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Loaded Chubby Unicorn Longboard Skateboard Complete

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  • Length:42.25"
  • Width:9.75"
  • Wheelbase:28.25"
  • Construction:Composite/Fibreglass/Bamboo
  • Concave:Extreme
  • Flex:Stiff
  • Cruising
  • Freeride
  • Downhill
  • Push
  • Sliding

Loaded Chubby Unicorn Longboard Skateboard Complete



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Best longboard
I have been riding my chubby unicorn for over a year now, and it Will at least last me another 2 good years. It took some getting used to, but once you master the board you'll feel that it was worth the price.
Best Deal
This board is completely worth the $430. Not only am I living on the streets now, but I'm also living and cruising around in style.
So, whenever my daughter complains about us living on the streets, I just show her this sexy board.
is a fuckin shit
just great
I love the board the only downsides are that if you ride a lot of flat land it is not the most ideal board but anything else is game for this board its just great.
Every rose has its thorn
great board had it for about five months and it fly down hills with ease and it slides like a dream but things are perfect it has only one wheel base option and you can't have the trucks super loose or you'll get wheel bite but i still love it and all flaws can be worked around.
"radman" is right
that guy is completely right, this board will last you almost forever, and its like half the price of any other kind of sports board. recently my friend spent $2000 on a new snowboard, one of the sickest ive evr seen, but thats besides the point. i asked him, "hey, why dont you spend money on a chubby unicorn?" and he said it was too expensive -_- but yeah this board is insane i was lucky enough to be able to ride one and it has an extreamly smooth ride. realisticly the board isnt that bad, compared to other longboards yeah its expensive, but totally worth it
awesome for summer practice
perfect board to keep advanced to expert snowboarders training in the summer. Love it!! I've had several long boards to stay conditioned during my down time and this one does take the cake. Snowboarders ..... you know what i'm talking about here :) buy it. you will start to feel like you have the Burton Mystery S Board under your feet, in the heat of summer. NICE board! experience ? yes have it, 22 years as an instructor at Breck. Boarding for 32 and do compete on the snow capped mountains.
only board you'll ever need
i absolutely love my chubby, nothing feels quite like this board. slides like a feather
that price thou
maybe i get it some day
good board but
i would honestly just get the tesseract, i have it and its legendary
This board gets me to work everyday, also kills my cheap freeride wheels every month, makes me do better every time I go out for sessions, brings up my enthusiasm in longboarding I own 12 longboard decks been riding for 7 years and I finally found my match I will pay the 400 dollars I spend on it again had it for almost two years looks and it rides like its new cant compare any other board with it it should be called unique chubby unicorn

Can't be any happier 5/5 has it all around and remember you never know what you're going to run in to but as long as you're riding chubby it does not matter you're set that's all I have to say

BTW....better than loaded tesseract
copy of lifelong seeker
it looks the same and rides the same. it might not be as durable but if it brakes after a yea of hard riding u could buy another one, and u would still be spending less. with the money u saved u could buy a new set of freerides when ur old ones cone. dont get otangs cuz they cone fast and are chattery.
Board 360$$
Ronin trucks 400$$
abec 11 83mm centrax 90$$
bones swiss ceramics 110$$
Thats 960$$ for a downhill setup
I will not spend almost a grand on a downhill board. The urethane sidewall creates a rounded edge, meaning you cant get good leverage for toeside slides. The kicktails are only 4 inches, the site says its 7 inches, but that is too the inner whole. that makes no sense. Loaded completely takes advantage of the name brand by raising the price and giving false info.
stephan sucks
well stephan you obviously dont know how to ride a longboard special first time its for more ppl who have actually had one for at least 5 weeks
stephan sucks
well stephan you obviously dont know how to ride a longboard special first time its for more ppl who have actually had one for at least 5 weeks
stephan sucks
well stephan you obviously dont know how to ride a longboard special first time its for more ppl who have actually had one for at least 5 weeks
lol to guy below
My first time bombing the hills of Vermont... Didnt turn out so well. I got speed wobles and my friend said you need to crouch down and keep your balance. But I decided he was a retard and stood up straight because that's what your suppose to do.

But obviously it was the boards fault because I fell and bailed but I didn't do anything wrong. But whatever chubby unicorn is for fags anyways.

Bye loaded!
worth every penny.
I just picked up the board at my local shop and it is litterally the best. ive ridden it for 4 hours total and its the most comfortable, lightweight, steezy, gnarlicious, beautiful spec of creation ever.
Its amazing with the 3d wheel wells that lock your feet in and the SUPER PHAT W concave ends right where you put your foot to lock into the wheel wells so that makes it super tight and fits the W right in to the arch of your foot pushing your feet even more into those wheel wells and al;ksdjfl;asdjkf;laksjdf;laskdjfasf its perfect.
No complies are awesome.
nice wide kicks are great for poppin some ollies and there is slight concave in the kicks which makes your pop shove its so effortless and great.
The W flattens out in the middle so you can do manuals and whatnot easier and more comfortably

the reason i like this board is because i am used to riding a 50inch board so this is even easier to slide with (obviously) and it has a nice wide and long standing platform which is just perfect. I cant find anything else i did or didnt like about it lol. a second wheelbase option would have been kool but its still an awesome wheelbase at that!

I would recomend this board to anyone who likes fast free ride and it is absolutely worth the money
a review from someone who actually bought the board
Its fine if you don't like the price... however go post it in a thread or something instead of spamming.
I bought the board so this is actually based on experience rather than assumption
This board is untouchable... a lot of people think the materials on the chubby are only for durability, but they really dampen vibrations. It makes hills that were a challenge feel easy, letting you enjoy the speed and scenery rather than the wobbles and in turn letting you hit bigger hills. The rocker is nice as it is slightly steeper at the edges, allowing you to quickly realize bad foot placement and correct it. A common argument I heard against this board was the w concave being worthless as "they couldn't tell it was there on the picture". The w concave is subtle, but wide, so it actually fits the contour of your foot. It actually locks you in really nice AND feels comfortable.
The problem with freestyle is learning it, which means a beat up board. The durability is good because the board won't crack or chip, but it also will look fresh too. I have drug my tail across asphalt SL many times, and all you do is wipe it off with your hand and keep riding... no scratches... and the main thing I was worried about was the thane scuffing, but the sidewalls are pretty durable and have limited wear. the w concave doesnt interfere with foot placement for tricks either. My complaint in this section is that they should have angled the kicks ever so slightly more to help kick the board up a bit.
A section this board is not prized for is carving. However that does not mean it is a bad carver, it actually does very well. The wheel well and flare combo keeps you from getting wheel bite and the materials filter out surface imperfections. Since the w concave is wide it actually helps you stay locked without making it uncomfortable and the rocker also keeps you stuck to the board even in aggressive carves. even though it is not flexy, the chubby feels really lively with carving
I havent done much sliding yet so i cant really give an opinion
This is I feel the weakest section for the board. However it still has solid performance... it will take getting used to the w concave. It is wide enough to set your foot vertically on, however it is easy to misalign and I often find myself replacing my foot.
Uhh... I haven't tried it... but I don't think it will work
If you have big enough ramps and good spacing its possible... I have seen YouTube videos of long boards in parks... however they were pretty flexy, making me wonder how landing this from a huge height would feel... these last to sections were mostly for kicks

Now that ive done a noard review... i will review my setup and put overall pro and cons

Bear 852 (with harder bushings than stock)
Orangatang baluts 80a
Zealous bearings (will be replaced with better bearings)

Price, lets be honest, i spent almost five hundred bucks with crap bearings. That is really steep. Honestly its the best choice ive ever made, but the only reason i bought this board was becuase I had money set aside ro upgrade my subwoofers. After they were stolen, I decided to combine the fund with my board fund to get this. I would do it again if I had the choice again, but that still doesn't mean that I'm happy with the price

This board can do everything better than most specific boards... it doesnt seem like a big deal when you have a quiver, but I like riding my board everywhere around town, meaning I can't carry my quiver. I can commute on just my long board without any limits on ride styles. I can hit the big hill outside my house, carve through the neighborhoods, and freestyle the parking lots. I have even pumped it like a surfboard with proper foot placement
The biggest thing that makes this board so worth it is the ride. It feels like a sin riding it, like its just too much pleasure to be legal. I think I really hit the sweet spot of the deck with this setup. There is no way to truly no how nice it is without trying it
Plus its durable, so you might pay an arm and a leg, but this board will be able to be passed down to your grandchildren after your gone...
Think of it as an investment

Overall its a five star (or more) board with a hefty tag
I would suggest it if you have a lot of space to ride locally and you want to get as much out of your ride as possible
400$ seem's a little steep? Think about how much you snowboarders all spend on a deck each year. Surfers same thing. You'll spend more time shredding your Unicorn and it'll last 10 times longer than you surf or snowboard. This board is sick and worth every penny. Buy it and all your skate fan-T-sea's will all come true. Excellent job once again Loaded.
Bought this board a few days ago with Cal 44 and FSU hawgs Stone ground. And it is perfect in every aspect of riding, slides so easily, freeride and freestyle has never been so easy! The 'W' concave is great, take a little while to get used. Never got wheel bite on it either.

Worth ever penny. Amazing board with the right set up
I was super skeptical about this board. I thought that it looked really simple and was stretched to try to do too many things. I thought it was over priced and kinda a hype board. But I was also skeptical about the Loaded Dancer when it came out, then I just took a leap of faith and bought one and it has been the greatest board that I've ever owned. WIth that in mind, I went ahead and pulled the trigger on one of these. Wow. This board is incredible. It was so brilliantly designed. The wheel flares, as opposed to just wheel wells, are amazing and paired with the W concave lock you into place like no other board I've ridden. The construction does make the ride super smooth too. I was rocking 86a wheels and the road still was crisp and dampened, which is always good. At speeds it's super stable and super comfortable. Slides better than just about any board I've ridden before too. But the craziest thing is all the other things that this board can do! Its the only board where you can comfortably take it up to high speeds and without altering anything you can go and do a bunch of other tricks and stuff too. It can do anything a dervish can do pretty much, a little less comfortable for a few things, and still be super stable. Really a marvelous board. And the cost is high, but you are really getting a great board.
It sucks
This board sucks balls do not get I'd recommend the landyachts drop carve.
Its really is like riding a unicorn. GET IT
This board is a legend. Worth it
It's an ok board.. at least I didn't spend too much on it. That would be a shame
Dandy as dandelions
This board makes me happy as clams. All the other boards are soooooooooooooooo expensive and this board only comes in at 1 trillion dollars! So cheap even a person in the ghetto could afford it.
Dandy as dandelions
This board makes me happy as clams. All the other boards are soooooooooooooooo expensive and this board only comes in at 1 trillion dollars! So cheap even a person in the ghetto could afford it.
Dandy as dandelions
This board makes me happy as clams. All the other boards are soooooooooooooooo expensive and this board only comes in at 1 trillion dollars! So cheap even a person in the ghetto could afford it.
Dandy as dandelions
This board makes me happy as clams. All the other boards are soooooooooooooooo expensive and this board only comes in at 1 trillion dollars! So cheap even a person in the ghetto could afford it.
Dandy as dandelions
This board makes me happy as clams. All the other boards are soooooooooooooooo expensive and this board only comes in at 1 trillion dollars! So cheap even a person in the ghetto could afford it.
Everything and more... so everything:)
This board can do everything from dh, freeride, freestyle, to baking cookies. Its a big enough platform for intricate dancing/stepping while being narrow enough with the w concave to keep you locked in for all sorts of slides. Also, the kicktails are effiinnnn duuurrrttyy this board is 42 whatever inches and you can pop it up like nothing. This board has the best all around feel of any board i've ever seen, ridden, or owned... all that being said it really expensive but you only live once so shred on the finest
5 stars
Good review to counteract the bad reviews. I know this is not a 3 star board.
Great deck! Good job Loaded!
Playful and very stable. Highly recommended!
Good price! Really cheap!
Board is reasonably light, highly stable and has great concave.
I rode this board hard for about 5 hours over the last 2 days. I went out with my normal gang of experienced riders and I have to say it made keeping up very easy. My current setup is gullwing stalkers, orangatang wheels, khiro bushings, and khiro shock pads. The board was extremely stable heading around town. It was smooth over sidewalks, it rides quiet and it was very easy to manipulate around pedestrians. I bombed the two biggest hills in my town and had no issues other than on the stock bushings of my gullwings. At 30+ MPH I had minor speed wobble but the boards concave let me dig my feet in and hold on without really feeling sketched out. I expected the deck to be slightly lighter however I am not displeased with the weight. The quality and craftsmanship is absolutely stupendous. Overall this is a good downhill board and with the right setup I believe it could be used as a commuter for college students, etc. The price is high, but many years of testing went into the completion of this deck and it is comparable to many top notch boards I have rode. Read my honest review and give it a try. Don't pay attention to the haters bashing the price. The board is worth the cash. If you have the money try this deck out! Daddies hooked me up for sure and I appreciate everything this site has done for me.

- Fat Alex (252)
So good ignore the price just buy it
One To Rule Them All!
Where do I start? This board is amazing! I have ridden over 20 boards and the unicorn is by far the best! Loaded outdid themselves on this one. The wheel flares plus the W make the perfect pockets. I think W is the hardest thing to get right, to steep and it hurts your feet to little and there's no advantage. On the unicorn they mastered the W! It isn't uncomfortable while pushing and locks you in on those big slides like nothing else(well besides griptape ;p) The wheel flares allow you ride your trucks loose for freeride and lock you in while sliding and bombing. One of the things that impresses me the most is how good this deck is for DH. It feels like the deck was custom made to fit exactly how I tuck. In conclusion I would say BUY THIS DECK!
Best, deserves 69 stars
Amazing board. there are now 3 of them in my famil. ps stop trolli
Sweet board, don't slate it because your poor!
Got this deck, then completely customized it, while maintaining performance. Once you get past the price, which isn't high compared to boards that are along the same level as the chubby, it is an awesome board.

Paris v2 trucks
These wheels
bought it, love it, ride it, cant get better, i've had it for about 2 months now and i have to say it rides like a beast, good for everything except for cruising and pushing.
great board
Guys please don't review the board if you've never ridden it. Thanks.
Trop cher
Bonjour, si le prix descend je l'achete sur le champs !
This board is good for anything sliding, freeride, or downhill
It may be expensive but it is lightweight like a dervish but stable like a switchblade and wery slidey it feels smooth compared to a maple deck .
Overall if you have the money GET THIS BOARD!!!
Boooooo look at that price -__-
Boooooo look at that price -__-
Boooooo look at that price -__-
Boooooo look at that price -__-
434 bucks ... lol make it stop .... hahaha!

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How it Shreds:

The Loaded Chubby Unicorn is alive… IT’S ALIVE!!! Loaded spent years upon years developing this board. They were testing downhill shapes and technology before downhill was even popular! Well, downhill has always been pretty rad but you get the picture. The Loaded Chubby Unicorn is definitely a force to be reckoned with in the downhill and freeride community. When you stand on the board it feels as if all the features are really in the perfect places. The W-concave sits perfectly in the middle of the deck leaving plenty of flat space for your front and back feet when you want to break your tuck and bust out a slide. The nose and tail aren’t huge but they are very functional, they let you release your inner mythical beast! Just having kicktails in general is a good idea; 50mph kickflips would be the coolest thing in the world! With the Chubby Unicorn something like that is definitely a possibility.

This board really locks you in so we set ours up for downhill. When setup with slightly harder durometer, hard-lipped wheels the Chubby Unicorn is really, really fun. This board gives you a higher level of control so when you run wheels that would generally lean more towards “icing out,” you are left with the potential to stay in control and slide bigger and further than you ever have before. The Loaded Chubby Unicorn was made for speed and with this board under your feet you are bound to do big things!

Recommended Components:

  • Caliber 44 Degree Trucks
  • Orangatang 70mm 80a 4 Presidents Wheels
  • Oust Moc 5 Bearings
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