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Daddies Board Shop ABEC 7 Skateboard Bearings

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Daddies Board Shop ABEC 7 Skateboard Bearings


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not too bad
these aren't bad for the price, but for a few extra dollars go for the bones reds, they roll faster and longer
Buy them
These bearings just keep on spining
great bearings
These are actually really good bearings once you clean that thick lube off.
Pretty damn good bearings, although you gots to clean off that thick narsty lube when you get them and re lube them, they are some pprreeeettyyy good bearings. :D
First off theres two bearing shields which may be helpful if only they stayed on, i constantly have to push them back on after every ride, theyre super sluggish and have a thick lube that seems like it slows it down, but hey you get what you pay for
Great bearing at a great price. Tried these because of price and I'm very happy with them, and have'em on all my set-ups. I run them as is out of the package to break them in, then when they need to be cleaned, I soak them in alcohol, and oil them up with Marvels Mystery Oil. Long roll time, good speed, durable, better than Reds!
Solid bearings, not the best but...
These are simply solid bearings. They come with horrible lube that you should definitely clean out and relube with some high performance lube. After that these are golden. I would say get these if you enjoy a good, solid bearing. These are not exceptional bearings so don't expect anything too snazzy, but for an average rider you'll love em.
Poor durability and overall quality
upon receiving the bearings they were sluggish due to the lube used. After cleaning them and using Khiro Nitro speed oil the bearings were better but not the best. Now a month and a half later they are completely destroyed and unusable invest a bit more and get better quality bearings
Amazing but...
When you first get these you Have to clean them with rubbing alcohol then put oust metal lube... then these bearings Are wayyyy better than any bones bearings!!
My had blue bearing shield. quiet and fast. Mine came with 10 bearings which is kind of odd but hey, I got 2 extra incase any break which i don't think will happen
Better than reds
I don't get the other reviews. I personally think these are better than reds. Shields on both sides is a plus, in my opinion. I've got sets of these that are still going strong, where sets of reds I've had were chewed up after a couple months.

Note: When I first get a new set of bearings, I open them up and pack them with lithium grease. I want to have my bearings last, so the grease and double shields does the trick. It also makes them dead silent, which I like. You may think that the single shield is fine, since the open side is typically inside the wheel, but trust me when I say that dirt, dust, and moisture will find it's way in there and chew up your bearings.

I've got an original set of these in my cruiser that have been through hell and back for a while (rain, etc) and still spin just fine.

So Smooooth....
I got these free with a monthly wheel deal and was a bit skeptic. At first the lube was thick and they were slow so I did so adjustments. I removed all of the thick grease so that I could Re-lubed them with Oust. Man, these baby's fly now! I will be buying these again for sure. thanks daddies!
Crazy good bearing for the price rolls just about as good as super reds but a little louder i use these for down hill and as long as you take care of them they will roll great and fast for a long time. PS clean them when they arrive because they are drenched in a grease like lube when thats gone they roll great with sewing machine lubricant and they have two removable shields (only need one on each so you have extras)
this bearing has an amazing price. 9.96? you cant beat that. what you can beat is the quality. this bearing has 2 shields which is unnecessary because it has a nylon retainer. this thing looks like a bones red on the inside. the retainer is a plus, but this thing was covered with horrid lube that was thicker than tar. i cleaned them up and i put metol lube. i'm getting OK spins. really, just shell out the twice the money (20) and get yourself a set of bones reds. my bones reds spin for 10 seconds (the bearing itself). the dbs abec 7 are struggling to make 2 seconds. good price. designed like an expensive bearing. handles like an abec 3 you find in those knock off scooter or whatnot.
Roll Speed Baby!
to be honest, these bearings suck when you just hold the wheel and spin it. but, they are not noisy and it seems that you will roll forever. faster than bones super reds. great bearings
Good price bad quality
I purchased these bearing along with a set of Sector9 Butterballs. I notice upon unboxing these bearings that they were drenched in a very thick lube. it was all inside the packaging and bearings, and seemed way thicker than any other lube i'd ever used for bearings. Having ridden the bearings for a month and a half or so now, I can say that i find these to start slow, pick up dirt easily, and become even slower as they get used. Even after washing and relubing these feel bad. I'd say shell out a few more dollars for Bones Reds ($12 on that other website that sells a lot of stuff)
pretty good
not as good as zealous
On the first try.
It was a perfect slide!
I didn't have to break them in or something
It was just perfect
In my opinion it's better than abec flashback (78a)
i got these with my first board and these thing keep up with bone Swiss ceramic bearing going down some hills!
A no brainer!
These bearings are AMAZING. You get them for 10 dollars, 15 less then any Super Reds or Sector 9 bearings, and they are 10x better. Fantastic bearings, so happy with them.
good for price
These things are a great bang for your buck. Good durability and roll a really long time. Get these stock with your setup, and if you don't like them, try Bones Reds
Pretty good.
Within the first month, these would only spin for about 3 seconds. After cleaning them they improved tremendously. Just clean them regularly and they're great.
First time DBS let me down...
I love DaddiesBoardShop. Their service and almost everything about them is excellent. However, this is the first time I have not had a positive experience with a product from them... After fitting them onto my wheels and trucks, I could EASILY tell that they were sluggish when trying to push... I thought they just needed to be broken in but they didn't get any better. Even after applying speed cream, it did not help much... Maybe I received a defective set...
Get reds
There ok, get bones reds though.... all thime fav.
Most BANG for your buck! unnexpected
So my friend wanted to get into longboarding after he saw me getting into it. He went out and purchased a Sector 9 look out with Bear Grizzly 852's, Abec 11 zig zags, and these DBS abec7 bearings. At first I was I thought he made a stupid decision in buying the bearings but once it came in and we started riding.... I was amazed! These are some quality bearings for the price! and after about 3 months they've gotten a little better than before!! I say they are worth it, ESPECIALLY FOR $7!!!
Most BANG for your buck! unnexpected
So my friend wanted to get into longboarding after he saw me getting into it. He went out and purchased a Sector 9 look out with Bear Grizzly 852's, Abec 11 zig zags, and these DBS abec7 bearings. At first I was I thought he made a stupid decision in buying the bearings but once it came in and we started riding.... I was amazed! These are some quality bearings for the price! and after about 3 months they've gotten a little better than before!! I say they are worth it, ESPECIALLY FOR $7!!!
Bought these to give them a try and within two weeks I tossed them and went back to bones super reds, these bearings were bad from the beginning.. Get what you pay for and DDS should really take their name off these bearings.
Great for the money
At first they didn't really seem all that fantastic compared to some Phantoms or Reds. However, after some breaking in time, they have definitely improved and are well worth the price. Your wheels won't spin forever when you give them a roll, but that doesn't really indicate their performance on the ground. They hold speed very, very well. These are my go to bearings for everyday riding
S Teir
Awesome bearings. Amazing bearings! These bearings are better than any other bearing that I have ever used, and that says a lot. But the best part is, they only cost 8 bucks! Cant go wrong with these. Make sure to get spacers to go with these!
Decent bearings, but...
Certainly an awesome bearing for the price, especially if you clean them regularly, my only complaint is that after a few cleans the bearing sheild warps more than the shield you get on bones reds and causes a bit of drag on the ball race, unlike the reds which still run smooth after the same number of cleans. Other than that these bearing have stood up to some serious abuse on my freeride deck and are incredibly good value for money. Worth buying a couple of sets just to keep in your skate bag for emergancies :D
I used to use bones reds on my old pintail, and on my new board i was already paying to much, so i went with these. I ride these harder and longer than i did on my old board and they rattle a lil bit but i guess i can fix that on my own
Better than expected! Great for price!
I was pleasantly surprised with these bearings. I just got them with my new sector 9 carbon decline. My wheels are S9 goddess of speed 9 balls,76mm 78a. I have ridden my board for a couple weekends and these bearings are rolling great! I thought for the price I was going to get some crap bearings that I would have to replace soon after I got them, but if these things hold up(I'm keeping good care of them)then I won't need new bearings for a while. Great for $7.50!!! And they are free when you buy a complete longboard from DBS. Great value!! Although they aren't quite as good as Bones bearings(they are the best)they re still a great value.
Very nice
I was very skeptical about buying store brand bearings but i was on a budget and decided to go for it. Boy was I surprised! they are comparable with biltins so i would just buy these.
Best bearings for the money!
I wasn't sure what to expect at first but once i got them i was pleasantly surprised they are great. After a while i cleaned them out and put some speed cream in the and they got even better.
Best evar!
I went through 2 sets of bones reds in 1 month (totally broken),so I resulted to these, and buying it was one of the best decisions I've ever made. They are fast and durable. All in all they pwn!
I've been skating for many years skateparks the streets to other cities and I've had all kinds of bearings bones Swiss, autobahn, Luckys, rush,ect..and for this price these bearings were quite impresive both dry and oiled well worth it
Could be better! or atleast last longer
OK the shipping on these was extremism fast! the shipped from Origin across the US all the way to Mass in 2 days! THEY WERE AMAZING WHEN I FIRST GOT THEM!!! However they slowly got well slower and eventual where i was going 25ish MPH (GIVE OR TAKE 5) on a hill (cellphone gps detected it) now i am only going 18 mph on that same exact hill. its been within a month of getting them, and i don't exactly know how to lubricate the bearings correctional
Great deal
Ordered 3 pairs because these bearings are so good
Great Bearings for the $$$
These bearings are excellent and very cheap. I have 2 sets and have been riding them for several months with no trouble.
Couldn't be more satisfied!
These bearings are great! Honestly. for $7.50, you couldn't find any better bearings. They high quality and easy to remove and clean. Keep up the good work DBS!
Decent, could be better
These bearings are pretty good, spin nice and fast for a long time, when lubricated (i use Speed Cream), they spin faster than they do out of the package. The only problems i have with these is the fact that the nylon sheild on almost all of the bearings have popped out on one side, and they won't stay back in. luckily, i had some covers aht fitted them nice and snug, and they still spin at the same speed. I suggest these bearings fro those on a tight budget, or just getting into skating/longboarding
Best Bearing
These bearings are really fast compared to the last dbs bearings. I hooked these up with cult classics and beat my two friends who had bones reds bearings in a race.... Didnt even have to break the bearings in
These bearings if kept clean and oiled will run smooth, fast, and quiet. But if you dont clean them they can go bad pretty fast. I rode these for six months and they slowed down every once in a while, so I just cleaned them and they were back to normal. Clean these often and you have a great bearing for a great price. Buy them and clean them!
These bearings were a little slow at first. Then after a week or so they were ok. Then after a month I decided to clean them with some bones speed cream. Now they spin for about a minute and a half freely and are very smooth.
Good but could be better
They should only have one shield so that there is less friction, plus you only need on shield
Best Bearings Ever
This is the reason you gotta love daddies board shop. These bearings are by far the best deal any longboarder could ask for. SUPER cheap! They are less than half the price of reds, and (once worn in) spin smoothly forever. Ive ridden about 7 sets of these, and on average they take about a week of straight riding to really get worn in. They are also great for rain riding, as you dont have to worry about wrecking them. I recommend these for freestyle longboarders who like to slide, they are durable. Not for speedboarders though.
really poor durability
within 3 months of riding, most of the bearing shields arent attached any more and one of the bearing just broke. buy anything else

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Daddies has searched far and wide to find a high quality skateboard bearing for a ridiculously low price! While traveling on the outer edge of the milky way the DBS crew came across these killer double shielded ABEC 7 bearings. We quickly mounted these puppies up and took them for a spin. All we can say is cosmic baby!


  • ABEC 7 Deep Groove Radial Ball Bearings
  • Nylon Bearing Cages & Thinner Lube For Immediate Speed!
  • Chrome Steel Ball Bearings as well as Inner and Outer Races Will handle rotation up to 40000RPM
  • Removable orange seals to protect the bearing from dust or any possible contamination, also bearings are pre-lubricated with super speedy bearing oil.
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