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East Coast Sessions

Team Riders
East Coast Sessions Group Rider Page

Rider Bio
East Coast Sessions is a group of shredders from well... the East Coast. We like working with groups of riders as well as individual riders. A group brings a lot to the table and we are super stoked to have this group of dudes here with us to represent the shop! Welcome to the family guys!

10 Questions

1.) How did your group get together and when did you decide to form a little shred-clan?

Our team, East Coast Sessions, was formed when we were deciding a hill for a longboard event. We all really hit it off well, making an excellent video with lots of laughter and enjoyment. That was when we felt obligated to meet again, and we did this numerous more times until we became close enough to form the group EastCoastSessions!

2.) Where do you guys like to skate the most?

Because of the fact that our team is based out of Charlotte, NC and that we are all groms it creates a challenge to be able to go to larger hills in the mountains of North Carolina, we typically skate a few hills a reasonable push from all of us. Most short and reasonably steep for Charlotte grade.

3.) Is there a "quote-unquote" leader of the group?

I do not believe there is a “quote-unquote" leader of ECS. But if I had to decide, I would say Patty (Patrick) since he was the genius who developed this group, exposing us to the public with a little help from the internet. BIG SHOUT OUT TO PATRICK!!!

4.) What does one of your sessions look like?

The ECS seshes are very goofy. A group of friends filming, joking, shouting, and usually wearing similar clothing. Although we greatly enjoy our weekend get-togethers, we are not so sure the neighbors like it as much as we do! We set up our skate sessions during the week on a top secret Facebook group to meet up at our local slide hill, we typically shred from 11am to dark, with very few breaks. Afterwards, it’s a tradition to go eat at a restaurant, typically Brooklyn Pizza Parlor. The best pizza out there! Then we have a sick sleepover and the next day we skate again!

5.) What trick do you guys do most?

Pretty much all of us are trying to learn either slide big spins or 360 bs slides. Recently, our group has progressed a great amount. Especially towards technical freeride. Technical freeride is the best way to get creative on Charlotte hills. Since they are not long and you cannot do multiple large fast standies per run, we get technical with no comply speed checks, no taps and Chinese no-complies. We think that we almost spoil the tech part of freeride when we learn new tricks. When one person gets a trick everyone learns it, does it for 2 weeks then moves on. It’s a fast progression rate and we enjoy the challenges to keep our skills up.

6.) Are you competitive with one another? Do you push each others limits?

We wouldn’t really say we are competitive with each other but we push each other to go faster and bigger. The reason a lot of us can progress through tricks so fast is because there is always someone pushing them and helping them to land it.

7.) Why did you guys want to get hooked up from Daddies?

We have all been buying from daddies since we started longboard. They have the best customer service, shipping rates and VERY good prices. You can’t go wrong with any of that. To top all of that off everyone that we talk to at daddies is SOOOOO nice and amazing!

8.) How would your group take down a crowd of Zombies?

We would sacrifice the middle schooler Chris Caponi and Philip Skaar wail they got eaten alive we would go to my house eat some pizza, swim, and chill. Then after eating and chilling we would push to Oregon and meet up at daddies with the Ohio crew Niko, Quinn, Perry, and Virgin. Have a sweet party then hit a sick skate sesh .Then we would personally like to see Niko get eaten alive and then we would all ride into the sunset on Sam Oates moped.

East Coast Sessions Rider Group
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