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Apr 28, 2014 awesome product can't want to try it. As a former roller-blader looking to pick it back up, I dusted off my old skate which were peak tech when skates were big. Love these blades but I'm heavier now and they have sat for years. Funds are a little tight but I want to take care of my blades and protect them before I stress them out til my weight drops. was on the fence about whole process because cleaning and then lubing them keep adding up to 20 or more dollars. Not much for the average citizen but funds are real tight. This product has granted me an economical alternative to both protect my gear and my extremely limited funds. Its has already allowed me a window of assessment to see if I my skate for fitness/transportation is feasible. Thank you again I have great hopes for this product. Should funds become available I will try to buy my gear and supplies thru Conradr 10/10
Apr 27, 2014 i was satisfied Online Shopper 10/10
Apr 26, 2014 Love u guys thechef86 8/10
Apr , 2014 REVIEW Seth 10/10
Apr 26, 2014 I love Daddies! Online Shopper 10/10
Apr 26, 2014 Thank you guys so much for the helmet, knee pads, and grip tape! Sliding is much more comfortable now that I have more protection. Can't wait to save up some and get a new deck and a full face from you guys! Psychic Sloth 10/10
Apr 25, 2014 Very easy to use and helpful website. Cheapest bushing prices i found online and the free shipping option is on everything so that is a massive plus. Online Shopper 10/10
Apr 25, 2014 Great service. Board came put together perfect. Didn't have to adjust anything. Awesome job! conrad 10/10
Apr 25, 2014 Thanks. The helps page about options helped a lot for first time buyer. kadenmc2000 10/10
Apr 25, 2014 Landyacht Lady 7/10
Apr 24, 2014 It was a fantastic experience. I will use daddies again! Morgan 10/10
Apr 24, 2014 Good times. petepvi 9/10
Apr , 2014 REVIEW plpedro1 10/10
Apr 23, 2014 I really like daddies board shop because it has a lot of good quality products to choose from. One of the best thing is the fast free shipping that they offer. Also the customer service is good and they answer any question quickly. I'm sticking with this web site. Online Shopper 10/10
Apr 23, 2014 This place is awesome to order a longboard from Wyattriot 10/10
Apr 22, 2014 easy website great prices :) I will for sure recommend you guys to friends and family. Alysha_Friesen 8/10
Apr 21, 2014 Wasn't able to track purchase Online Shopper 10/10
Apr 21, 2014 Love my new longboard, nice price! Good service, and quick respons on email. Would be happy to order more stuff from you! Frozen 10/10
Apr 20, 2014 Overall really easy purchase. Very happy :) Mitch 9/10
Apr 19, 2014 The product was great. The only thing that bothered me was the delay in the delivery. Jc 9/10
Apr 15, 2014 Best shop ever! Le_Frodo 9/10
Apr 13, 2014 Don 9/10
Apr 28, 2014 Love your online shop. Also like the fast & free shipping. Online Shopper 10/10
Apr 28, 2014 Never heard of this site until tonight when i was recommended by a friend. Very pleased with the site and would recommend people if they were ever in need for some board supplies. -THANKS! c_RED 10/10
Apr 26, 2014 Great store! They have it all pretty much. Wish I could buy it all honestly. Always on time with well put together completes and nicely packed supplies. Could I maybe get a few free stickers next time. A year ago I got two completes and did not receive one sticker.. I was pretty sad cause that is one of my favorite parts. Get me some next time! Thank! You guys are fantastic! Dillman 8/10
Apr 23, 2014 Huge selection and easy to find what I was looking for. Checkout was a breeze. DBG 10/10
Apr 23, 2014 10/10
Apr 22, 2014 Awesome selection, best prices I could find. Kinz 9/10
Apr , 2014 REVIEW Online Shopper 10/10
Apr 22, 2014 Great place to shop for boards! balibumboy 10/10
Apr 21, 2014 GREAT purchase transaction. Online Shopper 8/10
Apr 21, 2014 Thank you for excellent service Online Shopper 9/10
Apr 18, 2014 Jamie 9/10
Apr 17, 2014 heard about this company thru my brother who was roommates with one of the owners in NYC back in the late 90'sNow my kids are always looking at their site making "wishes"... momof2skateboadingboys 10/10
Apr 17, 2014 Easy to use site, lots of items to choose from Online Shopper 10/10
Apr 15, 2014 Overall a good experience. It was easy to find the product I was looking for, and the free shipping was a nice surprise. Can't wait to receive my product. Sofia 10/10
Apr 15, 2014 I placed an order for my son.....your site was easy to navigate. JK 9/10
Apr 15, 2014 Can't wait to get my board! Pie God 10/10
Apr 13, 2014 Great boards great service. DanMan 9/10
MAR 30, 2014 We love Daddiesboardshop , because we get great deals.Cheaper than Oz, even with postage. Thanks DBS. 10/10
Apr 28, 2014 Love your online shop. Also like the fast & free shipping. Online Shopper 10/10
Apr 28, 2014 Never heard of this site until tonight when i was recommended by a friend. Very pleased with the site and would recommend people if they were ever in need for some board supplies. -THANKS! c_RED 10/10
Apr 27, 2014 cheap and fast shipping Online Shopper 10/10
Apr 27, 2014 I have always bought my stuff from motion but you have everything in stock all the time and the lowest prices with free shipping…. great overall wouldn't change a thing. Ri-Man 9/10
Apr 27, 2014 You guys do great displaying stuff that's in stock. 10/10
Apr 27, 2014 Can't get away from ordering from the best shop in my home state. Online Shopper 10/10
Apr 27, 2014 Daddies board shop is a really cool site! It has reasonable prices and cool gear. I Highly recommend buying your skate stuff here!! Gotta love the free shipping, always a plus! 8/10
Apr 27, 2014 DC 10/10
Apr 27, 2014 I was always able to find what I was looking for quickly and easily 7/10
Apr 27, 2014 Nice layout for the website. Online Shopper 10/10
Apr 27, 2014 Wonderful site with amazing choices Walther 10/10
Apr 27, 2014 Can't wait to receive my order!Thank you and goodbye ch 8/10
Apr 27, 2014 Awesome Righteous shop The Dance Thief 10/10
Apr 26, 2014 Pretty easy payment Alex 10/10
Apr 19, 2014 Daddies is awesome! Seth 10/10
Apr 27, 2014 Shoe goo is the best glue to use Online Shopper 10/10
Apr 27, 2014 Quick shipping, item is accurately described. Online Shopper 10/10
MAR 30, 2014 We love Daddiesboardshop , because we get great deals.Cheaper than Oz, even with postage. Thanks DBS. Jordan 10/10
Apr 26, 2014 Great site, easy to use and nice to look at. AIRBORN buffalo 9/10
Apr 26, 2014 keep up the good work Online Shopper 9/10
Apr 26, 2014 Daddies was a great site, informative and easy to get to the important information Rich 8/10
Apr 26, 2014 I love DBS they have fast shipping and great service!!!!! mitch_polich 10/10
Apr 26, 2014 Second season riding and daddies made me feel comfertable with products and customising my order was fantastic. Only two problems is the quantity of product lol and you cant stand on the board to get a feel for it. If you dont know what you want you can get lost but browsing such beautiful boards is almost like therapy. James 10/10
Apr 26, 2014 You guys are awesome huge selection and free shipping only site I'll ever use Wyatt 10/10
Apr 26, 2014 the over all experience is good and simple the price came out much cheaper than if i bought from the maker of the longboard MicroShiv 8/10
Apr 26, 2014 I'm excited about getting my first long board ever. Daddie's Board Shop was very helpful Stephy 10/10
Apr 25, 2014 They're a wonderful company! 10/10
Apr 25, 2014 good job, hope i get to see my board soooon!! ty guys BIZ 9/10
Apr 25, 2014 Very good experiente to buy at Daddiesboardshop ! Romero 9/10
Apr 25, 2014 Shawn 10/10
Apr 20, 2014 Sam 10/10
Apr 18, 2014 Thanks for making buying all of my boarding stuff so easy. Sam 10/10
Apr 18, 2014 Excellent pricing, great selection,and always super fast free shipping. Every time I look at another online retail store, I consider I have wasted my time and always wind up ordering from Daddie's. Plus, they always send a free sticker or two. Doesn't get any better than Daddie's. Jimmy the G 10/10
Apr 18, 2014 Brilliant service! Great product! Would definitly tell people About this store and their products!! amsjuh 9/10
Apr 13, 2014 Thanks for being an awesome company and have even awesomer prices and products! H ude 8/10
Apr 26, 2014 Great buying experience emilpetersen 9/10
Apr 25, 2014 I am happy with the products and the ease and variety of customizing mine and my daughters skateboards. It was a little expensive, although I bought quality, I hoped for a better discount. MikeD 8/10
Apr 25, 2014 Alot of my friends recommended you guys so I finally decided to order something and I was very satisfied. Thanks for the slide gloves I cant wait to use them. Claybopenguin 10/10
Apr 25, 2014 Funny bones sliding gloves video Shewy 8/10
Apr 25, 2014 Awesome place to get longboarding stuff! D-mite 10/10
Apr 25, 2014 They are an amazing shop with great service, they also are the only board shop I have dealt with that ship to military APO. I would recommend them to anybody. SteezNuts 10/10
Apr 24, 2014 Purchasing a new longboard seemed almost too easy! Pooper 10/10
Apr 24, 2014 I had a great experience with the site and its customer service. I got a response from an email within 10-15 minutes and was told exactly what I needed to know. I will definitely order from DaddiesBoardShop when i have to get and more longboarding equipment. dauberham 10/10
Apr 24, 2014 Fast & easy Appreciate the shipping options Online Shopper 10/10
Apr 24, 2014 Good variety of everything you need for skating! longboarder 9/10
Apr 24, 2014 Great shop, will buy again. 10/10 Silvio Freitas 9/10
Apr 20, 2014 DaddiesBoardShop is my go to long board online store BrodySmith2001 9/10
Apr 17, 2014 good to shop,they have stuff you dont find locally.. Online Shopper 10/10
Apr 16, 2014 overall a great site to order from PuckerT 9/10
Apr 16, 2014 Really cool love the boards Henny 8/10
Apr 14, 2014 Great board thanks guys. B 10/10
Apr 12, 2014 I love daddiesboardshop's selection, however, deals or shipping could be better. badfish 9/10
Apr 5, 2014 Nicely set up site. Things are easy to locate, pricing is competitive. The overall experience is easygoing, and there's everything I needed in one place. I'll buy here again without a second thought! Dean V. 10/10
Apr 23, 2014 Best online shop. Period! Bowman 10/10
Apr 23, 2014 The fact they have a number I can call for help is amazing! They helped me with everything and answered all my questions! It was my first time using daddies (I usually go to muirskate) but I'll be shopping here for all my long boarding needs! I couldn't be happier. Arctic_Burn 10/10
Apr 23, 2014 Over the past 2 years the products I have bought and services I have received from Daddies Board Shop have been spot on! I will use them again for my family's sporting goods needs.Timing on my purchases have not allowed me to take advantage of the email sales and discounts they provide, but I do appreciate their program to keep me up to date.I have recommended them to my friends.FranccoPennsylvania Francco 9/10
Apr 23, 2014 dope online shop, they got what I need and more to keep it steezy, cuz we all know its not easy, keep it real daddiesboardshop! t 9/10
Apr 23, 2014 DaddiesBoardShop 4 lyfe! Handkerchief723 10/10
Apr 23, 2014 is really easy to use and it is very convenient when trying to find the perfect longboard because it has so much information about every board! I will continue to shop at daddies! Marisa 10/10
Apr 23, 2014 I get all my longboard supplies from daddies board shop. They always have what I need, awesome deck designs, and super fast shipping. It always gets to me way earlier than I expect. And they always send stickers! awesome for stickerbombing your board. DillanWalstad 9/10
Apr 23, 2014 Great experience,Thanks for an easy checkout! Online Shopper 8/10
Apr 23, 2014 just placed the order and am assuming that all will be delivered smoothly Online Shopper 10/10
Apr 23, 2014 This will be my first purchase with them but I will be sure to post my future shopping experiences. Kyle 10/10
Apr 22, 2014 Daddies Board Shop has always been and will always be my favorite longboard store, they are good to their customers and always stock the best gear. 10/10 in my book, now someone get me sponsored Ryan 10/10
Apr 22, 2014 Daddies has been and will continue to be my number 1 option to any of my longboarding needs! ghost cat 10/10
Apr 22, 2014 Awesome site with free shipping! How can this site get any better? Kev Dawg 10/10
Apr 18, 2014 You guys are still the easiest and quickest way to find a new board, and give all the info I need to know before making a purchase. Your prices are competitive and the free stickers are an added bonus. Thanks for all that you do. tubes 10/10
Apr 13, 2014 Thanks to an awesome store for an amazing prouduct at a great deal and great customer service. Brent 10/10
Apr 11, 2014 easy to shop! Online Shopper 8/10
Apr 22, 2014 Love you guys TREX 8/10
Apr 22, 2014 I continue to be impressed by how easy it is to place your order here. Although if they could lower there international shipping charges that would be awesome. Nick 8/10
Apr 22, 2014 Its a really good online shop and you wont be regretting buying anything from this store with the great prices. carlos 10/10
Apr 22, 2014 awesome the best site for buying anything the shipping is excellent and the customer service is superb Evan 10/10
Apr 22, 2014 I love the wide variety of products I can choose from when shopping online. Big daddy 7/10
Apr 22, 2014 First time ordering. They helped me find the right wheels, plus gave me a discount on bearings. Great place for a longboard novice! aaak3207 10/10
Apr 22, 2014 Very good, free shipping! Ford 10/10
Apr 22, 2014 So far so good! :) noname 10/10
Apr 22, 2014 Great longboard shop. All of my future longboard-related buys will definitly be at Daddies. Keep on the great work fellas! Dplesh 10/10
Apr 22, 2014 i love em! Viktor 10/10
Apr 22, 2014 Good shopping experience, useful sales. Thanks! Online Shopper 9/10
Apr 21, 2014 We've always been very pleased with out purchases and orders. Online Shopper 9/10
Apr 21, 2014 This is an amazing site. Never change! Nate 10/10
Apr 21, 2014 Very happy with purchase. Have been looking for this particular product in this colour and couldnt find it anywhere online and that would ship to Australia. Online Shopper 9/10
Apr 21, 2014 Good price on shipping. Good selection on wheels, trucks, bearings. McCabe Mesa 10/10
Apr , 2014 REVIEW Marky 10/10
Apr 21, 2014 Excellent longboard retailer. Highly recommended. Online Shopper 10/10
Apr 15, 2014 I ordered my first longboard from Daddies and it got here fast and I loved it. Ive gone back to Daddies multiple times. It's the first place I go to for new longboard gear AlwaysLongboarding 10/10
Apr 11, 2014 best online longboard store!!!!!! edd 9/10
Apr 9, 2014 Great customer service and well designed website, keep up the good work guys DBlock 9/10
Apr 21, 2014 Love the site very few things i have looked for and haven't found Online Shopper 8/10
Apr 21, 2014 its the best website out there tutts 9/10
Apr 21, 2014 Really easy to use and a great website. Much better than any others ive seen and or used thaner stainer 10/10
Apr 21, 2014 A great skate shop, awesome prices, and good products... 5 stars. CB 10/10
Apr 21, 2014 Awesome prices and out the door epic customer service. Tomah 10/10
Apr 21, 2014 their super awesome, great customer service and everything Online Shopper 10/10
Apr 21, 2014 best prices china's! rod-the-pirate 9/10
Apr 21, 2014 Fast, easy process. Will purchase from again. Burgundy 10/10
Apr 20, 2014 As always, I love Daddies, they always fulfill my needs for anything I want. Tweebish 10/10
Apr 20, 2014 Good folks, quite informative Noah 9/10
Apr 20, 2014 I LOVE IT!!! mdude 10/10
Apr 20, 2014 this site has mad steez with the eeze or purchasing your new rad gear. TIME TO SHRED! alien 10/10
Apr 20, 2014 It was pretty steezy. Online Shopper 9/10
Apr 20, 2014 Great selection of product. Excellent filters to find the products i need. Nate 8/10
Apr 20, 2014 I think it is great that daddies has free shipping with no minimums coban 9/10
Apr 10, 2014 Great board, and was very satisfied with the ease of shopping. John 9/10
Apr 10, 2014 Great site! Very user friendly and will buy from here again! TK 10/10
Apr 10, 2014 I have a dad, I swear Bailey 9/10
Apr 1, 2014 The Guy i called seemed chill. Online Shopper 9/10
Apr 20, 2014 Amazing customer service! Fast order processing and delivery!! Plus, no shipping, which I love!! Bebe 10/10
Apr 20, 2014 Sufficient variety. Reasonable prices. Dmitriy Kir 10/10
Apr 20, 2014 You guys are rad. Adrian 10/10
Apr 19, 2014 Thanks for the awesome deal on the t-shirt. Ollie Boombayay 9/10
Apr 19, 2014 Love daddies board shop! But today when i was buying a snowboard, in my cart and during my checkout it did not say the size that i selected, so i had to go back and make sure i picked the right size, and that makes me unconfident they will know the correct size to send me. Also they showed four color options but i was unable to choose a color nor was there any information on what colors were available, so it will be a surprise when i get my board. But so far i have had no problems with Daddies and i would highly suggest them to others. soulsnurfer 8/10
Apr 19, 2014 daddies is the best dont shop anywhere else Lord Humungus 10/10
Apr 19, 2014 The best place online to buy anything longboard related and has with the best prices. Camshredsnar 10/10
Apr 19, 2014 Nice, site easy to use Snoopynva 10/10
Apr 19, 2014 I love daddies board shop but I was a little disappointed when the flex deck pin nose boards where taken off. Other then that I have bought off of this website 4-5 times now and every time I was greatly satisfied. I hope to continue my longboarding hobby with the help of daddies board shop. Thank you for all your help! Little Pringle 10/10
Apr 19, 2014 Great selection if products T 10/10
Apr 19, 2014 Best online store I have been shopping to. Ferroba 10/10
Apr 19, 2014 Daddies is the best board shop! Baz 10/10
Apr 19, 2014 Hello from the UK! Keep up the good work! GingerSteeZ 9/10
Apr 18, 2014 Really happy with this, informative and cheapest I could find. Website was easy to navigate. Will buy here again when I need new pucks! Luke 10/10
Apr 18, 2014 wow you guys blew me awway with the shipping and how i saved $4 on the lube... i may not be alot but it just made the budget with the gift card i was using! jakedbirk 10/10
Apr 13, 2014 love your shop keep it up graf 10/10
Apr 9, 2014 Shop in Republic of Korea even after the famous Daddy will be available. Cheer hkj7319 9/10
Apr 7, 2014 First Time purchase with Big Daddies so I'm hoping things go well. If not I won't buy again. Online Shopper 7/10
Apr 18, 2014 Quite painless! Website clear and generally well laid out. Would ship internationally which was a bonus. Mobiscum 9/10
Apr 18, 2014 The Best Online Skateboard Shop there is! FizzleRocks 10/10
Apr 18, 2014 They are the BEST! Very helpful. They are our go-to source for long boards and snow boards. Online Shopper 10/10
Apr 18, 2014 I love Daddies for all my skatin' needs. Very professional when you give them a call, site it quite easy and has great product reviews. FREE SHIPPING!<3 Rideing_The_ThaneBow 9/10
Apr 18, 2014 I will always buy from Daddies Board Shop. They always satisfy my needs and never disappoint. I just wish I could get some store credit for sticking to them only, I am loyal to buy only from daddies! Thanks guys. Tweebish 10/10
Apr 17, 2014 great selection very easy to customize and to find stuffI like the optional "more information" for specs on wheels. anarchistastrologerstakeboardguy82thethird 10/10
Apr 17, 2014 Very good shop Yoboybigpapa 10/10
Apr 17, 2014 Awesome experience over all! Snowball 10/10
Apr 17, 2014 Todo excelente, muchas gracias! Rash 7/10
Apr 17, 2014 This website is exactly what I was looking for, thank you for your flawless shopping experience. Jomonster16 10/10
Apr 17, 2014 Great variety and quality of products at awesome prices!! Now my boyfriend can teach me how to longboard- Thanks! Kelli 10/10
Apr 16, 2014 I just started long boarding as my hobby. After watching endless reviews on the best long boarding setups, made it easy and affordable for me to get the very best products I needed. I highly recommend this site to anyone that is into outdoor skating hobbies! Plus the shipping is free so you cannot beat that. Christian 10/10
Apr 16, 2014 I love the variety of items in stock. Online Shopper 9/10
Apr 9, 2014 My son loves your boards! Online Shopper 10/10
Apr 9, 2014 I am shocked that my son has this new skateboard 2 days and it looks awful.All torn up with the paint and the covering on the top surface.I would assume that a skateboard would look better after a few days. Online Shopper 9/10
Apr , 2014 Thanks for the longboard :) Dez 8/10
Mar 31, 2014 I want you to guarantee the Best stuff & Best price juwonc80 10/10
Jan 28, 2014 I'm a Welder, so the welder for a logo is awesome!Sector 9 belts would be nice, i would like to buy one but i cant buy it from the Sector 9 website becasue they dont ship to Canada. BB WELDESIGNS 10/10
Apr 16, 2014 You guys are great! Lots of options. Keep up the good work Online Shopper 10/10
Apr 15, 2014 Daddies Board Shop have a variety of selection with relatively lower prices for completes in compared with other shops. I look forward to receiving my purchase and continue to share good info about these guys. Txstate Boforida 8/10
Apr 15, 2014 is amazing and they have a wide selection of products at an affortable price and best of all free shipping - no minimums. I also really liked how easy it was to order everything I wanted and I could do so all in one place. Agne 10/10
Apr 15, 2014 Great Website, good format, and easy to navigate! Asgardboarder 10/10
Apr 15, 2014 Love the free shipping. Makes choosing a place to order from a lot easier. Ryan M 9/10
Apr 15, 2014 Smooth I was very pleased in the process of looking at the boards and helpful information equipped to the buying process. 10/10
Apr 15, 2014 Easy, Efficient, and Visually Appealing Aaron 8/10
Apr 15, 2014 REVIEW>daddies is great just check some of the product descriptions some of them are the absolute opposite of what it says the product will preform like. qbmvp 8/10
Apr 15, 2014 I like your shop, way cheaper, keep it up! Joe 10/10
Apr 15, 2014 Amazing selection and great prices. The free shipping doesn't hurt, either. Tag 10/10
Apr 15, 2014 this will be my very first long board. i am very pleased with your website set up. i use ebay and amazon all the time, but was recommended to you by a good friend of mine and i found your website easy to use and not full of ads. nagna5000 10/10
Apr 14, 2014 Great service. I will be shopping here again. BrandonLMonroe 10/10
Apr 14, 2014 Very good service and fast shipping Sy 9/10
Apr 11, 2014 Keep on shreddin! Tbearshreds 10/10
Apr 8, 2014 I love the board and it came in when they said it would. Sonrisa310 10/10
Apr 6, 2014 Checkout experience was easy and fast. Hereisavery 10/10
Apr 2, 2014 some pages were not working properly, and some products were not clear, i needed to call the toll free number to find out, and they were very helpful and i had no wait time over the phone at all. Online Shopper 9/10
Apr 14, 2014 love store because it is cheaper than muirskate but it does not have some brands I like such as cadillac brownie 10/10
Apr 14, 2014 My son loves your store. Thank you for your great selection and really quick shipping. Online Shopper 10/10
Apr 14, 2014 These guys rock! SilverSurfer 10/10
Apr 14, 2014 Great selection, with great pricing, with easy buying experience!! utahutes2008 10/10
Apr 14, 2014 the website is very easy to use making its a great experience to use and also they have lots of boards to choose from L Jensen 10/10
Apr 14, 2014 Happy with the fact that they had earl lakais, however the checkout experience was the worst one i've had in awhile. bizzle 10/10
Apr 14, 2014 Seemed good. We will see what happens when product arrives Don 9/10
Apr 14, 2014 Wonderful shop. Found just what I needed and at an amazing price. I hope they keep what I bought forever, because I will be purchasing from them again. Mace 10/10
Apr 13, 2014 Daddies Board Shop is the most reliable and friendly board shop i'v found! Jyp21 8/10
Apr 13, 2014 Found the perfect longboard wheels that I needed for a great price. very satisfied. 2cool4u 9/10
Apr 8, 2014 thanks for the sales aolson811 9/10
Apr 6, 2014 There just completely amazing, they always have what i need in stock, they have fantastic customer service and they ship pretty quickly with out any ,mistakes, I've recommended all my friends here they as well love it , thanks daddies Bryan 10/10
Apr 6, 2014 Called customer service and the guy who answered the phone was very nice and helped me with my question. It was actually very easy and fun. I would definitely recommend to my friends, and I plan to. -Kyle kcone 10/10
Mar 30, 2014 Quick and easy with a lot of options I wanted for my board. I'll most likely place all my skate orders at Daddies from here on out John MacK 9/10
Mar 27, 2014 out of stock with a few items but to be expected at the end of the season. Mainey 8/10
Apr 13, 2014 Great purchasing experience. Ohdeeznuts 10/10
Apr 13, 2014 Always buy from Daddies! Good prices and free shipping. Online Shopper 10/10
Apr 13, 2014 It was easy to find what i was looking for maxman 10/10
Apr 13, 2014 Good experience so far. Joe 8/10
Apr 13, 2014 It's a great source of the products I need at a good price. The Buccinator 10/10
Apr 13, 2014 Well, the site looks very nice and it is very easy to navigate through. I hope they internationally ship the things I order in tip top shape. Luke 10/10
Apr 12, 2014 This site has everything that you'll ever need no matter what your looking for. I trust that Daddies will have what i'm looking for every time i go to look on their website. Asencrow 10/10
Apr 12, 2014 Daddies Board shop has a nice collection of skateboarding and longboarding equipment ! srbsingh 9/10
Apr 12, 2014 I love DaddiesBoardShop! parker 9/10
Apr 12, 2014 Very happy with this website. Online Shopper 10/10
Apr 12, 2014 Daddies is the best online shop for longboarding equipment, I live in Norway and order from Daddies. Skamtru 8/10
Apr 12, 2014 The transaction was easy and smooth. Online Shopper 10/10
Apr 12, 2014 Way better option than buying a deck directly in Germany, even with the shipping charges I saved alot of cash. Just moved here, need to ride. G-Man 7/10
Apr 8, 2014 Did this shopping for my son.. Krondorl 7/10
Apr 7, 2014 the best shop pcarashiro 10/10
Apr 2, 2014 like daddiesboardshop, the fact that they throw in some gnarly stickers is awesome, honestly when someone asks me what store is best, then daddiesboardshop is the first that come to mind.and the shipping is quite fast too :) superman 10/10
Apr 1, 2014 great merchandise and setup which helped me make the best choice Dusty 9/10
Mar 26, 2014 nice !!!!!!! jae seog 10/10
Apr 11, 2014 In terms of longboarding, DaddiesBoardShop has products that I could not find anywhere else at an awesome price. Ive already recommended it to my friend and he also pointed out how awesome this website is. Despite being overseas, the postage is bordering on reasonably priced. Just to make it absolutely clear, the slide gloves from this site could not be found anywhere, and i mean anywhere, on Australian sites. I didn't even know that things like this existed. JBronk 10/10
Apr 11, 2014 we like it luke 10/10
Apr 11, 2014 offers a very large variety of skateboard and longboard products and offers some of the best prices that are available online.The shipping is quick and on time and they have yet to let me down! Online Shopper 10/10
Apr 11, 2014 This was my first stop when shopping for my first longboard & Daddies Board Shop was very helpful to explain what exactly I should be looking for. The design and variety of boards was extensive & it was a very easy process overall. Cannot wait to get my board! Online Shopper 10/10
Apr 10, 2014 Thanks for being my favorite board shop for so many years. Schmete 10/10
Apr 10, 2014 Great website, good credit card/personal information security Adizzle11 9/10
Apr 10, 2014 So far so good,,thanks,,my g/son loves u guys deb 10/10
Apr 10, 2014 This is a very good website to purchase longboard items from i was very happy with my last purchase and recomand it the others. yeagermiester 9/10
Apr 10, 2014 You guys rock my face off!!!! Slaysh 10/10
Apr 10, 2014 Thanks for the fair price! Kendo 8/10
Apr 9, 2014 This was my first time on The overall layout of the site is very well done. Everything is exactly where you expect it to be. I will be sure to use from this moment on. Online Shopper 10/10
Apr 9, 2014 Daddies always as well-informed reviews and information I need to make the right buy. I would recommend them to anyone. Bustin Chops 10/10
Apr 9, 2014 Please pick my name for drawing Online Shopper 10/10
Apr 9, 2014 you rock my socks nat 8/10
Apr 4, 2014 thanks for the spreading the stoke! lzrpny 10/10
Apr 4, 2014 An easy to use website with great products and information. mads 10/10
Apr 3, 2014 Thank you so much! Omnida 10/10
Apr 2, 2014 Awesome site for anyone looking to buy a longboard. felixthecat 9/10
Mar 27, 2014 The size information about the snowboard I purchased was not displayed when I checked out. Might be a good detail to add. mnelum 10/10
Apr 9, 2014 i love you john wayne 10/10
Apr 9, 2014 Good experience, easy checkout, and a ton of great products with a huge selection. Rayne Roller 10/10
Apr 9, 2014 Best online shop. I tell everyone about it Online Shopper 10/10
Apr 9, 2014 Often used in the future I will. soulrider 10/10
Apr 8, 2014 Best Longboard Supply out there Online Shopper 10/10
Apr 8, 2014 I definitely plan on purchasing all I need to make myself a custom board to my liking. Bronson 10/10
Apr 8, 2014 i was very satisfied and shocked that i didnt have to pay tax or shipping. PK 10/10
Apr 8, 2014 Completely subjectively speaking: There were too many elements on the site that really didn't need to be there. It gives a longer loading time and makes me sort of impatient.Also, consider getting a wider ''search board by design'' category (Pintail, Bamboo, etc.)That being said, the site looks fine and is filled with charm. Good product information and a fine work on the ''customization'' option (wheels/trucks/bearings) Krisyboy 9/10
Apr 8, 2014 This store is the best place ever! kclan92 9/10
Apr 8, 2014 favorite online boardshop Sam Goobo 10/10
Apr 8, 2014 Daddies not only has set me up with my first longboard but has kept me interested in the support. The staff is very friendly and the service is always reliable 10/10. Online Shopper 10/10
Apr 8, 2014 Daddies always has products that no other online stores sell. 10/10
Apr 1, 2014 easy peazy Maboobeh 10/10
Apr 1, 2014 Very impressed with website, user friendly and great for first time buyers JHART /10
Mar 31, 2014 Rad and simple. Thanks! Kat 10/10
Mar 31, 2014 thank S GREAT JOB Budman 10/10
Mar 24, 2014 I found out about it on an online forum. It was highly recommended by the person who wrote the post. Jay 10/10
Mar 23, 2014 I am happy how the prices compared to other dealers. I have to say If I need a new longboard I know where to go. Nick 10/10
Apr 8, 2014 I loved this website! was designed to be super easy to use, you can really tell that they care about the costumer and the free assembly of the board was a nice touch! zrobin 10/10
Apr 7, 2014 Good prices and good quality products. lexi 9/10
Apr 7, 2014 It was good everything I wanted was in stock unlike other sites Peter 10/10
Apr 7, 2014 I love it! Thanks for providing such a nice place to get boards! Christian 10/10
Apr 7, 2014 Sweet they have awesome stuff. Trevs 10/10
Apr 7, 2014 You guys are great! Thanks a lot, I cannot wait to ride my longboard! Luke 10/10
Apr 7, 2014 the website gets harder and harder to navagate every time i get on plz keep it simple thank you sloth 8/10
Apr 7, 2014 I wish I knew a coupon I could use. More updated ones online would be good. 40 Thieves 8/10
Apr 6, 2014 Daddies stays spreading the stoke to the longboarding scene c0jack 9/10
Apr 6, 2014 very Easy to use site Online Shopper 10/10
Apr 2, 2014 Awesome customer service, awesome product. Will definitely return. Hayden 10/10
Apr 7, 2014 There was a very small nick on the gas pedal of my 9two5 when it arrived. However, it's not really an issue and I'm not too upset about it, considering the board would get banged up in that spot anyway. allisonchainss 10/10
Mar 28, 2014 Great selection, website is easy to use and free shipping is great Trevor 10/10
Mar 26, 2014 i love daddys, they have everything u need dt 10/10
Mar 22, 2014 Daddies is very reliable and have awesome products!I would tell my friend how cool daddies is noah 10/10
Apr 6, 2014 Been ordering for both of my boys for sometime, and now for my daughter. Haha. Love it. Always a good experience. Online Shopper 10/10
Apr 6, 2014 Great site, easy to customize and navigate Umbi 10/10
Apr 6, 2014 Daddies is a great board shop that i get every thing from. Nickydog13 10/10
Apr 6, 2014 Very happy with how easy it was to customize my longboard. bondjoh 10/10
Apr 6, 2014 The purchase process was easy, free, fast shipping. Matt 10/10
Apr 6, 2014 RThe purchase process was easy, free, fast shipping. Matt 10/10
Apr 6, 2014 Good Daddies Shop!!!! yeon 10/10
Apr 6, 2014 Nice shop!I am from Austria, have to Pay a Lot of taxes but its anyway cheaper! Katschi 9/10
Apr 5, 2014 Pretty good website however for someone that doesn't know a lot about longboards and all of their parts it was somewhat difficult to assemble a complete deck. I would suggest maybe a live chat option or an application on the website that asks questions like...What do you intend to use the board for? Downhill, competition, daily rider, long range rider, etc.How far you intend to ride the board on an average ride. Less than a Mile, 1-2 miles, 3+ miles.Do you plan to do tricks on the board. Yes or NoThis is my first longboard and I asked my friends for suggestions and they highly recommended the Dervish, but you only carried the Dervish Sama so I bought that board. As far as the trucks and wheels, I just went with orange wheels that looked cool and Black trucks (orange and black are the colors of my school) I dont know if I overspent on the deck, or if the bearings I got will be a benefit if I don't do a lot of downhill. I think it would help newbies like myself out! Thanks! Matt 7/10
Apr 5, 2014 Daddies is the best, period. the only time i would ever buy from another shop is if something was out of stock. Daddies has a great selection, great prices, fast shipping, and amazing service. Jere 9/10
Apr 5, 2014 Great site and products Online Shopper 8/10
Apr 5, 2014 A better coupon code for orders over 250/ complete long board please. Otherwise thank you for carrying the brand Never Summer. Well made products and i will continue to buy from you if you have never summer probably.thanks again. brett 7/10
Apr 5, 2014 It was amazing. So easy. Free shipping. Huge selection. Tom O'Rourke 10/10
Mar 28, 2014 Board was chipped starburst 9/10
Mar 27, 2014 Overall good experience. Great price and delivery was free and fast. A little disappointed that bottom of snowboard was a bit scratched up for being brand new! Tim 9/10
Mar 27, 2014 wery good online shop ilyha 10/10
Mar 13, 2014 You guys are good and I'm satisfied (super stoked to receive the package!) but shipping to Canada is a killer Mike Hunt 8/10
Apr 5, 2014 Very satisfied with the shopping experience. Quick and easy. Online Shopper 10/10
Apr 5, 2014 Great place, great people, fun shredding TheDude 9/10
Apr 4, 2014 Add more Free stickers. Palo 8/10
Apr 4, 2014 Add more Free stickers. Online Shopper 9/10
Apr 4, 2014 ivee been longboarding for about a year and a half now and the whole time you guys have been my go to site. I love your service and how you guys are always one of the first sites with new products and have pretty accurate reviews. Always have great service and are reliable on delivering the product within a week. Your website is easy to maneuver around and is very organized. Me and my 5 friends are constantly buying things off of your site either it be wheels, decks, or some sick shades. Thank you guys for being so amazing!Sincerely a VERY loyal customer,Jake Clatterbuck Mainstreet Jake 10/10
Apr 4, 2014 It was quick easy and great prices. The accessories I was looking for were available as addons with the trucks and wheels I bought. Will be shopping here again when I need more Longboard things. Provoke 10/10
Apr 4, 2014 Daddies is awesomr tublets 9/10
Apr 4, 2014 Great prices and great selections! Love daddies board shop. whale 10/10
Apr 4, 2014 REVIEW Online Shopper 10/10
Apr 4, 2014 i like the free shipping w/ no minimum order amount! big dick 10/10
Apr 4, 2014 REVIEW i love daddies 9/10
Mar , 2014 REVIEW Online Shopper 10/10
Mar 31, 2014 Amazing shopping experience. Amazing product. Amazing delivery. I'll be back. EssJay 10/10
Mar 29, 2014 Rockin website. It's like looking at the computer and saying 'hey dude, let's party!' Bubi 10/10
Mar 27, 2014 Great customer service with quick email response! carson 10/10
Mar 27, 2014 Daddies is soo sweet I can't stay away from the website. Daddies has it all! Rock on! pecos 10/10
Mar 25, 2014 nice products in store abel.slidning 8/10
Mar 23, 2014 One of my favorite online longboard shops period. Justin 10/10
Apr 4, 2014 its realy cool xXmaxleoXx 10/10
Apr 3, 2014 Free Shipping is always nice! Noah 10/10
Apr 3, 2014 Best online skate shop. Kicks muirskate's butt. Will 10/10
Apr 3, 2014 Nicely done guys! Thanks a lot! Tw33x0r 10/10
Apr 3, 2014 Very excited about my purchase! tiny 10/10
Apr 3, 2014 Daddies is the best online longboard shop. What really keeps me buying from them is the fast and free shipping. They're prices are always better than Muirskate and Thelongboardstore. downhill209 10/10
Apr 3, 2014 By far my favorite longboarding shop. It's where I get all my stuff. daydream longboarding 10/10
Apr 3, 2014 keep doing what your doing and skate nasty bros! Drew 10/10
Apr 3, 2014 Love this site. Follow me on twitter and instagram. @optimus_primal_ 10/10
Apr 3, 2014 Some merchants offer more variety of specialty longboard parts...different angled baseplates, hangers, etc. Other than that, perfect shopping experience. Danny 9/10
Apr 3, 2014 I love this website and use it everyday at least!!! Eddie 9/10
Apr 3, 2014 It is the best place to get anything longboard, skateboard, and snowboard. I love these guys and their prices I always buy from them. maxalicious 10/10
Apr 3, 2014 Very happy with the selection and pricing. Already recommended to a friend! Darryl102792 10/10
Apr 2, 2014 Daddies has a great selection, with fair prices and accurate descriptions of items longboarder 9/10
Apr 2, 2014 Daddies board shop is the best out there! Steezyboarder 10/10
Mar 30, 2014 Overall a great way to buy. Ceejaypee 9/10
Mar 29, 2014 Great site great price TommyNed 10/10
Mar 24, 2014 Great online experience for my first longboard. Along with consultation with my friend and the easy layout of the website, I was able to pick out the proper trucks, wheels, and bearing with ease. Wish there was an option for type of board rather than brand and I wish there were cheaper options for very basic riders, along with a how-to-pick manual for a full service site. JJLee 8/10
Apr 2, 2014 Great prices on hard to find shoes! Thank you!! Kaseface 10/10
Apr 2, 2014 Daddies all day! desTroy 10/10
Apr 2, 2014 I was very satisfied with my purchasing experience on a daddies board shop. Previously i ordered my freeride gloves, and love them. Ad they got delivered very quickly... AND FOR FREE!!! Herpidy_Derp 10/10
Apr 2, 2014 Good place to shop...good prices Online Shopper 9/10
Apr 2, 2014 Great!! Loved it. Everything's so easy to find and so simple. It also had a lot of choices. And ill be buying my board in a couple of days BB_Beast75 10/10
Apr 2, 2014 My Son always likes your products. The prices and ease of on-line business are a plus. HBB 10/10
Apr 2, 2014 Daddies is the best place to get longboard gear. Great prices and quick shipping. raymondfig 10/10
Apr 2, 2014 I have recommended this webiste to many of my friends and people who have asked where I purchased my longboard. It is great for customizing and I've been happy every time Steve 10/10
Apr 2, 2014 Daddies BoardShop is one of my favorite websites for longboards and apparel! Psmitz 10/10
Apr 2, 2014 Great Service !!!!!!! Timboney 10/10
Apr 2, 2014 Thanks for easy checkout, I used a foreign billing address and a US shipping address, easy. Hank 10/10
Apr 2, 2014 It was really easy to buy everything and they had a wide variety of items to choose from Online Shopper 10/10
Apr 1, 2014 dude theyre the best DBSbeatsDBZ 10/10
Apr 1, 2014 They got what I need for a good price with free shipping what else do you need to know lol poepilot uchiha 10/10
Mar 22, 2014 One of the best longboarding sites around! cichington 10/10
Mar 11, 2014 Great webpage. Large variety of products. Excellent Brands (High Quality). Great Prices. Juanfer92 9/10
Apr 1, 2014 The check-out was easy and simple! shredthegnar 10/10
Apr 1, 2014 Daddies Boardshop is easily the best boardshop I have ever come across. They have such a great selection of all products and leave such great info. I don't think i will ever order anywhere else! JoNathan 10/10
Apr 1, 2014 site is a little bit slow that can be annoying but rest is fine also the help is great mcmango 8/10
Apr 1, 2014 Saludos desde MX rikymoreno 10/10
Mar , 2014 REVIEW Travis 10/10
Mar 31, 2014 Was kind of disappointed that it wouldn't allow me to use the 10% off on the complete board promo code. Online Shopper 10/10
Mar 31, 2014 Great pricing, great selection, hope it gets here soon! D 9/10
Mar 31, 2014 Great website, has what I need when I need it Dannyboy$$ 9/10
Mar , 2014 REVIEW Online Shopper 10/10
Mar 31, 2014 Bought a present for my sons 13th birthday JP 10/10
Mar 30, 2014 good skate shop, its massive and they've got what im looking for all the time. 9/10would bang EricHoang 9/10
Mar 30, 2014 Good service good store Online Shopper 10/10
Mar 30, 2014 RVery good and fast order procesing Mrlnl 10/10
Mar 30, 2014 REVIEW Matt 9/10
Mar 30, 2014 Kinda hard to say much about the board before I get it, but I like the site. Online Shopper 10/10
Mar 30, 2014 website was really helpful. buyers guide was a great tool for me since i am a new to long boarding. cezar 10/10
Mar 30, 2014 This website was very easy to search for different longboard gear. I am a first time costumer and overall very impressed with everything daddies board shop has to offer, and I will be a returning costumer Cole 10/10
Mar 27, 2014 BEST SHOP ON EARTH. Gifted to us by the angels. Daddies descended on us and gave us the gift to SKATE! LARS 10/10
Mar 23, 2014 Keep sweggin it. Based God 10/10
Mar 22, 2014 First time user of Daddies and I am now a Customer for Life. Great selection of gear, great free delivery and tracking and thanks for the You Tube Videos on how to install Trucks on my new Drop though board. Thank you for being a great, honest, customer focused Skate shop. Loving the Arbor Axis, Cheers Petedffy 10/10
Mar 21, 2014 Amazing store, i love my ítems an everything is perfect Yolandarom3ro 8/10
Mar 20, 2014 Daddies is awesome! LBDR 10/10
Mar 30, 2014 Excellent board shop ! And very good prices ! Vic 10/10
Mar 30, 2014 Overall Daddies Board Shop provides great quality and cheap prices, I will shop from them again! Fearsnear 10/10
Mar 29, 2014 Daddies had items not available on Amazon at a good price and the online shopping was very easy to navigate. Brian 9/10
Mar 29, 2014 nothing. perfect. thanks. Online Shopper 10/10
Mar 29, 2014 One of, if not 'the' best online site for boarding equipment I've come across. Great prices, wonderful navigation, all around pleasant. Al 10/10
Mar 29, 2014 Can't beat free shipping! Madison 10/10
Mar 29, 2014 It was an easy checkout with great pricing for the slide gloves I just ordered Hoss 10/10
Mar 28, 2014 Great selection of boards, trucks, wheels and more. I had a great experience with Daddies, and I will absolutely shop here again. JoeBob 10/10
Mar 28, 2014 Good selection and good prices. Site navigateand checkout could be better on mobile devices. Online Shopper 10/10
Mar 28, 2014 My internet on my pc stalled. Daddies board shop sent me an email awaring me I left my shopping cart and the items I selected. Worked out for me because I was purchasing this for my son and didn't know name of board. Online Shopper 10/10
Mar 28, 2014 Pretty good prices, normally have pretty good deals, and I like the free shipping. Definitely coming back Zach 9/10
Mar 23, 2014 Great store, good service, great selection, good prices! Overall a great longboard shop! Chad 10/10
Mar 21, 2014 Freaking badass longboards with awesome prices, love that you'll assemble it for me ^-^ Jbornholdt 10/10
Mar 20, 2014 I love Daddies'. Everything I have needed for skating has been bought from this site. For 4 years, I have regularly visited this site to look for the "next big thing" and it is always available. Spooner 10/10
Mar 19, 2014 Awesome place awesome stuff awesome people. Excaxtly what every skater needs in his life is a super legit boardshop thats got it all with freindly employees. Wilson 10/10
Mar 19, 2014 I was very satisfied with your prices! I easily saved $40 versus other online shops! Chef 9/10
Mar 14, 2014 good service and a good verity of boards and other stuff yosh 10/10
Mar 29, 2014 it is a very good online site to purchase online Marcelo 10/10
Mar , 2014 It is an awesome site and easy to navigate. I have already recommended it to several frends. Just bought my second longboard and it was symple and easy. zerggg man 10/10
Mar 28, 2014 Great selection, good prices. Will recommend. Mikka 10/10
Mar 27, 2014 Thank you for the new bearings! Cyrus 9/10
Mar 27, 2014 Online Shopper 10/10
Mar 27, 2014 This website is great and is super simple and easy to access. I almost buy all my stuff from here except for when I find a website with it cheaper but that's not often. Keep up the work! Nick H 10/10
Mar 27, 2014 Are you able to sent a purchase paid by Canadian Credit card to My American address? Cmoney 9/10
Mar 27, 2014 Daddies is easy to use, has a large selection of high quality products, and shipping is a breeze. I couldn't ask them to be any better! boisebenji 10/10
Mar 27, 2014 Heard on this website from a forum in Israel, you have great price, here in israel everything is expensive and with no quality. Thanks a lot! You are great! nizri 10/10
Mar 27, 2014 A really good shop. A lots of goods. All the goods could be deliver everywhere. Pilou 9/10
Mar 27, 2014 love the longboards. landyatchz!! Willie 10/10
Mar 21, 2014 I've recently started to longboard and quite a few friends recommended DaaddiesBoardShop and all of my purchases have met all of my expectations. DJ 9/10
Mar 20, 2014 Great price, great shipping fees, will buy from here again. Diana 10/10
Mar 15, 2014 I've been satisfied with all my prior online orders. To be honest since my move to Oregon over 80% of my skate products came from Daddies. Until now... and I'm know it was lost after it left your shop. I just wish I could have the pleasure of riding my new board, but some punkass lifted it on route. houdini 9/10
Mar 11, 2014 Very easy site to navigate. Very pleased with the purchase for my son's birthday gift. DUBZ 9/10
Mar 11, 2014 AWesome on-line shop. Keep up the good work. The delivery rate to my country (Poland) is cool. Qrjusz 10/10
Mar 27, 2014 Great site this is my third purchase from daddies and i couldnt be happier with the previous purchases. They have high quality products at lower prices than most retailers and shipping comes fast. Overall 2 thumbs up. Guismallz 10/10
Mar 27, 2014 #1 skate site. Thanks Daddies! tjlongshlong 10/10
Mar 27, 2014 This is my go-to shop for all things longboarding. I don't even shop around anymore, it's daddies or nothing for me. Jason 10/10
Mar 26, 2014 Best shop ever 10/10
Mar 26, 2014 pleased to be a daddies customer. they always have what i need at a good price with free shipping bobbadob 9/10
Mar 26, 2014 They are awesome Buggily 10/10
Mar 26, 2014 I thoroughly enjoyed using this website. If their claim on shipping within one business day is true, I will definitely use this site again. Good job Daddies, rock on! Isaac 9/10
Mar 26, 2014 Great prices compared to other places! Not many places have this board for this price and free shipping! Thanks! Allen 8/10
Mar 26, 2014 Best website for anything from, swag shirts, accessories, and getting the gear for shredding the gnar. Get all my stuff from daddies. andre 10/10
Mar 26, 2014 I was unfamiliar with the product I was purchasing for a grandchild but daddy's was very helpful so I feel confident. Just hope the shipping is as quick as possible since the added shipping would have been too much for me. Redfeather 10/10
Mar 26, 2014 You guys always have what I needThx again Tyler 9/10
Mar 26, 2014 Working just fine :) boardlover 9/10
Mar 26, 2014 super awesome site. great products, awesome customer support. Meltao 10/10
Mar 26, 2014 Great customer service from Brian via email help. Neally 10/10
Mar 26, 2014 I live about ten miles from the actual store but decided to order online because of the free shipping. The price of gas to get there wouldn't make sense for this purchase. jim 10/10
Mar 17, 2014 Awesome selection of products! Lexi 9/10
Mar 12, 2014 Daddies boardshop is my favorite online board shop H 10/10
Mar 11, 2014 Love the free shipping and killer sales! Dave 8/10
Mar 26, 2014 Chutney 7/10
Mar 26, 2014 Ive gotten one bad review of this shop before however, the complainer was a bit high maintenance so I decided to take a risk and order from this shop since it had exactly what I was looking for at the best price I could find. Omatt 7/10
Mar 25, 2014 We are looking forward to receiving our goods. Jacko 10/10
Mar , 2014 REVIEW Online Shopper 10/10
Mar 25, 2014 Easy purchasing process and great price! Asgao 10/10
Mar 25, 2014 <3 u bae Daddies Bae 9/10
Mar 25, 2014 Good products and I like the free shipping. jilly bean 10/10
Mar 25, 2014 Daddies Board Shop is an awesome website and I will always buy my longboard supplies from them. HotRodd 10/10
Mar 25, 2014 Great Prices and great help! Recommended to everyone Fresh 10/10
Mar 25, 2014 I really enjoy the speed of Daddies in how fast they put the board together and ship it. I usually get whatever I order in two days time. Everything is reasonably priced and I like buying from the PNW because it is where I am from. Kellon77 10/10
Mar 25, 2014 i am new to skateboarding and i am so glad i found daddies! i will definitely return to this site more often! Nick 9/10
Mar 24, 2014 overall good webiste shanillz 8/10
Mar 20, 2014 amazing that items from portland get to the east coast in 2 days Big a 10/10
Mar 19, 2014 Daddies always has what I am looking for! Old Guy longboarder 10/10
Mar 14, 2014 I am really impressed with the selection and price of longboards and other items this site has. nosbig10210 10/10
Mar 25, 2014 great no issues with our international delivery jazzyreality 9/10
Mar 26, 2014 I'm an international customer and I was baffled by how fast my previous order arrived. I could pick it up only 10 days after it was posted (and I'm counting the time in the customs). It has never happened before with me and it made me buy other stuff right away, and I'm certainly recommending the page to my friends. victorf 10/10
Mar 24, 2014 You should expand your inventory of skateboard risers. jcmulroe 10/10
Mar 24, 2014 Great shop, they have a wide variety of equipment and are an awesome site! Blake 9/10
Mar 24, 2014 spent $185 in less than one minute. great experience. it was easy and fast. Prissy 10/10
Mar 24, 2014 Great!!fast and easy. with great prices. loganEwing 10/10
Mar 24, 2014 my son only likes your boards Online Shopper 8/10
Mar 24, 2014 The site is great!! Easy to find and browse products with a vast product range!! Will defiantly come back for future purchases!! Jimmy 10/10
Mar 23, 2014 Really great website to purchase all boarding goods. JoshL 10/10
Mar 23, 2014 Daddies Board Shop continues to amaze me. I will be returning for my next purchase! Ross 10/10
Mar 23, 2014 Daddies Board Shop was easy to navigate, and was very helpful when deciding what to buy. I even called them to double check my order and they were very nice. I would recommend this site to anyone looking to buy a longboard. Jake 10/10
Mar 17, 2014 Product search could be more specific. Buyer's Guide could be clearer - e.g. higher euro wheel = harder? MAKE YOTUBE VIDEOS! Ash 8/10
Mar 16, 2014 Great selection, great prices, can't wait to break in my new gear! Joe M 10/10
Mar 16, 2014 Easy experience, nice site. Wy 7/10
Mar 15, 2014 It was easy to find what I was looking for, and I really loved the free shipping! Paige Oliver 10/10
Mar 11, 2014 Seems like a great company. It was a quick and easy transaction. I am very thankful for the free shipping. wjkinney 10/10
Mar 10, 2014 It's the best!! jman 10/10
Mar 9, 2014 Everything was very well organized, I had no trouble finding what I wanted, I just had trouble choosing because they had so many great options! White Whale, Holy Grail 9/10
Feb 27, 2014 best site ever! Olie 10/10
Mar 23, 2014 is a great place to buy longboard equipment. When I win the superbowl, I'm going to DaddiesBoardShop! Wilson0728 10/10
Mar 23, 2014 Keep steezin and keep up the spoice BigC 10/10
Mar 23, 2014 Great store.lots of selection and affordable. Marv. 10/10
Mar 23, 2014 Always straight forward and easy! Online Shopper 10/10
Mar 23, 2014 love it all kahnster 10/10
Mar 23, 2014 Daddies Board Shop is so sick! Variety, class, and top notch gear. chillimcgee 10/10
Mar 23, 2014 Their site was well-organized. Online Shopper 8/10
Mar 23, 2014 Great, easy to use Michael 10/10
Mar 23, 2014 Daddies is my favorite skate supplier. Aleks 10/10
Mar 23, 2014 Informative descriptions on their products and very easy to use! Illa 10/10
Mar 23, 2014 I wish it gave the option to pay with two forms of payment Online Shopper 8/10
Mar 23, 2014 Probably the best shop out there. easy to compare and has almost everything Macho 10/10
Mar 22, 2014 This boarshop is sick!! :") Bebo 10/10
Mar 22, 2014 Great shop, i found everything i needed with ease and shipped faster than i thaught. Nickydog13 10/10
Mar 16, 2014 This place is my favorite board shop ever. Seriously Voltron 10/10
Mar 10, 2014 Great customer support! 10/10
Mar 10, 2014 Great selection, the site is so appealing makes you want to buy everything. Online Shopper 10/10
Mar 9, 2014 You guys rock! Zig-Zag 10/10
Mar 22, 2014 Love you guys! Jeff 10/10
Mar 22, 2014 i love this site keep it up and keep shredding call me slim shady 10/10
Mar 22, 2014 Great site and service! Sometimes I wish the descriptions on some products were more detailed, but overall it's really good! Online Shopper 10/10
Mar 22, 2014 Daddieboardshop had some really good reviews which attracted me to use it, it was easy to use, really cheap and offered fast relatively cheap shipping. all round i think the website is user friendly, has a great range and good process at the end which is easy to follow. Samm 9/10
Mar 22, 2014 I was disappointed that I could not add the Blank Maple Skateboard Deck to my cart. It said that I need to "Please specify product option(s) but none were present. Online Shopper 7/10
Mar , 2014 REVIEW Online Shopper 10/10
Mar 21, 2014 This shop is awesome Online Shopper 10/10
Mar 21, 2014 VERY easy way to find products that you desire and the website is very organized. I would recommend this to any of my friends..and I have. Damien 10/10
Mar 21, 2014 Daddies is the bomb, the only site I go to when looking for shredding gear. So far I don't have a bad thing to say, every order I've placed has come on time and everything has been in perfect shape. The prices are always good and I've never felt like they were unreasonable. Cake 10/10
Mar 21, 2014 great experience will buy from again Online Shopper 10/10
Mar 21, 2014 Great Store. Great Folks and free shipping always! Online Shopper 10/10
Mar 21, 2014 Am a grandparent buying for teen. was very easy to find what he wanted and quick bel 10/10
Mar 14, 2014 Love daddies board shop john 10/10
Mar 11, 2014 BEST SHOP BY FAR! Nickdaboss 10/10
Mar 11, 2014 Amazing. Best way to buy anything online with great customer service and great prices! Andrew H. 10/10
Mar 5, 2014 Excellent selection and easy to use, will definitely be using them in the future. AceTrainer_Derek 10/10
Mar 5, 2014 Have not received it yet and this is my first order Online Shopper 10/10
Mar 21, 2014 Great selections, good timely arrival of products, good website structure. JJ 10/10
Mar 21, 2014 What I most like in Daddies is the low price, variety and good service. And the stickers too! Fabio 10/10
Mar 21, 2014 Best place to buy Earthwing from Australia! Online Shopper 10/10
Mar 20, 2014 so far it has been a very good experiance. I will let you know when i get my board Hottrodd 8/10
Mar 20, 2014 Great experience! and I found everything right away. nolan 10/10
Mar 20, 2014 cool and easy, good deal sparck 10/10
Mar 20, 2014 Very good and low cost shipping !! Paulo35 9/10
Mar 20, 2014 I don't like the new way items are categorized on your website, it is a simplified version which I understand makes searching and shopping easier for some, but it takes away from the overall web experience, it makes it more difficult to explore brands and products you haven't used before, and it is less exciting of a website overall. Normally new is always better, but I preferred the original interface. Johnny 8/10
Mar 20, 2014 I think it was very helpful and cheaper then other merchants, it also ships to Australia unlike other companies. Online Shopper 9/10
Mar 14, 2014 A most bomb experience. poiu477 10/10
Mar 13, 2014 Fast shipping, good prices. Thanks for the stickers! Online Shopper 10/10
Mar 13, 2014 Daddies is great the have the best selection and the delivery is very fast even though i'm on the east coast. ben 10/10
Mar 12, 2014 I really needed the free shipping and I got it. The website layout is AWESOME- very easy to find things. vlad 10/10
Mar 12, 2014 my son had already made his selections- I'm just the wallet! Online Shopper 10/10
Mar 10, 2014 Great Deal, Thanks! White Rain 10/10
Mar 8, 2014 Daddies Board Shop is literally THE GREATEST ever! I won't go to another site (unless it's to see if they have the same product for cheaper... but DBS will price match ANYTHING, so there's no need to stay on that "competitor's" site for very long!) Definitely will be getting the rest of my Longboard supplies for Daddies Board Shop when the season starts up again! Bilbo D. 9/10
Mar 7, 2014 great web site, free shipping LR 8/10
Mar 6, 2014 I would have purchased more, but they did not have the bushings that I wanted in stock, so I had to go to another vendor. Out of stock = out of business. Taten_Gwyllt 7/10
Mar 20, 2014 Fantastic range of products, good pricing, good international shipping options, and speedy delivery. cjh 9/10
Mar 19, 2014 I love daddies board shop Tiko 10/10
Mar 19, 2014 I loved the site it was easy to use offered me free shipping and a coupon code to help me save even more! :) mreneedoty 10/10
Mar 19, 2014 this place is sick will 10/10
Mar 19, 2014 totally rad and easy. lanky 9/10
Mar 19, 2014 There pretty dope Dylando 9/10
Mar 19, 2014 They're the best there is when it comes to online skate shops! I don't buy from anywhere else! Chris 10/10
Mar 19, 2014 love this website!!!!the amount of choices are crazy and i know i'm always getting the best deals. jafarisafari 10/10
Mar 18, 2014 Thanks Guys, one feature i would say to add, would be, if i have deck picked out, it would be a lot better to see how a pair of trucks I'm thinking of would look on this deck or how some wheels would look, so if that feature could be added it would be a great help!!!! Mike 10/10
Mar 18, 2014 I really enjoy all the options for longboarding at Daddies. I almost always use Daddies to buy any longboarding products because they really have anything, and that is why I think they are a great company. Max 10/10
Mar 18, 2014 My son loves it rockabillyguitarking 10/10
Mar 18, 2014 The website is easy to navigate Mamuki 9/10
Mar 18, 2014 this is a great web site with excellent service akapongle 10/10
Mar 18, 2014 I like the free shipping. Jaro 10/10
Mar 7, 2014 I loved the site and will for sure come back next time I need anything Man1yMuppet 10/10
Feb 13 , 2014 My experience with the site was great and it was very convenient. Plus they had a wide selection. Skwid 10/10
Mar 18, 2014 The Daddies makes it easy to put together a board and trustworthy to let Daddyo assemble it for you. Done it twice (the first board was such a success it was stolen right away). Kentskij 10/10
Mar 18, 2014 Daddies Board Shop is the best! I get all of my stuff from them LBDR 10/10
Mar 18, 2014 Awesome site with great prices and items that I want are usually in stock. AyoKim 10/10
Mar 18, 2014 Great shopping site for longboarders Greg 9/10
Mar 18, 2014 Great shopping experience :-)Eran skateaddict 10/10
Mar 17, 2014 great products and great service kev 10/10
Mar 17, 2014 There is a lot to chose from. Goatboy 10/10
Mar 17, 2014 Daddies Board shop is an awesome place to buy any type of boards. I purchased a long board and had great service over the phone and I am hoping to get the gift card so I can continue to purchase off this website. I spent around $200 and I am really hoping to get more off on the amount I spent. Fantastic merchant. 10/10 Achoi26 7/10
Mar 17, 2014 I like the site,its quite streamlined with great prices Shags 9/10
Mar 17, 2014 Very quick and easy to get exactly what I needed to shed some butter on the pavement this season! Nate F 8/10
Mar 17, 2014 I love this website I come here everyday! Eddie 10/10
Mar 12, 2014 Fantastic service. Free shipping and always comes quickly. masant 9/10
Mar 10, 2014 Daddies boardshop is always reliable with friendly service. Their selection is up there with the best, and prices are great as well. Shawn T. 10/10
Mar 8, 2014 Great place to shop! Great prices, much cheaper than any other place I visited. Pink Punisher 10/10
Mar 3, 2014 You guys rock! Love my Vans! Shoosh 10/10
Mar 1, 2014 Bought a triple 8 brainsaver. Measurements i took were exact and the helmet fitted perfectly. Will always buy skateware from Six 9/10
Mar 17, 2014 My first time using your website and everything went along smoothly. Quick and easy is the best way to describe my experience. B-Rod 9/10
Mar 17, 2014 Cool, easy site and customer service was fast to answer my questions. Thanks. Matt Win 9/10
Mar 17, 2014 Cheapest longboad website out of all the longboard websites! Great customer service too! Bobby 10/10
Mar 16, 2014 its the best skate shop in the world juan23 10/10
Mar 16, 2014 Beware of the manbearpig! Nhaajuice 9/10
Mar 16, 2014 its a great site except the problem is alot of the boards are out of stock. they didnt have a lot in stock but i liked it daddy45 7/10
Mar 16, 2014 Powerballs and butterballs alllllllll the way!!!!!! chief hallinballs 10/10
Mar 16, 2014 Nice website! I love the stickers i saw too and nice deals! Vince T. 10/10
Mar 16, 2014 Great site! This is my second time using this site and I have been very satisfied. bristow 10/10
Mar 11, 2014 Excellent selection and great prices. My son is absolutely thrilled with his new board. Dragon 10/10
Mar 9, 2014 Best board shop ever Dragon master 10/10
Mar 9, 2014 This is the best place to shop online for longboard parts, boards, and anything else that has to do with skating. Online Shopper 10/10
Mar 8, 2014 Great website...great products...great delivery process! Everette 10/10
Mar 4, 2014 Fair prices and Free shipping! Can't beat that! brojas 8/10
Feb 28, 2014 Great online store Amanez 10/10
Feb 27, 2014 Really like the site guys ! Keep it up Wolfywolf 10/10
Feb 26, 2014 I purchased the travel bag for my husband for his birthday and it arrived on time and exactly as described. He loved it and is super excited to be able to take his longboard with us when we travel. I was tired of listening to him complain about how awesome it would be to have his board with him when we were in Mexico/Cuba/Ontario, etc., so when I saw this bag online, I figured it was time to get one. It is excellent: nice padding, solid construction, and plenty of room for his board. I would recommend this to anyone who travels and likes to go boarding while they're away. Online Shopper 9/10
Mar 15, 2014 Daddies is so Rad Rob 10/10
Mar 15, 2014 Easiest purchase online ever!!!!!!!!! Slider33 10/10
Mar 15, 2014 Had a really easy time getting what I needed, but the sizes for the pads and other accessories was very unclear. ABlueKnight 10/10
Mar 15, 2014 Good products,good prices, very reliable. Online Shopper 10/10
Mar 15, 2014 You guys are the best! Online Shopper 10/10
Mar 15, 2014 awesome couldn't be more pleased about buying what i bought. thanks a lot.!! louie 10/10
Mar 14, 2014 Awesome product and good deals ollie 9/10
Mar 14, 2014 Daddies is my go to place for anything longboard related! Martin Mullr 10/10
Mar 14, 2014 I'm very Impressed with the variety and great prices Daddie's give! Awesome that shipping is free too. I'll definitely buy from here again! Hayden 10/10
Mar 14, 2014 Daddies is fantastic. I plan to buy from here as much as I can for skateboard/longboard supplies. Christian 10/10
Mar 14, 2014 My birthday is tomorrow and i'm excited! Begginer 8/10
Mar 14, 2014 One of the best longboarding sites around. Pretty chill people and some sick s#%t. Overall I come here more than most stores. My favorite & the best. TMase23 9/10
Mar 14, 2014 Easy online purchase! Happy product is available and shipping is free! Online Shopper 10/10
Mar 14, 2014 I like the variety of products. And the free shipping :) Online Shopper 8/10
Mar 7, 2014 Love everything. Maybe work on mobile website soon. sspencer92 10/10
Mar 7, 2014 I go to Daddies because they are the only shop that has everything I need. Old Guy Longboarder 10/10
Mar 6, 2014 loved the ratings that are posted on the website. 10/10Will definitely be back to order more things from here. was bummed that some things were out of stock but no worries. spearfishingkid 10/10
Mar 5, 2014 Daddies is a great Oregon based company! -JM 10/10
Feb 27, 2014 Cheers again guys! Ewe 10/10
Sep 29, 2013 Daddies board shop is the shit, love u guys! ZAS685 10/10
Sep 29, 2013 I was extremely satisfied with the purchase. The customer service was outstanding!!!!!! Online Shopper 10/10
Sep 29, 2013 Keep Rogers in stock! Thanks Online Shopper 9/10
Sep 29, 2013 Great! Brock 10/10
Sep 28, 2013 Awesome shopping experience. Was quick and easy found what I wanted with more information than I expected. Shipping was quick and efficient and tracking was great. Thanks Daddies Online Shopper 10/10
Sep 28, 2013 Daddies board shop has anything you are looking for when it comes to skating. I got exactly what i wanted and they have just about everything available. They also had great service. Coonstripe 9/10
Sep 28, 2013 This boardshop is rad. Great customer service from any type of contact! MacDaddy14 10/10
Sep 28, 2013 I LOVE YOU GUYS Monty 10/10
Sep 28, 2013 Awesome quality, justwhati wanted as i wanted it in great time Owly 10/10
Sep 27, 2013 Order a never summer snowboard paid, received email notice item was out of stock. Never offer any compensation for trouble.If it is the company mistake they should offer another item with discount like other site. Gnolgnol 10/10
Sep 27, 2013 Super fast shipping, item as discribed, will buy at here again.. Farridhusin 8/10
Sep 27, 2013 I did not receive all of my order. I'm still waiting on the lube. Pauly 8/10
Sep 26, 2013 DBS is my favorite place to shop khaos 9/10
Sep 26, 2013 the overall experience was good but when i did receive my new trucks the paint on them where chipped and that was a bit disappointing. Johnson 10/10
Sep 26, 2013 i'm highy satisfied with the service! Apple Jam 10/10
Sep 26, 2013 I love everything about the board I received however when I got it it had a bunch of little scratches all over the bottom of the deck. I don't know if it was during shipping or assembly. I don't mind much because it will get like that anyway but I... jml1322 10/10
Sep 25, 2013 Shopping at Daddies was overall a really good experience. Everything was done well and delivery was great. Online Shopper 10/10
Sep 25, 2013 The free bearings and lube are a really nice feature! Online Shopper 10/10
Sep 25, 2013 Daddies is the best! G-Spot 10/10
Sep 25, 2013 Daddies board shop has great customer service with really good shipping, the only complaint i have with them is that sometimes they don't have what i need/want. But i bet if i called & requested them to order it, they woulod. obee32 10/10
Sep 25, 2013 Great job as always. Steezus Christ 7/10
Sep 24, 2013 Board arrived late but that was ups fault board was amazing but my son was told he'd get a Liam Morgan sticker some special sticker he designed or something and it didn't come he got a couple daddies stickers but not the Liam Morgan he was bummed THUG MUFFIN 10/10
Sep 22, 2013 The website has really good products and my friends and I all like the site. BasedGod 9/10
Sep 22, 2013 Great store and i really like the freeride downhill cruising and sliding ratings below each deck SubZero 10/10
Sep 21, 2013 Please put the bill on the parcel (not inside), when you send it to Europe.The customs have to check the content of the parcel before we can get it. Online Shopper 10/10
Sep 21, 2013 Everything was great, delivered on time and excellent packing. The only thing that disappointed me was the fact that there were two washers missing on the trucks. Not a big deal buy kind of annoying having to go out and find them at the hardware... Plundus 10/10
Sep 21, 2013 I've been building boards for 3 years now and always buy all my components from daddies. I also refer all my customers there as they have the best prices and fastest shipping. Horrorshow Longboards 10/10
Sep 20, 2013 I was really disappointed with my order. First of all I thought there would be a discount because I ordered it on my birthday. Secondly it was late due to the board being out of stock. I thought I would be compensated for it being late but that did... Casey 10/10
Sep 20, 2013 Daddies is the best shop in the good ol' US of A! Great team #AmandaPowellwillumarryme dangaliciousjim 10/10
Sep 19, 2013 They thanks again guys for being on time and in stock the dude 10/10
Sep 18, 2013 I never received a sticker off the month with my order of $200+. After contacting Customer Support to inform them of the issue, I was ignored and basically told to "look harder" for the stickers. I never got a second response as to how this issue... Timsiana 10/10
Sep 18, 2013 Great! Online Shopper 10/10
Sep 18, 2013 The bearings came to me Very dry and would barely move. Rodney 10/10
Sep 18, 2013 Super excited about the Madrid board I ordered. I selected Purple Trucks and Pink wheels to match the peacock feather underneath and it looks awesome! LL Newell J 10/10
Sep 18, 2013 Great products and service that's been consistent over time! Online Shopper 10/10
Sep 18, 2013 Daddies was a really good site to order thing off but you will lose money if you buy one thing because the shipping is so much so you need to buy lots of things and you will get most out of daddies longboard but apart from that the daddies shop is... mark 10/10
Sep 17, 2013 Great boards and prices. Can't wait to enjoy it. Jazz 10/10
Sep 17, 2013 Best investment I ever made. Got me some nice soft wheels and life's a lot nicer now Tofi 10/10
Sep 16, 2013 Received my order of Orangatang wheels earlier than advertised. Package came USPS in good condition. Online Shopper 10/10
Sep 16, 2013 Daddies rocks! And they only get better and better. Online Shopper 10/10
Sep 14, 2013 Awesome experience, there's nobody like daddies! joejack 10/10
Sep 14, 2013 Daddies had the things I needed when I could not find them anywhere else! I will keep you in mind with my future purchases! Thank you very much! Shred Dragon Head Wizard 9/10
Sep 13, 2013 Products easy to find, checkout painless, delivered on time. Would highly recommend your website. Thanks! SA_Ditch 9/10
Sep 13, 2013 Deliver in time and nothing was damage imob 10/10
Sep 13, 2013 They messed up my order after it took 8 days to come in. I would have been fine with this if the man on the phone sounded like he gave a damn. They resolved the problem and I should be getting my order within 4 days of me having to contact them... Gnarwall 10/10
Sep 11, 2013 I really do love how Daddies had a ratting system for how the board, wheels, trucks, etc. handle it made purchasing a lot easier. I would like to be able to vote up or down comments or even flag comments for reviews. Some are very helpful but some... joe joe 8/10
Sep 10, 2013 They accidentally sent out the wrong board, but were very quick to resolve the issue and send the right item. Would use them again. Adam 8/10
Sep 9, 2013 The only down side, the package came 2 days after the 3-5 day mark. Aron 8/10
Sep 8, 2013 Overall satisfaction was pretty high. However the extra money I paid for two day delivery was disappointing. I purchased the board on a Tuesday and didn't receive it until Saturday.I figure the extra $21.00 spent was a waste of money. Online Shopper 9/10
Sep 8, 2013 Very happy with my purchase! Order arrived on time to be picked up in hawaii by my sister before going back here in the Philippines! Although, sticker of the month was not included in the package. Bivf 8/10
Sep 8, 2013 good luck shop jun 10/10
Sep 8, 2013 Ordering from daddies was a breeze and customer support was fast and friendly Nathan 10/10
Sep 7, 2013 It shipped faster then I had expected Wtff17 10/10
Sep 5, 2013 Fantastic experience very happy indeed!!! D 10/10
Sep 5, 2013 My order arrived faster than I expected it to! Very impressed!! Sam 9/10
Sep 4, 2013 Daddies Board Shop is exactly the type of site I love. It has a wide variety but at the same time is very organized and easy to find what you want Longboarder98 10/10
Sep 4, 2013 Wonderful Store. With a very fast delivery - less than a week from the U.S. to Russia. Silomin 9/10
Sep 3, 2013 Great service and great quality products. Cozy 10/10
Sep 3, 2013 The best online board shop cooony 8/10
Sep 2, 2013 Excellent selection, ability to customize, prompt set-up and delivery. Atpflyer 10/10
Aug 31, 2013 Love the stance scocks! You did a great job with my order. Will buy again. Online Shopper 10/10
Aug 30, 2013 Loving the new board! Thanks for the solid assembly and speedy shipping! Jackson C. 10/10
Aug 30, 2013 The board has arrived with scratches on it. I will send pictures through via email. Deb 9/10
Aug 28, 2013 Awesome site, has every longboarding product imaginable. I really like the layout it makes it very easy to find what you are looking for. I have gotten all of my longboards from this site, and would recommend it to everyone. TreeMeister 8/10
Aug 27, 2013 order you wont regret it thatdude 9/10
Aug 27, 2013 I asked for some daddies stickers and it says on their website that you get 2 stickers any way but i did not get any stickers in my order. My brother and I order so much from "daddies" so I was so surprised that you didn't include any stickers.... Mike 10/10
Aug 27, 2013 Daddies is unbelievable!!! They are by FAR the best boardshop I have ever bought from! Every aspect of the process Is simple, easy, and stress free. There's no other boardshop even close to their customer support! Overall there's to many words to... LongboardJoe 10/10
Aug 27, 2013 All in all a great transaction. I really love the product. spudboy1212 10/10
Aug 26, 2013 Better than thelongboardstore who sent my db double d board with ripped grip tape and paint scraped off the sides Keegan 9/10
Aug 26, 2013 Cross country shipping took a while but it was well worth it. This 55" gravity longboard is the tits! Thanks guys! Beyond-D 10/10
Aug 25, 2013 Amazing service Online Shopper 9/10
Aug 25, 2013 it was good Victor The Fan 8/10
Aug 24, 2013 Sticker on top of board was not applied smoothly. It had many air bubbles under it, so my son tried to smooth it out but ruined it and had to remove it completely. I am going to contact customer service to see if they can send us a replacement... Online Shopper 10/10
Aug 24, 2013 Daddies is the place to go for any long boarding needs. They have great customer service, awesome staff, and huge product selection. Uhbee 10/10
Aug 23, 2013 My son loves Daddies! The bearing that he had wantd to oreder weren't currently available, so he made an alternative choice. Lynnea 10/10
Aug 23, 2013 Really great store, cheap prices and tax free. And free shipping what more could you want. $wagoverload9000 10/10
Aug 21, 2013 awsome company looking forward to future purchases mike 10/10
Aug 19, 2013 My son was tracking this board everyday, was trying to keep his expectations of on time delivery at bay. Board arrived 1/2 hr before scheduled!!! kari 10/10
Aug 16, 2013 Awesome shop and great products with a huge variety. Devin353 9/10
Aug 16, 2013 Although my son is pleased with your product we were very disappointed in the fact that it did not arrive when you said it would and when we called 3 times there were no returned calls whatsoever Ollie 8/10
Aug 14, 2013 Damn good!! Maximillian 10/10
Aug 13, 2013 As a parent buying products for my kids there are lots of products out there that are poor quality and not what they want. Daddies only carries stuff that I know they want and meets the quality that they expect. Keep up the goodwork Daddies and I... Bill M 10/10
Aug 11, 2013 perfect ordering, fast shipping, good quality product...what else? niko 10/10
Aug 8, 2013 It's the shit Whiteboy 10/10
Aug 8, 2013 I thought the cones would come in two colors as specified. But all white isn't the end of the world :) That's the only qualm, and a minor one. Ship-shape otherwise! Online Shopper 10/10
Aug 8, 2013 Re: Order #100048087. Great buying experience, I couldn't be happier and I wouldn't change a thing. You guys rock. Online Shopper 10/10
Aug 6, 2013 My son love the trucks I bought him from Daddies and I coulnt believe how quick they were sent. Already recomened Daddies Online Shopper 10/10
Aug 5, 2013 hola, soy de argentina y la verdad este pais esta muy mal con el tema importaciones, por suerte he contado con buen apoyo del equipo de Daddies, muchas gracias !!! tengo mi tabla en casa con todos los demás artículos en perfecto estado!!! Online Shopper 10/10
Aug 5, 2013 Best website to purchase longboarding equipment at Online Shopper 10/10
Aug 5, 2013 Another great DBS experience. Thanks! Online Shopper 10/10
Aug 5, 2013 Excellent service Online Shopper 10/10
Aug 4, 2013 Excellent service your team hit it out of the ballpark and you made her very happy. Thank you again for a stellar service Online Shopper 10/10
Aug 3, 2013 Everythung is as expected :) Online Shopper 9/10
Aug 2, 2013 great vicious grip! fast delivery! Online Shopper 9/10
Aug 2, 2013 I LOVE DADDIES Online Shopper 10/10
Aug 2, 2013 This is the best shop I have ordered from for longboard product. Always great product here! Online Shopper 10/10
Aug 1, 2013 The only place I will ever buy my gear from. Thanks for being amazing! Online Shopper 10/10
Aug 1, 2013 I'm extremely pleased with both the customer service/support and how much knowledge they give on each and every item. I would definitely promote Daddies Board Shop to my friends Online Shopper 10/10
Aug 1, 2013 Love my Oust bearing cleaning kit and bearing lubricant, but bizrate is annoying Online Shopper 10/10
Jul 31, 2013 I love your site! But I wish you guys had a store near my house so I wouldn't have to have it take like three days Online Shopper 10/10
Jul 30, 2013 You guys are the bomb! Online Shopper 10/10
Jul 29, 2013 Very good in product selections Online Shopper 10/10
Jul 28, 2013 Awesome service! Love the products Online Shopper 10/10
Jul 26, 2013 DaddiesBoardshop is one of the best longboarding shops in the world. They generally are the cheapest on price and on shipping. The customer service is impeccable and they really do make it easy to navigate their website. DaddiesBordshop hasa very... Online Shopper 9/10
Jul 25, 2013 The customer support is great and very friendly, always willing to answer my questions without making me fill rushed. Little disappointed when this order arrived though. In the entire box of $250 worth of merchandise we only got 1 sticker and in... Online Shopper 10/10
Jul 24, 2013 Fast shipping Online Shopper 10/10
Jul 23, 2013 awesome wheels Online Shopper 10/10
Jul 21, 2013 My package came in missing a piece an i called customer service and they were very nice and we resolved the issue an i got my piece and some stickers for the problem. i was very satisfied overall with my order. Online Shopper 10/10
Jul 21, 2013 Received my order way faster than I was expecting. No problems with anything. I'll definitely order from Daddies again. Online Shopper 10/10
Jul 20, 2013 Thank you, we will definitely return for more purchases. Online Shopper 8/10
Jul 19, 2013 esla mejor opcion si quieren apollar a sus hijos en este deporte la mejor tienda donde me facilito la compra Online Shopper 9/10
Jul 18, 2013 I will definitely buy from daddies again! Online Shopper 10/10
Jul 18, 2013 They have good prices and my package came before it as scheduled to. I'm very satisfied. Online Shopper 10/10
Jul 18, 2013 This site has yet again proven to be awesome! I asked for a few stickers. They sent them. I asked for two speed rings that hadn't been on my board. They sent 20! Online Shopper 10/10
Jul 16, 2013 I am highly impressed with my recent shopping experience with Daddies Board Shop. They processed my order efficiently and I received my order in a very short time. I am recommending them to all my boarding friends. Online Shopper 10/10
Jul 15, 2013 Daddie`s boardshop deliverd a nice piece of work,becauce I had ordered a Poke with an unusual setup.They even phoned me becomes the trunks i had sought out,didn`t fit the right way, so we took other ones.And now it here, so play time starts (If my... Online Shopper 10/10
Jul 15, 2013 i love the huge selection and daddys board shop is the best site for longboarding there is! This website can hale any beginner skater ride like the pros with all there great gear! Online Shopper 9/10
Jul 14, 2013 Great experience. I only had a couple suggestions to improve web ordering. Online Shopper 10/10
Jul 13, 2013 Best board shop ever informed cutiuos with products. Years ago I bomb a hill on a punk board SPEEDWOBBLE 2 -20' smoking stomps and endo on my back sliding down the road. Speed feels like magic carpet juice to these tricked out longboards. Can... Online Shopper 9/10
Jul 13, 2013 Product came on time. Looks good. The UPS tracking was a little confusing, because it didn't indicate much, but I don't think that's your fault. Online Shopper 10/10
Jul 13, 2013 I will always be a Daddies supporter. Online Shopper 10/10
Jul 12, 2013 great site, great customer service, great products! the next time someone asks whos your daddy? tell them "Daddies board shop!" Online Shopper 9/10
Jul 11, 2013 On line shopping experience was good. Delivery of product(s) within the window of expectations set. Online Shopper 10/10
Jul 10, 2013 quite cheap, unbelievable fast shipping Online Shopper 9/10
Jul 10, 2013 Overall an amazing first time experience. It was quick and easy and i got my board i time. Online Shopper 10/10
Jul 10, 2013 The way business should be done! Online Shopper 7/10
Jul 9, 2013 Hey there's an area when you picking a deck that you can pick other trucks and wheels, there should be like something telling you the rating for each item more simply and witch gear is good together, i ordered bad bearing i didnt do my research... Online Shopper 9/10
Jul 9, 2013 Great product selection and availability. I recommend this site to my friends all of the time. Online Shopper 10/10
Jul 8, 2013 amzazing. Online Shopper 10/10
Jul 8, 2013 Great purchase, super quick postage all the way to Australia.Thanks, my sons very happy with the board. :) Online Shopper 10/10
Jul 7, 2013 Great selection, competitive pricing. Online Shopper 10/10
Jul 7, 2013 The shirt is awesome and I bought a board a while ago and that's my favorite one to ride now... And the sticker are a added awesome bonus Online Shopper 10/10
Jul 6, 2013 good product and timely shipping. Online Shopper 9/10
Jul 5, 2013 Awesome selection, great prices. Online Shopper 10/10
Jul 4, 2013 Tbey are great! Online Shopper 10/10
Jul 3, 2013 Online orders were great but it was hard to get a hold of an employee in the store since they're all hanging out and talking to each other. It made asking a question kind of awkward. Online Shopper 10/10
Jul 3, 2013 Great place to order offline. They treat you good! Online Shopper 10/10
Jul 3, 2013 We are so happy with Daddies! The longboard, helmet and gloves arrived earlier than we hoped (we're in Australia). It was a birthday gift for my 14 year old son and guess what!? it arrived on his birthday. Daddies made him one happy birthday boy for... Online Shopper 10/10
Jul 2, 2013 I'm a returning customer and as always, Daddies is the best. When I need something for any of our boards I go to Daddies website first. Always great products and quick shipping. Online Shopper 10/10
2/12/2012 Daddies was awesome. They even called to verify that the shipping address was not the same as the billing address just to be safe. Reese 10/10
2/10/2012 Daddies Board Shop is amazing. I buy all of my gear from there. So nicely priced too. Dre 10/10
2/8/2012 This is the second time I have ordered from Daddies and both times I received my order correct and quick with no problems. I would recommend them to anyone. JT 10/10
2/7/2012 You guys had what I wanted when others didn't, but were kind of lax about getting it to me very quickly, considering how close we are. The products recieved are great, the prices were also great. Free shipping really snares people, but probably also encourages them to waste YOUR money on extra shipping charges by not consolidating their orders and whatnot. PatReilly 8/10
2/6/2012 got what i needed and got it fast! Makis 10/10
2/6/2012 I called the store and they helped me out a lot . The person on the phone was very knowledgeable. I would highly recommend shopping here!! Winplaceshow 10/10
2/5/2012 Daddies Board Shop has always been my first stop for longboarding anything. I have and continue to recommend them to anyone in the market. Rico 9/10
2/5/2012 The service at daddies rocks. Just wish I knew about the military discount before my first purchase. Rockstar4four 10/10
2/5/2012 Easy to search for products and customer service was first class. Awesome stuff! Ben 10/10
2/2/2012 I ordered a board shortly before Christmas, hoping it would be in stock and delivered in time for the holiday. It arrived on Dec. 24th! Yahoo! Later I was notified that I had won a TV in one of the drawings. I was skeptical and wondered if it was a scam. To my amazement, the TV arrived a few days ago! Thank you, Daddies Board Shop! Online Shopper 10/10
1/31/2012 Keep on keepin on. Tanner 10/10
1/31/2012 had the wheels and bearings I was looking for. Very easy to a find and order. Shipping was quick and easy. I'll get my long boarding equipment from daddies from now on. Chiddy 10/10
1/29/2012 Daddies is the best shop hands down. The have a wide variety of brands and seem to always have the items in stock. They shipped out my Paris V2's on Monday the 1/21. I recieved them Wednesday 1/23. 2 day shipping across the country that was FREE is rare these days. Online Shopper 10/10
1/27/2012 I am very happy with the service and quality of my purchase. Matty Moo 10/10
1/25/2012 I bought a helmet and its perfect and at a low price! Online Shopper 9/10
1/23/2012 they are the best! they got my order here faster than i thought. always a good thing Alec 10/10
1/21/2012 Griptape job was a little sketchy, but great service through and through Skylar Barrera 8/10
1/16/2012 Great company, maybe you guys can sponsor me on my around the US journey to beat WR PintailChronicle 10/10
1/16/2012 Awesome stuff! Online Shopper 10/10
1/15/2012 Love daddies boards hop Steve 10/10
1/14/2012 Sweet Nick 10/10
1/14/2012 Great shop. ChaseHebert 10/10
1/14/2012 Received my custom ordered item very quickly and it's perfect! Lisab85013 10/10
1/11/2012 Daddies board shop is the best skateboard shop in the world it's cheap it's available and it can even get from America to Australia around Christmas I will use this shop next time I purchase. Nbsurferboy 10/10
1/11/2012 Awesome expirience!! Duende 10/10
1/11/2012 This order went smoothly and the product was shipped promptly. However I tried to make another purchase using a discount code and was notified by e-mail that the product was no long available and would not be re stocked. No weeks later the same product that I tried to order can still be ordered from Daddies online store front. Either they don't update their online shopping system or they don't want to honor discounts. Either way I am not going to waste time trying to order from Daddies again, as they have plenty of great competitors for my business. Online Shopper 4/10
1/10/2012 It stated clearly on my order that the Vicious grip tape would be applied and it was only included loose in the carton, not applied to the board Online Shopper 9/10
1/10/2012 This was my first time to order some parts,screw etc..I hope that the packing of the screw and other parts should be labeled. I will send it to my nephew as my gift but I was confused which part was my order. Online Shopper 7/10
1/10/2012 Great shop with excellent products and price. Online Shopper 10/10
1/9/2012 Shipped out a day later than usual. No biggy. I've bought tons of stuff and this is the first it's happen. DBS ALL THE WAY!! The Sheldor 10/10
1/8/2012 Nice good prices and helpful. Lildew32 9/10
1/8/2012 I brought a board for my son on line, it was much cheaper than the prices in Australia even with the shipping costs. My son was very happy with the product. The service was good and they responded to my emails promptly. Julie 10/10
1/8/2012 I come here all the time and ill always be coming back. No problem I'm a loyal customer trustay 9/10
1/6/2012 Very good seller! Online Shopper 10/10
1/6/2012 Love daddies Dave 10/10
1/6/2012 This was the best place to do online shopping for longboard Mike 9/10
1/5/2012 Stoked Noah 10/10
1/5/2012 I would definitely purchase another product from Your website was easy to navigate and the price was the lowest. kamom2401 10/10
1/5/2012 Was very amused when i got my landy in the mail! There was a lil dirt spot on the grip tape but that was well fixed. I waited 2 weeks cuz i ordered it during the holidays, but i managed to be patient enough to wait. Excellent service Daddies, keep it up! definetly coming back to order my next board! :) Skater Lion 10/10
1/3/2012 Good selection and prices Rick 8/10
1/2/2012 Have more information regarding the products. So put a product description with the complete description of it. Over everything about it Jesus 5/10
1/2/2012 Great pricing and free shipping on all goods (no min limit) - Fast order processing and shipping. 1004ron 9/10
1/1/2012 thank you for the great service and fast shipping!! bfrog 10/10
1/1/2012 Great deal and free shipping!!! Henry 10/10
1/1/2012 thanks guys it was amazing! Online Shopper 10/10
12/31/2012 The costumer service it's bad I'm try resolve The problem for my son longboard And nobody call me or email to me I am very disappointed with you guys and now my son has broken long board and he can not use, and this longboard was a birthday present for himThank you very much Alex 7/10
12/31/2012 On time, just what I ordered, isn't that the way it is supposed to be!!! MTB'er 10/10
12/30/2012 we were very satisfied with the products purchased , the prices were way more competitive than here in australia ,if u direct some marketing towards Australia it could be very beneficial for your company. Jas 10/10
12/30/2012 Daddies is the best no doubt!! Zach 10/10
12/30/2012 This was a Christmas present for my son and when I didn't arrive for Christmas he was disappointed. I do understand that bad weather played a part in this and so did he, but it upset me when one of my six children didn't have their "big" gift to open. I know it was of no fault of your company though. He loved it when he did receive it! Maro 7/10
12/29/2012 The only thing I was not happy with was that it said items would be delivered by Xmas no exceptions,in three days. I didn't get my order until three days later. That is why I ordered because it said it would be here . I ordered on the 18th and it came on the 28th. Other than that, good quality, my son loved everything. Online Shopper 7/10
12/29/2012 great overall store, fast shipping and great prices yay k 10/10
12/29/2012 Very courtesy and helpful staff Online Shopper 10/10
12/29/2012 Good spot Kubota1105 8/10
12/29/2012 Great prices, excellent service, quick shipping Randy 9/10
12/28/2012 Good price, good products, timely delivery Online Shopper 9/10
12/28/2012 I will use them again for sure! Online Shopper 10/10
12/28/2012 Amazing staff, great service, 10/10 would definitely buy again. Online Shopper 10/10
12/27/2012 Great product, lowest price, free shipping.We already used the bindings today. jeffryf 10/10
12/27/2012 Super fast delivery, I am impressed. thank you. Hector F 10/10
12/26/2012 Living in Korea and have a 16 yr. old son into long boarding. Ordered online, arrived in time for Christmas. Packed in such a way as to make sure everything arrived without damage. It was a very good experience and I'm sure we'll look to Daddies again in the future. highflight71 10/10
12/26/2012 No problems. Online Shopper 9/10
12/25/2012 great service as always! Online Shopper 10/10
12/25/2012 Fast service Great product and price. My longboarded was thrilled with her items. Online Shopper 10/10
12/25/2012 Great shop am likely to buy from again good shipping prices to international Kyla jones 10/10
12/25/2012 Order came a few days after expected shipping, other than that glad to have my order. Dave 9/10
12/25/2012 Thank you! good job.. Online Shopper 10/10
12/25/2012 As a parent with little knowledge of skateboarding, the customer service group was excellent at helping me find the right type of board for my son. Scott 10/10
12/24/2012 Great service - the order was shipped & received much faster than I expected. This is why my son-in-law suggested I shop at DaddiesBoardShop. Mike 10/10
12/23/2012 Ordered fom Australia,mcpuld not have been easier, great product and good service. FlyingScot 10/10
12/23/2012 No Problems , fast delivery, I will buy from Daddies Board Shop again. Online Shopper 10/10
12/23/2012 My son will love the wheels! Thank you! KMStevens 10/10
12/23/2012 Thanks. I had 1 problem, but it was USPS' fault, not yours Online Shopper 10/10
12/21/2012 My order was much more than what I expected! The grinder has a magnet that keeps it together, as well as a little storage compartment, cheapest price on the net, and fasted shipping.. Fantastical thanks! AXeBaBe 10/10
12/21/2012 Everything arrived as it should! Thanks! Decibel Nation 10/10
12/21/2012 Very good board shop Isaac 10/10
12/20/2012 You guys ROCK!!!!! HAPPY HOLIDAYS. RC in SD 10/10
12/20/2012 They're awesome. Jack 10/10
12/20/2012 I was so HAPPY to get the package so fast. I ordered it on Sat evening and rec'd it on Tuesday!! THANKS DADDIES! Online Shopper 10/10
12/20/2012 I might have to return one or both of the products since I have discovered another grandparent also purchsed the same things. Am waiting for christmas to see if this is necessary. I am thinking that my order might be also enjoyed. Becca 9/10
12/20/2012 Thanks for the quick shipping! The Loaded Slide gloves are beast! Nashfire 10/10
12/20/2012 board received in perfect condition, great quality, E-mails kept me informed of backorder and delivery status SMWL 10/10
12/20/2012 Thank you so much for the extra stickers! Can't wait to give the t-shirt and stickers to my longboarding nephew....he is gonna be stoked beyond belief I just know it! Awesome quality shirt. Thanks again! Jabber 10/10
12/19/2012 Free shipping Online Shopper 10/10
12/18/2012 Very happy with customer service and products. Online Shopper 10/10
12/18/2012 Fast, free shipping! Daddies literally is THE BEST! ArborMan 10/10
12/18/2012 How many days do I have to return something, because I think that the knee pads are a little big but I wont find out till Christmas because its a gift for my son. The reason I ordered LG was because I saw a comment on the reviews by this person who suggested to get a size bigger for the knee pads. Online Shopper 9/10
12/18/2012 Awesome, in style products and the prices are the best I've seen! big matt 8/10
12/17/2012 Order was delivered super fast! Thanks for the great customer service and quick delivery. Jeff Haynes 10/10
12/17/2012 Wonderful place to order from! Came packaged well and arrived quickly! Mom of 2Beauties 10/10
12/17/2012 very good shop !!Long life to Daddies board shop !! Tudoil 8/10
12/17/2012 Thank you sooo much for not only supplying Billy Bones Slide Gloves - which were out of stock at the time of ordering- but including stacks of stickers with the longboard. My 13 year old son was suitably impressed! Meg x Online Shopper 10/10
12/15/2012 Order took 15 days to arrive, we were worried it wasnt going to arrive, but luckily it did. Items were excellent, only one comment that the grip tape on the made up board was covered in bubbles we have smoothed them out but there are still air bubbles and creases showing. Online Shopper 9/10
12/15/2012 Using daddy's website to buy the items needed was a breeze, it was fast and simple with no headaches. My son got what he needed and I became Super dad because of fast the shipment. Keep up the the good work ! latinmoreno 10/10
12/14/2012 I am very impressed and happy that I decided to order from Daddies Board shop, they had everything I needed - they product my son wanted, great prices, fast shipping and exceptional customer service. I would definitely shop here again. Thank you. Tracy Andrews 10/10
12/14/2012 At first I was hesitant ordering online but DADDIES BOARD SHOP made it simple to put my order in and my order was here within a week. It had great customer service and I was very satisfied with my order. Soni 10/10
12/14/2012 I just really appreciated the price for the complete longboard setup and tools that went along with it. Plus free shipping always gets me. Very satisfied. Tall-Rider 10/10
12/13/2012 They shipped here super fast. It was almost instant. Nick 10/10
12/13/2012 Daddies is the best longboard store there is. It's cheaper to buy from them rather than the manufacturers, and they offer free shipping on everything. Online Shopper 8/10
12/13/2012 Daddies Board Shop is simply the best. Sunny 8/10
12/13/2012 We have purchased several items from this company and have been very satisfied. East Coaster 10/10
12/12/2012 board not yet used - unable to comment on product yet service excellent Online Shopper 9/10
12/12/2012 First time buyer of boards and it looks great. Better than expected and the individual paragraphs describing each board and their function really helped with the decision making. If I want to be nitpicking,i had my eye on the Rivera Mini Slayer Longboard for about a month, but when I went to purchase, I guess it was sold out. My point, either you guys have a good stock or more selection, or I just purchase earlier. jjo400 9/10
12/11/2012 Only place online I could find the Ninja bearings. Purchase was easy, shipping was very quick, and the product arrived in perfect condition.Thanks for everything. Online Shopper 10/10
12/11/2012 I got all the products I ordered in a timely fashion and when I sent an email for follow up on when the items shipped they responded quickly. I will shop at Daddies Board Shop again! TML-Birmingham, AL 10/10
12/11/2012 pretty happy with the purchase but just a suggestion chance the deck bolts so they are flush with the board Online Shopper 10/10
12/10/2012 What morw can I say? I'm a fan of Daddies now!Keep up the great work Daddies! Iman ismail 10/10
12/10/2012 BEST BOARD SHOP OUT THERE Vvnmichelle 10/10
12/10/2012 i am happy with my purchases from daddiesboardshop Jacob Shelton 10/10
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12/8/2012 Great, and easy to use website! Variety of products, at a very reasonable price! Would definitely recommend Brad 10/10
12/8/2012 Wonderful experience at an excellent price. Thanks. Austin398 10/10
12/7/2012 Simply amazing! Oriol Machin 10/10
12/7/2012 I did not open the box yet as it is a gift. It was wrapped intact but I expect that it should be just fine. After all my grandson trusted a 60yo grandmother to make the selection for him! Dolly 10/10
12/7/2012 DBS IS AWESOME!!! Best prices, service and products :) Shpraldo 10/10
12/7/2012 My kids love this site. They do all their longboard shopping and everything else. Nancy 9/10
12/6/2012 Really nice site. Easy to navigate and find your products. Shipping items are extreamily fast. And complete boards are also reasonably fast too. I did have some issues with the griptape hat was installed for me, but I gues that was ok. And the "tracking my order" was a little confusing, but hey noones perfect I would still give daddiesBS a 5/5 AsianRage 8/10
12/6/2012 Great experience thanks Rakataz 10/10
12/6/2012 Best online longboard shop! Keep spreading the stoke guys:) DatRadMan 10/10
12/6/2012 Reliable and genuine Rahman 9/10
12/5/2012 All good without problems leandrobuenosaires 10/10
12/5/2012 Very quickly processed, and the description was highly accurate. Smith 9/10
12/5/2012 This purchase was a gift. For this order I used a PO Box shipping address, but instead the gift went to a location and address I have used in the past. This could have caused a problem, though it turned out OK. If the PO Box was not acceptable, it should have been apparent on the order form. It was not obvious whether UPS or USPS was used. Thank you. Online Shopper 8/10
12/5/2012 My son orders from your site and he is 14 and loves it. Niko 10/10
12/5/2012 Great shop with great product and reliability! Wouldn't go anywhere else!!! Online Shopper 10/10
12/5/2012 Perfect Daddie 10/10
12/4/2012 Their customer service is the best I have ever had online. That alone would make me a return customer. Daron Horwitz was the person I communicated with. He not only resolved my problem but substituted the product they were out of with a better one at no extra cost. Also when I emailed him he emailed me back within minutes, thank you Daron Nancy 10/10
12/3/2012 First class workmanship assembly!! :D Lenny 10/10
12/3/2012 I ordered items for my grandson for christmas. siersma 10/10
12/2/2012 LOVE DADDIES BOARD SHOP!!! Seriously. If my local shop doesn't have what I need, Daddies always does. ryanOriley1 10/10
12/2/2012 Daddies rocks! Griff 10/10
12/1/2012 Great products, prices, and service, what more could you ask for? I love the knowledgable staff hey really knew what was going on and gave a me a good estimate for shipping, which by the way, was free, which is awesome. Tyler 10/10
11/29/2012 DBS is awesome!!!! got it all the way in nc in 2 days! brad is rad 10/10
11/29/2012 Ordered original s10 trucks and recived them in 3 days and I live on the east coast not bad because I bought directly from original and it took a week and I only live 3 hours from them Sean 10/10
11/29/2012 I buy all my longboarding products from Daddies and have never had any problems. I look at the site also for the great product reviews that all there happy customers leave. ENaum 10/10
11/29/2012 I enjoyed that board that I received (rayne killswitch),however i ordered it fully build seeing as i do not own a skate tool, what got were over tightened bolts on my tires so one almost doesn't spin, a super loose one that rattles and shakes due... Online Shopper 6/10
11/28/2012 Great service as always. It's no wonder they were voted best online longboard shop. Aaron 10/10
11/28/2012 Very helpful staff and nice product selection! Stampy 9/10
11/24/2012 Very fast and accurate. My new boardshop!! Sonicliver 10/10
11/22/2012 Its a great store wtih fast shipping Daniel 10/10
11/20/2012 Amazing on line store!!!!Everyone can buy an trust!!! Online Shopper 10/10
11/19/2012 It's not clear, at least to me, on how to track an order Online Shopper 10/10
11/19/2012 I have already recommended them! CRB 10/10
11/16/2012 my new abec 11 snapback is pretty sick malek 10/10
11/16/2012 Initially I did not receive one of the items that I had ordered. It showed that it had shipped, but it was not in the package. I made a phone call to Daddies Board Shop and they sent me the item right away. In fact, I believe I received it the... RC in CV 10/10
11/14/2012 great service and fast shipping only took a week to reach australia ^_^ JI 10/10
11/13/2012 I have been a loyal daddies customer, i have tried ordering once from other shop but went back to daddies.. packaging, shipping, customer support, what else can u ask for. yet 10/10
11/13/2012 Daddies Board Shop provided me a product that most other places had out of stock at an amazing price. I will definitely be buying from them again. RicoC 10/10
11/13/2012 Amazing service and super fast shipping! I love daddies and im going to do all of my shopping regarding longboards and snowboards here Conor 10/10
11/13/2012 fast international delivery. awesome customer suppor vanzki 10/10
11/13/2012 We like Daddies, great place to shop. The numbers this time are down because of some confusion. I ordered 2 wheels, thinking I ordered 4. Before they arrived, I realized my mistake and ordered 2 more. Then the order arrived with.... 4 wheels.... Online Shopper 6/10
11/12/2012 for a board shop to send items international and have prices so cheap how could you not pass it up Sir_rottingham 10/10
11/12/2012 Very fast shipping! Thanks for the stickers too. JoJo 10/10
11/11/2012 daddies you guys are awesome would definitely trade again. tom123 10/10
11/10/2012 Daddies was great to deal with, but the customs into Canada was too high that it almost doubled the price of the product. This will make it unlikely that I will order from the US again. Derby 9/10
11/10/2012 Fantastic service! Extremely happy with the longboard. And postage to Australia was great, arrived in just over 1 week. Happy, happy, happy!!! THANK YOU! Janey 10/10
11/10/2012 Board was awesome. Daddies rules. Online Shopper 10/10
11/8/2012 well handled, well packed, arrived notch service johnErotton 10/10
11/8/2012 Very satisfied with purchase :) Cottonball 10/10
11/5/2012 Thanks!!! I'll be ordering from you again soon. Online Shopper 10/10
11/5/2012 DaddiesBoardShop simply the best online boardshop of the US Montanha 10/10
11/4/2012 Love this page great variaty great price cupons and discounts love it!! Worstdestruyer 10/10
11/4/2012 sweet performer: deck - Landyachtz Switch 37 bearings - Bones Super Reds wheels - 76mm Zombie Hawgs TownCruiser 10/10
11/3/2012 I received my order very quickly and the board was in great shape. Everything was put together nicely and I was very satisfied. Mike 10/10
11/3/2012 Very nice! Online Shopper 10/10
11/1/2012 Great gear, fast shipping and hassel free shopping. Will shop with daddies again GinGhee 10/10
10/31/2012 I orderd more then 5 times the only thing that is a problem I'd the shiping time & I had a helmet that was cracked sent to me. Windy City skater 9/10
10/31/2012 I should have waited for most of the items to restock so I could have more options, but hey I'm still satisfied with my purchase. Personna 9/10
10/28/2012 Good easy to use site and had not problems at all. I would recommend them to anyone wanting a longboard. Andy 9/10
10/28/2012 This was a gift and satisfaction depends on the recipient. The shopping experience was good. I got on the phone with my grandson, and we both looked at the shirts until we found one that he liked. He called to thank me and he assured me it was... Online Shopper 10/10
10/28/2012 Awesome boards, low shipping fee, competitive pricing and extremely fast shipping. Sniperkitty 10/10
10/27/2012 I love this website! Great selection with the best prices Online Shopper 10/10
10/26/2012 Daddies boardshop are by far the BEST online-shopping for longboard/skateboard!! Fast shipping, easy to contact staff, nice prices and great service! I recommend this shop for everyone!! 10/10
10/26/2012 Daddies Board Shop Rocks! LoriS. 10/10
10/25/2012 Daddies is the best! Brinks 10/10
10/25/2012 Love those guys a Daddies. Always helpful and very proffessional with an excellent sense of service. Will be back for shure. Phaddy 10/10
10/25/2012 Great product, great shipping, great prices, and great customer service! Kate 10/10
10/24/2012 love my boar Mike 10/10
10/24/2012 Thanks so much! Daron was very patient and very helpful about what I needed. Definitely going to buy more stuff from you guys. JOSE C. 10/10
10/24/2012 Hello Daddies!I really enjoyed buying with you, thank you for your attention, and I thank the vendors who helped me by email, I'm endicando daddiesboardshop to the many friends of mine Brazilians!thanks for everything, hug! Raphaelcbj 10/10
10/24/2012 I had to pay a very high fee to get my order.The price ended up being about the same as in Brazil. Renan 4/10
10/24/2012 Thanks so much! Daron was very patient and very helpful about what I needed. Definitely going to buy more stuff from you guys. JOSE C. 10/10
10/22/2012 I love you Steve 10/10
10/21/2012 Board arrived fast and well packaged and fully assembled. Mike 10/10
10/21/2012 Great service,reasonable prices, basically everything you could ever need for longboarding, will definitely buy here again! Online Shopper 9/10
10/21/2012 Easy to navigate through. Wish I got more stickers:( TMEX 10/10
10/20/2012 I ordered some hardware. I actually thought it would arrive sooner, but it didn't. However, I was not in a hurry to receive the item. I liked ordering from the website. It was easy to use and navigate through. I will order from them again.... RC 9/10
10/20/2012 Very fast delivery, not to mention I had no trouble purchasing even though I was outside the country and wanted it to be shipped in an address in the U.S. moloko 10/10
10/20/2012 Although the package was mailed Priority Mail, the USPS took 8 days to deliver it to the neighboring state. The issue was not anything that Daddies Board Shop could control; nevertheless, they took measures to ensure that we would be satisfied with... ShopperMom 10/10
10/20/2012 Not a bad service had what I needed at a reasonable price and shipping price was good... Slightly late but nothing to get stressed over. All in all I would recommend to anyone! Nakor84 8/10
10/20/2012 Thank you Great board. Aaza 10/10
10/17/2012 I luv you, Daddy Hyowon 10/10
10/17/2012 awesome selection, great timing and very satisfied with Daddies i'll always shop there whenever i travel the country and can't make it to the physical store thanks daddies!! Homegrown Longboards 10/10
10/17/2012 There are a lot of longboard products missing, like more budget precision trucks, holesom pucks and bushings. sebastianmars 10/10
10/17/2012 Great service. Thanks for the board. Will reccomend in future. Caine 10/10
10/16/2012 Just a great shop! KnoxFields 10/10
10/16/2012 Simply the best.. Mamangrock 10/10
10/16/2012 Great stuff. Great site. joeda 10/10
10/15/2012 awesome service and speedy delivery. best place to go, hands down benjelum 10/10
10/15/2012 Fast and friendly service. Would not hesitate to place another order. mattkickflip 9/10
10/13/2012 Recently turned 30 and wanted to try something new. Very happy with my longboard and how it was setup. Ease of shopping on your website was great. Very happy with shipping. phllp665 10/10
10/13/2012 want to do more business guys . i eant about 50 lonboard games can u give me a good offer? Alex 10/10
10/12/2012 Very good, excellent shop, buy from Argentina, I get everything right, is also the 3d Fantastic place with internet business.Muy Bueno, excelente local comercial, compre desde argentina, llego todo bien, ademas es excente el 3d del negocio que... gnievas 8/10
10/10/2012 The board was great and everything was done beyond my exspectations. The only problem is the board got a few chips in the wood during shipping J3flyer 7/10
10/9/2012 I really loved to buy with you guys. Everything was absolutely perfect. I can´t wait to start riding. mariana pellicciari 10/10
10/8/2012 like the board and will recommend daddies but found the tracking completely useless. love the board!! scroey 10/10
10/8/2012 Amazing. These bearings are awesome! So worth it! Get them! tdog 10/10
10/8/2012 Great shop, great site!! Scottie4797 10/10
10/8/2012 love it here blrising 10/10
10/8/2012 loved the quick response on availability of the deck i wanted as well asgiving me options for a similar deck. loved the service. chickie 10/10
10/8/2012 After I placed the order I realized I needed a different size. I went back to the website, quickly found the email for order changes and emailed my request. It was instantly corrected with an email from someone saying he handled it and thanked me.... Cindy O 10/10
10/7/2012 Another purchase that is a brilliant board, delivery time was excellent am already telling people what a fantastic deal we got and where to go shopping for a new board. deblanc 10/10
10/6/2012 it would have been nice to know when I ordered the grip tape it was out of stock. it took too long to be notified so i could have order the grip tape from some one else to get it for the weekendu should be open for an hour at least on Saturday for... not happy with mommies board 1/10
10/6/2012 Great job to everyone at daddies! Amazing products with amazing prices and amazing service. I will definitely order from you guys again! Keep on rockin! Rob_Kane 10/10
10/5/2012 Very fast shipping, excellent service dryfly 10/10
10/3/2012 Service was great. Product was a big let down. All the hype and B.S was just that. Wheels are not true and vibrate as they spin. Poor quality Assurance. Wheels full of air bubbles, way too much. Not impressed with their bearings either. So I learnt... enzedone 8/10
10/3/2012 The order was exactly as expected, and I've already returned to make another purchase - and, I've recommended them to my brother, who is helping setup his daughter with a longboard. pat356 10/10
10/3/2012 Always the best prices including shipping cost. Been ordering from them since I bought my Killswitch the very day it became available online. DustinSB 10/10
10/1/2012 I recieved all of my items that I had purchased in perfect condition. Online Shopper 10/10
10/1/2012 Daddies board shop is the best!!!! Everyone should shop there Marci 8/10
10/1/2012 Didn't let me down product met qualifications. Steve 10/10
10/1/2012 USPS tracking is pretty terrible. Still not yet listed as delivered at this point. ch 10/10
10/1/2012 cool board, when you customize board the accessories you add or change should show ip in the picture of the board. would allow for more accurate presentation of board before uou receive it b ap 9/10
9/30/2012 I am very satisfied with the shipping and delivery status. It is a great way to track my package. Steath159 8/10
9/30/2012 Great price and a great selection! Tim 9/10
9/28/2012 Oredered a skateboard deck for my son. The purchase was very easy and it arrived in Australia much earlier than expected. Thank you. Online Shopper 10/10
9/27/2012 Got the wrong receipt in the mail, but not something I worry about Spyke 9/10
9/26/2012 Daddies Board Shop kicks ass! Wockers 10/10
9/26/2012 They gave me a great deal on the mavet for even cheaper because they said it was scratched and there was only one little mark. I saved twenty bucks. Daddies is the best. b-dog 10/10
9/26/2012 Very good packing. Package arrived on time. Matt 10/10
9/25/2012 Daddies board shop rules! Ken-Joe 10/10
9/24/2012 Daddies is a great website, very helpful and has a wide variety of products Lannon 10/10
9/24/2012 You people rock! paintedskywarrior 10/10
9/24/2012 Hi there! I am very happy with my purchase. You guys rock! I would be very happy to be sponsored by you guys!Cheers,Gui Gui 10/10
9/24/2012 fast and accurate oldtown 10/10
9/24/2012 I receive package on time but some items are missing. rico 4/10
9/23/2012 Board performed better than I imagined it would drew 10/10
9/23/2012 i love daddies best service around ampnasty12 10/10
9/22/2012 Was an issue with the board when it was recieved contacted Daddies They were to check with Sector 9 as there was white discoloration on the board have not yet recieved a response Online Shopper 6/10
9/21/2012 amazing longboard, my son loves it to bits. really swift dispatch and well packaged. emails were answered straight away. a good all round service. just a shame UK customs and post office wern't as swift as you guys. thanks very much rach 10/10
9/20/2012 Great service, great products, knowledgeable staff.... Old school 10/10
9/20/2012 thank you michael 10/10
9/20/2012 for sure will recomend and sugesting to friends... BrianWidjaja 10/10
9/19/2012 AWESOME! Benjer 10/10
9/19/2012 Great job. Bret 10/10
9//2012 review Name 10/10
9/19/2012 great online store Online Shopper 10/10
9/18/2012 Great product! Online Shopper 10/10
9/18/2012 You really mean busines, everything was just fine¡¡¡ NavaMx 10/10
9/18/2012 Great service and products. Fixdaserver 10/10
9/18/2012 Awesome website and faster shipping than any other board shop!! The Sheldor 10/10
9/15/2012 I am very satisfied with the service and product quality. Kamilo 10/10
9/15/2012 Bought a complete board for my son to use at college. He was able to go to the site, customize for his needs based on info at the site, then get me the particulars. Same day (and free) shipping was awesome. JohnnyAl 9/10
9/15/2012 very good service Kyle 9/10
9/15/2012 The website is great- I've said it before and I'll say it again...I will always order my longboarding materials from them. Steven Converse 10/10
9/15/2012 Fuck Yeah! Luke 8/10
9/15/2012 Fast shipping Online Shopper 10/10
9/14/2012 Fast response when there was a problem with my order. Problem was taken care of right away. Great customer support!! Online Shopper 10/10
9/14/2012 I love my deck!!!! Online Shopper 10/10
9/13/2012 Got exactly what I wanted and it shipped faster than expected. zenholio 10/10
9/13/2012 Everything was great except we were surprised that the board came with different colored wheels than pictured. Online Shopper 8/10
9/13/2012 Everything woekes as a clock!!! drfeelgood 9/10
9/13/2012 Very reliable and fast delivery! camcanread 10/10
9/13/2012 Sweet gloves came on time! Zach 9/10
9/13/2012 Love you guys. Longboards_bruh 10/10
9/12/2012 great experience buying from DBS hasan 10/10
9/11/2012 MG DOWNHILL!!!Auuuuuuuuuuuuu slick 9/10
9/11/2012 I love daddies board shop Austino 8/10
9/11/2012 review Name 10/10
9/11/2012 Best online longboard store around, hands down. lotus eater 10/10
9/11/2012 The New board is awesome! Alex 10/10
9/11/2012 Everything was great Nat 10/10
9/11/2012 Hi there, Im Damian and you all are awesome and special Daron, HE IS SPECIAL, allways available in evry single step of the purchse.Im VERY satisfactedThank you VERY much! Online Shopper 10/10
9/11/2012 Very quick shipment - board arrived in perfect condition! Would buy from shop again! Online Shopper 10/10
9/10/2012 Bearing spacers were forgotten on the board but customer service supposedly resolved the issue quickly by offering to refund or send seperately. I picked to have bearing spacers sent to my address but still haven't recieved them yet. Wintergarden 8/10
9/10/2012 Best online board-shop! Online Shopper 10/10
9/10/2012 I was very happy with Daddies international shipping to Australia. I love shops that are truly dedicated to accomodating international customers and Daddies is the real deal. Ben 9/10
9/9/2012 overall good experience. the items were late coming but it was the shippers fault not yours. i will use the site again thommas 8/10
9/9/2012 good store shredder 9/10
9/9/2012 Absolutey awesome! Great products, great people you just can't go wrong with Daddies Boardshop! paintedskywarrior 10/10
9/8/2012 I love my new board! Janelle 10/10
9/7/2012 Quick, reliable, carvable longboard delivered right before my birthday. John Doh 10/10
9/7/2012 Quick, reliable, carvable longboard delivered right before my birthday. Online Shopper 10/10
9/6/2012 I like daddiseboard shop.thay are fast and nice + I get what l need at good prices. bildo 10/10
9/4/2012 Super fast deliver, always meets my expectation, and smooth transaction Anonymous 10/10
9/3/2012 Just got my small order of griptape wheels and bearings.. The bearings arrived loose in the box but I blame zealous' crappy tube container for breaking.. Quality products at a low price with quick shipping... Can't ask for much more Top shelf 8/10
9/3/2012 The checkout didn't take my correct card number for a couple of tries, and it took a while to check out. Forcillo 8/10
9/2/2012 Great product Online Shopper 10/10
9/2/2012 Everything was great except of the part where I asked you guys to send me so cool random stickers, and you sent me four of the same kind(daddiesboardshop stickers, which I already have a plenty of) Jamilka 9/10
9/1/2012 I'm very happy with my purchase, the trucks has some strange noises but I can live with it. Thanks! Online Shopper 8/10
9/1/2012 Thanks for the equiptment needed to get the job done. Ill definitely be back. the oz man 10/10
8/31/2012 We have not yet received the longboard yet and were quite disappointed to see on the tracking site that the package was in Windsor,Ontario on Aug.29 then went back into the U.S. and is now in Minnesota??? My son has been anxiously awaiting his... Online Shopper 6/10
8/31/2012 good stuff Aus SkatersRepresent 10/10
8/30/2012 Excellent service and products. Very quick delivery and on time. Love this shop. Andy 9/10
8/29/2012 Great selection, upfront pricing, prompt processing and delivery. frnke 9/10
8/29/2012 As usual, no issues whatsoever Castscythe 10/10
8/28/2012 thanks longboard 9/10
8/27/2012 flip flap fiddle widdle wang flam flart 10/10
8/27/2012 Great Service and Fast shipping! :) TheKevdaawg 9/10
8/26/2012 Love Daddies, everything is cheap and super quality, you cant beat free shipping and having no CA tax! nips 10/10
8/25/2012 Zach loved his Landyacht and he is an amazing skateboarder however he had a pretty bad accident on it the second day of use and got a compound fracture of both bones the radius and the ulna on his lt. Forearm and had to have surgery to put them back... Zach 10/10
8/25/2012 Good service. The wheels I purchased are working out great! Greg 9/10
8/24/2012 My son checked around.. but this was the place to buy! Fast delivery.. awesome board.. great price!! I highly recommend buying from this site. Jenn 10/10
8/24/2012 Very shocked at the high cost of ups broker fees which were not disclosed at ordering time. UPS was offered as a cheaper rate to usps at order time, but brokerage fees are astronomical. Would never order again. Product ended up costing double.... has posted a response to this review. Read full review Online Shopper 5/10
8/23/2012 I am very pleased about the service performance and very fast delivery. For the international priorität mail quiet cheaper than others. My perfektes shop for skate boards! Online Shopper 10/10
8/23/2012 More than pleased with the prompt delivery; in fact, it was here LONG before I anticipated! And....great service with a bonus of free shipping. Very pleased! CLP 10/10
8/22/2012 Awesome as usual! Al 10/10
8/22/2012 First time user of DaddiesBoard shop. Amazing variety of selection, very good prices, easy shopping. Harbag 9/10
8/21/2012 Awesome Aswift14 10/10
8/20/2012 The board came in on time with everything assembled. Been ridding it for a couple days now and haven't had a problem with it yet. Rides smooth and trucks have perfect feel to them. Over all this was a great experience mcmeekin91 10/10
8/20/2012 all aspects of the purchase....great! Online Shopper 10/10
8/19/2012 Hi Daddies Boardshop. I bought a snowboard from you. It arrived well packed and very quickly. Thanks for your great quality of service. Aidan 10/10
8/19/2012 I was hoping my order would get here before school started, they came two days before I had expected! Thanks DaddiesBoardshop!! Jonesey 10/10
8/19/2012 Lookin to by longboard - Daddise the place Johs'en 10/10
8/19/2012 Hope that this site support Chinese long 8/10
8/18/2012 Beyond what I expected from the restless splinter board. A-Treezy 9/10
8/18/2012 First time buyer, could be a better way of showing exactly what you need for a longboard. I forgot the bearings so had to buy it here. Lars Ivar 10/10
8/17/2012 It's the best longboardshop in whole industry. I buy there for 3 years already, since I start longboarding, and they are flawless all the time in their customer service and goods avaliability.This time as always - I am happy customer :) vaghir 10/10
8/16/2012 Great as always Lorewi 9/10
8/15/2012 Hey DaddiesBoardshop, I need a sponc and you are my best boardshop. Do you think you we can corespond with email and show you my video! Please anwser me at thanks. Phil 10/10
8/10/2012 Loved the service and product variation Swanie 10/10
8/8/2012 I ordered abec11 flashbacks and they only took 3 days to get to my house! You guys have the best prices and great shipping that's free! Eric 10/10
8/8/2012 good tnarg33 10/10
8/7/2012 I bought some trucks and had no dimensions to the product and ended up getting wrong size bearings and spacers. I bought wheels and trucks but the bearings and spacers didnt fit. Trucks are 8 mm axels and got 10 mm bearings and spacers. has posted a response to this review. Read full review Tyler 8/10
8/5/2012 Great! Wilfred 10/10
8/3/2012 Totally awesome experience as always! Moses 10/10
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