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Landyachtz MINI Zombie Hawgs Longboard Wheels 70mm

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Landyachtz MINI Zombie Hawgs Longboard Wheels 70mm - SET OF FOUR




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Good wheels all around 80a
I purchased these wheels a while back and put them on my landyachtz top speed. At first I did not like the wheels, but only because they weren't broken in yet. After I broke them in, they slid like butter!! although i think theyre not as good as my friends cloud ride slides, they do the job!
Very Slidey
I got the mini zombies in 78a and they slip and slide all over the place. I think for $44 they are worth it whether you're learning how to slide or are experienced and looking for a slidey wheel this is a great wheel to ride.
GREAT Wheels
Bought the Mini Hawgs 82a about a month ago; great wheel. Easy to slide, it doesn't cone (these FRF cone like mad). Gonna get the 84a first chance I get. I recommend for all.
schweeeet wheel!
I got the 84a, hoping they would last a while. I ddnt expect them to thane, but they do! They leave a sick red line on coarse pavement at <30 mph. At over 30, they go to a nice thick white. It took just a few slides to get these puppies broken it. They are pretty icey outta the package, so don't go and bomb your nearest triple black diamond as soon as you get them. After a couple pendys, they were very nice. They were consistent at high speeds, and low speeds. They don't kill enormous amounts of speed either. They are pretty buttery and they last a good long time. I would definately reccomend them.
there are pros and cons
They are amazing wheels i have been riding them for three years and still not completely destroyed yet haha they took forever to cone they are really nice that way they are really sturdy it takes allot to flat spot and even when they do its small they are all round nice wheels not to slippery and not to grippy. the only con i have is sometimes they are really unpredictable sometimes they will just gripp up for no Reason but this is very seldomly. still 10/10 from me go check us out @curbsidelongboarding you tube like and subscribe.
So I have randal trucks. I have sector 9 top shelf wheels that I can't slide on because they are 78a and square lipped. I want these wheels. I know how to slide but can't with my wheels. Should I get these in 82a or 84a? Also my trucks are white. Color comparison.
very loud wheels
awesome 80a
I love these wheels i have had them for about 1 month and at first they were really slidy and after you ride them for a little wile they turn in to butter! awesome wheels worth every penny!
get them
The hawgs mini zombies are easy to break-in (break-in= to prep them to slide) and once they are broken-in they have a very long life and they are very predictable and they will never ice out. Just trust me, you need to get the 78a or 80a durometer because the 84a versions suck. I can't stress this enough, don't get the 84a they have an icey-ish slide that stinks and they flatspot without even going 90! Just get the 78a or 80a
Killer wheels!
Love 'em! I'd put in some rusted, dirty bearings and these things ride killer! Great slides! The 86A formula seem harder than any 97A's I've ever ridden! Fast wheels too! Great for sliding and cruising!
good wheel i learn to side . if your learn to side get the 80.
no thane but still the best wheel ever
I am 165 pounds and i just cored these after 2 weeks they are the best wheel i have ever been on and you need to get them. I am riding the new urethane for 2013 not the old formula and it is soooooo much better. The slides are fun controllable and it will never ice out. They dont exceed in huge standies when you first get them but once they are about halfway to the core they willl start to leave decent lines and slide for so long without icing out.
Great wheels last me forever because they don't thane, really smooth. All and all a great wheel.
this is a very long lasting wheel. this wheel was also very icy for me I didn't like this. if your learning how to slide and do a standee this wheels are perfect for you
Do Hawgs match up well with Caliber Trucks?
Best wheels ive purchased
These wheels are very smooth, not to mention they last a very last time. I have had the 86a wheel and it is SMOOTH. Anyone who says these wheels aren't good they just can't slide. I did a standie, and i threw it out harder then I should've lol. These wheels are great, worth every penny
Great Wheels
These wheels slide like a dreams i have the 86a which was accident i was meant to get 84a but oh well. they are so smooth no chatter like my otangs but they leave shit thane :/
82a mini zombies
Ok, so the 82a mini zombies. BY FAR MY FAVOURITE WHEEL. the slide is perfect even in the cold weather. there isnt 1 chattery slide you wil witness riding these wheels. they come pre broken in, which is great because you can feel that great slide as soon as you get them. these wheels wont flatspot or oval or cone and im 150 pounds. they will also last a while. they wil slide smooth FOR ANY WEIGHT.i highly reccommend these wheels. they are amazing. they have the smoothest release and hookup, with a smooth sugary slide.
Resistant, slidy.
These wheels... Wow these wheels are mankind's greatest invention. I've had these for two months now and I've hardly lost a mm. They don't leave thane but who needs that anyway.
the core moves around bearings
I have a set of the 84a and theres a lot of slop with the core. I have the wheel tightend down and I could move the wheel side to side. The bearings dont move, the core moves over the bearings. These wheels dont have the same release point either. And the slide is never the same. There kind of unpredictable.
These wheels are great, my friend let me use his and they have the smoothest slide that I've ridden, waaaaay better than my otangs
long lasting wheel
so i have both the 80a and the 84a and i have had amazing results.

80a these are a bit tough to break in but after an hour or so they are ready to roll, they are very silent and buttery once you start sliding. you have to use the gloves for 2 or 3 slides until you can get that buttery feel, unless you have a lot of speed you won't go very far on them by that i mean if you're going under 15mph you're probably not going to get more than 10ft on a slide but im 120lbs so it depends. you wont see any thane lines on these they feel impossible to cone or get to the center, big thanks to landyachtz for making them very durable

84a these wheels are very buttery and easier to break in. they leave a dark blue thane line that is visible but not as visible as white thane lines are. they are very controllable and going 15mph you'll get a 20ft stand up slide easily. i would suggest getting the 80a then when you've worn down the wheel good enough get the 84a just so you can know which you prefer *i prefer the 84a* but everyone has different styles and opinions
Smooooooth and durable
I got the 82a and this is my favorite wheel right now. I never thought i would like any wheel more than the Flashbacks. I have been skating on these for about 6 months with no coning! The wheels keep getting smaller but they do not cone, idk what kind of voodoo magic they used on these. No problems with flat spotting either. The only way your going to flat spot these is if you do it on purpose. Slides are ridiculously smooth and they make that perfect shhhhhhh sound when you slide, no chatter at all.
pretty decent
i have the 80a version of the wheel and would suggest it over the other duros any day. they do take a little bit to break in but after that they are really smooth and just melt with big standies. i just cored my set without getting any flatspots but once i got closer to the core they ovaled a little but not too bad. wouldnt mind getting another set.
Pretty good, but...
These wheels are very good, my only problem with them is that if you aren't that skilled on sliding/are a beginner slider, they take a long time to break in, even with their stone ground finish. It takes around 2-3 weeks to break in with riding every day, I'm a beginner slider so I still haven't broken them in, and although I have done a couple of standup toeside checks, it has been hard. I would not recommend them for a beginner slider for learning, I would recommend Abec 11 wheels for learning, but other than that it is amazing for more advanced riders and are great for freeride.
Amazing wheels!!!
Amazing wheels, great for free riding and stand up slides
great first wheels
so I've had these wheels for like half a year now and they havnt couned yet, I have the 80a and love them. I learned all of my slides on these wheels, sometimes the are to icy to control but you get used to it and learn to control it most of the time.
Best wheels ever!
These wheels are literally pure butter. When you first get them out of the box, they are alittle icy but after you wear them down about a mm they turn to pure butter and leave great thane lines. Also they are very durable and hardly flatspot, very consistent especially during stand up slides, last a long time, and are very quiet during slides hardly ever leave any noise. I have owned quite a bit of wheels such as abec 11 freerides and flashbacks, bootlegs, butterballs, and tweakers but these wheels out do every one of them by a ton! Dont let anyone tell you bad things about these wheels, they are literally the best ones any freerider could have! BUY THESE NOW IN 80A!!!!!!!!!
Great wheels buttery slides favorite wheels i have had yet
these wheels are very icy and slippery so they are good for sliding and dont wear down however you cant really hold out slides becuase of how icy they are its kinda hard to control it. but i also how the 84a so yeah i recommend these to people that like icy wheels
Great wheels
These wheels are great i've had the 80a's for about 4 months now and they are amazing. The only downside is they chatter and it is had to slide when they are really broken in. Other wise they are great.
Very smooth slide and consistant
These wheels are very icy if you want that kind of slide. If you are going down a turn quickly with the 84a the might just leave you and start drifting. They are very nice and consistant and the best longboard wheels i've ever had. Im looking to get THESE wheels later after this summer with enough money and im looking foward to it. These wheels do not wear easily. It feels like you are sliding on clay whenever you slide. If you dont use them for a while then start to slide, the will take about 5 slides to start feeling like you are sliding on clay. They are very good wheels if you are into sliding easily and good 180's then get these wheels the are awesome.
good wheel
these wheels are really good for sliding. Really broken in from the start. Learned how to do all my slides on these wheels. BUY THEM.
Freakin AMAZING!!!
I hopped on a pair of the yellow 82a's and sliding was like nothing these wheels are amazing for sliding and freeriding..GET THEM!!!!!!!!!!
they're pretty noisy riding. good for sliding but not a particulary cushiony feel.
I'm not sure if I should get these wheels-can someone help?
Hey guys I'm not sure if I should get these wheels for fast freeride and long stand ups and spins or twirlies or whatever they are called. Ive had the 76mm in 80a and 84a and loved the 80a. I've heard the 70mm are much different in a positive way though. Many people say they're great, but what should I get these or rainskates mega tsunamis? Thanks

P.S. Don't get 84a anything hawgs and someone said theirs feel like 75a and are hard to slide on - my 75a flashies are icier than my slide A's but I still do 40 ft toesides with them and never fall into a pendy
Dont listen to my rating I have never ridden them I need help on them
they are really good for sliding and free riding.
A Wheel but much more
These wheels are amazing for freestyle, I have the 82a and am overwhelmed by how easy they are to slide but also have great traction for those moments when you need it, plus they're super light making ollies and kickflips as easy as saying i'm pro.
Mini zombie hawgs are great
Great for freeridevsnd sliding. Not for anything else.
Great Wheels
Amazing wheel very easy to learn on
i hate them they suck for sliding
i hate them they suck for sliding
My favorite wheel
I own the 82a wheel and they are amazing.
They are the most consistent wheel ever.
The only down flaw is that they do oval once they get really small but they are still great wheels.
I am buying some more and you should too.
good in the beginning
well i traded for some flshbacks with these and the mini zombies were almost broken in. Once i broke them in they started sliding super buttery but after a while they started to feel like a 75 a wheel trying to slide. They started to chatter and they would not slide at all unless i really kicked so maby my wheels were just bad or maby i got (scammed) but i would say to develop your own opinions on these or try a friends before buying them
Great For Sliding!!!
These wheels are awesome for sliding!!! I have the 84a wheels and they're absolutely amazing for sliding! I would recommend to anyone!

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How They Shred:

The Landyachtz Mini Zombie Hawgs are the shred-friendly little brother to the original 76mm Landyachtz Zombie Hawgs. The Mini Zombie Hawgs are only 70mm’s tall but still have a big, hefty core. That huge core, when paired up with the pre-ground surface and round edges, gives you a wheel that slides so smooth that you will feel like you are gliding on air! The Landyachtz Mini Zombie Hawgs come in an array of durometers that will suit any rider of any riding ability! These wheels go great on almost any longboard setup imaginable! We really like the 80a option because of how versatile they are. The 80a Mini White Zombie Hawgs also happen to be the choice wheel of Rob Zombie. 

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