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Landyachtz Slide Gloves

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Landyachtz Slide Gloves


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Unfortunately the quality of these gloves upon arrival was bogus.

I was quite excited for these gloves to come, this was my first pair of sliding gloves and I wanted it to be a "nice" pair, I thought with the seemingly flawless reviews the quality of these gloves would be great.

After I opened the gloves and put them on I noticed the left glove's puck was off the velcro pad about half way, so I tried to reposition the puck and the adhesive on the back of the puck just came right off immediately it was covered in dirt and some (I assume) human hairs.. the adhesive had completely lost all if its stickiness rendering that glove completely useless for me!

As soon as I opened the gloves and looked at them I noticed problems with them, the Landyachtz logo was half missing on both gloves, these logos are supposed to be pressed in.. again not a huge issue.. but we are paying a premium for quality slide gloves and Landyachtz has not delivered whatsoever

Now I'm left with the choice to buy more pucks from another dealer or drive an hour to the closest board shop....

I would not recommend these gloves to other people..
Great quality
First off, I love the gloves! I've had them for about 2 &1/2 years now, and they're still working like champs! I got my first hole in them this past summer (right around the 2 year mark). I can't stress enough how durable they are (if you actually slide right)! The pucks that come with the gloves are great! The one drawback is how hot they are. I live in Florida where it gets over 100 degrees for about two months of the year. They are definitely not breathable. But that is the only problem I could find! Great gloves Landyachtz!
Finger pucks?
I have a question. I have been using the Loaded slide gloves for more than 1 year and i got used using the fingers too when sliding. Can you put finger pucks on these? I mean to they have velcro on fingers?
Wore out fast
First off, I am a noob longboarder just learning to slide. That being said, my fingers wore through the first layer of leather within a week. The seams also started coming undone shortly after. I'm thinking these are a 1st generation style, because the same gloves on Amazon have a black padding on the finger tips. I would recommend different gloves.
Great gloves, but fingers wear out quickly
Got the gloves, great fit, great puck etc, but after one hour of sliding the fingers have holes. I try not to drag my fingers much, but they wear out pretty fast. If you are new or drag your fingers look at other gloves. I'm thinking shoe goo might save these as they are really nice.
Durable and Protective
These gloves are my first slide gloves, and have saved my ass countless times. Even if you don't slide, these will protect your entire upper body.
Pros: Durable, leather, smooth slide puck, keeps you warm in winter.

Con's: Seams will fray if you rub them on the ground, makes you hot in the summer.*

*Buy the ones with Velcro fingertips and attach finger slide pucks.*
Pretty good, but DO NOT GET WET (Duh)
They are great gloves, only downsides are that they tear a bit around the fingers after heavy use, and since they are leather, you can not get them wet. I (accidentally) left them outside in the rain for 5-10 minutes, and it took 3 days to fully dry, plus they are extremely stiff now. So overall, the gloves are great, but do not make the same mistake I did.
Gnar, That is all.
Buy these gloves tho, hella durable,comfortable, all around good glove. And i just duck-taped the fingertips so there were no rips.
Protection, protection, protection
Hey guys - bottom line, I've had half a dozen big "offs" recently and these gloves have protected my hands 100%. They are made of tough (yet supple) leather. You can see exactly where my gloves took several hard beatings (leather is scuffed) - but the stitching has held beautifully.

I've got the new ones with the velcro tips - after one particularly spectacular fall the pinky velcro has peeled off slightly - but nothing some shoe-goo won't fix. And my pinky skin is perfectly intact!

Pucks are grreat - I've been enjoying Coleman slide practice as well as high speed turns and I gotta tell you, I'm glad those pucks are on there...........if they are meant to wear down, they haven't yet.

One more thing, I live in tropics where it is sweltering all the time - at the end of a long session (say 3 plus hours) these things are soaked with sweat. The good thing is though, I don't really notice because well, they fit like a glove.

awesome gloves really good to ride in and love them
awesome gloves really good to ride in and love them
These gloves are very good. Nice tough leather. Cons:will rip fairly easily! Pucks are great!
i just bought these gloves and i went to wistler with them they were my best friend there they did not rip up at all im a little upset because after a mounth with them they have ripped in the thum and fingertips but you should buy these!!!!!!!!!
i just bought these gloves and i went to wistler with them they were my best friend there they did not rip up at all im a little upset because after a mounth with them they have ripped in the thum and fingertips but you should buy these!!!!!!!!!
i <3 LY
good gloves. the leather is pretty tough. i ate at like 35 and slid for about 50 feet and they only got slightly scuffed. after about 5 months im thru the first layer of leather on two of the finger tips but its only a couple small rips and the pucks last forever. buy these
The best slide gloves
Have 2 sets of slide gloves loaded and landys the landys r the best by far!!!!!!!!!!!
a good glove
i bought these about a month ago as my first slide glove and i like them a lot. The fit is great and the pucks are great too. i rotate the pucks every now and then and that works great. one of the cons is that when you drag your finger tips on the ground during a slide it marks and rips them up a little bit. if you want to spend a little more money i would recomend gloves with finger pucks, but over all these are great gloves.
:D O.M.G
i have owned 2 pairs of s9 gloves and loaded freeride gloves but nothing comes close to how amazing these are the double leather on the thumb and fingers ensures it will take a TON of abuse to rip through to the fingers i have owned mine for about 2 and a 1/2 months and i have not broken through the first layer these gloves are leather wich ensures buribility but it will feel awkward how they fit your hands the first time you sesh these but definately BUY THESE NOW they are awesome
pretty good!
i just got these gloves and they are nice slide gloves. the pucks are soooo slidey is has only the palm puck but has velcro for the fingers. sooo wat i did was take peices of cuttingboard and gorrila glue velcro to the back... havnt tried em yet but they should hold up better,btw the gloves were fine with only the palm puks but i wanted to make sure they lasted longer just in case
I love these gloves soooo much! they are really durable and they are very comfortable... I love the double leather design. GET THESE!!! i slide these things Hardcore ans there is only small black spots on the finger tips. these are a must buy!
Buy these
I love these gloves. The only thing that could make them better was if they secreted unicorn jizz for my bearings.
Landyachtz Slide Gloves
I really like the gloves, my only problem with these gloves is: the pucks wears down a little bit fast and after 3 slides the sewing on my thumb ripped... but it's a good glove and it's really worth the money :)
Good Gloves
These are very good gloves and all you have to do to keep your fingers from getting torn up is simply keep your fingers off the ground.
These gloves are great and dont let anybody tell you different. The stitching is double nylon and the leather is two layers of reinforced cowhide. yes the fingers will wear. however im 185lbs and i lay on my fingers hard. ive had the same pair of gloves for almost a year now and ive ridden them hard through rain and shine, freeride and dh. these gloves will hold up for a very long time. My friends loaded gloves are done and he's only had them for two months. GET LANDY SLIDE GLOVES(no hate to loaded boards, just their gloves)
Great gloves
These gloves are great. I used to have homemade gloves and i decided to upgrade. I chose these ones over the loaded ones because they have a better material, but, the fingers will wear. They make it feel like your sliding on ice. GO LANDY!!!
these gloves are great. theyre cheap and they dont have finger pucks to get in the way when you grab rail. theyre really durable and the pucks last FOREVER. ive started to rip through the fingers so ive just been shoe gooing them and it works pretty well
These gloves are orgasmic, i had made my own pair of sliding gloves to being and Landyachtz clear out does mine. Although my fingers on the gloves are getting screwed up a little but i guess i have to learn how to rise my fingers. overall great glove.
These gloves are sick. Take tons of abuse. I have a thumb draggins problem and these have not ripped after repeated drags across the pavement. WELL WORTH THE MONEY!!!
These gloves feel awesome and are durable. Great quality glove for an even better price. Pucks slide nice and smooth. Love the fact that these gloves don't look like robot hands, it's just a great glove with a puck attached with velcro. Sounds simple but when the components are put together it makes for a great slide glove. Best gloves out there. You can try all the others but you will always end up with a pair of these.
In general, a good glove.
You will learn quickly not to lay your fingers on the asphalt when these things rip apart and your fingertips dissolve on the road. The pucks are great, and the gloves fit great - however the leather and its stitching is junk.
In general, a good glove.
You will learn quickly not to lay your fingers on the asphalt when these things rip apart and your fingertips dissolve on the road. The pucks are great, and the gloves fit great - however the leather and its stitching is junk.

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The Landyachtz Slide Glove is made with durable leather for maximum strength and durability, double thick where you need it: in the thumb, on the fingertips, and on the knuckles. They feature an elastic cuff with a Velcro strap, so the cuff wont hang down and get caught while sliding. The pucks are made of UHMW and are secured to the gloves with super tough Velcro, and available for replacements.

Pucks are included with gloves.

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