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Loaded Bhangra Longboard Skateboard Complete

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  • Length:48.50
  • Width:9.50
  • Wheelbase:32.75
  • Construction:Bamboo/Fiberglass
  • Concave:Mild
  • Flex:Medium
  • Cruising
  • Freeride
  • Downhill
  • Push
  • Sliding

Loaded Bhangra Longboard Skateboard Complete



Included Components
Gullwing Chargers Longboard Skateboard Trucks - Silver
+ $0.00

Gullwing Chargers 10" - Silver

Dano's Downhills Longboard Wheels 70mm 78a
+ $0.00

Dano's Downhills 70mm 78a - Amber

Daddies Board Shop ABEC 7 Skateboard Bearings
+ $0.00

DBS ABEC 7 Bearings


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Best deck, be ready to work on your trucks
I wanted a dancing deck, and that's exactly what I got. This thing is great for campus cruising and for turning heads with your stylish moves.

I ordered this complete with black Paris V2 trucks, and while the trucks are great, the bushings they included were utter garbage. No matter how I tightened or loosened the trucks, the bushings kept slipping out from under the washers and causing the board to be off balance while riding. I ended up ordering a set of Orangatang Nipples bushings, and the board has been stellar ever since.

I recommend the board, but be ready to tool around with the trucks if you order a complete.
Great Board but not ALL Purpose
Great dancing board. I was surprised on how big and heavy the board is.... only been riding it for a day but hope to get used to it enough to start being more advanced with it... plenty real estate for dancing and cross stepping. Great board is your style is dancing and cruising.... its like driving a Hummer or Bus!
Best Dancing Board Ever
This board is made for freestyle. Get this if you like freestyle!
Bhangra is the Best
Dancing, freeride, dancing, pushing, and light downhill. I love this board and won't buy any other. Buy this board and prepare for the stoke.
The best dancer ever
I loooove my bhangra it is loadeds best dancer ever the grip is in the perfect spots and this thing is like a cross stepping machine bro.
It is not perfect for sliding but i totally recommend getting 86a stimulus whells and sum 80a riptide double cones ride paris!
Loaded for life man!
Ps its siiick for even carving ud be surprised how good it turns
this board is amazing great for cruising dancing freestyle and amazing for pullin standies... im like 5'2'' and the smallest 15 yr old to date and this board is HUGE. but for all other small riders out there, once you ride it for an hour you get used to it and the size becomes normal. this is a real joy to ride and i reccomend it to anyone.
Its great, not perfect though.
This deck is alot of fun. Freestyle on it is fun, dancing is fun, just riding it in general is fun. The kicks are fantastic. The flex is nice and damp (I got the flex 1)

although, the price is a bit steep and the durability is mediocre. It razor tails VERY easy, and gets dented and chipped quite easy aswel.

If you have the cash, I would say pick something else. Its a cool deck, but the price is just too high for a deck of this quality.
Does what Loaded does; just make variations
Before I start, let me say this: Loaded at this time was a cruising/ carving board company. So downhill is hard unless you create variations. I use this as my carving/ dancer board and sometimes my "all around board" (All my boards can do that cause you get used to them). This board is awesome for cruising flat lands and some decent downhills. I chose a flex 1 cause I wanted the board to last "forever" and handle the weight of doing tricks. I go through campus with it and sometimes garages in the city. The only down side of the board is the weight of it and the straining it does to your calves (I'm working on pushing mongo) due to the height of the trucks with shock pads. I love this board and it's great for people who like to have their trucks set up loose for awesome carves. Side note: SLiding can be done but it may require some more speed than normal to push the entire 48.5" of this bad boy.
-Carves great
-Cruising is a breeze (Good bearings and decent sized wheels (I use 72.5 Baluts and 70 mm Stimulus)
-Durable Durable Durable; puts my Switch to shame
-Great for Dancing and doing tricks
-Like most Loaded boards, there's flex in the board so it's not optimal for downhill per-say.
-Sliding can be harder than normal
-Weight of board (So many materials put into board to make it's longevity last so sacrifices were made)
-Height off ground can cause strain on pushing legs (weight also contributes to this).
I'm not letting the cons outweigh the pros in an even face off so it keeps the 5 star ranking. REMEMBER: Creating some variations with this board will help it do things like slide and downhill; just come up with some.
Best f*cking board evar!!!
Big board, which makes crosswalking heaven!!! It's worth the money!!!
Great board!!!
Very nice board, crazy long nose and tail, and not that heavy. Overall great board!!!
My baby!
I've had her for over two years and this is by far my favorite board (i have this, A never summer heist and v2, loaded Kanthaka, dervish). I ride it with Randall RII's, Venom barrel/cone bushings, Otang Stimulus 86a, and Bones Super Reds. Dancing is a dream. You can totes bomb hills, just get a stiff one or tighten those trucks. I don't do any serious freeriding but doing 180s and little slides is no problem with a bit of speed. The tails are super nice. Shuvits, cavemans, pressure flips, and no-complies come as easily as breathing. I'm a pretty big guy (6'2" 160lbs) so the size to me is no big deal. It definitely feels like riding a boat compared to almost anything I've ever ridden. Super stable, would be a great beginner board. A little pricey but worth it. I was afraid of razor tail, so as soon as I got it, I put some old school freestyle nose and tail guards on it. I got them from Sk8s on Haight. they're basically pieces of cutting board that screw to the underside of the nose and tail. Don't worry about drilling in, just don't overtighten it.

Bottom line- Awesome board. Spend the money. You'll love it and yourself for getting it.
Best Dancer
Iv'e had this for about 5 months. Great Dancer! Nice flex, great concave. Kicks are awesome. Dancer's are usually limited to well...dancing, but loaded tried their best to make this a versatile board for the advanced rider. Its big and HEAVY so any freestyle and freeride could be difficult for a novice but its definitely doable. Just keep that in mind before buying.

Overall this board is loads of fun! Good luck :)
one of my favorite longboards!
i have had this board for about two months now, and so far it is fantastic. at first, the size was overwelming, but after about a week i got used to it. it is perfect for dancing. i can do long 90degree slides, but not well on this board. i have also ridden the dervish, dervish sama, and tan tien. after i rode the bhangra, the tan tien felt like a skateboard.

overall, great board. this is my goto board. and word of advice...

it is bigger than what it looks like in pictures or videos.
Good if you think....
First off this board isnt good for freeride. AT all. I wouldnt even think to try to take it down a big hill. Its not meant for that at all. ok well now to the review. I love this board. It is great for what it is meant for. Dancing on it is amazing. It just feels so good. Im not good at dancing at all but it makes me feel like the adams. The rocker and flex is so comfortable. The tail is kind sketchy and the board feels different when its backwards but i still love it. Some people complain about razor tail and i was worried but its not that bad. it doesnt razor quickly. its like any other board that has a tail. If you have the money and you know what its meant for then go ahead and get it. Its not a all in one board but it excells at dancing and freestyle. If you want an all in one board then its not going to be great at everything. its impossible. ok neverr mind. great board, its a work of art, go get it!
El resumen de Loaded
Definitivamente esta tabla resume todo lo que viene haciendo Loaded desde que empezó! La compré con Randal 50º y Stimulus de 86a y flex 1 ya que peso 90kgs. La contra de esta tabla con flex 1 es el peso de la misma, me resultó muy pesada! Aunque este mismo peso ayuda a la estabilidad, resulta a veces mucho! Pero la flex 2 se ablanda en seguida y termina flexando demasiado! Así que si pesás más de 80, yo recomiendo la flex 1, ya que se va a ablandar, pero no tanto como la 2! En definitiva, una tabla muy buena para freestyle, si no fuera por el peso. Y también para un freeride tranquilo!
Mr. Smith
So I guess this is the first review... Well first off its huge and flexy. If you dont want big and flexy then get another board. This boards really nice for dancing! But for carving it feels to big, Slides are awkward just becuase of the size, and its hard to bomb on because of the flex. If your looking for a dancer than this is it. But its not to good for anything else.

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The Loaded Bhangra longboard is a very unique board that blends two riding styles, freeride and dancing. Loaded wanted to remain true to their roots but still develop a board that would appeal to the majority of the longboard world as trends began shifting into freeriding. The Loaded Bhangra is long, stable, and has the perfect amount of concave for all-around riding. It has two beefy kicktails on it that are great for popping your board up, doing manuals, and all sorts of crazy freestyle wizardry! The flex in the Loaded Bhangra make it great for cross-stepping and everything else dancing related. Plus this bad boy is endorsed by the man, the legend, Adam Colton. Need we say more?


Recommended Components:


-Paris 180 degree Adam Colton Trucks

-Orangatang 86a 70mm Stimulus Wheels

-Bones Reds Bearings

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