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Landyachtz Switchblade 36 Longboard Complete

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  • Length:36.00"
  • Width:9.5"
  • Wheelbase:27.00"
  • Construction:Maple/Fiberglass
  • Concave:Medium
  • Flex:Stiff
  • Cruising
  • Freeride
  • Downhill
  • Push
  • Sliding

Landyachtz Switchblade 36 Longboard Complete


$176.76 $207.95

Included Components
Bear Grizzly 852's Longboard Trucks  - Black 52 Degree
+ $0.00

Landyachtz Bear Grizzly 852 - Black

Dano's Downhills Longboard Wheels 70mm 78a
+ $0.00

Dano's Downhills 70mm 78a - Blue

Daddies Board Shop ABEC 7 Skateboard Bearings
+ $0.00

DBS ABEC 7 Bearings


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Incredibly Stable, fun to ride, and Locks you in
I will say I was concerned with the 36" platform but after riding this board I am very much impressed with how stable it feels at speeds.

Kicking out is effortless and i intend on perfecting my slides with this bad boy!

If you are considering this board and are concerned with length... I am 5'8" and it feels perfect for me!

Skate or Die!

Sincerely, Damn Onion
Love this board i got it a month ago and I love it. The only thing i will say is that if you get this board get baring spacers and drop throw shock pads. My set up is bones reds barring with abec 11 flashbacks 81 a and caliber 2s 50 degree. With this setup it is perfect for an all round board
Great board for everything
This is a grate board if you do get it get drop throw shock pads it helps with vibrations and get barring spacers they really do make a difference my setup is caliber 2s wit abec 11 flashbacks 81a and bones reds with setup it is great for cursing DH and everything in the middle. Get this board for beginners starting and for experts that need a good board to do all of it.
osm board
I got this board a while ago and I love it, great downhill, sliding with this is the best. only thing is I got 44d calibers and it got wheel bite right away so I recommend getting 50d trucks to avoid that. how ever the board is great. you will not regret this board.
I'm in love
This board is the best all around board! It's Pretty good for DH with those huge for pockets! And it's really fun to carve with, but mainly it's great for some fast hill freeride and just doing some simple slides! My only problem was my feet hit the ground sometimes when I slid because this board is only about a inch off the ground.. But I love it and get this A$AP
Everything and More
I've been riding for 7 years and I have never been on a board that I loved more. Absolutely fantastic. Great for hills, responsive, very stable. Super easy to push because of the height, cruising and carving are both great on it. Concave keeps you right where you want to be, no wheelbite, love it. I rockin' Paris 180 V2's, Orangatang 4Presidents (yellow), and Bones Super Reds. I'm 6'2 240 so it can handle any size. Buy this board.
I got this for Christmas, Haven't taking her out yet but it looks and feels awesome a must buy for all.
I have been searching for a great board for everything. I have been looking to tackle some down hill, but not cry when I have to go back up. I enjoy sliding, carving and just having fun. I am about 6 feet tall and 130 pounds and have previously owned two arbors. An axis and a pintail. Both of which were too long to slide on. So, I now am looking for a board that has good downhill qualities, cruising and is nice length for sliding. Should I go 36 or 38? I am most likely not going to buy the 2014 because I don't like the design, but the 2013 looks great! Please help me.
i am 5'5 and 165 pounds is this the board for me
this is a amazing board its not like any other board its great for freeride and dh and its SUPER low to the ground it has small W concave and mega foot pockets for a dh reference point you wont need and footstop and if this board is 2 low to the ground you can always top mount it! it is the best board in the world and they have sizes for big and small GET THS BOARD NOW!
I'm 13 and 120 lbs
I'm 13 years old, about five three, and 120 lbs. I was wondering which length I should get. I know the 36 is probobly the right size now, but I want something I can grow into, like the 38 or 40. Please help. Email me at Thanks for your help.
is this the board for me
I'm 5'3 and 160lbs. is this the board for me?
Beginner Board
Is this a good beginner board? All of the specs look good and stuff so i'm thinking about buying it to get into longboarding.
good!!!! 좋아요!!!!!!
this is my first board . my set up 50caliber , abec11flashback70mm81a.
i like it so much.
매우 맘에 들어요 첫보드로 주문 했고요 . 지상고 낮아서 편해요
Wtf out of stock whyyyyyy i really need this board hurry up
im 5'8 am I too big for this
frickin amazing
i just bout this board and it arrived the next day it works great for down hils and slides with a low pushing profile making it easy breasy to go around town it also works really well for freerides and cruizing

This would be my first longboard and I'm about 5ft and 5in and weigh 110lbs so wondering if this would fit me good.
Beginners should consider!
This board is amazingggggg. If you're just looking for a board to cruise and start to go down bigger hills, this board is perfect.
mighty fine
this board is amazinggg! I slid the crap out of it. my setup- abec 11 free rides, caliber 50 trucks, landyachtz switchblade 36, and bones reds and it rides like a dream. GET THIS BOARD!
Best board...buff said
This is a great board for's very reliable and I wouldn't recommend any other board
Would These Wheels 727 FRF 70mm Be could for this board. If not, what wheels do you recomend?
Good for sliding?
I'm definitely thinking about getting this board. The only problem is I don't know if it is good for sliding. If it is please reply.,
Sweet board!
I'm really interested in getting this board! I'm 4'11 and 75 pounds. I'm into cruising, carving and downhill. What's a good setup for this board? I'm thinking about getting Bear Grizzly 852 trucks, and Abec 11 Flashbacks 81a.
Im 5'3" is this the right size for me or should I go with a 38

Totally worth it!
I got the 2012 version of this board as my first serious board recently. Really stable downhill and I'm already on 180s and starting standies. The foot pockets keep you locked in and are easy to find when preparing a slide. It's also really low the ground in drop through. My set up is 50 calibers with soft bushings, autobahn bearings and 70mm 86A Zombie hawgs(best wheels ever).
I ordered this board as a replacement for my sector 9 sprocket and I am SO glad I got this. It is 1,000 times better than any board I've ever ridden. It's light, fast, nimble, it locks your feet in, and is really cool looking. GET THIS BOARD!!

(Current set up: Paris 180 v2, 72mm abec 11 freerides 84a, and bones reds)
Amazing, I like it!
Would this board fit me? I'm 5.6 feet, and about 110 pounds.
This board is great for short riders like me :D I rode it around town and went off a curb.. didnt go so well the back kinda got scratched so dont go off curbs but other than that it rides really well.

set up bears 852s , bones super reds , 4 presidents
Ordered this board 4 days ago and it came today.... took it on a test run and its by far one best boards i have ridden

set up

bones super reds
paris black v2 180 mm
orangatong 4 president 70mm
My height
I am 6ft 7, is this board right for my height?
For starters, This was my first longboard I had ever had as one of my own. I had ridden a friends longboard before and knew that I needed something that was good for pretty much everything and the switchblade knew how to do that. This board is amazing and will continue to be my favorite for a long time
Bear 852 [black version]
Cloud Ride Slides
Bones reds
Venom Downhill bushings
My first longboard and my favorite, so radical and smooth with some zombie hawgs on them trucks and its like riding on a cloud. One oflandyachtzs best products, you dont wana miss out on this wicked deck
I have been looking at this board for a while now, but I think its too small. I am 170cm (5.5 feet) tall and weight 60kg (130lbs). Do you think this board would fit me?
Just perfect ^^
Really easy to ride !
Really easy to slide !
Perhaps just a little heavy...

I would recomend it for every one !
Before I got the switchblade 36 all I had was a craptastic sector 9 i found in a ditch. This switchblade is amazing though very responsive ride. Great for anyone who is semi new longboarding like me.
rides like no other
this board is the ron jeremy of longboards it stiff playful but still can be very aggressive when it comes down to it
Amazing. That's all I have to say.
itd goes ham
this board is sickly its great 4 short people and if u think uwant to get the 38 or 40 dont! this is the best switchblade i know u want to get a loader or a original bcuz u will be the only one with a landyactz just buy it dont listen to what they say and put some mini monsters on it there go 4 everything and ok 4 sliding buy this board now
learnin n lovin
this is my first longboard and i would recommend it to anyone trying to learn as well, if your buying a complete dont get the danos wheels though spend a little more for otangs or abecs
i need your opinions on which one to choose either this or the rayne amazon which one is better for a short rider
can this board be top mounted?
can this board be top mounted
Can u top mount this board
can u top mount this board?
Great board
really well built board. stiff, agile and still slides beutifly. this boared will go down hill with ease but will still freeride nicley. this thing is sick, love it and would recomend it to anyone anytime.
Land yachts switchblade36
Is there shipping on New Year's.Because I ordered my my board the day before New Year's Eve?Please write back ASAP
This way better than I had expected it to be. I got it with org durians and bear grizzlies 852 s and it is fantastic. Its great for a smaller person and is perfect for speeds of around 30 mph. I also have the loaded dervish with paris adam Colton's and yellow stimulus and this board is way better than that by a long shot and I don't think I will ever go back to riding any other board than a landyachz.
This way better than I had expected it to be. I got it with org durians and bear grizzlies 852 s and it is fantastic. Its great for a smaller person and is perfect for speeds of around 30 mph. I also have the loaded dervish with paris adam Colton's and yellow stimulus and this board is way better than that by a long shot and I don't think I will ever go back to riding any other board than a landyachz.
Great deck and its really cool. I would recommend this to anyone.
Set up- bear 852 trucks
Zombie hawgs wheels 76mm or 70mm 82a and below
Super reds or bones reds work fine as bearings.
Surprisingly this board turns well.
Soooooo gnar
This little board packs a huge punch. It literally does it all from carving to downhill. Tho concaves are INSANE, My feet weren't going anywhere no matter how hard I threw it sideways. It's low as frick too so it's a lot more forgiving on your back and legs but i can still dish out some shred nasty carves and slides, even with my khiro 1/4 inch shock pads making it that much lower. Throw some venom super carves and yellow otang stimulus and you have your self a board spawned from the gods.
it's really sick ya meen ahahha
man you every thing on dis board ya meen
it's really sick ya meen ahahha
man you every thing on dis board ya meen
Switchblade 36
I recently bought this board from daddies and it is amazing the stability when you are bombing is amazing, sliding is a breeze because of the perfectly placed aggressive concave! Get the board you'll thank me later. It also is super durable it wont snap. I would also listen to the suggested wheels they ware down nice and even dont underestimate the slide it is a very har urethane for just a 80a wheel.
The board is awesome the foot pockets lock in your feet for that smooth sliding feeling many people look for
this board is sick, it cruises, freerides, and is a fantastic downhill board. if you set it up with some zombie hawgs and looseish trucks it freerides like no other. But if you want to bomb hills set it up with some grippier wheels and flip the hangars on your grizzlies and it is a sick downhill board. The dropped platform and crazy concave compleatly lock your feet in and the tiny little kicks can be used to tick tac and if your skilled enough you can pop a little ollie. Overall a great board and a definite recommend. P.s it got here (Australia) in under two weeks!
Switchblade 36
Small, lightweight, and LOW to the ground! This board is super low to the ground when drop thru mounted. This makes it easier to kick and provides more stability. GET IT.
short and sweet
This board is so awesome! Its my 3rd board and I need a free ride board (and I'm short) and its every thing i hoped for. with some vicious grip tape it rocks! get it!

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A classic in the downhill world, the Landyachtz Switchblade 36 kills it. Suitable for all riding styles, whether it be downhill, freeride, or just general riding, this board does it all. The symmetrical shape suits all of your freeriding and sliding needs. No matter what direction your ride is, it'll ride the same. Being both drop down and drop through, the Switchblade 36 lowers your center of gravity immensely for the extra stability. But you can choose to mount it either on top for extra grip, or drop through for easy sliding. This board also comes in 3 different sizes to suit your style perfectly. The Switchblade 36 is the smallest of the Switchblade lineup, giving you tons of maneuverability, and a very nimble ride for taking the tightest of lines. Suitable for sharp city corners when cruising, while still being stable enough for downhilling.

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