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Landyachtz 9 Two 5 Longboard Skateboard Complete - 2015

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  • Length:40.2"
  • Width:9.81"
  • Wheelbase:30.7"
  • Construction:Maple
  • Concave:Medium
  • Flex:Stiff
  • Cruising
  • Freeride
  • Downhill
  • Push
  • Sliding

Landyachtz 9 Two 5 Longboard Skateboard Complete - 2015



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Back to the roots
Yep! My first board was Loaded dervish sama but after riding it one season I decided to get some more agressive deck. And I got it! The 9 two 5 is perfect for sliding and very stable in DH. I had a problem with RONIN trucks on this deck but it was solved in a few minutes. Totally great board!
From Russia with love!

P.S. sorry for my English))
Landyachtz 9 two 5
This is by far my favorite board. I like it better then the "Wolfshark and "switch blade." I've ridden many boards; Arbor, Rayne, Loaded, Sector 9, and of coures Landyachtz. This board locks you in super well for pulling off 180, 360,power slides anything you can put your mind to. It lock you in more then the switch blade with this board I'm able to pull off longer cleaner slides. It's light weight unique design great concave. I just love the "w" concave. This will always be my favorite. Nice job Landyachtz. just buy it.
Freeride Machine
If you are looking to freeride just buy this board now. I learned how to stand up slide on this bad boy and it was fairly easy with some practice. I would defiantly get some coarse griptape though, my feet slide around on the stock grip. Great board!
Good for any meal
When I picked this up at the store I was super stoked. I was surprised at the size of it. I picked up some seasoning for it and went home to prepare her. She was very tender after some work with the mallet. I cut into her and was happy to find low fat content. She was a very juicy piece of beef. I recommend seasoning before shredding and throwing some mean juicy slides on this slippery slidey chunk of steeze. Good for those who enjoy the company of rabbits
Ok so I have ridden a few different style boards like the blunt from Arbor the vuegenhause also from Arbor and a few others this board just feels good to ride excellent control just the right amount of stiffness and surfyness for my taste anyway footing feels great so far haven't ridden it more than an hour due to it being winter and Christmas and whatnot actually counting the minutes till summer now I'd your looking at this board get it you will be happy I know I'm a happy camper!!!
The best longboard for sliding and freeriding!!
The gas pedals are so useful! The concave locks my feet while I'm sliding and the design is pretty rad!!!!!!!!! Buy it now PEEPS!!!!!!
What is it good for and what is a good setup for sliding?
I need to know a good setup for sliding. HELP MEEE
Great board, only 1 downside.
I've had this board for about 8 months now, it currently is running with bear 852's, venom bushings, & abec wheels and I must say, it runs perfect. The only downside with it is that the gas pedals chip badly when it is flipped hard, but nothing a little sandpaper can't fix.
Unreal Board
I've been riding this board all summer with bear 852's and 81a flashbacks. All I can say is, you will NOT be disappointed. The gas pedals are great, it's nicely rockered and you'll be pulling slides with ease.

I cruise on it pretty well so it's not just a freeriding/downhill board at all. Pick up this board and GET OUT THERE TO SHRED.
Awesome board! So cool looking!
This board is sick! The w concave keeps your feet in place without becoming unconfortable. Would highly reccomend this board with abec 7 bearings, as they go the same speed as bones reds, orang stims 80a cause the orange wheels look sick. Amazing board!
Awesome board
I love this board. I'm a huge drop deck fan and I adjusted to this board instantly. It's such a good ride, and the gas pedals are great. I really wish the screws that came with it were longer but it was still manageable even when I top mounted it. All around its a great board!
Great all around board, especially for first timers
I love my 9-Two-5!!!!! Had it for about 2 months now. Got it set up with Paris 180 trucks, stock bushings, Magic bearings, and Stella 69mm 78a wheels. Great for cruising and carving because it is so low and stable. I've only done some mild downhills so I'm still a newbie at it but I feel way more confident on my board than any of my friend's boards. I want to learn how to slide, and according to everyone else for sliding, this board is the tits.
Board rides like a dream. I got mine Set up with some cloud ride slides and bear grizzly trucks with bones super reds. Slides easy, carves good, and handles speed like its nobodies business. Not the most amazing board for walking but I do some anyways. I feel like I can handle any hill that comes my way with it. IT'S AWESOME. Buy it.
Get at it
The 9two5 is my board of choice... The gas pedals are definitely unique and a positive aspect about the deck. It's stable at speed and perfect for descending a hill side ways. This thing is durable and trustworthy to take on any hill you roll it down. If you are even hinting at the idea of purchasing it, DO IT IMMEDIATELY!

P.S. While it has a great feel in drop thru setting, try it as a top mount... it just feels like it was meant to be ridden as a topmount...
This Gets Me Horney
This board makes me wanna jizz everytime I step on it. As long as you don't flip your board you will be good! The first time I turned I flipped a bitch so don't do that.
greatest board i ever bought
so i got this board yesterday and set it up with some bears, these frf 727, and blood orange bearings and shit does this board fly. its a great feel if a little stiff. i would get some protection for the kicktails though. this is the greatest purchase ive ever made, and if youre thinking about buying it, do it
great board. many of the landyachtz pros used the 2010 one and this on is even better. AWESOME FOR SLIDING.
awesome board! I really like the gas pedals and the design!!!!!!!!
awesome as %^$&!
love this board, love the wheels turning and carving is a breeze only problem is i ordered bones reds bearings and got abec 7 stock bearings? why did i not get what i paid for? other than that awesome
good board
This is a very good board. The only thing i would change is the 4 edges on the top of the board are already being chipped away only had the board for 3 days because of the board landing on the top or griptape side i think Landyachtz should either put something on the edges or just not have that dramatic of a edge
the lip ups on the corners of the board are dumb, if you flip it your board is toast trading it in for a wolfshark!!!!
the best
Greatest purchase yet
My greatest purchase yet! If you are looking for a 36-42" slider, this board is TOO sick. Went from a sector nine eyedropper to the Nine Two Five and the length of the board, the gas pedals...its amazing, if you want to slide, you will slide, and you will love it, worth every penny.

PS. The ONLY thing, is if it flips over (the griptape does scrape easily) and the tails easily get scratched up, but hey, no biggie.
Great for what it is Advertised as!
This board is absolutely fantastic at pulling big standys and colemans! A beast of a freeride deck, I downhill it all the time aswell.
This thing has slammed into the curb so many times at like 40+ I have no idea how the only thing that has happened is paint being chipped and somewooddamage. Those 9 plys of maple are amazing!

Only complaint: the w concave REALLY locks in your feet for dh and those slides, but becomes very uncomfortable after cruising for awhile, my front foot gets all cramped and aches.
This board has no kicktails(which Ifind myself missing), but it isn't supposed to anyway.

If you want an insane downhill board, get it!
Best board EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!
Best board ever get it no matter what!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can do huge standees!!!!!!!!!! Love this board!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 150$ only!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

cool board
this board is totally awesome
Mad board
This is a mad board I highly recommend it great for carving and crusing and downhill buy it
This boards super great it has awesome concave and nice gas pedals. The boards stiff so you can bomb hills and the rocker and w-cave lock you in on those big standies plus the gas pedals give you a great place to put your foot. Only con is that when you flip it over the very top corner of the gas pedals get scratched up but that's not a problem.
good for sliding
great freeride board
9 two 5 review
This board is great for freeride and downhill. Its sturdy construction is great for bombing hills and doing long slides. The gas pedals are great when doing slow freeride such as no complys, slide shuvits and 180s.
Sick Board
I got the complete setup with 852's and the 82a zombies, and this is my first freeride setup. I just spent some quality time with the board today and I'm already pretty confident with basic slides. The W concave really locks you in, I love it!
The 9 two 5
This board has sick concave to keep your feat locked in for big stand ups! I has nice w concave that helps lots to. It has amazing gas petles to make it easy to make smooth heel slides. This is my favorit board by far and you should tootle get it from Daddy's Board Shop!!!!!!!!!!
Amazing (y)
I've upgraded my longboard with this deck and 82a zombies from my landyachtz evo and the first time I started riding this board it was absolutely amazing. It slides like butter and I love the gas pedals. Very useful for sliding and it helps me a lot. The weight is perfect. Not too light or not too heavy. This board is also great for mild carving and bit of crusing. Only cons I would have to say is that it could get a lil bit of scratches but doesn't impact the ride and also I flipped this board once and the grip tape on the edges became loose so if u buy this board, u MUST get a vicious grip tape which I will for sure.

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The old school downhill and freeride board, the 9 Two 5 has shown it’s immense power for years now. This board has been paving the way for riders of all styles. Coming in as a downhill and freeride board, so many features lock you in like never before. The gas pedals perfect pair up with the W concave to really let you dial in those heel and toeside slides. The drop through design keeps you extra low for more stability and control in your slides. Overall the Landyachtz 9 Two 5 has been killing it through and through.

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