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Gullwing Sidewinder II Longboard Skateboard Trucks

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Gullwing Sidewinder II Longboard Skateboard Trucks - SET OF TWO



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Great downhill
Absolute precision trucks. Best for steep hills and free ride. I've hit 50+ with these and didn't even wobble.
good shiz
These trucks are whack they take you on tighter turns you didn’t think you’d have a chance of making they feel so flowy and smooth just beautiful just don’t go too fast on them get speed wobbles like a bitch trust me I found that out the hard way, but if you're looking for the sickest carving possible grab these and you won’t regret it.
Gnarly truck... You'll know if you want them
Had these trucks for 2 years now, and they have never let me down. Turns your board into a ninja like that, even my big clunking 46 inch pintail and 90 mm flywheels is carvier then any reverse kingpin truck I've ever ridden. If you think you're doing mild hills and mostly flatland cruising, you don't need to look at any other trucks, period. As for the speed wobbles, this is all i have to say: It doesn't give you speed wobbles, but if you get ANY kind of wobble, these make that wobble 10x worse. I've gone 20-25 mph with as loose as the trucks will be, and it's like sleeping behind a lion. Scary as all hell, but you can't start shaking or the lion will wake up and kill you. Stay still, learn to balance, you'll be alright.
Awesome Trucks!!!
I just put these trucks on my Bustin Maestro Mini with my Stimulus 83a wheels. They are GREAT for sliding despite what people say. They are also fantastic for just cruising down the sidewalk and they turn super sharp. All around, GREAT trucks!
Really Good for Experienced Riders
These trucks are amazing for seasoned riders. Unless you've used these since the beginning of you riding "career." It's tricky at first to get used to how dramatically these turn, but it only takes maybe 10 minutes to make the sleight adjustment. Perfect for cruisers and flat riders, good for long hills with a sleight angle. If you're just trying to cruise around for fun, I highly prefer that you buy these!
Awesome Cruising Trucks
I love these trucks. Great for cruising. Yet if you take off the second base they become good downhill trucks with great turning ability.
I know that tarantula trucks probably take 1st place,but those aren't for sale. These are probably the best carving trucks you could buy. O.O
Great Trucks
Perfect for sliding and cruising!!!!!
They're OK
I like them when cruising down long not steep hills, as they can go for a long time and allow smooth carving. However, if the hill you are on picks up too much speed you will most likely wobble and fall, that is normal for these trucks. Also, if you hit a crack in the road you will be thrown off. These trucks are not for beginners so if that is you don't
Love story
I got these on my first complete set with a drop-through sector 9 that and 69mm 73a wheels. its a dream and has become an extension of my body. I carve and weave so much on my way through a busy college town these trucks will do exactly what you want, freeride, cruise, carving like a monster. Tighten them up a bit and they are solid for medium downhill. I've hit 20+ with these, the trick is just fine tuning the tightness before you head out

Overall I have to pump my breaks when I get on my other boards cause no other truck has that response like the Sidewinder
Really nice trucks!
I have these trucks and they are really fun to cruise! I have gone 40mph on these and if you arent use to those kind of speeds you will get speed wobbles but if you have the right set up and you ride alot you will be fine. I have them on a 44" Never Summer longboard with NS 75mm 78a wheels. BUY THESE TRUCKS!!
these trucks are pure awesome .
Just awesome.
These are the best trucks i've ever ridden, hands down. I ride an arbor timeless pintail and 70mm mini monsters and had these trucks for about a month, They slide at 5 mph if you want them to, and turn in about 4 feet gripping... Just one warning, while these do not make getting speed wobbles any worse, if you have them they wobble like CRAZY. But hey, if you can balance well, you wont find a better truck.
These trucks are amazing for cruising. I have hit over 25 MPH.
Fantastic. Just Fantastic.
These trucks are the love of my life. They turn super super sharp I put some Butterballs on these and i can 90 degree slide stop with these trucks on flat ground. Plus They dont get speed wobbles on light hills if you have balance. even if you dont have balance on these trucks once you have them for awhile you have fantastic balance trust me. Buy them. Now
perfect for downhill and even better for freeride. lots of control when going +30, almost like perscision trucks
Good for carving
These trucks are made for carving, not DH. my friend has a set, i like them for carving, but i go straight for my buzzeds whenever i do DH. They also require 8 bushing for a pair of trucks.
Great when set up
The trick to these trucks is setting them up guys, leave both kingpins loose for mega carving, tighten the lower one up for good X-over between street riding and downhill. gives you a good amount of lean, but if you get the speed wobbles the stiffer second kingpin lets you tame the beast. had them on my dervish and wouldn't ride anything else. slide, speed, street free riding.
I regret this purchase
Everyone told me these trucks were awesome. I want my money back. They are too high up to push to the store. They are too unstable or downhill..... They are horrible trucks. Don't buy them.
Great for carving
I have used these trucks for little over a month and there good and bad about them, the good is that you can turn on a dime, and they great for sidewalk surfing or just all around cruising, they are also really good if you are starting long boarding for the first time. The only real fault is that they aren't good for down hill bombs unless you know what your doing and your used to the responsiveness of these trucks. The fastest I've been on these around 35-40mph and I got some crazy speed wobbles and you won't get the wobbles until your going over 30 mph if there not to tight, but all in all these are some good solid trucks for just cursing and having fun.
They suck
they wobble like crazy and feel to high off the ground and cannot slide
These are so deck, I love them!
nice turning
Good smooth and predictable fun turns on small hills and grades. Hard on the body with a long "cruise the neighborhood" session. Speed wobbles on big grades. I've had my best turns on Bear 180/50 trucks with a flexy board and risers though. If you like a middle of the road carving truck, try Calibers.
cruiser's dream
i got these with my first board and they're just a dream to ride on. very, very quick and smooth turns. they could be a little lower to the ground though. let me tell you when I borrowed a friend's board with regular trucks a few months after and stepped on it for the first time I was shocked at how freaking dull and slow turning was. think i got spoilt a little. but as others have already pointed out; don't try anything that includes high speeds with these trucks, speed wobble will come quicker than you on the night you lost your virginity.
Best carvers ever
These trucks carve like a dream and are smooth at it too unlike those spring original trucks. For everyone complaining about the speed wobbles shut up ive hit 25 on these without wobbles and as long as you carve down the whole hill you wont have a problem. Only problem i have is i got a wrong size washer for one of bushings but it doesnt seem to have any effect
great cruising trucks
These trucks are an absolute dream to cruise on, they have the craziest turning radius an is awesome for getting from class to class where you have to dodge people all the time. Great truck for its intended purpose, id stick to just cruising lest you want to get hurt. I gave them 4 stars instead of five because they're so tall which can get uncomfortable if you ride a lot.
Great for cruising
These trucks are amazing for cruising because of the last minute decision making capability that they have since they turn so quick! They take some getting use to however.
The board that i have these on currently is the arbor blunt and it rides lie a dream with these trucks.
The only flaw is that for high speeds like ditch riding, you get some pretty intense speed wobbles. But still these are 5 star trucks for what they were made for, cruising.
They aren't that sketchy.
I've gone faster than 15 on these trucks. As long as you know how to balance well, downhill shouldn't be that big of a deal. I mean I wouldn't suggest using them if you and your buddies decide to bomb that 45 mph hill all day, but if you come to decent sized hill that's only like a minute long, just go for it. Just learn how to balance first. Paris v2's are scarier to bomb with than these. In my opinion.
Buy these if u will be doing a lot of turning but I have found if u take the second pivot points away there great trucks
mostly for downhill
I've used this truck on my loaded dervish sama and used them top mounted and dropped through, but they're still to tall. these are not that fun for flat land cruising cause after a day of pumping my hip aches a ton. But the bushing combo makes these trucks very stable for downhill. I've clocked 45+ and with no wobble.
best trucks on the market for downhill. really stable at speeds of 50+. I would not recommend them for carving or cruising, they are just strictly downhill trucks.
Bushing Set-Up
I've heard that you only need 2 bushings for each truck, but in the pictures I see it looks like there should be 2 bushings at every bushing seat on the truck, making it 4 total bushings per truck. Could someone explain this to me? Interested in the trucks but want to know a little more before I buy them.
I have these trucks on my sector 9 deck. a guy at a board store told me that they were the only trucks that fit this deck. do they work on all other decks? I love the way they carve and im just learning to slide and they do really well. I only got speed wobbles when I first tried to take a big hill. now that im used to it....theres no wobbles and they ride like a dream!
Super Rad!!!
These are the really rad, I put them 9" on a mini (27") and 10" on a old sector 9 cloud 9 (45") and they produce the best carving ever. I can hit almost any hill craving hard enough. They do get speed wobbles fairly soon (around 30mph (mini) 40mph (long) for me with hard bushings 95A top 92A bottom) but its easy to recover. Their not too horrible for sliding though their high off the ground for taller riders. I would recommend for anybody to have in the quiver. They'll weave you out of any situation with precision and style whether you're commuting, shredding corners and tight spaces or taking out a hill, its all doable with these babies. Keep it up gullwing!
5 stars for carve-ability
I give these trucks 5 stars for their ability to carve very deeply, fluidly, organically and with extreme ease. They are when you keep all 4 wheels on the ground. If you like to do kick turns get something else. They're fun for carving the street or skatepark.
The two kingpin design is specifically for carving. These are not do-it-all trucks. If you are looking to set up a board for carving and carving only I think you will find them to be fun, groovy and very liquid-like. The carves are very deep and are fun on a board with flex.
The stock bushings are fine but I found Bones Hardcores livened them up quite nicely. I'm sure any high rebound bushing would do the same.
Because of the design I found riding off curbs and such works best when going perpendicular to the drop off. Again, 4 wheels on the ground good... 2 wheels, not so much so.
Some people will argue that there are trucks that carve as well or better and maybe they're right. I can only compare them to Paris 180's and Indy 159's. The design extends your wheelbase somewhat and the width makes them stable for carving but I did get speed wobbles. However, I'm not out for speed but to surf the concrete wave, so to speak.
Overall, I really like them for cruising and getting a nice, deep carve. That is their strongpoint. If you're setting up a knockaround carving/cruising board give them a try.
Only for cruising
These are the best trucks out there for cruising and carving, but be careful while going downhill over 15 mph the double kingpin gives you some serious speed wobbles.
I have a Santa Cruz Mahaka cruser and I was wondering if these would work on it without wheel bite.
Never failing sliding trucks!!
I highly recommend anyone to not pay attention to the people who give these trucks a bad review. I've had my pair for two years now, and I can pull off 180s and dances like a dream. You don't even need new bushings for this. I also recommend RADs or Orangatang Morongas for these trucks, because they make for beautiful sliding!
would these fit on my landyachtz bamboo stout?
ive had these for about 6 months now and i love them! they are amazing for carving and are even awesome for sliding. they arent too bad with speed although i wouldnt recommend bombing any hills with these. mainly theyre great for crusing carving and sliding. with smaller wheels (anything below 65mm) theyre perfect and i never got wheel bite. i highly recommend these.
i like them, but not sure
my buddy has Sidewinders on his Sector 9, but i want to buy a Loaded Vanguard deck and put these on it. would it work?
So i got these trucks for my bustin meastro mini. At first they where like a dream and no speed whobble. Now when i slide an this little court near my house, I can't even slide because they get whibbly-whobbly every timey-wimey. can someone give me advice on what to do?
Dear Dan will these trucks fit my loaded fattail ?
will this work on a landyachtz wedgeflex? (squid) what set up recommend? back and front or just front? for carving. thanks Dan
get them
dont judge them out of the box put some harder bushings on the top and real soft bushings on the bottom and there a dream to slide on there a bit hard to drift on but other then that these rip
A quick question
Dear Dan, are there any good sidewalk surfing decks you recommend to go with these trucks? - Dan Loveland Writes - You could take a look at the Arbor Fish. This is a nice board that will carve very quick with the Sidewinder trucks. Otherwise anything in the 38" inch length will work good.
will they
fit on my Sector 9 Flex Deck. Dan Loveland Writes - Yes, they fit on most longboards. You just have to watch for wheelbite.
looking nice but...
Got mine with sector9 MNT peaks board as a complete set. I love the design and idea of double bushings so i wanted to try these. End up with loosing both kingpins at max on both tracks to have most sharp turns i can get. Noted that even new one's already has a pivot pin not really tight sitting in a pivot cup. So, after 5th or 6 ride with lots of hard carving i got one pivot cup completely gone and the rest of three cups really damaged...
Still wobbling
Great carving trucks... to lose for me though and extremely unstable, you will get wobbles in a sec if you decided to bomb any hill or even ur driveway!
Good trucks not great
Had them for a while put them on my Flexdex L37 and there smooth and have a nice carvy feel and everything but was harder to slide than my original trucks and less stable at speed than original. So good trucks but original are better. And one thing is it has a narrow hanger. And when replacing bushings get kinda spendy since you have to buy two sets per truck.
Great flat carving
Huge parking losts with a little grade and these things are the closest I've come to surfing on land. Can generate speed crank and carve and do big turns. However, very unstable at higher speeds on downhill.
Dear Lord...
I can't even describe to you how amazing these are. Simply carving down a hill makes you feel like you're on snow. would not recommend for downhill, got the scar on my leg and the destroyed jeans to prove it.
Sick Trucks !
I have 3 sets of these and I put them on all the boards I make. I make boards 4 feet and up to 8 feet. My board of choice is my custom 7 foot board with these trucks, 2in of risers and Abec 11 gumballs, everyone who rides it loves it and says how great it turns! Handles great on hills, carving, and just cruising. Deffintly recommend to anyone.
wicked trucks.
I have these on the Sector 9 "Off The Wall" model. It is the sweetest ride I have had... even outrides my old cosmic pintail from back about a decade ago. I think it holds great at high speeds... and awesome in the parking ramps. The coolest part is that I can actually pump myself faster and faster. Feels just like surfing sometimes, and you can really work it low and hard and still get more speed. I do like them on the drop-through board they make because otherwise they are a really tall truck. Probably worth it on any ride though... so long as you avoid any bite... Any bite and time is a BAD THING. Cheers, Z
just wow
i love them
Great trucks
I spent a few hours riding these and there a blast For carving I would say a notch better than 180 Paris. For pumping there a notch better than 150 Paris. If you want to slide go with the originals but there less pumpy. People say there tall trucks But they don't seem to be much taller than standard size. To sum it up if you don't want to put a toe on the ground for a quarter mile, get these.
Cant find better trucks!
I`ve had these trucks for about a year now, and they`re the best trucks I`ve ever had. Their good at carving downhill, and even better at pumping. Best trucks ever, you gotta buy them!
Depends on the riding style...
I'm with Brendan a bit on this one. GREAT trucks for carving and taking on giant hills. Pros: Turns on a dime. Full circle in 3 or 4 feet is the truth. Well-build truck. Great for carving hills. Cons: Gets speed wobbles REAL easy. not a good truck for tricks (cross-stepping, pop-shove its, etc) just due to how incredibly loose they are. Overall, though. Really good truck for general riding and hills. I'd recommend to any beginner or just someone who wants a smooth, nice ride. Great board/truck combo with the Sector 9 Carbon Trylam.
perfect for carving and shredding up the roads, wicked quick turns, and excellent for pumping. Down hill riding can be trouble if your not experienced i got myself a pair soon after my first board and i died down hill after a few monthes i tried agian with these and it was a piece a cake IF YOU LOVE CARVING THESE ARE A MUST HAVE lol unless you get originals or something else. Ps. Originals are BOSS
Sharpest trucks I've ridden, I live in Florida so nothing that drastic going downhill except for bridges and garages. But had these on a mini sector 9 for commuting in college and could turn and carve EFFORTLESSLY in between mobs of people. Never hit a single person. Get them if you want a good carve and an insane turning radius
Gullwing Sidewinders
Sidewinders are probably some of the most amazing trucks on the market. That depends on what your looking for. If you want to turn, these are truly the tightest turning trucks on the market. Expect to slide easily and make good transitions. If your looking for something stable and go down steeper hills, these trucks are not for you. Get something a bit wider like a Randall 180 or something like that. Sidewinders are true street surfer trucks, and provide great carving. hope this info helps.
Sidewinders are SWEET. I've got a 32" bamboo Sector9 set up with these and 69mm/75a wheels -- can turn in about a 6' circle, won't lose grip (even making sharp turns at considerable speed) and has an incredibly smooth ride. NOT built for speed, learned that the hard way - took a nasty spill after the board wobbled out at ~ 10-15 mph. highly recommend for anyone just looking to carve; got mine for transportation at school.
sidewinders are very good all around truck great turning for carving and good for slalom and gs u can tighten them up and they are decent for dh would highly recament fliping the washers and getting new bushing tho (which is a pain due to the fact that these are sidewinders and have 4 per truck)
tourne tres fort
Super trucks, tournent tres fort, super sensations de carving. Daddies is the best shop ever : 1 week to receive these trucks to France! Congrats!!
not so great
sure the fact that they turn so much is entertaining for a little bit, but besides that there isnt much that u can do with these trucks. dancing becomes near impossible because before u can finish off a simple cross step you have turned a full circle. you may think that sliding would be amazing with these trucks but really you cant slide at high speeds because they get speed wobble really easily. i would not recommend the sidewinders to anyone who is actually serious about longboarding
so carvy!
The turning radius of these trucks will spoil you, on a 24 in. wheelbase I was able to turn inside a parking space! So fun for flat and little hill carving, but even cranked down super tight you get speed wobbles after 20-25mph.
thease trucks are the most amazing trucks i"ve ever riden they can turn on a dime no joke!!!!!!! if you no how to ride there just fine 4 downhill and still perform amazing on the the flats for green horns and vetrians. if you like a nice smooth easy fast carve this is the truck 4 you much preferd other originals!!!
Great Trucks
These are great trucks. They can do it all. Ive bombed huge hills and made crazy turns and carves on these things. They work great.
Fun trucks
These are really fun. They're great trucks to carve with and soo much fun. Not for high speeds or down hill, I got serious deadly speed wobbles on these once. Decent slalom trucks. But I would recommend them, just make sure your board is the correct shape to avoid wheel bite.
these are the best trucks ever great for sliding carving and evrything in between peferct if you want to carve or stay stable and downhill easy to clean or add lube to it works with any wheel and bearings
not as good as revenge trux...
these trucks are alright.. but revenge trucks are way better and you dont get wheel bite
parking garage
these trucks are awesome for parking garages especialy with the landyachtz spud
Holy crap
These trucks are da bomb. Very good for carving. I would recommend some good wheels if you want to have a better ride. ( oranatangs are good wheels)
Gullwing Sidewinders
These trucks are fan-freaking-tastic! They are to trucks what parabolics are to skis. When you want to dig into a turn they respond wickedly. They make carving effortless. With a small learning curve I would promise you would fall in love with these trucks.
These ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
these trucks are so amazing. I can turn in a full circle in about 3 0r 4 feet. Simply carving is the most fun thing ever. i would defiantly recomend these trucks if u want to carve some serious hills.
how stable
These trucks seem really cool but they dont look like they would be stable but I dont know please right back with some info. Dan Loveland Writes - These trucks are for flatland carving only. You will get serious death wobble if you try to high speed downhill on these trucks. These trucks emulate surfing.
Some kind of god dern turnin witch craft commotion
Well bottom line, these trucks are very adaptable. Me and my friend both have these trucks, me on my big bad ass 50 inch board and my friend tristan on his 39.5'' board. Carving and turning is a breeze, but here is the catch. This truck does everything that a typical truck does just by tightening the bottom bolt and loosening the top. Bombing hills without tightening these things up is sure suicide though. I had a close encounter once when i got to about twenty five on a hill, but with little modification it can go from a carving like a pro, to straight bombing down any hill you feel like.
would this work with the sector nine rappa nui? Dan Loveland Writes - Yes, these will work with the Cosmic Rider 2 Rapa Nui.

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Gullwing Sidewinder II Trucks

The Gullwing Sidewinder trucks have a patented design that has been turning heads since they were first introduced. What makes these trucks so special is that they have two pivot points which allows the trucks to turn twice as sharp and fast as a standard truck. This double action pivot allows the rider to generate speed using their own turning momentum. The Gullwing Sidewinder trucks are a sidewalk surfers dream. Ask anyone that has ridden them and the truth will be told.

Please be aware that these trucks must be set up on an appropriately shaped deck with proper clearance in order to function properly and avoid wheel bite

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