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Cloud Ride Mini Slide Longboard Skateboard Wheels 66mm

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Cloud Ride Mini Slide Longboard Skateboard Wheels 66mm - SET OF FOUR


$31.62 $39.95


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The duros are a little bit softer compared to other wheels but that's just because of the urethane. Great for faster riding and very predictable when you got to the sweet spot of the wheel.
Perfect for just about everything
Set these up on my Peacemaker and now it's the ultimate city shredder. Got the 86a which feel a bit soft but have great control and are surprisingly durable for how much they thane. Dig it.
Good but beware of soft Duro
I just want it say that these are great slide wheels but beware that cloud ride thane feels a lot smother and wears a lot faster, I'm a big guy and I bought the 80a and burned thought them super quick. Also they kill a ton of speed so depending on what you do that could be a good thing. And they leave HUGE thane lines so good wheels but softer thane.
Best I've bought
These are the best wheels I have. I cored them pretty quickly (86 duro) and I am an amateur at sliding. If you can do some slides but they aren't very long the wheels will last a while and pour on thane.

Best for slide/trick boards that are low to the ground (small wheels=less wheelbite on low boards)

Pros: fast, buttery, thane, smooth
Cons: Core easily, not a lot of grip at higher speed
86a mini slides
At first they were really grippy cause I just got off of swingers and I weigh 140 and they leave no thane I go around 30 and still no thane,it might be a bad batch but idk.and they wear fast
These wheels slide like a dream! The release and hookup point are very predictable. The wheels start off a little icy but they move into more of a sugary slide. They are quiet asf which i like a lot, I'm not a big fan of the otang screech. Some downsides to these wheels are that they wear pretty fast with how much thane they drop.
Great wheels
All the wonders of the other cloud rides in a smaller package that's easier to break loose

I ride the 83a's which are perfect in my opinion
Smooth as hell ride, but are kinda short for a cruiser
Dump thane like there's no tomorrow
Hold up well to abuse, not as well as 70mm ozones though. (Probably just due to smaller size and offset core)
An 83a in this feels similar to an 80a in other brands as far as softness and butter in slides, bit has the smooth and easy release of a high 86a duro wheel..
Fat thane lines
Incredibly comfortable forwards, backwards, and sideways.
Predictable hookup and release without too much work
Blue is steezy as a mofo
I smile just looking at them

Specialized for sliding and freeride, work well in downhill.
Wouldn't recommend for cruising unless on a smaller board, but that's only because the smaller size won't give you as much distance per push as a larger wheel.
83a is an awesome balance.
A very easy wheel. On smoother pavement it may take longer to break in but very controllable for such a small contact patch. Worth giving them a shot.
they are terrible
Pretty swell
These wheels are pretty good. The 86a set that I have are a little icy on bigger standups but overall very good wheels! I would recommend 83a.Get a pair!
good slide
broke heelside record on 86 kind of predictable but ehh hit 60
Buy these wheels now
I'm riding the 83a's and they have a super controlled slide that also slides forever. Also, I've been riding the for about 3 weeks and although they are almost cored, that is an extremely long life cycle for a freeride wheel this size. And also, LOTS OF THANE.
Intensely FUN 83a
I bought these Cloud ride minis before I went to a big slide jam in Manhattan (Breezy Bomb 2014) and they were brand new. after the 2 hour long jam event I had worn them down about halfway. I do about 30-40 foot slides and am about 160 lbs so you can compare your skill and weight to me. I cored them the next weekend. I would like to point out some goods and bads of this wheel.
Goods: they will leave sick thane, they are easy to get confident on, and they get better the more you wear them. also they are easy to correct if you get slight flatspot or ovalization (they core evenly)
Bads: they died pretty quick. yep that's all I got.
slide well but kill some speed
i have the 83a ones and they slide nice and smooth. they thane a decent amount if you weigh more than 115, they do however kill more speed than other wheels so they are better for a faster freeride setup.
Awesome sauce
I got the 80a and they are super awesome right out of the box, i recently cored crybabies, this was a problem cause it took me a little while to get used to the contact patch once the bevel was gone. If you have problems flat spotting defiantly don't get the 80a. I havent flat spotted them yet but the feel softer then they appear.
fun funfun fun fun
Rad, yo
These wheels (not these wheels) but these wheel's, are great in the 86a duro, very long consistent buttery slides, but the flatspotted. Wah.
I got the 86a mini slides for Christmas from my brother, and these wheels have amazing slide capabilities, and they thane a ton which is great. and they don't chatter, they have a very quiet smooth and predictable slide. only one problem, they flatspotted on me. very sad.
Got these for Christmas and wow they are really amazing learned my Coleman's n heelsides on them and they slide like a dream n can leave thick thane a lot
I love these wheels 83 A they like switch from icy to chalkly to gliding and they thane like crazy and I'm 106 and no flatspots yet so Mutch better than any wheel I've had fast shipping to
Super awsome, got the 80a and they slide like a dream, if your sceptical about the small contact patch, don't be, since these wheels leave a tone of thane, they wear away really fast. I gave them a 4 out of 5 only because they wear fast but I didn't get any ovaling or flat spots. Get them they are cheap and deffinatlly worth the money!
good sliders
I am satisfied with the sliding capability of these wheels but am disappointed with the fact that the website says these r center set
Seem like pretty great wheels in 86a
Cloud Ride Ice Outs
These cloud ride mini slides were really buttery and controllable on toesides but were really grippy on heelsides when I first got them. Then after a while of sliding, they were really controllable on heelsides but icey as crap on toesides. Cloud Ride Ice Outs
at first the wheels coned like crazy but after I flipped them, even though they r off set!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they now don't dump much thane now and are great all around
Smooth and buttery!
These wheels are amazing! Incredibly easy to break into a slide. So easy in fact that I nearly fell over on my first toe side slide. Incredibly silky, smooth slides with very little effort. Feels like you're gliding. No wonder they're called Cloud Ride! I have the 83a, and highly recommend them. You won't be sorry.
very fun
Impulse buy but did not regret it. Super sugary consistent slides and perfect for my peacemaker

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Cloud Ride Mini Slides

Small wheels equal big fun. Mini Slides were created to bring epic slide capability to smaller boards & riders, or just those looking for a small contact patch and driftier wheel. These are the perfect fit for your "do-it-all" setup and lightweight enough to make ollies just that much easier. The beveled lip is great for carving and cruising but makes for an enjoyable and predictable slide wheel. At $40 the value of these wheels is hard to beat, you might as well just get one of each duro

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