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Katie Neilson Daddies Board Shop Team Rider

Team Riders
Katie Neilson Daddies Board Shop Team Rider

Rider Bio
I was born and raised in Vancouver and will be 25 this year. I like cats, I like dogs, I like skateboards, I like tanned skin and talent (wait? is this a dating profile?!) annyways. I like long walks on the beach, especially the moments during the walk where you are sitting and doing nothing, cause thats really what I like best. Sitting. Doing nothing. Maybe that's what makes speedboarding so easy for me, simplemente. Anyways. I have this current affair with the spanish language, and even though i suck at it, I will be spending most of my time this year travelling and rounding out those oral skills, particularily in Colombia, where i found my heart to still be after the South America Tour I did last year at the tail end of the IGSA World Cup Season. Everyone was super rad on that tour, but it was Colombia where my best energy remained, so it is where I will go back for the chemistry to learn. Hmmmmm, lets see..what else. I worked at Landyachtz for the past year tapping into sales and all that jazz, but as of late, my creative interests have taken over in combination with a need for a limited work schedule, so I did a College Tour with them and now that I am home, I am available to get random things that need to be done, done. This is good, obviously for me...but for them too because they are such a rapidly developing, amazing company, that sometimes the small things get overlooked because there isn't a 'specific person' for the job...they are all super busy doing other things!!! Its like christmas at the santa factory there...all the time!!! I had some knee surgery this year too, a skateboard injury from 2010 finally met the knife and I as I write this i am 3 months into a 6 month recovery period before I can skate again...and 9 sleeps away from Colombia, where I will spend the remainder of my recovery walking around trying to talk to random strangers. I'll be back for Windsport, Teutonia, Festival De La Bajada, Argentina and if need be, South Africa... so tie up your boots girls...It's not over yet!!! Stoked to see the Daddies team full of so many sweet chicks this year, best team of girls on the planet, hands down!

10 Questions

How did you get into wood-pushing?

I've been skateboarding for yeeeears. Before, I used to count. Now, there is no point, its been for the better part of my life. Longboarding...I'm already 5 or 6 years in! God damn I guess this is growing up!!!

Where is your favorite place to skate?

Oh god, there are many! I have been so blessed in getting to travel for the sake of skateboarding that I have an international list of Favorites...some for gnar factor, some for sentimental, either it goes.
-Kozokov, Czech Republic. BADASS race course.
-Mt. Panorama, Australia. BADASS race course.
-Giants Head, British Columbia. BADASS badassness.
-Some strawberry/rainbow shortcake run at Mt. Reiner..can't remember its name, too much flow distracting me.
-Teutonia. BADASS leg vibrations.
-Col de la Bonnett, France. See I like to Enjoy skateboarding down mountains...not be terrified of the experience. This road, you can see miiiiiiles away, and not have a care in the world cause you know your never going to meet a car you didn't see...for the most part. Not to mention its a pre-drift dream road... kiss your wheels goodbye!

Who are your favorite skaters?

I got a good list of riders I like watching, but my favourites usually remain somewhat the same with a new wild card in there here and there. Kyle Martin always has and always will be one of my favourites for a multitude of reasons, same with K-Rimes. They have totally different styles but they can be trusted on their skateboards and for this reason I usually pick one of them to chase runs on hills I am unfamiliar with or uncomfortable on because it helps me find limits I maybe would not have found on my own, but really, it comes down to having fun skating with my friends. Um, otherwise there are a tonne. G-mack..killller. Calvin Staub is my wild card pick for a couple wins this year, also if he gets to travel there is a Brazillian kid named Dan that is super fast, 16 and ready to beat you. Im stoked on Ms. Powell even though we actually haven't gotten to meet each other yet, and same with Alicia Fillback and Carmen Schafer, who I've gotten to meet but never skate with. its just cool to see chicks who always have some gnar status about going skateboarding and a smile on their's about time, and I am sure there are going to be many more. Otherwise, really, there are too many to count. This world is full of RAD people.

Between a bear, dragon, and a shark, which one would you fight and why?

I hear sharks are kinda blind. And dragons don't exist so I choose that one and no fighting as a result.

What is your current board setup? Once I'm ready to be back on board you can bet your ass it'll be on 2 things. 1. A Wolfshark and 2. A switchblade 36. All set up with Precision Grizzlies, Double Barrell Yellow Venoms (or green eliminator on bottom for race day!), and whatever Hawgs wheels are suited to the environment. There are soooo many good wheels this year, GOD I CAN'T WAIT. Next year, I am also going to fight tooth and nail for the Switch 37 to become the Switchblade 38. Small, Medium, Large, Bitches! The 38 would be my all around dream for everything from speed to freeride.

What is your favorite food?

I love dinner. And lunch. And breakfast. In that order.

Who are your current sponsors?

Between DADDIES and LANDYACHTZ I couldn't ask for anything better. Stoked on my skate family. I got mad support for Venom too, won't use anything else and would put a fool in his grave for Zak, haha.

What is your favorite trick?

Tricks are for kids, hahaha. Naaaaaaaah. Oh man, the other week I was doing this skateboard presentation at a planetarium in front of a bunch of little kids and the very same question was asked. "does going really fast count?", I say. "Thats not a trick!". Little Bastards! Hmmm. I guess I have found myself with a smile on my face many times for the good ol' faithful huuuuge stand up slide. The kind where you haul ass to almost a speed wobble then pull it side ways for more than a few meters. We are blessed with some good steep neighbourhoods here. When i can be skating again, I wanna start working on the membership into the backside club now that im a member of the 50ft + slide and 70mph bomb clubs.

Why do you like to ride for Daddies Board Shop?

Why do I like to ride for Daddies? Well to start, you don't censor any of the ridiciulous shit that I say so thats pretty sweet. Second, I've gotten to travel a lot and pursue my skateboard goals with the help of Daddies so thats a freaking huge bonus. I think the thing I like the most though is travelling internationally and hearing kids tell all the other kids that the only people that will ship to their neighbourhood is Daddies, now thats cool. You guys will go ANYWHERE for the customer, when others simply say 'we don't go there'. Commitment to that is probably the reason we are on top. No matter what the brand, Daddies has it and Daddies will get it to you.

What are your thoughts on zombies?

I loooove zombies, Yellow is my favourite ;)


Turns Out Katie Is a Good Musician as Well!
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