and smooth. You can't go wrong with there all around performance.
Bearings so smooth
They run forever, I've run these bearings through deep puddles, might as well have dipped em in a lake. They're still running strong! They run really fast too. So cheap, so nice, get em.
I like these bearings for the price. Problem is, you don't always get a full good set. It seems like there is always one or two bearings which don't roll as good as the others, but I like these when I take my dog out with my board as they don't seem to roll as fast as Zelous or ceramics, making it easier to stop the board. They get noisy, you have to clean them a lot and lube them, but for the price and what I need them for, they are great. Faster than many abec rated bearings. A good solid upper middle bearing for the price range. Slower, go for abec rated sealed bearings, faster, go Zelous all the way. Super Reds; sorry to say, after being my bearing of choice for years... broken in Zealous bearings have you beat.
Most bang for your buck. Period.
I rode these on my old board for about 2 years, cleaned them maybe once a year and treated them pretty bad, but reds just hang in there like nothing else... I got a set from a friend of mine that were really badly rusted, gave them a clean, and after that they were better then the bearings i was riding. If you want a bearing that will last you through the apocalypse and still spin as fast as they did, these are the ones.
spin time
You guys know that spin time has nothing to do at all of how fast you can go on the board right mine spin for 2 mins yet the top speed I've gotten on 63mms is 35 mph they last forever if you clean them but spin time has nothing to do with speed and durability.
Great bearings
Great bearings for doing anything! last about a year if you take care of them
Still Rollin' Smooth
So, I got these with my first longboard before I knew wtf I was doing, with that being said I treated these like absolute shit. Then as I progressed I got a little. But better, honestly not much. I haven't cleaned these, I've never lubed them or done anything to them. I live in Colorado where I ride in all kinds of conditions, especially water! Well the other day I decided to take them off and look at them, because I bought another board and wanted to see if there was a need to upgrade, well to say the least, I was shocked!!! No rust, none! There was some dirt, but after riding through mud for two years riding the board nonstop. Anyway before I took them off I tested for spin length, they racked up a solid 2:00 after I took them off and put them on ( no lube just cleaned the dirt off ) they got 3:00. Now I know there are better products but these are $15 so if you're tight on cash, or would rather spend money on other things, these are solid
great shipping!
Litterally two days after I orderded these I got them, wow
I can thoroughly vouch for the life of these bearings. I recently took apart a board that had been in storage for years. After cleaning them, the bones performed better than most regular bearings from lesser brands. Do yerself a favor and buy these
An inexpensive upgrade to any board
Bones Red are great bearings for the simple reason that they are cheap yet extremely effective. I knew my stock bearings were plainly awful, I needed to replace them and fast. The Bones Reds are a marked improvement, yet still don't come close to the higher end of the bearing class.

The come prelubricated and ready to roll out of the box. I did notice that the bearings attracted an unusual amount of grime compared to other bearings. So I definitely recommend increasing the frequency of cleaning to 2 weeks or so to maintain them properly.

Overall, the bearings are much faster than stock bearings, cheap enough for anybody to buy a set, yet aren't good enough to touch the ceramic set of bearings Bones produces.
Great bearings no complaints though I prefer my friends seismic Tektons the blue ones with the built in spacer
I have been riding these for about 6 months now, and I love them. I can get a 2+ minute roll time on these. Haven't had any problems with them and they are easy to clean!!!! well worth the money
These are FAST bearings. Just keep them clean and they will be wicked fast. Use orange based cleaners.
These Are nice bearings. However if i were you I would pay the extra ten bucks and get super reds they roll for triple them time and are very smooth however is still like these bearings alot
Sector 9 + Bones Reds = awesome!
I just got my sector 9 dropper with bones reds and it rolls forever! I would have never thought that a bearing this cheap could be so fast.
great bearings
ive had these for 6 months now, and a couple of them i have had to replace. that is probably my own fault though cuz i abused them like crazy. if ur gon get bearings, get these their pretty reliable and cheap. besides bearings hardly should take up any of ur money so just buy a new set once they seize or break
Can't Beat For the Price
Honestly there are no better options out there for $20. I have had these bearings for a little over two years and they haven't failed me yet. And guess what. I've cleaned them four times. FOUR. Sure they're not gonna compare to some of the other bearings out there but for $20 you're getting an insane deal.
fast and reliable
Bones Reds get the job done. These bearings roll fast, stay smooth, and barely need cleaning! Get yourself a pair if you don't have em' yet!
Great Bearings, Especially for the Price!
Ive been riding these for a while and they are so comfortable and roll great. They have so much capabilities for such and awesome price! Get these bearings!
I can't hear you!!!
What???? Huh???? i can't hear reds are SOOOOO loud!!!!! Seriously just buy magic bearings if your gonna get these.
Really good bearings
These are nice but lack spacers and speed rings which are ultra important in all set-ups, Get zealous or Tektons if you've got the money.
flippin durable
i rode these for 4 years without cleaning them once. WOW. they are still running smooth
They are fast and pretty smooth. They aren't the fastest, but again, your not dropping 50+ like you would for others. I've used these for years and will continue to use them, though for DH, I will upgrade but stick with this company.

They do need cleaning every once in a while.
There is nothing spectacular about these, they are 20 dollar bearings, for example my oust moc 9's are rediculously fast. And my Zealous were super tough, however the reds were the first bearing I ever owned, I abuse them, and have maybe cleaned them 5 times in 3 years. Well they are still going strong and are my most ridden bearing. I have 3 setups total and over the years have gone through about a 4-6 other sets of bearings (many alot more expensive than these) and the reds continue to be there for me, they never fail. they are just absolute tanks. like I said there is nothing that really makes them stand out of the crowd.......until you realize that you have had them for over 3 years and they never fail when all others did. do yourself a favor, and get a pair
overall great for the price
these bearings are great for the price they last long and spin pretty well they have been great to ride but for a better ride buy super reds they roll faster and perform better for only 9$ more
They hold up their momentum pretty well I guess, seems like abec 5's are better, FETUS I just sold mine. :(
great standard bearings
I've used them for about 2.5 years now and I haven't needed to change them. They are a small step up from the stock abecs and are great for the price. with that said, if your looking for a decent set them at least give them a try for 20$. Also they sell them at most skate shops so if that's all u need, no reason not to go to the local stores.
good for cheep price
they are great for 15-20 bucks. they last for ever and get faster as you keep shreden
they are a good bearing but i only have one complaint. i was doing some freeriding and i did a predrift and the wheel slipped off of the bearing. but besides that i love them
My dad gave some of these to me and they are so speedy. They are my favorite bearings.
These bearings are indesctructable , my mate put his in the pool, (idiot) still spin so good
don't waste your time. get Zealous. Cheaper. Better. All-in-one. Thats what skating is all about
i like them
@ lee, the "galactic overseer" lee. you need to brush up on your bearing facts. bearing "speed" doesnt exist when you are riding the board. did you ride the bearings for more than an hour? could you notice the 2 "bad" bearings? did the bearings affect ho
Galactic Overseer
bearings are only as good as the worst one(or two) in the box. I got these and put them on my rig and had two wheels(all brand new btw)that spun for 1 min 45 secs(with a little variation of course) and two wheels that I was lucky to get 20 secs spin out of! I took all the bearings out, noting the slow ones and even out of the wheels they were HUGELY different in spin rate. I would not get them again because it appears I would have to get two boxes to sort through for 8 DECENT bearings. I know this is not just a bones issue. I had Oust moc 7's before and they were awesome. I'm thinking of trying some Ninja 7's to save a little money...if I don't like those then I guess I will try to save for some moc 9's. I hate it when I get a brand new crappo bearing!
You're an idiot
Dude you're an idiot. First of all there is such a thing as bearing "speed" it's a proven fact that some bearings run faster than others. The increase in price is because there higher quality and because there a higher quality they run faster. Just had to vent, douche bag. Ride hard everyone and don't listen to guys like this!
first off, when i first bought these bearings i wasn't expecting much. there fast, maintain speed, accelerate fast, and last FOREVER. i have these bearings on my loaded dervish flex 1 with paris trucks and oragatang 4prez 80a. these bearings are faster than my friends rush ceramic bearings. however, to keep these fast clean them once a week. they get dirty real quick. (IVE NEVER USED SPEED CREAM) highly recommended! thanks daddies
Great deal.long lasting bearings that roll for a long time.the removable caps let you get a deeper clean when cleaing them.these are defenitly worth the money.although the price has been raised to $20 since i last bought a set which im kinda bummed about.
Well worth it
I dont know about many other bearings and i probably wont have to because how how long these awesome bearings last...i skated hard on these bearings for a year now and they still feel awesome...just clean them once in a while
I got some of these on a spud and love them. I want to make another board devoted to sliding, but I remember hearing that reds shouldn't be used in sliding boards. True?
great cheap bearings
i got these bearings to freeride with since theyre so cheep and great. one rainy, slidy day later, i checked them out and my back wheels spun for 8 seconds. i took them out and 2 bearings couldnt spin. so i decided to clean them with rubbing alcohol (works great and very cheap) i left them in ofr 30 minutes and they are better than new. im rating it 4 because the shields are not the best. other wise great bearings
Best bearings long lasting
I have had the same reds since 2001 they are still going strong and spin a MINIMUM of 2 minutes each best bearings I have owned they do get a little noisy when lube runs down after about a 2 or 3 weeks, these bearings also make good rain bearings and don't rust if you maintain them right and spin them for a bit after riding in the rain these are awesome bearings and very affordable highly recommend.
Red's and sliding answer
I have Red's on Dervish and the thing flies! Oh and I have never had a problem pulling huge slides with Red's, so if you are thinking of still getting a board just for sliding and you want to get Red's, then get em', cause they're awesome!
not bad
i like the reds ok but its not my first choice
Best for the price
I looooooove these bearings! Easy to clean, fast, long lasting, quiet. Thank you Bones!
Great Buy
I love these bearings nice and fast not to mention if taken care of properly they last for a long, long time, I've had a set that lasted for three years. I soak them in 30w motor oil for 30min then soak them in rubbing alcohol for 10-20min and they come out like new, throw some speed cream in there and your set for a good long time. I rate them price 5/5, quality 4/5, maintainability 5/5, roll speed 4/5, and overall 4/5.
not that good
pretty good out of the box, but get dirty really easily, and they get jammed. Had mine for about two weeks on my 9 to 5 and then i started noticing them start to slow down, and jam a little. If you want a better bearing go for the Khiro Notro or the abec11 biltins. Im going for a pair of biltins soon. I want these out my wheels.
Great Bearing
These are IMO the best bearings you can buy in this price range. i love them.
best bang for you buck
these bearing are probably the best bang for your buck bearing. there are better out there for more money of course. they spin fast but are pretty noisy after a short time. i would recommend these to a friend if they are not looking in the over 30 dollar range. if you want a good bearing for the cheap...get these
These bearings are by far the best bearings. I use these in my sector 9 Nine Star, With green abec11 flashbacks 78a i used the skanunu bearing lube on these bearings the have a 3 min 17.45 sec wheel spin that is really good. I wouldn't ride them in the rain. Even though they are cheap they are really great for the price. they are alot better than the abec5 bearings i had in them.
these bearings are well worth the $15 I spent on them. Once they were broken in, they performed beyond what I had expected.
These bearings work great. I have yet to have any issues with them, and i've had them for at least two months. Still pretty quiet, and roll quite well.
Great.. for a short time
These were awesome, but only for around 15 hours of use, after that, one of the bearings stopped spinning well and when I ride, it makes a horrible noise. I was forced to replace it with one of my old bearings. Reds are really cheap, but if I have to buy a new set every two weeks, it starts getting expensive.
They are bearings. Nothing at all special. Any shop will sell you similar ones. Just for the record, the daddies bearings are faster than these.
des is good
They good
Good bearings for a good price
When i first got them they spun great, after 4 months they still spin fast but not as fast. Definately the best bearings for 15 bucks

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Bones Reds were developed to be an affordable alternative to Bones Swiss. They feature ground and superfinished chromium steel balls and races, a high speed, removable nylon ball retainer, Bones Speed Cream lubricant and a removable, non-contact, frictionless red rubber shield. This combination of Skate Rated™ design, quality components and careful quality control makes them faster, smoother and longer lasting than other skateboard bearings in their price range, so let the good times roll with Bones REDS.


  • Pre-Lubricated with Speed Cream
  • Easy Cleaning & Re-Lubricating
  • Removable High Speed Nylon Ball Cage
  • Non-contact, Removable Rubber Shield
  • Bones Skate Rated Design & Quality
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