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Dano's Downhills Longboard Wheels 70mm 78a

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Dano's Downhills Longboard Wheels 70mm 78a - SET OF FOUR




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Holy balls, these are great!
I got these on my first board, didn't quite know how to ride 'em at first, but once I got my slides down, it was a blast. I was so satisfied with the thane trails I left behind. These are very versatile wheels, they're also very affordable.
These things are great
These are great to slide with
perfect wheels
I have had the pleasure of riding two sets of these wheels down to 60mm or so. They are very fun for busting out standies upwords of 30 mph and I have busted out a 130 foot sit down on them. They are one of the most controlable wheels I have ever ridden. Would suggest to anyone because of the low price point. (Sorry for the all caps)
The wheels are sooooo nice and crisp but they take a while to wear in. Once you do you're off. Little icy but poops thane.
I was in the shop the other day and picked up my second set of Danos because they are so dang fun! These wheels are fast, slidey (yet controllable), and resilliant. They grip out of the package but after a few big colemans they are super slidey. They leave fat thane lines and are buttery smooth. They give enough of a push-back during slides to where you can control your slides and you won't feel like you will ice out. They die pretty quickly however, I cored a set in a week skating a good amount every day but they will not flatspot or oval. Overall I'd give these 7 out of 7 stars good job DBS.
Amazing wheels!
These are the first wheels I ever got and they've lasted a long time. They dump thane once broken in. I love these wheels, long lasting quality. Definitely recommend these for beginners.
Good overall. take a while to break in.
These wheels are fun for cruising and having fun. The thane takes a while to shred so it takes a while to break in. Be nice for a stone ground version of this.
cool stuff
these are great for sliding but I already have a rip in a wheel and didnt even have it for a week so...
How much time
How much time does it take to break in these danos standie 180 each side, about how many do i need to do to break them in
Buttery and consistant
I was skeptical trying to do any freeride on these because they were just a stock daddies wheel but after they were broken in I completely proved myself wrong. Once broken in danos downhills completely dump thane. They slide more smooth than my volante Morgans. They are pretty grippy around corners but once you kick out they are sraight butter. They don't even wear super quick either! I've rode them for two super long sessions and they still have a lot of life left. I would definitely recommend these fore anyone trying to have some freeride fun. Wether it's long standies or just some slow Colemans you won't be disappointed
Break in after 5 min. Leave so much thane after broken in. good price. slippery wheels. same core/shape as old arbor 70mm 78a wheels which feel the same.
honestly fuk yuh dadeez birdshop yuh suk f@t c0ck s0 fuk deez whelz anD ur mom pusay
Best bang for your buck
These are an awesome all around wheel. I can slide perfect with them as then go hit some hills and still grip corners after the are worn down. If your doing hardcore downhill or more free ride if would get another wheel, but if you want an awesome, cheap high quality wheel buy these!
quick question
why are they called "Danos Downhills if there only 2 star for downhill?
these wheels are the best wheels on the market. they r super cheap and slide really well. the only prob is they wear pretty fast
I love the Dano's Downhill Wheels
I love the Dano's Downhill Wheels. They are the most amazing wheels in the world. They are like melted bananas even when just cruising at 3 mph. I pulled off a 1080 slide at the bottom of my 10ft driveway. I slid 250ft standie right out of the box. Could not ask for a better wheel from daddies. Wore down to the core and i still use them, they work as good as when they were fresh outta' the box.
Well to be honest i have only ever ridin 2 other types of wheels. Danos and abec 70 flashbacks. these Danos were the first wheels i have ever had and i have had these wheels for almost a year and a half and well im going to buy them again. i want different wheels and well i trust these wheels because i learned on these wheels and i trust them. I do stand up slides, heel side speed checks, stand up 180s and reverse stand up 180s and pendulem and reverse pendulems and a couple other things and these wheels are great or that! definitely get!
I got these on my Landyachtz Switch 35 and they are great. I haven't been able to slide on them yet, but I try. Overall fantastic wheels.
good wheels
These wheels are grippy . I use them for carving and they are great.

I lost traction once doing a quick turn at 25 km hour on slippery concrete floor . Had to expect that .
satisfactory has been met
i had these wheels for a year and rode them for the first time because i couldn't break them in. but the street in front of my house helped, because the road is like a cheese grater. these wheels at first are gripy which is why i didn't like them at the start but now that i have ripped a bunch of thane of in an hour they are grate. nice surgery smooth slide leaves thane lines like a cocaine line. i would buy a set again.
Amazing wheels
These wheels are great after they are broken in. It takes a few slides to break them in but after that they completely dump thane down to the core
Great wheels
they take quite a bit longer than any other wheels to break in but they're amazing once you wear them in, they leave alot of thane and wear down some what fast , the slide is like a retro bert ,they wear down like a butter ball, so nice though!!!
I bought these for my 2013 wolfshark. On my first ride they catch a rock and stop my board. Sending me throught the air and breaking my arm. Hopefully I'll like them better once they are broken in... 4 to 6 weeks from now. :/
sweet wheels
these wheels are so nice for fast freeride and sliding. they leave so much thane and are a great all around wheel. the only thing is that the danos have a ton of release mold on them and when I was doing pushup slides they were bouncing. but after a few pre drifts they wore right down to butter! these wheels are more buttery than butterballs. I got the amber colored danos
most buttery wheel ever! love the speed, love the thane lions for a 115 lb kid
great wheels!!
I've had these wheels for almost a month now and I love them! My college campus doesn't have many big hills so I cant really say how good they are at high speed but I've hit 20 on these and had no problems.
Sliding: once broken in they slide really well. I just started sliding when I got these wheels (they came with my Wolfshark) and even as a novice at sliding they are predictable and really clean.
Cruising: great!
Downhill: no problem, hold grip well on corners at decent sped

Overall: get these wheels!!! perfect all arounds
Sick wheels
Can't go wrong for the price. Thane like crazy and grip nicely but have a smooth slide as well
not bad
wheels slide like no other but wear extremly fast, went through a set in 4 hours but never saw so much thane in my life~
Not Speed Wheels
Great wheels for Cruising and very good for control
my friend has these wheels and they are great for cruising and he check slides every once and a while so yeah...
not bad
i have the green that came with a board i bought used.These wheels are awesome!i only cruise/carve no slide yet,and i love these wheels.My other boards have square wheel and danos would be perfect if came in square edge as well.They roll smooth and quiet.for the price,you cant go wrong!
Really great wheels
These wheels are awesome, and for the price you can't go wrong! They slide sweet (I'd say that even better than the 86 stims I replaced with these), once they are broken though; they are really grippy before being broken in!

Overall great wheels and I will recommend these wheels to everyone.
Do these wheels leave thane lines?
Contact patch
What is the contact patch for this wheel?
Well worth the money excellent for downhill
These wheels despite the ratings they are excellent for every thing and being a racer I know what I'm talking about and I never give 5 star ratings but these I will and available to me because of daddy's thank you sponsor,anyways great wheels way worth it and if you need a board start with a dark star they are cheap they last and it'll tell you if you want to keep longboarding or not
These are pretty sick especially for the price. Their pretty slick for 78a and scary for downhilling and hard carving but not the worst. It's great for learning slides and drifting or just cruising and can take a reasonable beating. Biggest bang for your buck for sure. Beginners and cruisers need these for sure.
Good wheels once broken in. Much better than nearly all otang wheels. Would core again.
These Wheels are very nice. I'm a beginner (but snowboard very well) and can slide/predrift on them pretty well, atleast after breaking them in a little. I got the "Fibretec Freeride 1030" Board and the Sector 9 Lookout.
Scoop it & Doop it!
These wheels do whatever you want them to! They compare highly to all wheels, and for the price, you can't go wrong. I learned my first slides on these (with ease) and I'll do my last on these. Try them out, it's worth it!
Popping GATORZ
We got a twee shaker,twee shaker jacub get de gun get da gun jacub pop him!!

Fak u iz Dolan
Deddiez plz
they are okay....
these wheels are pretty good. once you break them in they are great sliding wheels. Amazing for cruising/carving i put these wheels on my pintail.
U r idiots
U r all idiots
They suck
Great slide wheel
My friend has these wheels and I have morongas and these are almost as good. They are pretty cheap, last long, slide nice, leave thane and definetly not ment for downhill! If ur thinking about getting a wheel for sliding, get these! As good as any other wheel on the market pretty much but they're really cheap. My next wheels will be these then these then these. Get the danos downhill wheels! Oh and apparently each color has a different slide characteristic. If ur not sure which to get, you can't go wrong with the red ones
35 dollars for these wheels is a steal.. they may be a bit noisy but that's all look past. Some of the best sliding wheels I've ever riden and they're stock! Daddies is amazing
For the price you pay these wheels are amazing
Very nice
I started to really get into sliding and longboarding all on this wheel it is pretty perfect for an all around wheel.
pretty nice
i have rode 2 sets of these the blue and right now im riding the orange ones. They are good for sliding and are super predictable. They can last pretty long if you are just doing like 15 or 20 foot stand ups and if you are just doing shutdown slides they will litterally last forever.
slidey, cheap, thaney
i had the red ones, and boy were they fun! they are cheap. so if you flatspot/ oval them, you wont feel bad. they leave lots of thane which is nice if you're into that type of stuff. they are super sugary feeling, they're in the middle of icy and buttery which is nice for mid speed freeride. when going faster, they are not as predictable as that of an abec11 freeride or a tunnel krakatoa. overall, they are a great freeride wheel if you're on a tight budget. they also wear very fast

****NOTE***** these are not for Downhill, they can hold a line somewhat well, but are not grippy by any means
there 35 dolar wheels what do you thinks going to happen
I've been rollin with these wheels through every type of scenario. Ive gone down some serious hills and you can easily hold a carve or let the tail kick out a few inches, ONLY if you want it to, but never losing full control. Grips well. I have no complaints, I dont think you will either.
If you're torn between more expensive wheels, and are just looking to do it all, why not save some of those hard earned dollhairs and get these? Are you really going to competitively race downhill...NO?
Then hurry up and buy!

When it says "why not buy 2 sets" then why woulsnt i buy some nice wheels like "these" wheels.. 2 sets on danos would be around 80 bucks.. js.
Awesome Wheels!!!!
So far, I have had 3 different sets of free-riding wheels: Abec 11 Free-rides, Sector 9 Butterballs, and Dano's Downhills. My absolute favorite of these are the Dano's. I have this awesome felling of control with my slides, and they haven't flat-spotted on me at all, whereas the Free-rides and the Butterballs have! And their softer durometer makes them great for downhill, even after they are worn down a bit!! I love the center-set feature, as it allows for even wear!! So unless someone can convince me otherwise, these are the next set of wheels I'm gonna buy once after I core my current Dano's. Thanks DBS for making such an awesome, affordable wheel!!!!

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Made in the U.S.A, Dano's Wheels are a great choice for any rider of any skill level because they are so versatile. Their soft durometer provides for an incredibly smooth ride that makes them great for general-purpose cruising and carving. The softer durometer will also give you a little extra grip for taking corners at higher speeds. Skaters also like Dano's Wheels for high speed freeriding as well because they feature a center-set profile and can be flipped when they start to cone giving the wheel double the life! When you need to bust into a slide you can do it with ease due to the rounded lips that are featured on the Dano's. All in all you can't go wrong with these great, all-around wheels. 

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