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Landyachtz Switch 40 Longboard Skateboard Complete - 2015

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  • Length:40.00"
  • Width:9.65"
  • Wheelbase:31.80"
  • Construction:Maple
  • Concave:Extreme
  • Flex:Stiff
  • Cruising
  • Freeride
  • Downhill
  • Push
  • Sliding

Landyachtz Switch 40 Longboard Skateboard Complete - 2015



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This Foxy Board will keep you locked in for days
Hey guys, my name's Dennis. Now, this is my very first longboard, and I gotta say, I love this board. The W concave keeps your arches locked in for high speed downhilling and deep carves. I also thought the W would be a bother for pushing but I was wrong because this downhill machine is easy to push. The foxy graphic is also sick as hell! Too bad the Landyachtz is sold out of the fox version :( Glad I got my Switch from Daddies, which still has this fox in stock. Get this board! Its great for beginners and pros a like, and enjoy it! I know I'll enjoy mine. ;)
amazing for crusing
this board is amazing worth the money
Really Great
My name is Seth and I am a Professional Downhill Longboarder. What I have to say about this board is amazing. The amount of speed without having anything to do with speed wobbles is great. My set up is RAD Release 80a with Ronin Red Cast trucks and Bones Super Red bearings. I call it the Red Chilly Pepper board.
A must buy
Okay I've been longboarding for years and there have been some good boards I've gone through but this one tops the list by all means. And for how low the price is I don't understand why you don't buy it!!!
Amazing board
My fiance bought this board for me as a valentines day gift, which was totally the coolest present ever. This is my first longboard and I have never skateboarded either, but I am an advanced skiier and am learning to snowboard. This board made it enjoyable even the first few moments I was learning. It is very stable and fun to ride, and feels like it grips my feet really well when I am going downhill. On my very first day out I was already doing downhill with my fiance, and it was exhilarating. Amazing board, I wouldn't do anything differently, it is beautiful and rides amazingly well.

My setup is Caliber II 50 degree trucks, cheap-non namebrand wheels (going to replace them once I save up enough, but they work fine for now) and Blood Orange Bushings. I also sprayed the board with Rustoleum Glossy Wood finish to protect the graphic from scratches and it works really well to keep it nice.
bad ass board
the board is good for every thing that you could think of it is really good for down hill and free ride. the one thing that I did was take of the stock grip tape because it is crappy I put on red vicious. the set up what I recommend is bear 852 trucks, sector 9 butterballs, bear space ball bearings, and bear hard ware
F#$%@&* Amazing!
I have it and my set up is paris V2 trucks, bones reds (but don't recommend them, use Spaceballs), KM FSU's, and paris v2 bushings. its good for going places. you got to get somewhere? then get this puppy up to push speed and your not gunna stop! downhill is great and sliding is ok if you have the right wheels. KM's are good more for downhill. and kids, make sure you wear your helmet with this bad boy!
is this a good board for cruising???
the board is great.when got to ride on it it felt so damn smooth.Aswell its a huge improvement from the last one.Its hard to trip on the board cuz it has some badass looking concarve edjes .Great for freeriding for cruising for down hill and many more.
All around great board
Had this Board for the past two months or so, had Mini Monster Hawgs and mostly used it for cruising and downhill and it was fantastic in both respects. Carves like a beast. Started sliding about a week ago with some otang stimulus wheels and it was equally amazing. Fully recommend. Also a side-note its really easy to balance on with the concave, learned how to dance on this board.
I want to buy this board
Fantastic Board
I got this board, hmmmm say about a month or two ago. I had been using an arbor pintail, and wanted to go a bit more extreme. Got this board, and boy let me tell you, the downhill feels great with some Mini Monster Hawgs and I learned my first slides on this board. Free ride, I'd ride this with some Bear trucks and a sweet pair of Abec 70 flashbacks or even some Autobahn 85a's. All in all, a great board for experienced, and new riders. This board has flipped and smacked against the pavement multiple times and while its got some scratches, nothing to damage the structural integrity.Shred on!
Great for carving.
This board really let's you cut as hard as u want. I am a little disappointed about the speed for cruising though. This is my second longboard, and I am very happy with it.
i've seen reviews but I need to know if it could carry my weight
I weigh 230 lb and im 5'10 and I need to know if this board is good for me without breaking it so someone plz tell me and thanks.
Worst board ever
The Arbiter Kt Is way bett
er dont waste your money
Great all around board!
I use this board for freeride and some downhill. The concave really helps you get a good angle to initiate slides and it is heavier so its good for downhill too. I highly recommend this board!! Just remember to get some vicious griptape on it because it comes with shitty landyachtz grip and it'll make your feet slip. Ride on!
tis it ever so nice.
Sliding, spinning, bombing, churning, and burning. A few simple words to describe my lustful desire to be with my "42 switch baby!
i have had this board for 2 years now and all my friends want to use it even tho they have ther own board!! its a great board and amazing for slides
This board feels so comfortable to ride! I can tell where I am on the board and it's real easy to slide and carve with! I love this board so much. The bottom does get scratched up pretty fast so don't buy for the graphic only. I went from riding penny boards all the time to this, and it was a real easy to convert from penny to this , but a little harder to go back to penny! anyways this is a 5 star board and i'd say it is one of the best out there!! If you gave the money BUY IT!!!!
Downhill is perfect
Great board Landyachtz, my tuck is so much better with this board.
It's seems like its just the chinook, which is what I have, but with a different graphic. :I
First off, I am a new skater, and this was the first board that I have ever purchased. I couldn't be happier. My current set up has bones super reds, zombie hawgs 72a 76mm wheels, and bear trucks. Let me just say that this board is super stable at high speeds and is great for downhill. Sure, this board is a little heavy, but the heavier it is, the stronger you get from carrying it. This board isn't bad for cruising and casual riding either. The craftsmanship put into this board is superb. Not to mention the fast shipping and convenience. After about 3 weeks of straight skating downhill, I have racked up enough experience to say that this board is great for starters and professionals alike. YOU CANNOT GO WRONG WITH THIS BOARD. Buy it.
Landyatchz switch
I'm 5"8 265 lbs is this board good for me if not what board would you recommend for me thanks
i bought this board used but barely used at all. i was more of a penny and pintail boarder, but this i love more then both, really goog speed and very smooth. this board changed my whole idea of longboarding
Great board
This has more concave than the last one. The last one had one a lack of concave and they fixed it.and it's red! This is great for freeride.
It is a good board for sliding and downhill. It was my first board and I think that it is a good board for beginner sliders due to its big pockets. At times the pockets (more like a drop) are to much, but they are good for locking in your feet during slides and downhill runs
Friggen marvelous!
This board is perfect for everything, the drop down and w concave makes the board stable for downhill. Once you've had fun with that, just loosen up the trucks and you've got a great sliding board to. don't bother getting a board worth 70 bucks more, just get this one!
btw my setup is these wheels, caliber trucks, stock bushings and bones super reds bearings.
Out of this world
The board is insane!! I got a couple of days ago and it's always a thrill to ride. The concave really locks your feet in and the board itself is just amazing for cruising and sliding. Thumbs up!!
Amazing board
My board just arrived today and took it out for a spin. AND IT WAS A BLAST!! the deck really locks your feet in which is great for sliding and freeride, and it takes riding to a whole new level.
i bought this board as my first one and i was kinda disappointed at first i loved it but i just started disliking the drop deck its almost 2 inches and i couldn't ride it as hard as i wanted i was worried about messing up the bottom and weakening the board but if you want the big drop its great.
Fantastic Deck
I'm 6"3 180lbs, and i've got the switch with bear 852's and the stock bushings and 80a zombie hawgs.

The title says it all, this deck is fantastic. It's low to the ground and easy to push (some people say it's heavy, and it is, but get over it. 10 plys of Canadian f***in' maple!) uphill, and it's a dream to ride downhill of course. The w concave sticks my feet on the board and the pockets really lock in your stance for bombing hills. I prefer to have my trucks pretty tight, so major carving isn't really my style, but wheelbite is a non-issue with the deck shape, so that's great. The drop isn't too deep either.

Just all around great. Buy it.
This board is just awesome! It's great with downhill and freeride. I love how the concave locks your feet it keeping it a low comfortable ride and with that drop, my god. I defiantly recommend this board to anyone!
get it!
natedawg... everyones gotta love there mom but some bitches be trippin, get that board urself and start bombing hills! its worth it.
Nice board
Perfect board except its heavy.
Very sturdy and you won't wobble! Great board!
Just Great!
Well for my set up on the Landyachtz switch deck I got some 50 degrees caliber black out trucks and some otang stimulus 86 a wheels! I went strait out to shred so hills and do some solid down hill and did a tone of slides and it was amazing, the slides were smooth as can be and the concave it the board helped so much for the placing of your feet. I recommend this board for sure!
I just bought this board with Bear Grizzly 852's, Abec11 Classic Freerides 81a with Seismic Tekton. With this set-up you will be downhill freeriding all day long.
I am A VERY heavy rider 350+ and I have been riding for about 5 years now I just cruise and carve. My previous board was a Powell classic ripper from 07 and it carried me for years I only had to change wheels and bearings. I decided it was time ti upgrade to something new and I wanted serious quality without breaking the bank and the board lol. Because of my weight every long board I try to ride literally bends in the middle so I was very skeptical this would do the job....all I have to say is NINE PLIES OF CANADIAN MAPLE . This thing halls serious ass these boards eat speed and have amazing stability I can ride three times longer easy because its so smooth.....get the board PERIOD
This is the most versatile board ever!!!
I've had this board for about 4 months now and i love it! I can easily throw down some 180"s and then bomb a hill at 40mph+. I recommend this board to anyone who wants awesome quality.
This board is great if your looking to freeride and downhill. You can toe side and heel side slide with complet ease! Its like you dont even have to try! Then i put my Otangz 4 prez wheels on and that is about the most perfect downhill setup with paris 180s. I went 62 mph and didnt even have to think about speed wobbles!!! YOU NEED TO GET THIS BOARD!
I really want but my mum won't let me get it
this board kicks ass
this board is righteous and kick ass. i used to ride a pintail and when i switched to this board i damn near had an orgasm. it locks your feet in perfectly and you can slide for days. i only got speed wobbles once but it was because some dog was in the middle of the road. buy this board!!!
I just bought this board and put some Surf Rodz Indeez on it. That and the 80a bigzigs combine to make this board a downhill beast. The drop is insane and locks you in for going as fast as you want. I would suggest this as a downhill board to anyone who doesn't mind the huge size
I just bought this board and put some Surf Rodz Indeez on it. That and the 80a bigzigs combine to make this board a downhill beast. The drop is insane and locks you in for going as fast as you want. I would suggest this as a downhill board to anyone who doesn't mind the huge size
when i first rode this board, i was like: DAMN!!! its great with downhill, and i love how it has that concave to lock your feet in, kind of like the switchblade. this board just blows my mind.
when i first rode this board, i was like: DAMN!!! its great with downhill, and i love how it has that concave to lock your feet in, kind of like the switchblade. this board just blows my mind.
Muy buen speedboard!
Cuando lo compré no podía creer lo bajo que quedaba!!! Muy estable!!! La armé con Bear 852s y Landyachtz Monster 76mm de 80a. Muy buena tabla, y muy recomendable para los que le gustan los speedboard! Y para los que nunca los probaron, esta forma de tabla ayuda a trabar los pies para tirar slides!

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Big and gangster - two words we would use to describe the Switch 40. It has a symmetrical dropped standing foot platform design that is the lowrider of the longboarding world. This board is perfect for transitioning into going faster speeds than ever before. Being so low to the ground, this board lowers your center of gravity more than any other board on the market, making sure you will never know what speed wobbles are, ever. The Switch 40 is also made from Landyachtz's maple core, keeping you speed stiff and race ready. It features Landyachtz's speed concave and high W concave in the center to make sure you know where your feet are at all times. And to top it all off it's a completely symmetrical setup! That means where you're regular, goofy, switch, or just plain backwards, you can ride this board in any which way without ever having to worry if your board is the wrong way. This is perfect for freeriding, especially when you're doing a lot of 180's as well as slide shuv's. No matter the direction you're riding, it won't matter with the Landyachtz Switch 40.

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