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Landyachtz Wolf Shark Longboard Complete

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  • Length:35.80"
  • Width:10.00"
  • Wheelbase:22.75" - 27.75"
  • Construction:Maple/Fiberglass
  • Concave:Medium
  • Flex:Stiff
  • Cruising
  • Freeride
  • Downhill
  • Push
  • Sliding

Landyachtz Wolf Shark Longboard Complete



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Best board ever in my opinion
This is the best Board ever all the features make it really fun to ride. The first week I had got wheel bite the solution to this problem is the tighten the trucks fully and move the trucks to middle setting the problem goes away. If you don't have this board i highly recommend this board.
Sick board
This board is the best board I've ever ridden it's good for every thing but it's best for bombing huge hills and pulling out sick slides and it rarely gets speed wobbles if ur using 50 degree trucks but if u have 40-45 degree trucks u never get speed wobbles
Love this board I've got a sick set up I've got some cloud ride ozones and some Paris trucks i was doing a session and I was going about 60 miles per hour pulled a 80 foot push up and then a 50 ft stand up overall this board is super sick
Love this board I've got a sick set up I've got some cloud ride ozones and some Paris trucks i was doing a session and I was going about 60 miles per hour pulled a 80 foot push up and then a 50 ft stand up overall this board is super sick
Should I use my ronin trucks with this for downhill and sliding ? Or use my caliber 50s?
buy this board noww!!
this boards the best!! sooo predictable the concave really locks your feet in for bombing but is also very very good to pop out a slide!! if you are trying to decide what board to buy... buy this its worth the price
Good Board!
When I first got this board I didn't really like it because the trucks came so lose that I got wheel bite. But after adding a foot stop and making the trucks tight it was a great downhill board and freeride board! I would buy it again and again!
one of my favorite boards ever
This board is a beast. A total beast of a board , I have this with ronnin trucks bones ceramics and pink 71m zig zags and holy crap. Best down hill board ive raced with free rided and just every thing with!! You need this board!!!!! Haha
I would only use it for downhill my setup is caliber 44s biggie hawgs and bones super reds
If I got 50 cals,decently loose, 1/2 khiro risers and 70mm 717 these wheels would I get wheelbite on this board
Perfect board
Amazing board!!!!!!!
Amazing for bombing and standies it slides like a dream

2013 wolfshark
Cast ronins
Zealous bearings
Sector 9 butterballs and biggie hawgs

Wheele bite
Can the 14 wolfshark roll on Paris trucks and orang kegals without e wheele bite?
so sexy omg
THis board is so fucking amazing omg Buy this im rocking this sexy thing with rad glides 70m 78a with 1/8 risers and bears852s flipped for downhill with techtons World record speed bearings This thing has great control and is just amazing i cant even put it into words If you're thinking should i get this board GET THIS BOARD TRUST ME
Need a answer!
Should I get this or the arbor verge nausea 37?
Great Board
Best board to slide with. Predictable, controllable long fast slides. Additionally this board cruises great. Overall, a great board. A highly recommended buy.
Landyachtz WOLFSHARK
I just got this board and from my first impressions I have to say this is the best board I have ever had. This board is probably the best all-around board on the market. This is a MUST for anyone who wants to push his long boarding skills to the level. The plastic coated graphic on the back of the board is the best I have ever seen. A great stup for this board is:

Landyachtz Wolfshark
Landyachtz Bear Grizzly 852 - Black
Orangatang Stimulus 70mm Orange
Super Swiss 6
I was goin like 60 mile then i pulled a sick slide about a 1080 the adrenaline was pumpin then i bailed and deslocated my knee.
sliding, freeriding and bombing is sooooooo good
this board has to be the by far best board i have owned or even riden! its good for everything really, i dance, freestyle,(even though thats not what its ment for)downhill, and freeride! it has given me confidence in everything that i do now. great baodr for if you are looking to learn, and even if your a pro!
This board rides like a dream!!its comfortable and so good for cruising,sliding and shred hills
Amazing for Slides
Great Board!
I had. The 2012 and now I got the 2013... 2013 has so many better features! At least 15 I can think of! Haha everyone says they miss the gas pedals and I thought that too until I got it! The wheel flares and micro drop form the most amazing pocket ever! I've never slipped off once unlike my old one in which I high sided very often. Not in this board! RECOMMEND!!!!!!!!
To Ricktor
this board gets wheelbite even if you do have 50 degree trucks and 70mm wheels you want your trucks tight until your wheels wear down. I still love it htough
what is the middle wheelbase option?
This board is amazing. Bought some flashbacks, zealous bearings and cast ronin trucks to go with it. Every slide is an orgasm.
Great Buy
I love this board. Period.

I bought this deck as my second board, and it was easily the best decision ever. This board can handle speeds like no other. Your feet are literally locked into the board, and the gas pedals along with the W concave and microdrop give you optimal control over the board when sliding. I would highly recommend this board to anyone looking to pursue downhill/freeride

2013 Wolfshark
Ronin Cast
Seismic Tektons
FSU Hawgs/Cloud Slide 83a

I freaking love this deck! Worth every penny get ya self one! Yeeeeee!
will this board get wheel bite if i ride a truck with less than 50 degree baseplate with a 70mm+ wheel?
Amazing cool board
it is a great board get it!!! very wide and great for sliding and sturdy enough for bombing.
this board is the most amazing smooth board you will ever ride. i have is with caliber 44 blue dream with seismic bootlegs, and seismic tekton bearings. with this setup you can do magnificent freeride
great board
awsome board great for sliding
great but
Got the wolfshark with bear 852 and o tang morangas.

After setting up the board. I took it out and got wheel bite inside the wheel well. I moved the trucks around on the multiple mounting options. Got the same problem. Added some 1/8 riser. Still wheel bit. Other than the wheel bite. I love the board and the concave. Thanks LY
Worth every penny
my setup with this board are bear 852 trucks with 70mm 80a mini zombie hawgs and bones reds bearings. when i first got this board it took me a while to get used to the top mount but after an hour it was amazing. my slides are very silent and the length of the board gives my 100% manipulation when holding slides.i can almost do a full 360 on this board thanks to the width and concave. my feet have never felt more secure on any longboard ive ever riden. my previous board was the switchblade 40. in my honest opinion the Wolfshark is a better buy. I highly recommend this board for any rider looking for major speed, long controllable slides, and getting in and out of 180's faster than ever before.
great deck
great board. i got mine with bear 852s and mini zombie hogs. great for sliding and handles speed very well.
2013 WolfShark w Bear Grizzly 852s and stock Dano's
bearings and wheels were a little sluggish, (DBS ABEC 7), but after breaking in, they ride like butter

concave makes the board much better than 2011, 2012 versions

Wheelbite is a rare issue, but its there. Ive gotten it around 3 times.

Best free ride, casual DH board out there
Got the board recently, with bear 852s and daddies' stock downhill wheels with stock DBS abec 7 bearings

Phenomenal, phenomenal ride, smooth straight outta the box,
If I were to describe it with one phrase, it'd be "it rides like butter"

I've ridden other boards including landy switches bustin ibachs and alot of sector nine, but this easily beats them all-

It's also great for push an cruising, don't let DBS rating give you doubts
not good !
Ummm, 2012 is way better.... this board lacks a lot of things as i have the 2012 and the 2013 model :(
OH MY!!!
I recently got this board and it is awesome. I set it up with 50 calibers and 80a morongas, and they ride like a dream. I slide so much easier and the gas pedals are awesome. They really help out when you are doing your slides. You should definitely get this board. It is a really reliable board and it doesn't chip when you have a bad fall. Get vicious grip tape, and the morongas are a little bit chattery but they slide real well. Just get used to it and in like 3 or 4 sessions with the morongas, they will slide real well.
a great top mount
Ordered mine and got it the day I arrived home on leave - Set it up with 1/4" risers, grizzly 852's, otang baluts, khiro soft/mediums, and a set of ceramics. Have had virtually zero wheelbite even with the trucks pretty loose. Gotten many compliments on it, the most common being that its dialed in perfectly. I feel this is very important... This board (really, any board actually) with the wrong truck/wheel/bushing combo could potentially be a very lousy ride due to a few factors. I personally wouldn't go bigger than the baluts I have on it (72.5mm). I have the trucks set inward all the way and find it stable enough for some decent speed while also maintaining a very tight turning radius. I'm coming back from riding mini's for the last couple years so this was important to me. Overall love the shape, the gas pedals are super useful, and the w concave feels amazing under foot and at speed. I felt that the "micro drop" was touted a bit too much by some riders... until I rode it. I highly recommend this board if you're willing to spend a little time tweaking it.
Great Board
This board is amazing! When I got it it felt really wide and I thought it was going to handle like a boat. But it's really agile. I got my Wolf with .50 Cals and butterballs. A lot of people say that the wheel wells are not big enough But I found that I had plenty of wheel clearence even with a 70mm wheel. The W concave was kind of annoying at first but then I found a perfect little pocket behind the front micro drop where my foot fit perfectly. The gas pedals are nice but I think they're a little overrated. I thought they would a lot bigger resembling the 2011 in size but they're slightly smaller. The concave really keeps you comfortable when you're doing really big standies and you have a lot of control. It's really stable for downhill but I love it for free riding. Overall, I'd say if you're thinking about getting this board somewhere where there's some decent terrain. Go for it.
the best freeride and downhill board ive ever ridden if you dont buy it you are stupid
Great board
Incredible board for freeride slides are oh so sweet with the gas pedals. This great all around I have even found it easy to do shuvits on this. BUY THIS BOARD
Ok, so i got my board in the mail 1 day ago and i git it with cal 50 and flashbacks. im more of intermediate rider and i just loved doing big standies and i was so locked in. The w concave was amazing. I had no problems, and while some people say its bad for pushing i thought it was perfect. It was pretty heavy to pick up, but for some reason it was super light when i did early grabs. Ive rode a voodoo xl, grease shark, jet raptor, and riviera city slasher, and out of all of those I think it was the best, and im not being biased. It was really a great ride, and I caught a great sale on Daddies. So if your looking for a great board for carving cruising dh and freeride i DEFFINITLY reccomend this.
It's fabulas
It s really good
It's fabulas
It s really good
great board the gas pedals keep you feeling secure with my bear 852 it dosent do speed gooble great for freeride, sliding and dh

Excellent Board!
This board is an excellent deck for all diciplines...Well the W can get slightly annoying while your push but this feeling goes away after getting used to it.This board has excellent gas petals and excellent concave that locks you in for anything you can throw at it.Another plus to this board is its wheelbase options and short length and wheelbases which result in a very quick turning and nimple ride.The only downside to this board is the wheelwells...They are not the worst, but they are not great...I sanded mine and have no trouble w/ wheelbite with aeras and a half inch of riser...I would reccomend sanding them but it is not a have-to.If you run smaller wheels you should not have a problem. All around this is an excellent board for most diciplines and it is highly recommended!

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The Wolf Shark has been around for quite some time, but for the 2015 it has seen quite a few changes. The first big change is that the Wolf Shark is now a completely symmetrical setup. This takes the classic downhill board and gives it more of a freeriding influence. All new this season, the Wolf Shark now comes with Hollowcore Technology. This gives you an extremely light ride in an all-maple construction. With its hollowed-out core, Landyachtz removed a lot of the unnecessary wood, reducing its weight for an easy push. It has tons of W concave and radial drops to lock you in. No matter what speed you're looking to hit, rest easy knowing that you're riding one of the most stable boards out there. Designed by Wolfgang Coleman, you have an industry leading design.

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