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IDS OUST MOC 9 Skateboard Bearings

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IDS OUST MOC 9 Skateboard Bearings


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Simply the best bearings ever so don't waste your money on swiss bearings that aren't even made in Switzerland. They're really made in china like bones reds and there swiss or even ceramic's. Get oust, it's oust or nothing.
7's are great I'm going for 9's
My 7's still have the longest glide of any of my bearings including the Bear Ceramics! While their website is more than a bit mysterious was to why these bearings are so good there is no doubt that the seals are excellent. I go though more sand and water than I should and the 7's have held up well. I'm doing the 24 hour Ultra in Homestead next month. I'm keeping the 7's in one of the boards and moving up to the 9's in my low deck board. If the 9's disappoint you'll be hearing from me!
Super fast
They are super fast. I get rollin fast on these bad boys and hold their speed going on a flat surface. One problem is thaT it says.the lube wont escape it but it dose
Bones Swiss or these?
Are these better or worse than Bones Swiss(not ceramic) ?
Are they better than super swiss 6
I am debating wether to get these or super Swiss 6.
Do they last a long time so i wont have to buy new bearings for a few years to come.
Seriously fast
Purchased these based on the reviews and I think they are worth every penny.Faster and smoother than Bones Swiss for about the same price.Quality product!
Need help on deciding if i should buy.
I was just wondering if these are meant for downhill more then anything else. Would they hold up against a lot of sliding? And if not whats their strength?
I got them on my Earthwing Big Hoopty with Caliber 50 Acid Melons and Volante Morgan 82a wheels. Right off they got a 16 second spin. Help?
Really good
Dan will these be good for longdistance in all weathers
These bearings are just down right amazing. I recommend them 100% over any other bearing!!!
Very fast
The best!!!
"Fast Fast Fast"
I have Bones Swiss Ceramic on my Liam Morgan Comet Board and they are Great! These Moc 9's are faster and smoother! I haven't had them long enough to know how well they hold up, but out of the box, I was able to time a 2 1/2 minute roll. With the Moc 9's, my longboard takes off like a Cheetah and rolls fast on flats, like I'm going down hill. If you are looking to start fast and go fast, smoothly, then get these Moc 9's!
The best bearings I've tried so far
These bearings are absolutely amazing! They last a very long time without needing to be cleaned, and go way faster then any other bearings I've ever tried. I recommend them to anyone looking to try some new bearings!
To Dan
I understand you speak highly of these bearings. I'm just curious, since I use my board for long distance traveling. Would these be better than the Tektons, since I've heard the tektons hold a speed record.
Dan, do you recommend getting the bearing spacers with the Moc 9's? Will it make a big difference in performance? Thanks.
I know this i a really stupid question but i would like to make sure these are okay for longboarding not just skateboarding
Do these bearings come with a rubber seal or metal seal???
So Good
I have had these bearings for probably two and a half years now and they are amazing. The seals keep them so clean its almost pointless to clean them. They are fast and precise. I really like that you can tighten the wheel up so they don't wiggle back and forth at all and they still spin just as well. I know it doesn't really make a difference but it makes me proud to say that i have gotten them to spin for over four minutes. If you want a high quality bearing that is going to last forever and be super fun, get these.

p.s. I agree with other posts. Be careful with the shields when tightening them onto your trucks and cleaning them (when cleaning get them off with a pin or something really thin and use it on the outside of the seal, not the inside).
Worth 2x super reds
Dan, I have some very old noisy bones reds. I am trying to decide if I should upgrade to Super Reds or If I should spend twice as much and go for these. I am into cruising/downhill/sliding and I want something fast and quiet.
Great product
These bearings I bought on some recommendations, coming from owning reds and bones Swiss from old skateboards. These bearing are incredibly smooth, nearly silent and have great roll speed. I was really impressed by the quality of the shields, after about a week of riding the outside of the shields were disgusting but the inside of the bearing was almost spotless, I ride in a lot of crap, dirt, sand, etc. overall I recommend these to anyone looking for a high quality bearing.
Everyone is like "To Dan" But I'm wondering.. Who is Dan?
Stainless or not?
Are the steel balls "stainless steel'? Thank you Dan.
Worth every penny
After reading a bunch of reviews I decided to take Dan's advice and spend the couple extra dollars on these bearings for my Sector9 bamboo uluwatu longboard. These bearings are incredibly smooth and make riding much more enjoyable. Worth every penny.
To dan
Are ceramic easier to clean than metal bearings? Dan Loveland Writes - All bearings take the same effort to clean. Some shields are easier to remove than others but otherwise the process is the same whether they are ceramic or steel.
are these faster than bone red bearings? and is there a good, fast bearing for downhill bombing? Dan Loveland Writes - These much better than Bones Reds bearings. I would highly recommend them for your longboard.
Are these good for downhill? Also, would you say that these are better than rock'n rons bearings Dan Loveland Writes - Yes and Yes.
One of the best!
Before my old board was stolen, I had these bearings on them. They are INSANELY fast, you will not be disappointed. After a year of not cleaning these, when I got around to it they looked brand new inside. The only complaint I have is that the shields are much harder to remove then other brands (probably a good thing, though). They don't take too long to break in at all. They are about on the same level of Bones Ceramics and Swiss Ceramics, and a whole lot cheaper. I'm going to buy these again soon for my new board. GET THESE!
Dan - I'm a bit confused. One person's review here says that these bearings are "silent" and another says that they are "super noisy". That's a very extreme difference of opinion. Are they quiet or not? Would all Oust bearings (Moc 9, 7 and 5) have the same noise characteristics? Finally, do ceramic bearings have any effect on noise? (i.e. are they generally quieter or noisier than steel bearings). Thanks! ---- Dan Loveland Writes - I have ridden the Oust 9's for a long time and I would say they are really smooth and quiet. I am not sure what the other customer did with their bearings.
Dan do these bearings hold speed long on flat ground? and also would you say these are some of the fastest bearings available? Dan Loveland Writes - These bearings work great for transportation due to the long glide they provide. I believe they are some of the nicest bearings on the market. They are made in the USA which is always nice.
Dan, are these bearings pre-lubricated? From the looks of it, I assume they're not? Dan Loveland Writes - Yes, they are pre-lubricated. The lubricant is much lighter than the lubricant used in the Oust 5's or 7's.
Can't wait
Dan, as soon as I sell my sh*t on craigslist I'm coming to the shop and getting these
Dan, would you recommend this bearing for cruising on flats? Dan Loveland Writes - Yes, you will really experience the quality of these bearings on the flats.
Dan~ Do these Bearings come with spacers? If so what size are they? I also currently have some Lucky swiss bearings, Do you think these would be a decent upgrade? -- Dan Loveland Writes --- You will need to use 10mm width spacers. They do not come with the bearings. I would say they are a very good upgrade compared to your Luck Swiss bearings.
Dan-I just bought these and i saw that you said the lubricant is lighter or something are you supposed to use a special lubricant for these? or is speed creme ok? --- ---- -- Dan Loveland Writes - You can use speed cream or triflow. The lubricant the is in the oust 9 bearings is a little lighter than the stuff they put in the abec 7's. Have a good day. Happy Skating.
do these bearings have the easily removeable seals? or the metal shields - - - ----------------------Dan Loveland Writes----------------- Yes, you have rubberized removable shields on both sides of the bearings. Have a good day.
For those of you who speak spanish, these bearing are MUCHO BUENO! Very good. Holds speed on the flats, which lets you relax your pushing leg. Worth price, sturdy, non-dirty.
hey i gotta question Dan do u think i should get the OUST moc 9 or the the bone swiss the mocs are cheaper but should i go with the better known brand? Thanks. ----- Dan Loveland Writes - I would go with the Oust bearings. The quality of the components in the Oust bearings is very high. I have tested both Bones Ceramics and these Oust 9 bearings and found I had better times on the slalom course with the Air 9 bearings. So for half the price of ceramics you can go with these Oust 9 bearings and save money and gain some serious speed. In addition, Carl who owns oust is a super cool guy dedicated to producing high quality skate products so I think he deserves your support. Happy skating.
These Bearings Rock!
I absolutely love these bearings, they stay relatively clean and ride better then any other bearings I have used before, including Lucky Abec 7s, Reds, DBS, and some generic bearings, but I have a feeling they can beat any other bearings you could purchase. Thanks DBS!
great bearings
I have a set of moc 7 speed's and in comparison these are so much smoother and seem a bit quicker on acceleration have not gotten them wore in as much as my 7's but roll distance is very close already and expect it to gain distance very quickly.
Very good
I have also used the Bones Ceramic which seem to glide for longer, but the Oust9's keep their speed better when carving. I would recommend these over the Bones Ceramic because they are cheaper and same quality.
I have these bearings for my roller hockey skates and the roll like heaven. there super smooth and i dont have to replace them alot. BTW the abec 7's go just as fast as the 9's do so dont waste your money and get the 9's.
midget killer
i just got these bearings on my rayne demon seed, there oober cool and go really fast
Fast smooth bearings!!
Ive had these bearings for over a year and they are fantastic. However I did have a problem with the inner shields bending and causing the bearing to slowdown. Easily fixed problem just remove the shields. I would give it a full five star rating if the shields did not bend in. But overall great bearings!
Nice bearings
I've only had them for about a week and they seem good. Since having them I cleaned my Abec 11 Biltin bearings for the first time in 3 years. After cleaning them they rolled pretty much the same. They are super quite, nearly silent.
Great bearings but...
Ok i just got these yesterday and I loved them, but after a bit of riding i noticed the black streeks of lube on the wheel, idk if its leaking out but can someone help?? other then that problem i love the bearings, spin forever, totally recomend.
Oust MOC 9s
Sorry a bit confused, are these ceramic or steel? Dan Loveland Writes - These have steel ball bearings.
Go the extra distance
The Moc 9 are great bearings. They spin for a long time and keep speed when carving. The bearings are also pretty quite. For 45 bucks you can't go wrong, plus daddiesboardshop got them to me in like 2 days. If you want to ride faster, farther, and smoother buy the Moc 9 Airrr.
Best Bearings Ever!
These are by far the best bearings ever made. I ride these on my dervish and they seem like they are never going to stop, and for 45 dollars, you can't go wrong with these.
I'm a shredneck
These are my second bearings(I had independent before these), and I love these, they are EASILY the best bearings you can have for this price. I gotta to say that you need to team these up with a cleaning kit and lube, I tell you, after washing and lubricating them it was an orgasmic result. It might be a bit unfair to put 4 stars on them but you can get better once if you pay a bit(quite huge bit) extra...Hell who am I kidding just f**king buy em!
The best bearings I've ever rode
These are the best bearings, they are silent, roll very fast, and spun over 2 minutes out of the box! After two weeks they almost spin for 4 minutes and not to mention the IDS lube rocks on these too! GET THEM they are worth it.
These bearings are amazing I would say they are as good or better as bones Swiss ceramics for a third of the price when you clean them with the oust Kleen kit and put the amazing oust lube on it they become super race bearings for sooooooo cheap If your asking whats better oust moc 7 speed or oust moc 9 airrrs I would say the moc 9 airrrs they are a bit faster and a whole lot smoother get these bearings you will not be disappointed best bearings you can get for this price I like oust the best I will never get a different bearing other than oust GET THESE
these bearings are amazing, they last forever, never skip, have the best shields i've experienced, and spin a very, very long time, even after being used so much (believe me, i've used them A LOT) best bearings (unless you want ceramics)
freaking awesome
these bearings are awesome... i've been riding them for 2 years now and not a problem. they're a steal compared to swiss ceramics and roll better too. so they're not waterproof (found that out the hard way in a sudden rainstorm) but who cares! buy em you'll love em. cheerio
These bearings are just as fast as my friends $110 bone swiss ceramics, but these bearings are super noisy no biggie though definitely recommend them for the price.
The best seals on earth
these bearings have a smooth quiet roll. They would fit in between bones swiss ans swiss ceramics as far as speed. What really blew me away was their seals. After riding them for a month one dusty roads (there privately owned so no street cleaners) i figured i must need to clean them. I pop the seals off (sealed on both sides by the way) there wasn't a single trace of dirt. While before these i would ride for a weak and have to clean my redz and swiss. Simply amazing, bravo OUST
Give 'Em a Shot
They roll super nice and are actually very easy to clean despite the double shielding. I use the pointy dentist tools to pop them off. And if you can't get your hands on one of those, you're screwed. Kidding of course. You don't need to clean these very often at all. I like OUST because they are a little less well known and I like giving the underdog a chance. A great purchace.

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Speed and cleanliness have always been two major issues in the Manufacturing process. The Moc 9 Airrr... addresses both issues. Manufactured with the highest quality USA made balls, finer polished raceways and a seal system that is different from all other methods of bearing seals in the bearing industry at the present time.

The Moc 9 Buna Non-Contact Seal is set into a U-channel design in the inner and outer races to keep all foreign particles out of the ball area. It also stops any oil leakage that might occur on a standard bearing seal. The Moc 9 design changes put the Airide a step ahead of all other bearings.

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